My Snow Monkeys commence their quest for back to back titles!


So, yesterday was the day.  Draft Day for our League of Accommodations fantasy football league.  My Snow Monkeys, last year’s champions, are looking to repeat. And, after the final pick was made last night and all was said and done I can can say with utmost confidence… I don’t know… Read more

August 9, 2013: Counting down the days! Bottled vs. tap water revisited! Chef Douglas Keane!

Gross insults.  Name calling.  Petty squabbling.  Perceived slights blown out of proportion.  Yes, it’s that time of year again!  Time for…



Even though we’re 11 days away from draft day, the excitement is palpable.  Adding intrigue to this season are a couple of controversial rule changes (we’re going with 3 starting wide receivers instead of 2 if you can believe it and the new waiver wire rule will reward teams for showing patience and restraint rather than sucking).  Also, the long-standing 14 team league managed by my good buddy Tio split into two 10 team leagues this season, one, The League of Apathy, made up of mostly former Stargate cohorts (ie. Robert Cooper, Mark Savela, Alex Levine, Ivon Bartok, Lawren Bancroft-Wilson), the second, whose name decency prevents me from stating, is made up of the more spirited and colorful rabble-rousers of previous years (Daryl, Derek, Steve, and, generally, whoever has managed to stay out of prison in the off-season).  Tio, Alex, and yours truly will be pulling double duty, participating in both leagues.

Is there a double championship in the cards for my Snow Monkeys?  Maybe.  The team is looking to add a couple of more of these babies –

1– to the trophy case.  Yep, that’s the 2011 Fantasy Football trophy won by my Snow Monkeys following an improbable run that saw them make the playoffs on the last weekend of the regular season before sweeping aside the top contenders to take the prize.  But, of course, I don’t have to tell you this because you’ve already read all about it on this blog – and purchased the video, Snowfall and Rise: The Joseph Mallozzi Fantasy Football League Story.

So, following yesterday’s blog entry about that restaurant in L.A. that is offering up a water menu for those with (presumably) refined palates – and money to burn – two of you posted links to a Penn and Teller video in which they poke fun at water snobs. The point they seem to make is that most people can’t tell the difference between bottled water and tap water.  Alas, I’m going to have to call bullshit on that…

May I direct you to our latest Pick a Flick poll that sees the legendary Galaxy Quest running away from the mind-bending 12th Monkey and (by all accounts) dreadful Skyfall.  Make your (it’s looking like) meaningless voice heard and cast your ballot:

Is your significant other making you sit through the latest season of Top Chef Masters too?  Forget host Curtis Stone’s douchey purple sweater, the uninteresting online segments, or last episode’s baffling challenge that saw competitors effectively rewarded for their sous chefs’ inability to break down a piece of meat.  Instead, watch it for this guy –

1Chef Douglas Keane who is competing for Green Dog Rescue Inc. – and preparing some mighty delicious-looking culinary creations along the way.

Read all about him here: and here:  CHEF DOUGLAS KEANE and read check out his charity here: Green Dog Rescue Project