February 12, 2015: Space Travels With Amanda Tapping!

We’ve taken a break from our shipboard routine, journeying to the far flung corners of colonized space for a little R&R.  Our first stop was S-CYGNI-4, a remote way station renown for its sketchy entertainment district and signature cosmic croissants.

February 12, 2015: Space Travels With Amanda Tapping!

Then it was off to check out the scene at space station Shaofu 2.  A little shopping, a little drinking, and maybe a little gambling.  What’s your game?  Fizzbin?  Dabo? Sabacc?  Pazaak?  Tall Card?  Triad?

February 12, 2015: Space Travels With Amanda Tapping!

Or perhaps you prefer the 700 year old game of Blackjack?  If it’s the latter, then Matt Purdy, stand-in extraordinaire, is your man.  Today, Matt gave us all a lesson in card counting.  But, before we could put what he’d taught us to use, the Galactic Authority was alerted and we had to scramble.

February 12, 2015: Space Travels With Amanda Tapping!Our fearless leader, director Amanda Tapping, ensured that everyone returned to the ship before making good our escape.

17 thoughts on “February 12, 2015: Space Travels with Amanda Tapping!

  1. Hmm. S-Cygni-4 for my next vacation? *considers*

    Also, if the Snafu2, er, Shaofu2 space station actually DOES have Dabo tables, that would be extremely awesome. Make it so!

    Looks like we’re supposed to get another 30-40 cms of snow here on Sunday. Hey, we’ve had over a week’s break!

  2. Amanda looks like she’s either using her latent SG Kinetic powers to grab one of those famous cosmic croissants off of the craft-services table or, checking out her fab space station “souvenir” manicure..?!

  3. Fizzbin was made up by Captain Kirk, so it doesn’t count. Dabo sounds fun though.

    By the way, Joe, are you a grammar Nazi? Most writers seem to be. Just curious.

  4. From yesterday: Welcome Wendy!

    Is it going to be like the Star Wars cantina scene? Or more like ST: DS9?

    On the road today to pick up my son and whoever he wants to give a ride to. Then back to my sick kitty to give fluids. Tonight, it’s more training for the karate tournament. Can you say LONG DAY? Of course, that’s probably nothing to your day. Don’t work too hard!

  5. I love that Cygni 4 sign. The artist did a good job with that.

    Speaking of which, this always seems to pop up quite a bit every now and then, the whole should we contact ET as they may be hostile debate.

    I take the view why not? The chance of them being hostile are as equal as them being friendly, and we have no idea who is living in our local area of the galaxy anyway. They may not have mastered light speed travel anyway so the distance between Earth and any ET may be so huge it cant be done in good time anyways.

  6. Check Amanda out, being all “directory”! Good for her.

    I’ll pose the questions that everyone else is afraid to ask:
    What happened to S-CYGNI-3 and Shaofu 1?

    Happy Friday the 13th. Ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma and all that.

  7. I just need to hear the faint cries of “Dabo” in the background for some gimmick-creator on par with the Ferengi to be born into the Dark Matter-verse.

  8. Hmm…maybe it should be called the Mullozziverse. “Dark Matter” is singular, so a sequel wouldn’t necessarily be mulling over the same matter.

  9. Blackjack is the only thing I’ll play in the casinos anymore, for the same reason I’m sure Matt Purdy expressed: it’s the one game where, when played correctly, the house has the smallest mathematical advantage over the player of any game in the casino.

    I learned to count cards many years ago and as most casinos use 6 and 8 deck shoes nowadays, I’ve defaulted to a mix between the standard High-Low system and memorizing those betting guide cards which themselves are based on the law of large numbers calculations from which the High-Low system was derived.

    It works very well, too. I don’t bet big or anything, but if I sit down for about an hour and a half or so, I expect to walk away with a couple hundred bucks of the casinos money and that’s usually what happens. I never start with more than $60, either. That way, if I have a bad night and lose that money, it’s no major loss.

    Give Amanda a hug for me! I’d love to meet her someday just to say thanks for all the great TV and especially hear her giggle! From the interviews and BTS stuff I’ve seen of hers, she really seems like she’s super sweet and warm spirited. I really get the vibe that she’s just an awesome woman. And you gotta love that smile! 😀

    -Mike A.

  10. @ Tam Dixon – Sorry to hear your kitty is still sick. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  11. Our first stop was S-CYGNI-4, a remote way station renown for its sketchy entertainment district and signature cosmic croissants.

    a wretched hive of scum & villainy, i’m sure.

  12. I’ve never had to be so patient for a show, like ever. Now I know how my nieces feel when I try to explain why we can’t have cookies until after dinner or play until we’re done with our chores. Must be patient…!!

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