General Hammond summons Colonel Jack O’Neill out of retirement to embark on a secret rescue mission. O’Neill confesses that he disobeyed orders to destroy the Stargate on Planet Abydos, and that scientist Daniel Jackson may still be alive. Arriving on Abydos with his team, O’Neill meets up once again with the scientist, who has discovered a giant elaborate cartouche in hieroglyphics. All signs point to the fact that this is a map of many Stargates that exist throughout the galaxy – a development that makes the dream of the SG-1 team to travel throughout the universe in time a reality.

From IMDB. Written by Sean Fitzgibbons

Production Credits
  • Executive Producer – 50 episodes, 2004 – 2007
  • Supervising Producer – 44 episodes, 2001 – 2003
  • Co-Executive Producer – 32 episodes, 2003 – 2004
  • Producer – 14 episodes, 2000 – 2001
  • Co-Producer – 8 episodes, 2000
Episodes Written
  • Window of Opportunity (with Paul Mullie)
  • Scorched Earth (with Paul Mullie)
  • Point of No Return (with Paul Mullie)
  • The Curse (with Paul Mullie)
  • Chain Reaction (with Paul Mullie)
  • Prodigy (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright)
  • Exodus (with Paul Mullie)
  • Enemies (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper)
  • The Fifth Man (with Paul Mullie)
  • The Tomb (with Paul Mullie)
  • Desperate Measures (with Paul Mullie)
  • Wormhole X-Treme (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright)
  • Summit (with Paul Mullie)
  • Fail Safe (with Paul Mullie)
  • Revelations (with Paul Mullie)
  • Descent (with Paul Mullie)
  • Nightwalkers (with Paul Mullie)
  • Shadow Play (with Paul Mullie)
  • Prometheus (with Paul Mullie)
  • Disclosure (with Paul Mullie)
  • Prophecy (with Paul Mullie)
  • Homecoming (with Paul Mullie)
  • Revisions (with Paul Mullie)
  • Avenger 2.0 (with Paul Mullie)
  • Fallout (with Paul Mullie, Corin Nemec)
  • Inauguration (with Paul Mullie)
  • New Order, Part One (with Paul Mullie)
  • Lockdown (with Paul Mullie)
  • Endgame (with Paul Mullie)
  • It’s Good to be King (with Paul Mullie, Michael Greenburg & Peter DeLuise)
  • Full Alert (with Paul Mullie)
  • Moebius, Part One (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper)
  • Moebius, Part Two (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper)
  • The Ties That Bind (with Paul Mullie)
  • Ex Deus Machina (with Paul Mullie)
  • Collateral Damage (with Paul Mullie)
  • Ripple Effect (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright)
  • The Scourge (with Paul Mullie)
  • Camelot (with Paul Mullie)
  • Morpheus (with Paul Mullie)
  • 200 (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Martin GeroCarl Binder & Alan McCullough)
  • Counterstrike (with Paul Mullie)
  • Memento Mori (with Paul Mullie)
  • The Quest, Part One (with Paul Mullie)
  • The Quest, Part Two (with Paul Mullie)
  • Family Ties (with Paul Mullie)

Some spec sheets for my Tau'ri Gateship.


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Things I love about #DanielJackson. I just love this scene so much. I think Daniel keeps forgetting Jack is "the guy" now. 😎🤓
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He makes the right decisions, no matter how much it hurts

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🔴 @SYFY | #StargateSG1 S1E16 Enigma
Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel rescue a group of advanced humans from a planet near destruction and must find a new home for the refugees before the Pentagon gets their hands on them

What the heck? I’ll play. . .

Ships Ahoy! ⚓️

The first ship, the current ship, the ship that never sailed, & the ship I will defend with my dying breath

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Thanks to @Steelcitycon I was able to complete the SG-1 OG crew with Richard Dean Anderson today. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 SG 1 and done!! 😎 #StargateSG1 #SteelCityCon #Stargate

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Season 5 "The Fifth Man"

Round 2! SG1 tries all they can to save the fifth member of the team, Lieutenant Tyler. #WeWantStargate #StargateSG1

Season 5 "Ascension"

Took yesterday off so you're getting a double today with the morning coffee. In the first of the back to backs we meet another ancient, Orlin, who can be a bit quirky at times and is seemingly obsessed with Sam. #WeWantStargate #StargateSG1

A few new renders of my Phoenix class.


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More done on the #stargate piece overnight. Might get it done before Monday who knows. #StargateSG1 #stargateatlantis #stargateuniverse #mgm @GateWorld

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18 thoughts on “Stargate SG-1

  1. The invaders from the deeps are everywhere, and painful it would seem. Have you found the space craft somewhere near Saudi Arabia, under the water? It’s triangular and has three lights in the corners. It nullifies the drone invaders with specific electromagnetic ray bandwidth. But everywhere. Help us all…..

  2. It’s a TR-3B, that’s what they call those now. And it’s under the Zurvan statue under the ocean, near a Muslim territory in Saudi Arabia shoreline somewhere. I forget where now…. After the Sophian garbage dna emanations drones are removed or nullified, and are absorbed back down to the oceans of inner earth deeps and the 11 headed naga dragon down there. Then you flip the other switch in that space craft and it arouses the Devi spirit tail, which aides more rapidly the kanda root chakra spark to kick start the kundalini up the old sushumna and then access the higher chakras. Forming amazing x point electron diffusion’s, to the magic fluid or scalar charged plasma, and then we have to make that attempt to our star and 12th dimensional spirit dna format body. From there it’s easy cristos naga aeon dragon fruit and rna to Arch gene from such, for the immortals run. The galaxy needs much, and there are higher galaxies to visit that don’t, the armies of reptilian Draco’s have already got set ups too many places. I have to find voltron or andromeda jump to the center and grab up another seven stars crown of ascension and rule. In went from the center of our earth to the center of andromeda galaxy as I remember, and they give you a crown briefly to command them all. A crown of seven stars. Clearance programming crown of seven arch or seven naga. I’m not sure which, I just know the Jesus guy was pissed when I had one too and could break his mind slave on everyone. It’s definietly a mission for SG-1 so let’s find that space craft!!!

  3. With talks between MGM and Brad Wright about the possible resurrection of StarGate. Are you going to be part of it? If so, do you accept story ideas to try up the 3 shows?

  4. I have a brilliant idea for rebooting Stargate and linking Stargate SG1 with SG Universe and Atlantis using the legend of Annwyn. This would be a way to reboot the franchise and did I mention it’s a brilliant idea?

  5. If I had to ask one Stargate question it would be “How far away was the Ori home galaxy that even the Ori ships couldn’t reasonably make it to the Milky Way in a decent amount of time”?? Been wondering this for years.

  6. i was trying to find a way to contact Joseph Mallozzi, but i couldn’t find an email. so i’m posting my email to him here xD (if you see this, and have the time, plz answer via email. then i could send you the screenshots i made from S3 and S4 + a screenies of Tabula Rasa that i saturated using OpenShot Video Editor xD trust me, it’s a huge difference, it’s worth seeind 🙂 )

    Hi Mr Mallozzi,

    First i wanna say: thank you for your great writing on Stargate. i recently watched an interview you did on YT, and it made me realize how important good writing is to a show (something that may be obvious to you, but i’m not really from the tv-film-world and when i discovered Stargate (that was roughly in the mid 2000s) i was in my midteens and i never thought much about how these shows are made.) and your writing was fantastic. i looked back at some of the episodes you wrote and among them are some of my favorites! and i think you were right about Stargate really improving when you joined the writing team (around S4). you also mentioned that one of the first episodes you wrote was “Scorched Earth”, and i vividly remembered that episode for years, even tho i had only seen it once on TV (how memorable a show/movie is tells you a lot about how good it is, imo. for example: i watched the ‘Jungle Book’ lifeaction remake and i literally don’t remember anything about it xD 😉 )

    but the reason i wanted to write you an email, is because in the last couple of weeks i rewatched a lot of Stargate (i have way too much free time because of things related to the pandemic xD) and i just got to SGA Season 4. and i have to say that i was shocked when S3 ended and i started watching the first episode of S4 and everything looked different.

    i know you’re a writer, so i’m pretty sure this wasn’t your decision, but because you are very actively promoting Stargate, and you are very prominent online, i thought i’d ask you if you know anything about that? like who made that decision, or why?

    by ‘everything looked different’ i mean that everybody kind looked like a corpse xD the heads were gray and desaturated instead of normal looking (i’m attaching some screenies from S3 and S4 for comparison, you will see what i mean.. since this is not an email, i can’t attach, but trust me, it’s a massive difference xD)

    the reason i care about that, is because it’s a trend i noticed at the time. things (not just in Stargate, but in other shows) started to become more desaturated, dark and gray looking. the characters started becoming less human and fun, and more moapie, miserable, unlikable and even evil. and it’s a trend that i really don’t like xD so i’m curious about what happened, and because in SGA the visual change was so abrubt, i thought maybe you may have heard something?! it really prevents me from connecting to the characters and the world.

    another thing i was wondering about is whether SG4 should be a remake or take place in the same universe. you (and most others) seem to be on the side of keeping it in the same universe, but honestly, i’m less sure about that. don’t you think it could be nice to restart? then some of the lore could be reset (you mentioned that you didn’t like the ascention stuff, i 100% agree, or the GoaUld could be revived as the main villians) and maybe it could be made more scifi-ie and less -newagemysticism-ie. also they had people develop magic powers when ‘their brains got more advanced’ 🤮 which i was never a fan of. keep the mysticism and superhero powers out of my scifi plz xD
    and it could take place in normal SGC and it could be about exploration (by the end i thought ‘we’ were getting a bit too advanced, i liked it better when we were the Hobbits of the galaxy: small, but boy do we make a difference 🙂. that’s one thing i liked about the X303, it felt like it was a piece of junk: in it’s first episode it got stolen and a GoaUld called it ‘primitive’, in the second episode the hyperdrive exploded and they had to find a gate to get home. it made it feel like we were still working things out, and just entering this amazing galaxy, and i kind of loved that everybody looked down on us (the GoaUld, TokRa and the Asgard, again: kind of like Hobbits: sincere, brave, but a little small and primitive xD)

    sry for the long Email, and thanks again for all you did in terms of writing, and all you’re still doing in terms of outreach for SG. if SG4 gets made i’d love it if they had you back as a writer (and maybe not Robert C Cooper xD)! it probably wouldn’t feel like SG without some of the writers returning (considering other shows atm are tonally very different xD and the people in the shows often feel less human than the people did on SG1/A. so i hope that you, and other SG writers/showrunners, can make it feel more upbeat, give people a teamspirit, and make people not look like walking corpses 😉)

    take care, and stay the way you are!


    1. Hi Patrick,

      There were no changes that I recall that would have led to a change in the show’s visuals outside of technological advancements at the time (ie improving camera) but, like I said, I don’t remember a specific change. Thanks for the compliment but I think that what made Stargate special was the variety in the story-telling. One week would see the team travel off-world and real with a very sci-fi issue while another could deal with more serialized story elements like the ancients or the goa’uld. A new in-canon series wouldn’t have to cover the same ground of other shows but simply take place within the same established universe. Fingers crossed it happens!

  7. ya, i’m sure that variety also played a role as well!
    i thought that maybe you weren’t invovled in the visuals, that’s a shame. i would have loved to know why that decision was made. it’s not because of technical improvements, they reduced the saturation (i’m not an editor, but for fun i tried upping the saturation of “Tabula Rasa” and it looks almost exactly like a “normal”, ie S2 or S3, episode).
    i can’t post images, but check this out, it’s kinda shocking:
    (S3 last episode)
    (S4 first episode, part two)
    maybe after season 3 there was a zombie apolcalypse in Canada, and the zombies just continued playing xD 😉

    thanks for the response, i really appreciate it.
    if there is a SG4 i really hope you’ll be back on the writing team! and maybe in the contract negotiations Robert C Cooper should get the most paid time off, paying him to write is just silly, imo 😉 😛


  8. by that i meant that shows were getting darker, drearier and more miserable in general
    and still are: Star Trek Discovery, Picard, The Expanse, etc.. maybe it was pioneered, in the SciFi world by Battle Star Galactica, but it’s a broader phenomenon. roughly at the same time that these things were happening to SG, i also watched shows like Heroes or Smallville. that were also weirdly dark, and that made it hard for me to connect to the characters. i remember being frustrated by that: i really wanted to like these shows, and i just didn’t connect to them, and at the time i didn’t understand why.. now i think it has to do with the dark tone, and the way people are portrayed. by that i mean: moapie, evil and detached, as opposed to fun, clever, decent and a sense of togetherness. in Stargate it happened in the last two seasons of SGA and of course in SGU (a show that i really hated)
    i don’t know of an example where it happened from one season to another (right in the middle of a two parter xD) like it did in SGA tho. that was a huge contrast

    1. If you prefer more hopeful sci-fi, might I recommend a little show called Dark Matter…

  9. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i haven’t watched it yet, but it’s on my list. i heard about it from the comments under one of your interviews on DialTheGate 🙂
    legend has it, that the show had good writers 😉

  10. Hi again,
    i just checked out the first 8 episodes of DarkMatter, and i gotta say: it’s brilliant 🙂
    i love the humour 🙂 android jealousy, android slutshaming xD, try “lying horder”, 1-is-a-pussy-humour (scared to go in the pod), etc. awesome!
    visually it’s still a little too dark for my taste, but at least the tone is light, the people are nice and there is a sense of togetherness and friendship developing! 🙂
    and of course the story is also beginning to get good. the way they figured out that 1 was lying to them about his idently was clever (you could almost get the impression that show had good writers ;)).

      1. Mr. JOSEPH MALLOZZI which is a chronological sequence of films and series. Please answer me,
        Thank you in advance.

  11. If anyone knows the exact chronological sequence of movies and series. Please answer me,
    Thank you in advance.

    1. i’m not sure what you mean, Hary. but if you wanna know the chronology of Stargate, i think it’s: Stargate (the original movie, 1994), then SG1 (1997-2007), then Stargate Atlantis starts parallel to SG1 season 8. then i think the SG1 movies (Ark of Truth and Continuum) came out in 2008, so that would put them parallel to season 4 of Atlantis i think. there may or may not be a third show that may or may not have a name, that i think started parallel to SGA season 5 and continued one season after that. 😉
      i can’t guarantee that this information is true xD but it sounds about right 😉

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