I was in the costume department, talking to Dark Matter costume designer Noreen Landry when I noticed the pictures of the dogs lining the back wall.  How cute, I thought.  A different dedicated dog for each episode.  And then, on closer scrutiny, I realized that it was much more than that.  Yes, a different dog for each episode.  And, yes, each dog with a different look.  But each different look was on theme, a little teaser of every one of our episodes…

July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!
Episode 1: Space Dog

Appropriately enough, in our first episode, the crew awakens on a spaceship.

July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!
Episode 2: Miner dog

In our second episode, the crew assists a mining colony in fending off an attack by a powerful multi-planetary corporation.

July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!
Episode 3: Space suit dog.

In our third episode, the Android (and later ONE and SIX) undertake a perilous EVA.

July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!
Episode 4: Casino dog?

In our fourth episode…well, I’ll let the above dog pic offer a hint.

Yes, tonight’s the night.  Dark Matter is BACK with an all-new episode, this one directed by amazing Amanda Tapping (Stargate’s Samantha Carter).  She did a brilliant job on this episode and, in the time she spent with us, garnered a whole new fan contingent amongst our cast and crew.

If you weren’t around reading this blog back in February, here are my behind-the-scenes write-ups on “The Amanda Tapping Experience”:


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!

A few episode #104 previews:

July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!


July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues!  Episode 4 Tonight!  Directed By Amanda Tapping!

The past comes back to haunt members of the crew during a stopover at a space station, during which Four makes a stunning discovery, while Two and Five learn that some games of chance come with surprising risks. Elsewhere, Six receives some unwanted attention at a local clinic; and One and Three’s attempts to sell the weapons in their cargo hold lands them at a dangerous disadvantage.

I’ll be live tweeting both the east cost and west coast broadcasts!  Hope to see you all online tonight!

26 thoughts on “July 3, 2015: Dark Matter Dog Clues! Episode 4 tonight! Directed by Amanda Tapping!

  1. Look great, and I’m anxious to see the wonderful approach that I’m sure Amanda has brought to the production. You know I’ll be there tweeting along! 🙂

  2. Yesterday, Scott wrote: “ONE’s Kiss Count: 2

    Anyone want to hedge bets on how many girls One will kiss throughout the entire first season?”

    I was thinking that same thing. Is he like the Captain Kirk of this show, getting some kiss action every other episode, a girl in every port, all while not actually being very sexy?

  3. I’m going to try my best to watch DM tonight. Bad storms are rolling through and making our sat/internet go down. 🙁 Thankfully, Syfy will replay the episode later this week if I miss it tonight.

    My appetite is coming back. It’s been rough missing Harry. He’s been with me for 13 years. Every morning, until his illness, he’d be waiting for me in the bathroom to say good morning. He’d do his yoga routine (stretch), while I took a shower. Then he’d try and get in the shower, and I’d have to dry off both of us. Fun times….

    Love the doggy pictures! Yay for Amanda!

    Gforce: You post the most amazing photos!

  4. Sadly I have to work. In fact, I likely won’t be home before 10 p.m. central and I hope to be asleep by 11 p.m. central. I have to get up pretty early again tomorrow for clients. But I might jump on if I find myself with a case of horrible insomnia which is always a 50/50 toss-up.

  5. Glad to hear SIX is getting some medical attention for his arm. I was worried about him. I am ready and waiting for the show to begin!

  6. “…all while not actually being very sexy?”

    Wait a minute Kathode. Let’s don’t get carried away here. I’m sorry your eyesight is failing, but ONE is cute. Marc Bendavid is a very handsome guy. I’ve already fallen in line for my kiss. 🙂

    @ PBMom – (from a couple days ago) You are the definition of a warrior mom! You are amazing. Patrick is blessed you are his mom.

  7. Damn. Excellent episode! But my internet is down and I can’t stand typing on a tablet. Suffice to say I laughed. I cheered. I gasped. I held my breath. Sooooo good!!


  8. I’m going to have to watch the second viewing tonight. My beagle had to go outside and would not take “wait” for an answer. I have to take her on her leash so she doesn’t start barking at night. And I kept closing my eyes and nodding off a little. It wasn’t the show. Trust me, it was me.

    But… the doctor waiting room reminded me of that waiting room in Beetlejuice. I think it was the green walls, the deadish looking people waiting in there, and that uncaring nurse receptionist… “take a number”.

    Loved all the color at the space station.
    Poor miss android. You were right, she is lonely.

  9. Joe…Any word on ratings yet. Aintitcoolnews.com reports that all 3 Friday shows(Defiance/Killjoys/Dark Matter) didn’t make the top 100 for cable shows. I hope this isn’t true.

  10. aaarrrrrggghhhhh – no spoilers.
    And, we wait again for next Friday.
    In the meantime – Dark Matter repeats in 29 minutes on SyFy.
    so I can see what else I missed – and whine even more.


  11. Fun show. Was that a homage to the Movie “A Christmas Story”? You’ll shot your eye out kid. Never saw the whole moving but do know some key lines. I just finished watching the whole Fast & Ferious series. Music on shows today seems to get a lot of influence from hip hop.I thought One was too nice to be a master criminal and now I know why. Not sure Six got all the medical care he was looking for. I loved the take a number and wait, just missing the elevator music in the waiting room. When I failed my Stress test in Msp, they wheeled me right into the operating room. I know a Radio talk show host who has a non cancerous tumer growing (he calls it GeO) out of his chest (think Total Recall) and goes back home to New York and Doc says come back in a couple of weeks we’ll see if we need to schedule surgery. That is why Two is in charge. She is so manipulative.

  12. Yep, on second viewing, I did miss some things.

    Chalk up another kiss for ONE. I think he is remembering someone.

    “This is not something you find. This is something you kill to acquire.”

    Don’t make mama bear TWO mad!

    How come ONE and THREE don’t just tell what really happened?

    Maybe they all have someone who looks like them?

  13. WOWZA! Ep 4 was outstanding! Great humor, great One and Three action and another layer added with Four discovering a shocking revelation This eppy had definite fan-squee. I laughed and laughed and gasped.

    I am beginning to wonder if the Android was responsible for wiping their memories. She seems possessive/protective of the crew. “You changed your hair. It’s a good look” and “Are you depressed…?”

    Some questions:
    1) Why did Six go to the clinic when the Raza has a med-bay? Couldn’t the Android run the table diagnostic and treat him?
    2) How did One and Three escape the chairs if only the chest wires were loosened? Their hands and feet were tied separately.
    3) Was it difficult filming the face-to-face between One and Jace?
    4) Was that a mini-electric car motoring by in the background?
    5 Was that Akemi playing the coughing lady in the clinic, wearing the brown boots?

    Dark Matter is what I call EXCELLENT sci-fi — keep this good stuff coming!


  14. @Kathode – I’m going to guess about 8 different girls.

    @Tim – From what TVbytheNumbers says, the first three episodes are:

    June 12 – 1.279 and 0.3 rating
    June 19 – 946k and 0.2 rating
    June 26 – 1.068 and 0.22 rating

    This falls in line with the other shows on Friday – Defiance and Killjoys. Probably not the 15-million Syfy was hoping for, but still, I’m sure more of an audience will build over time. Remember, up until only recently, Syfy has been known as the “reality, wrestling and Sharknado network”, with little emphasis on science fiction, so it’s going to take time for them to once again build a reputation among the public for quality space-based sci-fi programming. I bet half the people who loved SG1 and SGA still don’t know about Dark Matter and Killjoys, because they tuned out of the channel a long time ago. It’s only going to be through word of mouth and social media that we can spread the word about this all.

    Still, I’d love to have 1 million YouTube subs, so in my book, the numbers are fine. They’re not “super-duper Game of Thrones-like numbers”, but they’re far from horrible, especially when compared to the ratings of the rest of Syfy’s current programs.

  15. I was going to say what das said. Almost exactly. Which frightens me just a little.

    I’ll refrain from saying anything else until the rest of the viewing world has caught up.

    Loving SciFi Fridays! Defiance was losing me at the end of last season, but I am enjoying it again so far. Killjoys… well, my favorite character is the ship. I’m not crazy about the only female main female character: the whole Mata-Hari-ninja-assassin thing does nothing for me, but I’m guessing I’m not their target audience.

  16. Joe – I had to gush, but to avoid spoilers I sent you an e-mail. 🙂

    @ Scott – I LOVE Sharknado!! But you are right – SyFy has lost it’s ‘space’ identity, and it may take time for people to discover this new line-up.

    I think one other problem for new shows aimed at the prime demographic is that some of those young adult men may find shows like Killjoys and Dark Matter too tame, compared to the likes of GoT, SoA, or Breaking Bad.

    (This week may have low viewership because many places had fireworks last night – we made it home just in time to catch it without a need to rewind, but the fireworks were just a half-mile walk away for us.)

    But I feel sorry for anyone who passes on this one because they think it may be too traditional. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this entertained by a drama, even NCIS has let me down lately. But Dark Matter has it all – there’s intrigue, there’s excitement, there’s surprises, there’s action, and – maybe for me the most important aspect – there’s humor. I laughed so hard last night and it felt GREAT! 😀

    Good stuff, Joe. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!


  17. I don’t agree with Kathode – One is sexy. Dark brown eyes, chest hair and soft voice do it for me every time.

    Joe – I’m sorry, but I have to say this: “Take a NUMBER?” A PAPER number?? 200 years in the future, and they’re STILL taking paper numbers??? Any doctor’s office that takes a DNA sample to generate a skin patch would have automated or digital sign-in. Even the local DMV where I live has people sign in using a computer, and then watch the big monitor for your number.

    Love the doggy photos. I hope they keep it up through all 13 episodes. 🙂

    I agree with Scott. SyFAIL really screwed themselves over, and it’s going to be an uphill trudge to get the fans to come back and give them another chance. If I didn’t read this blog, I wouldn’t know anything about it. I’ve been boycotting that channel since they cancelled SGU. On a brighter note, there is a NEW science fiction channel coming that is ALL ABOUT MGM – that means Stargate reruns! I hope the new network does well.


  18. Ugh…’SyFy has lost ITS ‘space’ identity…’. I HATE when I have to grammar-Nazi myself. 😛


  19. I’m just going to make a quick couple of comments about last night’s episode now since I’ll be on vacation all next week and may not be checking much of anything on the Internet.

    -Definitely noticed some scenic influence from your Japan trips in this episode.

    -Based on that exchange with THREE, is it safe to assume FIVE’s real name is Ralphie? 😉

    -In the tease at the end of episode three, Jayce was on Cygni-4, and in this episode, they were all on Shaofu-2, correct? I just want to make sure I’ve got my locations correct.

    -Clearly my theory I posted a few days ago has been blown out of the airlock!

    -One “wonderment” I’m having now is trying to figure out if Tara’s hairstyle is just a style of the future and is completely normal, or if it denotes something about her character…

    Altogether a great episode, but man, so many questions now! Can’t wait to see how Tabor affects this whole new situation!

    -Mike A.

  20. @Ponytail:

    Maybe they all have someone who looks like them?

    That was my thought too.

    I may have missed a few things (I was watching on the Dish Anywhere app due to a late arrival in Portland). I’ll need to rewatch this when I get back to Illinois.

  21. Dark Matter is the only scripted dramatic series I watch live. Everything else I DVR for later and I sometimes actually get around to watching some of it. DM is so much fun with the Twitter enhanced commentary. If you’re watching the show and not following on Twitter you’re missing out on a slew of really fun stuff. Did I mention it’s fun?

    This show has me totally immersed in the story and characters. I’m not bumping up against the TV screen, I’m actually there with the crew experiencing the same emotions and ever present angst of every twist in plot. And there have been a few.

    I see a lot of TV that takes an entire season to fully involve the audience with the characters but you’ve managed to do it in the first four episodes. Great writing, acting and directing. I guess credit goes to the entire cast and crew because it’s evident everyone put everything they had into this production. You should all be very proud of the finished product.

    And thank you for dragging me back into a new relationship with SyFy after we’d separated years ago when I knew her as the SciFi Network. Seems like it’s been a lot of years ago. I begrudgingly admit the old gal has some life in her still (whatever she calls herself these days) and I will continue our Friday date night as long as long as this gem of a show is on.

    This is how scifi should be done. Thank you for showing everyone it can be done.

  22. Sorry for the long post, I wrote it over at TV.com.

    First of all I like this episode, so much universe building going on in it.

    1 and 3 was hilarious when they were tied up in the chair together, nice bonding moments. Betting this won’t be the last time we meet the Evil Corso, nice twist there. 2 can card count and it seems the casinos of the future still haven’t evolve enough to accept that it a skill and not cheating.

    A lot of universe building going on, CNN is still around. Ship travel isn’t the only way to travel around this universe, you can buy a clones at you destination and use it but it expires after 72 hours. More mention of the galactic police. A war is brewing over 4 home or something along those lines. 1 and 3 partnership is still a working progress. An robot can’t tell the difference between evil corso and 1 corso, despite their completely different hair style. We learn that security on the Razza is terrible.

    According to 5, 4 didn’t murder his dad, he just cut the eyes out of the assassins that did and dump their bodies outside of his stepmother room. Still a psychopath but not as bad as killing his dad, which I remember rightly 5 said she dream they spent a pleasant afternoon in the fields, so good relationship.

    . Two started stabbing casino goons even though she was offered free passage out of the casino,

    She only started stabbing people when the casino owner hit 5. My theory on why she reacted that way is below.

    – As a man who has spent a considerable amount of time (and money) at a blackjack table, how about those incredibly lax casino rules? Underage gambling was okay as long as a guardian was there.

    An bribe to look the other way.

    Here my ground theory about what going on,

    4 killed his dad assassins after they murdered his dad (five after all seem to tell us that 4 and his dad got on well and was enjoying the day out), assassins who was under the pay of his evil step mother and one of the warring multi corps mention in the CNN news broadcast and stepmother mention by 5, they then framed him for the murder of his dad. and he been hunting down and killing her allies ever since. Not exactly original but it a fun plot and clearly inspired by Japanese and Chinese stories .

    5 and 2 seem daughter/mother perhaps older sister relationship going on, how 2 reacted to her being hit shows the hallmarks of 2 being her mother.

    I think 5 was always left behind on the ship when they went on their little missions for the multicorp, so she spent her days learn how to fix it and keep out of the adults way via crawling through the vents, never learnt or at least never saw any of her mother/sister and the rest of the crew violent ways, she has that naivety about her, which is why she was so shock to see what two did in the casino. It also explains why she doesn’t have a criminal record.

    I’m going to say 2 is mother to 5, 3 is 2 uncle his as a uncle attitude, 5 daughter to 2, 6 is a family friend and the kid in the cargo bay are the original crew. The kid should be 3 son, just to wipe that smile of his face when he finds out and show another side the to the character and make him regret dumping the body like waste.

    1 was employed to capture 4 who joined the Raaza crew temporarily for the mining job may be just for money to fund his one man war against his step mother or perhaps he had the intention of hiring them to aid him in that war or perhaps he just wanted the ship for himself or the Razza crew captured him and was going to sell him back to his step mother or the multi corps once they got done with the mining job.

    1 was probably on the payroll of a multi corps who are involve in the conflict CNN were reporting on. I’m guessing the cargo bay kid who volunteer to stay awake whilst the other sleep couldn’t stop the mind wiped but change it so it affected everyone in the pods and 5 would get all of their memories.

    Still leave out the mystery of what behind those doors, probably not clones given they only have a shelf life of 72 hours, through I think the advert in the hospital was a clue to tell us that someone could have wiped their memories remotely.

  23. Just rewatched the episode (and boy do you miss a lot trying to keep track of Twitter at the same time) and it really was excellent.

    Corso, Jace Corso really made a point to eliminate the possibility that he (or they) had a clone. So, I’m thinking we should dismiss that possibility for the crew. Wait – unless we’re being purposely misled, and they really ARE clones. That Joseph Mallozzi is a tricky fella. Best keep an eye on him.

    *wonders if there’s an evil Joseph Mallozzi clone*

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