So, yesterday was the day.  Draft Day for our League of Accommodations fantasy football league.  My Snow Monkeys, last year’s champions, are looking to repeat. And, after the final pick was made last night and all was said and done I can can say with utmost confidence… I don’t know…

THIS is my team =

My Snow Monkeys Commence Their Quest For Back To Back Titles!

Hmmmm.  Immediately following the draft, I ran a league analysis and received the following results:

My Snow Monkeys Commence Their Quest For Back To Back Titles!

According to their fantasy pros analysis, I’m the #2 team in our #12 team league. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Then I wake up this morning, to this analysis from

My Snow Monkeys Commence Their Quest For Back To Back Titles!

I mean, WTF?  Who is to be believed?

I should point out that the two years I won my league championship were years where I lost my first round draft picks to early season injuries (OBJ last season and Peyton Manning a while back).  So I can deal with adversity.

Also, on the bright side and to hedge my bets, my Snow Monkeys are playing in a second league this season (A League Of Our Own), a splinter of the original league that will include the likes of The Landsharks, Chubbalub, and L’ Legit Team.

Can I go 2 for 2 this year?


I need Your Help 

Hey, I need your help.  With the NCAA college football season fast approaching, I need a team to root for.  Oh, sure, I could root for some old favorites, but why allow my preferences to rule when I can just put it to a vote?  So, here’s the deal. Today, I need you to weigh in.  Which NCAA Division 1-A Conference should I root for this season?

Finally, today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular MaggieMayDay who is going through a very tough time.  A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help.  If you would like to contribute, please click on the link:


8 thoughts on “My Snow Monkeys commence their quest for back to back titles!

  1. Big Ten all the way!! I’m a Husker by birth and a Scarlet Knight by choice. Sad, sad days are when they have to play each other but since they are in opposite divisions of the B1G it’s only every other year or so.

  2. None of those names really sound that cool (or mean anything to me, really), but “Mountain West” kind of sounds like something I’d like, so I picked that one.

  3. Lots of love and prayers going out to maggiemayday. I see on her gofundme page her husband Larry died this morning. It all seemed to happened so fast. I lost a brother that way too. It was very shocking that he was gone so quickly. Maggiemayday and her husband seemed to be like one. I know she will miss him forever. Hugs to her entire family.

  4. Big Ten. Go Iowa Hawkeyes!

    @MaggieMayDay: Sorry to hear about your husband. We’re all thinking of you.

  5. Joe,
    I am a huge Steelers fan, and I would never take their defense in a fantasy league. It may have looked good in the third preseason game, but we are going to be winning a lot of 43-40 games this year.
    But for your sake I hope I am wrong.

  6. @MaggieMayday Thinking of you today and everyday. My heart breaks for your loss. Warmest soothing hugs from Fl.. Wish i could do more, but will keep sending whatever little bit I can your way every week for the next few months to help you get through this. And, no matter the changed look and feel of the page, Please remember we, your blog family, are still here and will always be here for you if you should ever find yourself in need of a listening ear.

  7. I’m still getting the 403 error but it only pops up when I try and reach it from home.

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