A group of six people awaken in stasis pods with amnesia aboard the starship Raza. They have no memories of who they are or their lives before awakening, so they assume the names One through Six, in the order in which they left stasis. They stabilize their vessel and set about trying to uncover their identities and what happened to them.

Production Credits
  • Executive Producer, Creator – 3 seasons, 2015-2017

Based on the comics Dark Matter by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.


Could compact stars in globular clusters constrain dark matter?. (arXiv:2303.18009v1 [astro-ph.HE]) relevance:100% http://arxiv.org/abs/2303.18009 #darkmatter @PhysicsNirmal (fig picked by authors)

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The Big Bang at 75

-- Technology | The Digital Insider: https://bit.ly/3K7Vfk8.

#2023 #Air #Amazing #Approach #Aria #Article #Astronomy #AstronomyNews #Astrophysics #AtomicNuclei #Background #BigBang #Billion #Cluster #Compress #Construction #Cosmos #Dark #DarkMatter #Data

SKA sensitivity for possible radio emission from dark matter in Omega Centauri. (arXiv:2303.14117v2 [astro-ph.HE] UPDATED) relevance:100% http://arxiv.org/abs/2303.14117 #darkmatter @SKA_telescope

Quantifying the tension between cosmological and terrestrial constraints on neutrino masses. (arXiv:2302.14159v2 [hep-ph] UPDATED) relevance:37% http://arxiv.org/abs/2302.14159 #darkmatter

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Importance of intracluster scattering and relativistic corrections from tSZ effect with Cosmic Infrared Background. (arXiv:2205.00857v2 [http://astro-ph.CO] ... relevance:34% http://arxiv.org/abs/2205.00857 #darkmatter

I know I’m way late to the game but I’m giving in and watching #DarkMatter and gotta say.. damn, okay I see the appeal 😏

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69 thoughts on “Dark Matter

  1. Really really bummed that there is no resolution…no season 4… hoping you will get picked up by Nextflix as a backer…or Amazon Prime.

    1. No Netflix! Amazon Prime only. Mark my words, we will increasingly see Netflix pick up canceled shows only to condense that gradual decline in writing and quality that some shows suffer over several later seasons into one additional post cancellation season that pretty much gets shoved off an 8-13 episode cliff. What’s left will not only traumatize you, it forever corrupt your fond memories as well.

    2. Totally in Bum Town agreement about no season 4 Ive been searching for it

  2. I will b seeing Melissa, Jodelle, Roger & Jeff at the Starfury Convention 12-14/10/2018 & am really looking forward to meeting them all

  3. Dark Matter was a new favorite of mine. Have you thought of doing a made-for-tv movie that would close the story out? Something like Farscape did? Would you consider doing a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for it?

  4. I just started watching this show recently and finding out it got cancelled makes me so sad! It’s such an awesome show. I wish there was something we could do to bring it back.

  5. SyFy is the worst enemy of decent Sci-Fi series and it’s fans.
    Stargate franchise, Caprica, Firefly, The expanse (thanks Amazon!), etc. Dark Matter was a series that was really well made with a consistent story and very interesting characters. Proving that sometimes simple things are the best.
    Actors were amazing also.
    All the best for all.
    Hope in the future, many more producers stop seeing SyFy as their only option.
    If no series can be done to make a closure, a movie would be great.
    Those black ships really made an amazing twist in the plot.

  6. Joe,
    What’s the possibility of doing movie spinoff starting at the end of the three seasons.
    Is there a possibility?
    I know the main character actors have had to move on but maybe?

  7. Joe, I hope you get this OK… I love Dark Matter – probably the best sci-fi series I have ever seen (I am 59 and have watched a lot of sci-fi). It is absolutely crazy that the series was cancelled! I did, however, have the pleasure of meeting 3 and the android at London Comic Con, and recently 4, 5 and 6 at the Starfury Convention in the UK, and I was privileged to have Alex sign the inside of my Japanese box (just like the one in the series). Mostly, I just want to say ‘thank you’ for creating an excellent series – I have watched all 3 series at least 3 times and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  8. I wasn’t bummed out about the cliffhanger – it was an awesome season finale. We just want more. Great characters, story and loved the Pinkerton soundtrack! Thanks for the show!

  9. Just finished the last episode and came searching for answers (hoping to find mention of a resurrection). Great series and will check back here often in case you ever need signatures to petition another entity to pickup where SyFy screwed up. Loved the SG cross overs too. Great story line and great characters. Work to be proud of.

  10. I know the main actors have by now moved on but is their any chance of an animated series to finish the storyline or a book/graphic novel. It was a great series.

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  12. I agree with the other comment you should do a workup of a movie. A full theater movie that is. Dark matter has a large following and a very strong one at that.

    I’m guessing you have the full writes for the rest of the episodes. With all the cast actors working other projects a single movie might fit their schedules., and letting their writers finish out the script with your right of approval as to general plot would allow some control of plot line, producer, and director.

  13. Why can’t Prodigy offer to sell some distribution rights to one of the seasons to the new financier? That way, Prodigy will still get royalties off (for example) 2 seasons but Netflix would have the incentive to push for a season 4. Give them a dog in the race.

  14. I have finished watching Season 1-2 two years ago and just delighted to get season 3 via Netflix, only to find it’s abruptly ended without proper conclusion 🙁 Hope some network revive it soon. It’s one of my favorite shows.

  15. My husband and I just finished season 3. We were so hooked up in this show when he discovered it. It has been our weekly task and kind of a bonding to watch the show. Sad it was cancelled. Hate that there is no closure. My heart literally broke altho I already know there is no season 4 but still chose to watch it. I hope it will come back. Its such a great show, no boring moments.

  16. I am unfortunately showing up late, having just bingewatched DM for the 2nd time, what a fabulous series and how sad that neither Netflix or SciFy realized what a great show they had on their hands. While I am ever hopeful that the show will see some sort of resurrection are their comic/graphic novels etc. where the adventures of the crew can still be followed?

  17. I don’t get it. The show’s been canceled nearly 2 years ago and you never found a way to finalize the story through comic-books. There’s a HUGE fanbase out there, I’m sure everything you spend on creating comic books, or at least YOUTUBE videos will pay you back. Hell with scify or amazon, make it to internet.
    Series could be cheaper, actors could be different, but the story needs to continue.
    Think about it: 1mln views on youtube is about $1000 for a beginner channel.
    You’ll have more than that (e.g. each episode 1mln watches weekly x 13 episodes per season, that’s minimum of $10.000+ a week for a lifetime)
    Let the series be ad-watch funded.
    You should have earned enough to produce at least one episode.
    Hope you hear what I’m saying 🙂
    We are the Raza!

  18. Can’t believe how SyFy betrayed Dark Matter’s fans. A show by a person who created Stargate previously, a show with perfect and unique story, a show that sneaked an ancient Japanese-like race to the space clashes and it looked so cool, a show which makes success from great plot instead of just stupid effects like superhero movies that include little to no real story. I loved it and they left it at most tight moments. It is an irony since Dark Matter is also a story of evil corporations clashing each other and one of them ended production for most likely the very same reason why those corporations were evil – money. I wish enthusiast led SyFy instead.

    Even worse that I have recently learnt the same about other show I loved.

  19. DARK MATTER 4 5 6 7 8 9 final collapse BANG 🙂

    the show should get its own bigger runner on Netflix, Amazon ( so we can buy 1:18 actors and props)
    and if you emerge to bigger land, look for partners in Europe, Asia.

    THIS THING IS ROCKN ROLLA…best sf series since Battlestar Gl..

    mike from Austria 🙂

  20. Please fight for the future of Dark Matter. I will support your online campaigns. Don’t give up Dark Matter 😥

  21. Please fight for the future of Dark Matter. I will support your online campaigns. Don’t give up Dark Matter. When it is impossible to make a reallife TV-Show (but I hope it will be) make a animated Cartoon Show or something. But I want to see Dark Matter in TV.

  22. Dark Matter is such a great show and I was very sad when it was not renewed for a fourth season. I just rewatched the first three seasons on Netflix and the cliffhanger was even harder to take, knowing that it was the END! I started looking online and found your virtual 4.0. Thank you so much for the efforts you are making to keep this show alive. Personally, I not only love the story, but also the actors involved with the series. So a reboot of the series with different actors would not be ideal for me. Would it be possible to at least secure enough of the actors to explore the Android rebellion? I was really curious as to how this subplot might intersect with the corporate and alien wars. I’ll be following your blog and various Reddit, etc. I wish you all the best in finding a future for Dark Matter:)

  23. Please finish the story arc, even if you have to recast. There are so any fans that really want this story arc to be finished. Can you think of any way you could get Dark Matter season 4 filmed and distributed on an online platform? Or maybe a two-part long form episode that wraps things up. Although I love this series so much I wish it could be a full season…

  24. What are you referring with “Dark Matter”? That black floating alien substance? Or there was no idea about what DM could actually be?

  25. Dark Matter grew into a fascinating show, interesting characters, gripping story. I also miss it and hope that it can be restarted soon, in whatever form is possible. I’m sure it would be difficult to sell with a new cast, but I think fans would simply welcome the resumption of the story itself. Netflix hasn’t been doing very much lately that is attractive — they need something and this could be it.

  26. Hi, I just wanted to write a ‘fan-letter’ to you and Paul Mullie. I am watching Dark Matter on Netflix in 2019 and wanted to say that the show was (is) fantastic. The writing of each episode is really well done and the story arc of all the characters is great (currently watching Season 2). Its funny, but the pacing reminds me a bit of “Bablyon 5”. Anyways, top notch sci fi., great work, and I hope that you get to continue creating original content as you have clearly demonstrated your exceptional abilities.
    From a new fan.

    1. Hey, Dave! Thanks for the kind words. Am presently developing a few other projects, a couple in the spirit of Dark Matter. Hope you’ll check them out and enjoy them as well.

  27. I had never heard of this series before finding it by chance on Amazon a month ago and watching the 3 seasons in that time. I actually believe this is the best series I have seen, particularly in the uniqueness of the story but more so how the story was told, to tell a story is easy but the bring the story to life is another thing and you did that with this series. I hope not just for the fans but for you as the creator you get to complete this story with the final two, thirteen episode series which this series more than deserves. Thanks, from a new fan in Australia.

  28. I am 54 and grew up as a kid a Trekkie with re-runs of Star Trek, then in 1977 my world was changed forever(Star Wars) and Sci-Fi was no longer ‘B’movie crap of the 1950’s.
    Very few shows have come close since. Firefly and re-vamped Battlestar Galactica did my vision of a sci-fi world justice. But OMG. I fell in love with 1-2-3-4-5-6 and the Android. Please make season 4 and 5 of your vision complete. Anytime between now and 2040 and I think I will still be alive and my life will be perfect. Ok. Thanks. A sci-fan. Nothing else.

  29. Like may other I have just begun watching Dark Matter, and binged watched it again. Now my wife is watching it and loving it as much as I am.

    This was such an amazing show, and maybe every one has moved on, but I would love a reboot (Don’t get me wrong bringing every one back for a 4th or even 5th season would be great).We fell in love with the actors and actress because they were amazing, but the script is what pulled us into the DM world. No one will ever replace them and I will always return to the 3 originals, but I would love to see this come back in any form and continue. I would love to see this project finished, not rushed into 4 seasons (would settle for that though) but let it go till completed. If that takes 6 or 8.

    1. I had a 5 season arc planned – but I will settle for a miniseries to wrap up the story.

  30. Mr. Mallozzi, I was wondering if you could share with us, if it’s appropriate, what kinds of behind-the-scenes things would have to be done for a season 4 and 5 of Dark Matter. I know the Expanse got really fortunate to be picked up again. The sets weren’t taken down, the main cast hadn’t negotiated contracts for new shows, Bezos was a fan of the books, Amazon was looking to pick up a lot more programming for their streaming service, etc. The costs for moving the show to Prime Video were probably the lowest they could have been. I have no experience in TV or film at all but I’m curious what it would take, or even a ballpark of how much it might cost, to rebuild the sets, get the studio space, hire back all the cast and crew, get SFX studios back in the loop, etc. What kinds of things would someone like me, just a watcher/fan, not even think of as a consideration for restarting-up production for an amazing show like this?

    Thank you for your time and efforts! I’ve been a fan since the SG1 days and I truly hope one day we get to experience your vision of this incredible story.

    1. “Bezos was a fan of the show” – THAT was huge. Sadly, I don’t believe he watches Dark Matter.

  31. Well then Ladies and Gentlemen, our mission is clear. Alas, were it that easy. 🙁 Hopefully if The Expanse does really well on Amazon they’ll look to expand their Sci-Fi portfolio. The dream is never dead! I know you’re always fighting for the fans Mr. Mallozzi.

  32. Season 4 and 5 of Dark Matter need to be made. Maybe the Canada Media Fund or the Ontario Media Development Corporation could help. Or crowdfunding. Let’s get started.

  33. I can’t believe what SyFy did…I found this show through Netflix suggested titles and fell in love with the show. The cast is absolutely great and you can’t help but get attached to them, develop feelings for each and every one of them. The stories were top notch as we’re the actors and it left me wanting to dive right into the next episode each and every time. When I originally watched it the first time I couldn’t hardly wait until season 4 came out after that epic cliffhanger ending to season 3. Then after waiting and waiting I find out the show is cancelled and it was soul crushing. I’ve read the possible reasoning behind it by SyFy and I’m absolutely floored that anyone in their right mind would let a show go that is light years ahead of any of the other shit they put out. Their lack of stake in the show excuse is bullshit. I truly feel that the lack of ever letting this show continue on for many more years or even a wrap up will leave a permanent hole in many people’s self that came to enjoy this show as much as I did.

      1. Joseph, I just finish 3 seasons of Dark Matter on Netflix. Loved it. One of my favorite episodes was when they traveled back in time to present day Earth and retrieved a working Blink Drive. Their interaction with the residents was fun and funny. Thanks.

          1. Thanks. I have told my friends. The present day Earth episode reminded me of SNL Coneheads. BTW, I’ve done a little sci fi of my own. Not published, though, except on Amazon. During covid,both adult daughters are working from our house–in Detroit. We’re spending a lot of time on Netflix; and I’m hoping for a 4th year of Dark Matter. When our kids were young, we watched The Big Comfy Couch–Alyson Court, and met her in a Troy, Mich. mall.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jeff. The best sci-fi series ever, and I was gutted when it was cancelled. I met a number of the actors at a con and it was great to meet them. I even took along a Japanese puzzle box for Alex Mallari Jnr. tp sign inside!

  34. I’m a newbie, I’m hooked — I’m always the last to know. ☹️ I just discovered Dark Matter on Netflix and I have to say that I am so saddened that there was no Season 4. There are so many stories to be told so many questions to be answered and with time travel blink drive the possibilities are endless. During covid-19 and downtime from my job I have created a Dark Matter fansite at www.https://darkmatterrazacrewfans. webs.com. Also created a Facebook Page for Dark Matter Raza Crew (please Friend me) and a Group Facebook page for Alex Mallari Jr. As you can see I have too much time on my hands. LOL it’s all good. I love the show, love the Creators, love all the actors and their characters and love the music as well. Dark Matter was the real deal and a complete Sci-Fi package. I’m keeping hope alive.. 🙏😁😇

  35. The next evolutionary step of science fiction space fantasy is the merging of a video game with real time episodes. Not as an after thought but as a purposeful parallel project that promises weekly episodes but the ability to play in the same universe in between. Star Citizen raised 400 million based on game art concepts so why would a Dark Matter IP not have a jump start with an already primed fan base?

  36. Tis a pitty to lose such an awesome show. should hit up netflix canada, they’re been keeping Dark Matter alive with the 3 seasons they have.

  37. Just watched Dark Matter again. I am sad about the open end again. The best sci-fi series with a dark and exciting atmosphere. The actors fit together perfectly. Like them all.

  38. This was the best show, I have watched in a REALLY long time. Right up there with Farscape and Stargate.

    Sad that it ended, the cast was amazing. Well done.

  39. Really hope that Season 4 and 5 of Dark Matter will be get ending of story. This is one of the best TV show I ever seen.

  40. Really hope Dark Matter will get ending of story. This is one of the best TV show I ever seen.

  41. People are not going to shut up about this. Impossible to believe it was just economics and bad luck that such a great show as Dark Matter was pulled. There should be at least two more series AND a movie tie-in. You know it’s right. You know it makes sense.

  42. Love the show am a huge fan, originally started searching for a Stargate SG1 or Atlantis type of show when I found it. And when I did it was pretty awesome to say the least. Got hooked on it straight away it’s by far one of the best shows I’ve seen so far, also I like how they explain the physics behind certain types of tech like the FTL drive for example. Was shocked to learn that such a good show, in all aspects, was cancelled after just 3 seasons. I live in Australia and shows like this are abit hard to find, that being said, Mr Mallozzi have you thought about approaching the Australian government or film board for the production of seasons 4 and 5? I know the seven network air it on tv and the app, also if you did chances are the government and film board would jump on it because of its potential. Especially when they see the following it has. Same thing happened to Supernatural when they were going to end it after season 5, the noticed the ratings and fan following abroad and kept it going. Mate if you ever do a go fund me page or something let us know, will definitely help you out. Would love to see this show come back.
    Cheers, Another Aussie Fan

    1. Alas, the money required for a fourth and fifth season would be more than we could acquire from a territory like Australia.

  43. 😨😥😫😭 I just binged the whole series on Netflix. I wish I would have read this first. It’s like I just rode a bicycle off a cliff. Unbelievable. The Syfy channel can just go away.

    Please keep up the phenomenal creativity. I have enjoyed your work immensely.
    Thank you and all the best in the future!

  44. Starting fourth watch having watched the original run on ScyFy, really thought this show deserved more. Although, at first I thought every thing about the show was generic and derivative, after a few episodes I became totally invested in the story. IMO the casting, acting, writing, and direction were first rate and deserved more.

    I sincerely wish this show had gotten a chance to fully realize it’s potential. For me, Zoie Palmer’s android was amazing, the best interpretation I have yet to see in movie or TV, bar none.

    For what it’s worth, I’m old and have always been a sci-fi fan but don’t always agree with general consensus; Trekkie for life but TNG is probably my least favorite iteration. I hated Firefly, tried many times but it never appealed to me.

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