I love reunions!

So, a couple of weeks ago, Roger Cross (Dark Matter‘s SIX/Griffin Jones/Kal Varrick, and every other show’s everyone else) sent out a Toronto-wide text to let everyone know he’d be in town shooting one of his innumerable productions. Last night, we finally got together for a feast of steak, sides, steak, wine, steak, Yorkshire pudding, steak, dessert, and more steak!  In attendance, from left to right: Robbie, Stephanie, Akemi, Joe, Ivon, and Roger.

Night Out With The Guys And Gals!

On the menu:

8 oz Argentinian Angus tenderloin

10 oz Ontario Angus rib-eye

6 oz Kansas Angus tenderloin

8 oz Idaho Wagyu California cut

14 oz Hokkaido Wagyu rib-eye

And other stuff.

Surprisingly, the majority preferred the Snake River Farms wagyu hybrid, a nice balance of rich and meaty.  I chose the Hokkaido wagyu, while Akemi’s favorite was the pre-meal complimentary Yorkshire puddings.

For dessert, we split a slice of smores cheesecake and homemade ice cream (two scoops chocolate chip cookie dough and one scoop pralines and cream).  For a guy who said he didn’t want any dessert, Roger availed himself quite nicely.

[Jacob Steak House]

I didn’t get as much writing done this week as I had hoped, completing a whole two paragraphs of the two-page series overview I wanted to get done on that comic book adaptation.  Also, have run into some unforeseen obstacles on one of the other projects.  Hoping we can get this settled sooner than later because, as I learned on Stargate – and has been proven true through my experience on several proceeding productions – L.T.S.!

Okie-doke.  I’m off to prep for tonight’s fantasy football draft, the first step in my Snow Monkeys quest to win back to back championships.  My strategy going in is to lead with a dominant running back, wait on quarterbacks, and avoid any and all Patriots.

Finally – many of you are complaining that you have stopped receiving email updates from this site.  I’ve tweaked the settings.  Let me know if this works!

Oh, and to celebrate National Dog Day…

Night Out With The Guys And Gals!

14 thoughts on “Night out with the guys and gals!

  1. It looks like it was a fun (and delicious) night out! Nothing better than great friends combined with great food.

    I hate unforeseen obstacles. They usually make good stories, though.

    I just got notifications for the new post both in my email AND from the WordPress phone app, so it looks like the tweaks worked! Thanks!

  2. The notification came through! And the comment box has remembered my WordPress login! Woo hoo!

    Mmmmmm, steak! I’m an eye fillet fan myself. What it lacks in flavour it makes up for in tenderness and it’s all about the texture for me.

    L.T.S.? Learn to shoot? Look to south? Love tempura shrimp? Words of wisdom.

  3. Looks like there were many steak smiles at that table! I assume everyone tasted a bit of each. Wish I were there!
    Best of luck on your many and quite varied projects. You seem so excited about them and that’s good, keep the positive vibes going!

  4. Joe, Have you guys ordered new snow monkey shirts for the 2018-19
    season yet? https://www.redbubble.com/shop/snow+monkey+japan+t-shirts
    If you’re planning to be champs this year y’all need new duds, eh.

    Glad you got to visit with Roger while he’s in town
    even if it didnt include steaks aged in a vat of butter.
    Seems the last time you posted a fun hangout with him
    was milkshake night at the previous apartment?.
    Update on my Marvelous Mrs Maisel recommendation.
    I was so excited about the first three episodes holding my interest
    I decided to sneak in a viewing of the next two eps when I should have been working.
    Oh well. So much for that one.
    Now I’m bored.
    After those first three eps it morphed into a boring overly long/drawn out soap opera and lost its edge.
    Will give another couple eps a chance to redeem itself, next time I have a day off to veg out
    but its not looking good here folks.

  5. Sending love to Maggiemayday. Her husband died today. A beloved person who touched many.

  6. Where have I been? I must have been gone a while cuz your old site is now this new site(or new layout?) is so fancy and dazzling. Just when I was about to complain about no food being in that gorgeous pic of Roger Cross with youse guys suddenly I clicked my way to a nice pic of juicy steaks. Now if there is a pick of you guys WITH steak it’ll be perfect. I went away to the beach and came back with sand mite bites and waaay too much sun. Off to explore this magical new world.

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