So, tomorrow Japan plays the U.S. in the finals of the Women’s World Cup.  Despite the fact that they’re playing the match here in Vancouver, Akemi refuses to go watch it live – not because she doesn’t care but because she cares too damn much! I fear that, if we do go and Japan loses, she’ll be depressed for weeks (as opposed to the mere days brought on by a t.v. loss).

She is clearly emotionally invested in her national team as evidenced by her reactions to Wednesday’s semi-final game…

England scores on Japan:

Japan misses a scoring opportunity:

Speaking of emotional investment and passionate responses – what did you all think of Dark Matter’s fourth episode?

I’ll hold off on my detailed discussion for now but will say all of these early episodes continue hints to future revelations and payoffs.  Watch again and pay close attention!

Meanwhile, others have weighed in with their thoughts on Episode 4:

“The latest Dark Matter episode gave the crew a serious reality check after a disastrous stop over at the space station. Not only did they get a sense of how much danger they’re in, some of them got a taste of just how dangerous they really are.”

“We’ve been insanely spoiled this summer with extraordinary programming, but even in such a crowded landscape Dark Matter shines like a super nova.”

” In less than an hour, the writers managed to shine more light on our beloved characters and their pasts than we have seen in the first 3 episodes combined.”

“Two creates one of the best comedy teams since Abbott and Costello when she pairs up One and Three. They both object to the decision, but she shuts them up by giving them each the same “I don’t trust him, I want you to keep an eye on him” excuse. The look on her face after they both take the bait so easily is that of an exasperated mother dealing with two unruly boys.”

And here is an interview with actor Marc Bendavid (ONE) who pulled double duty in last night’s episode:

July 4, 2015: Gambatte Japan!  What Did You Think Of Dark Matter Episode 104?



26 thoughts on “July 4, 2015: Gambatte Japan! What did you think of Dark Matter episode 104?

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Ep 4. I found it comedic when One and Three had to ‘work’ together and how Two made it seem that she didn’t trust either of them. The scene that I found humorous between One and Three was when they both were tied to the chair and had to synchronize shifting their chairs over to grab the taser. I still have mixed feelings for Three, primarily due to his pretentious demeanor. Still wondering what happened to One’s double though, now that he has the weapons.

    Two can really kick ass, it must be instinct as it was with Four and his swords.

    I did like the scene between Four and the Android and I felt empathy for the Android as it appeared that she wanted to bond with Four by offering her therapeutic counseling, if he needed it. It was a rather sweet moment as she tried to help, but Four just refused. Just makes the Android more and more adorable.

    Can’t wait for Ep 5, as the preview shows like it will be a zombie attack. That is going to be great!

  2. Really enjoying the series. Even my husband wants to see it first when we check out our PVR line up. Usually he doesn’t care what we watch, but if Dark Matter is recorded, he definitely wants to see it.

  3. Joe, is this your FIRST read of DRAGONFLIGHT? I’ll re-read so we can exchange comments. 🐉

    I’ve been a McCaffrey fan since the ’70s. Yes, in my teens; stole my brother’s 1968 copy when he was at college, traded it back for a reprint in the ’80’s. Gotta admit, I didn’t completely get the innuendos until the ’90s.

  4. Another thing…when Six was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, the ad about the future of travel, Transfer Transit, makes me wonder if that has something to do with One’s double …hmm….

  5. Was great to see Amanda Tapping’s directing in episode 4. One thing that surprised me was the zobot. I was suspicious of her in episode one, but now, I can see she might become my favourite character. It’s going to be interesting to see if they come across any more doubles/clones/doppelgängers of the Raza crew. One possibility that has not been tabled is parallel universes. Roll on episode 5.

  6. Lily wrote, “Can’t wait for Ep 5, as the preview shows like it will be a zombie attack. That is going to be great!”

    I didn’t see the previews for the next show. Is it about zombies and is it directed by Bruce McDonald? Because if you’ve got zombies, you want Bruce McDonald directing them!

    @ Akemi – May the best team win. No, not really. May USA win!! Woot! woot! woot! Japan is going down! Woot! woot! 😆

  7. I really liked the episode as we’re starting to really see the meat of the characters and their abilities. I loved the interaction between ONE and THREE the whole episode. Marc did great work, especially with the dual role, but I’m just loving Anthony’s THREE. You can just tell that he is loving playing the part!

    Next episode: Zombies? … or failed clones!

    In unrelated pet matters, Bart (the lovebird) landed in the artificial flowers that I have on my table so I got this pic. She’s so beautiful!

  8. I am really enjoying the series so far even got my niece and daughter watching it i just wish there was more zobot to watch since it was that reason that i started watching in the first place.

  9. What if ONE knows exactly who he is and he is the one who wiped everyone’s memory so he would always have a chorus of backups saying “we don’t know who we are because we all woke up together with no memory.”?

    This could drive you crazy if you let it.

    @ gforce – Beautiful picture!!

  10. @GFORCE — CUTE! – Hope she didn’t poop in them… ;-}

    I’m glad ENGLAND won today! — I’m still trying to get over Their LAST MINUTE of play against JAPAN the other day! Now THAT was a “WT*?” moment!!
    BTW, I’m going to have to go with the U.S. for tomorrow’s game too… I’m a quarter American – [the other quarter, Canadian and half Brit!] – so, you know, grudge-match…

    BTW, Joe, loved the little “missing scene” break of showing *HOW* Doppler-ONE [or 1-1] – managed to UPRIGHT the 2-chairs-with-*TWO*-GUYS-tied-TOGETHER-on-them ALL by HIMSELF!?! — a “HT*?” moment?

  11. I would like to join in on the next Dark Matter Twitter, but since I really don’t use Twitter (but do have an acct), someone will have to help. I did locate #DarkMatter home page, but how does a conversation work? Sorry to sound like a newbie, I’m just more FaceBook savvy.

    Again, loved episode 4, so much humor, revelations and more mysteries — this is a great show! I assume, now that the crew is broke, the David Hewlett character will soon make an appearance. He’s their agent – right?

    Dark Matter rules!

  12. Will I liked the scene with Four and Andeoid. I think Androiday hAve to run a subroutine on her self as she seems to be the lonely one (que Roy Orbason) . And Three asked why he could not be trusted? Must say “USA USA USA,” ok enough of that, sorry Akemi. Would love to make another trip to Vancouver as I would like to finish out the list of restaurants.

  13. I don’t know about Dark Matter, Joe. It has the heart of Firefly and the atmosphere of Battlestar Galactica. I just love Stargate so much, but Dark Matter is seducing me. Since both are kinda your babies, is it cheating. All I can say is great show, man!

  14. Loved this episode! I enjoy Three so much. Anthony is giving him a lot of depth. There was this one little moment when the bartender came to get them and he finished his drink where he looked so unreadable… I really liked that. I think that carefree dont-give-a-sh***-thing is just an act. I cannot wait to learn more about him.
    Will we see more of his special skills soon? Seems he didnt have much of a chance to shine in this ep since One was coming up with most of the great ideas (except for trusting the wrong bartender ;).

    And there is never enough Six. Also loved the revelation about 4. OMG. Cannot wait for next week, it looks amazing!

    And thank you for sharing so much information on your blog, I just stumbled over it and taking it all in ;).

  15. I love the space station. I think I like odd crowd scenes and have to rewatch because I miss dialog when looking at the extras and the scenery.

  16. gforce: failed clones. I like that idea for the zombie things in the preview. But just because clones are supposed to “expire” after a couple of days doesn’t mean that there isn’t technology to make more durable ones, so I’m not ruling that out as an answer to why we have two Ones (which isn’t a spoiler since it was in a preview at the end of episode 3, right?)

  17. Akemi must have taken a lot of notes during your football seasons. But I’m sure you guys don’t wear dresses. LOL That is me during an episode of Game of Thrones, especially that last one (I won’t spoil). Or the episode Red Wedding of Game of Thrones. Or when Carson was killed off in SGA.

    I saw the first 15 minutes or so when I was at my client’s house on Friday night. I liked the marketplace. It sort of reminded me of Babylon 5 but it mostly reminded me of that place you visited in Japan. I can’t remember the town or area. I was up to the part where Griffin is in the medical clinic waiting room and he is watching something on TV although I didn’t get to listen to it closely because Wolf and Mocha wanted to go out one more time before I tucked them in for the night. If I didn’t have to go to one more stop before my night was through that was a 20-minute drive from where I was and 15 minute potty visit and 20 minutes back to my house, I would have just stayed there and watched the whole show there. But since getting back, I haven’t had a chance to watch it. I am very, very tired. Things are going to stay in the crazy zone for the next two weeks, too.

    Yesterday (I’m writing this on Sunday) was 25 years since I first met Jeff on a blind date. If anyone is interested in reading it, it is here:

    @Gforce She is a beautiful bird. And that truly is a stunning picture.

    @2cats I will help you with Twitter if you want. This week is a little bit nutty, but we could do this via email. Email me if you want some help. My husband tried it, but he didn’t care for it. Twitter is not for everybody. I joined when Joe announced the production of Stargate Universe and said that David Blue was on Twitter and he was going to have stuff on his Twitter feed about it.

  18. Loved ep 4! It was great to see Jace and One meet and I have some guesses based on the background info from the doctor’s office, but we shall see…:D

    I hate that Three has One in a bind, though. I liked One being the heart of the ship!

  19. @gforce – Really nice pic. The red and green colors really stand out and work well together.

    @Joe – Didn’t know they still used needles in the future. Thought they had hyposprays or something more… advanced… lol. Also, random off-topic question, but does Space have access to the previews of the next episode of DM, or is that Syfy-exclusive? Because Space keeps showing previews of the next episode of Killjoys, but there’s never any previews for the next episode of DM.

  20. So heroic imposters took ONE’s and TWO’s places and were supposed to sabotage the miners raid? Naw, too simple.

    Which of the crew were the original Raza crew? Any of them?

    I liked THREE pressing ONE for an example of how he wasn’t trustworthy and ONE couldn’t come up with one.

    Would someone who was a sociopath because of childhood experiences still be so if he/she had amnesia? Would a born psychopath still have the skills to manipulate people and pretend to be normal if he/she had amnesia?

  21. I’m a little ashamed to say that I actually laughed out loud at the second clip of Akemi’s soccer reactions.

    I’m not very invested in soccer, except that a US win will encourage more girls here to be active in the sport. But, I sympathize with disappointed sports fans. Here in Portland, Oregon, it’s all about men’s pro basketball. Unfortunately, we haven’t won a championship since 1977 and our current team has just been decimated.

    @gforce. Beautiful bird, great picture. I had a friend who once had a male lovebird. Everything was lovey dovey until the bird hit puberty. Then he started nipping at her, and those beaks hurt. He was allowed out of the cage and one day flew away (looking for a mate, perhaps). Is your bird all grown up? Did you ever have the nipping problem?

  22. Really enjoying the show, especially the humor. The scene between One, Three and the bartender, awesome. Also how Two kept her cool until the kid got hit and then it was everyone went down. Felt like the correct response for a mercenary whose teammate got hit. The slow uncovering of peoples possible past is getting to me. I want more now! I am so looking forward to watching how the series unfolds and know I will be cursing your name once the season finally airs.

    I just started a Stargate Atlantis re-watch (Torri H. was my inspiration after seeing her on Dark Matter) I did realize how much I missed hearing the sounds of the Stargate, and how much I love McKay!! His character, the way David Hewlett portrays him, Brilliant.

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