1) I went through the vent.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

This is my favorite scene in this episode.  A lot of nice little beats here, from FIVE’s slow bullet spill to THREE’s uncertain weighing of his guns.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!
Rehearsing the standoff.

2) You might want to hurry.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

This scene in the final cut is a shortened version of what was originally envisioned.  From the script:

ONE, SIX and FIVE head out. TWO trains her weapons on THREE and FOUR.

THREE: Is that really necessary?

By way of an answer, she motions for them to raise their hands – a little higher. They do.

—After a cutaway to the rescue, we cut back to the bridge where:

TWO still has her guns on THREE and FOUR. Beat.

THREE: Look, they’re back on the ship, we’re safely in FTL. We done here?

She doesn’t move.

THREE: It wasn’t personal. We were –

TWO: Just looking out for yourselves.

THREE: Looking out for all of us.

Off TWO –

THREE: If the shields had failed while we were waiting for them to haul him in, we’d be singing a different tune now. We were lucky.

He has a point. She lowers her guns. THREE and FOUR lower their hands.

THREE: Alright. I’ll be in my quarters. Let me know when we get to the station.

He starts off. She stops him with –

TWO: Not so fast. We’ve got to finish something first.

Off a confused…

— We SEGUE TO THREE in the hot seat, finishing up his lie detector test.

3) You would’ve done the same for us.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

In the original script, this scene played out much differently.  ONE gets an injured but still conscious SIX to the infirmary – where they are later joined by FIVE and the Android.  Executive Producer Jay Firestone felt that the episode needed more jeopardy in order to a build to its satisfying conclusion, and so the original scene was rewritten and replaced by this much more dynamic sequence.

4) We move on.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

Well, whaddya know?  THREE was telling the truth after all!

We come away with three conclusions from this scene:

1. Even if one of the crew members was responsible for their communal mindwipe, he/she doesn’t remember.

2. The communal mind wipe may have been an accident, the result of a crude program designed to target someone else’s memories.

3. In TWO’s words: “Finding out whoever did this is going to be next to impossible.”

Ah, well.  Two out of three anyway.

5) Looking out for number one.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

This was another scene that played out a little differently from the way it was originally scripted.

In the script, he leans in and kisses her.  She pulls back.  He immediately backs off and apologizes.  There is an awkward exchange and then, he leaves.

I actually preferred this original version which made TWO more emphatic and clear but, in this instant, production concerns necessitated a tighter version.

6) One final round of discovery!

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

Just as we draw closer to some answers, a few more questions are thrown our way. How did FIVE know where to look?  Does this suggest some sort of past connection to the mysterious key card and the gun?  Will we be learning more about the key card as the season progresses?  Will that gun pay off in some way further on down the line?  Do the writers actually have a game plan?  Tune in to find out!

7) Goodnight!

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

Ah, the bookend.  We conclude our opposite in much the same we started – with our Android on the bridge, giving the crew the 411.  THREE seals up his vent, SIX touches up that nasty burn on his arm, while FOUR considers – oh, yeah! – that ring he discovered in the puzzle box.  Yet another loose end we’ll presumably be getting around to sooner than later.

Much sooner.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

8) Jace.  Jace Corso.

July 2, 2015: Completing The Dark Matter Episode 103 Overview!

So, after everything our crew went through, the burgeoning suspicion and shifting alliances, the suspected sabotage and lie detector test, we must finally come to terms with the fact that we’ll probably never know who was lying.

Until about five (show) minutes later with the final reveal of an all too familiar face sitting at a bar on some space station.  The guy, a dead ringer for one, says he’s been after The Raza for a while now, looking to catch up with someone.

Wonder who?

P.S. This concluding WTF?!! scene was shot by Episode 4 director Amanda Tapping since this Cygni 4 bar set up was shot concurrently with the upcoming bar, lounge, casino, and back room scenes in #104.

PPS.  Isn’t that space station establisher amazing?  Kudos to Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and our VFX team on the gorgeous visuals.

13 thoughts on “July 2, 2015: Completing the Dark Matter Episode 103 overview!

  1. Will we at some point learn why One is so appallingly bad at CPR?

    Or did he NOT really want Six to survive?

  2. The kiss was very awkward and kinda creepy, IMO. It just seemed to come out of nowhere and made it seem like he didn’t respect her authority, when up to this point, I think he was the one who MOST respected her authority. Where on earth did he get the impression that she would be remotely receptive to that?

  3. My first reaction to the keycard of course was that it is for the Big Metal Door. Then again, maybe that’s what we’re *supposed* to think! And the gun certainly has to play into something in the future. It’s either the gun that killed the boy, or it will definitely be used for something later, or both. It will either pay off, or GO off!

    Only about 25 hours until episode 4!!

  4. Kathode said: “Will we at some point learn why One is so appallingly bad at CPR?

    Or did he NOT really want Six to survive?”

    Haha, really! Clearly medical (or even first aid) training was not part of his previous life. And talk about giving up early – in my training we learned we need to keep it up pretty much until medical help arrives. Even if it’s an hour or more. Maybe he DIDN’T want SIX to survive!

  5. Dark Matter rerun of episode 3 in 15 minutes on SyFy. 11:00 pm central time USA. Be there or be square!

  6. I’ve got “guns pointed at TV characters” fatigue. It feels like watching a game of cards when it’s a small cast. “Who’s got the gun? Ok, you win this round.” The bullets things was cute, but she could’ve snuck into his room and stolen the mana out of his Magic: The Gathering decks for all the drama guns pointed at a small cast can conjure up.

    If there’s going to be a kiss this early, I’m all for awkward. Where’s the angst later if a kiss can’t end awkwardly?

    I liked that she wasn’t more decisive. She was against it enough as you’d expect at least one of them to be given the amnesia, but she was just indecisive enough to make me wonder what she was wondering about her old life.

    TWO had some decent moves against that heavy bag, but a bag that heavy is hard for someone that light to look like a bad ass against. There is lighter equipment she can be put up against so her speed and technique can shine. She does have decent power for her size, I’m just saying an untrained eye won’t see it against that type of bag.

    Targets and pads held or worn by a partner can show the movement a hit will cause — “trembling shock” was the term I loved. Also, a bag can be softened a little, left standing on its end and abused, then left standing on the other end and abused before being hung. The hits will sink in more and look more bad ass. A chest protector tied to a heavy bag will also move more impressively. Lighter bags move more of course, but you have to manage this annoying swing that won’t play well for a short scene. That’s where you add a training partner and you get to see the partner struggle to steady the bag –> bad ass.

    Those standing bags where you put sand or water in the base move a ton if they only have water in them. Again, they move too much and the extra effort to control that, sometimes with a partner to steady it is where you can see the power. I know all this movement would be a pain for camera blocking, but the extra bad assery is worth it. And of course an already-present partner would probably screw up that scene as written.

    Having to tape over the middle of the bag because you’re about to split it is bad ass, of course, but we know that tape is just to cover up the “Everlast” logo. 😉

  7. ONE’s Kiss Count: 2

    Anyone want to hedge bets on how many girls One will kiss throughout the entire first season? Seriously, this guy has gotten more romantic action in 2 hours than I’ve gotten in the past 5 years. Sheesh….some people have all the luck…

  8. After the 3rd viewing, it’s still a very entertaining episode. Poor SIX. He should not have to doctor his own arm. That looked pretty serious. Does the android ever get her hair messed up? I love THREE. FIVE is such a mystery.

    USA vs Japan in Woman’s World Cup Soccer on Sunday. Tell Akemi Japan is going down!!!

  9. I get the odd feeling that that gun is Fives, and that she will turn out to be even more dangerous than Four.
    Also, More Lasers!! Having firearms is fine, but It’s the Future, damn it! bullets are, to paraphrase Mr H. Solo, …”No match for a good Blaster at your side.”

  10. “Do the writers actually have a game plan?” That made me laugh. Of course you do. People just get frustrated that they can’t read your mind.

    I thought Jace gave up way, way too soon on the CPR. But I understand that you only have so much time to do such a scene for television. How is that exactly done? Is he doing compressions on Roger but Roger has a device on him so it doesn’t affect him? Is a dummy brought in to look like Roger so the CPR isn’t being done on a human?

    I will have to agree that the kiss was weird/awkward and if that is what you were going for then they pulled it off beautifully. I could see where he might have gotten signals from her that said she wanted a kiss. I was hoping that the two of them might have a little more steam — say like Claudia Black and Ben Browder on Farscape (especially in the early days of their relationship) where she wasn’t ready to admit her feelings for him. But that may come, too. I’ll be patient.

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