Which team in the SEC should I root for this season? YOU decide!

Which Team In The Sec Should I Root For This Season?  You Decide!

Well, the results of the Which NCAA Division 1-A Conference should I root for this season? poll are in and what a finish!  The Big Ten jumped out to an early, seemingly insurmountable lead, but the SEC came roaring back in the late-goings.  It was neck and neck with a mere 4 votes separating the winner from the first runner-up.   Read more

My Snow Monkeys commence their quest for back to back titles!



So, yesterday was the day.  Draft Day for our League of Accommodations fantasy football league.  My Snow Monkeys, last year’s champions, are looking to repeat. And, after the final pick was made last night and all was said and done I can can say with utmost confidence… I don’t know… Read more