After a seemingly endless wait for the show to get green the light, we’re now charging full speed ahead toward our January production dates.  This week, construction began on our standing sets.  First up, our ship, The Raza, which will include the bridge, corridors, an infirmary, mess hall, training room, various corridors and airlocks.  The design work looks pretty awesome, and I fully intend to share the specs and pics with you in the coming days and weeks.  Also, our Set Designer Doug Slater has put together a terrific 3D walk-thru of our soon-to-bridge – which you’ll also get a chance to check out very soon.

October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-production!  Set Construction Begins!
Craig, our Head Carpenter, oversees the action
October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-production!  Set Construction Begins!
And so it begins!
October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-production!  Set Construction Begins!
Our set is raised to allow for stashing of loot and offer hiding places for the director. 
October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-production!  Set Construction Begins!
The layout for this stage
October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-production!  Set Construction Begins!
It’s all happening in the Hello Kitty Pavilion

Meanwhile, our first round of auditions is finally complete and, all told, we’ll have seen A LOT of very talented people.  Still a few redirects to come in (“re-do’s” that incorporate suggested adjustments) and then, by Friday, we’ll finally have our short list.  Well, shortER list.  The sides (scenes) for the second round have been chosen and are ready to go.

October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-production!  Set Construction Begins!
My wardrobe assistants

So last week, I helped myself to some carpets from the recently wrapped Lost Girl set (I had my heart set on a staff of righteousness or a twig of Zamora, but somebody – I suspect Nat Cooper – beat me to ’em).  This week, I came to work to discover four shirts hanging in my office.  Apparently, Jay and Vanessa picked them out for me.  It was avery nice gesture and, when you think about it, unbelievably kind of them to take the time to go to wardrobe, peruse the selection, and pick out some shirts they thought would suit me.

Last night, had drinks with the Exec Producers of SyFy’s other new production, The Expanse.  Very nice group and their show sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

Lots of terrific SF to look forward to in 2015!

21 thoughts on “October 29, 2014: Dark Matter Pre-Production! Set construction begins!

  1. Hey Joe
    Love seeing it all come together for you.
    I’d take that purplish shirt on the far right.


  2. Very happy and excited for you, Joe. Looking forward to seeing Dark Matter and more good scifi back on the small screen 🙂

  3. This is SO exciting. I can’t wait to see the ship come together. And things seem to be moving along so quickly.

    Those shirts do look like your style!

  4. @Craig, our Head Carpenter, oversees the action

    Good luck Craig, no pressure. Seriously though, I hope you build the most amazing ship.

  5. Love all 4 shirts. They are so you.

    “Our set is raised to allow for stashing of loot and offer hiding places for the director.”

    Or for getting the ever dramatic up-the-nose shot?

  6. The shirts look awesome! Good choices.

    It’s hard to imagine that a whole new ship will emerge out of all that plywood. The process for this is so interesting, and somewhat unbelievable. Thanks for letting us see how it all comes together in the next few weeks.

    And I don’t envy you having to decide which actors to hire. That’s got to be one of the toughest decisions when trying to launch a new show.

  7. Wow, all kinds of freebees!

    I see your buddy Cas is in The Expanse. Good for him!

    I see you didn’t expand on the “Walking Dead people”. Super-secret crossover episode in the works? Is THAT where Beth is? On the Raza?

  8. It’s really happening!

    @Sparrow_hawk: I’m off to Iceland in a couple of weeks! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  9. Sets going up.
    The casting process in full effect.
    The production pipes are indeed a pumpin’.

    It’s all so interesting and exciting.

    People are going to watch and enjoy this new show.
    I just have that sort of a feeling.

    Good luck and best wishes to everyone involved!

    Dark Matter?

  10. Speaking of Iceland, has anyone else seen this cool short film promoting the Rosetta mission (the ESA one about to land on a comet on Nov 12)? It’s really well done. Both the film and the mission!

  11. At last! you begin to build the ship. Awesome layout. Very good news and to this speed microgravity toilets will have been completed in two weeks.
    (​​now I think? you have not said anything about toilets? this can be a problem except for the Android).

    As for the shirts, there is a chance, who are part of the made ​​from the carpets surplus and be a part of your bonus.
    I would ensure what you signed yesterday to Caitlin. (In addition to give your vital organs to the production if they claim them)
    Catorin & Seven (aka Alison & Natalie) smiles do not bode well in this regard.

    Cas Anvar is part of The Expanse cast. Perhaps a good oportunity for a Cameo in Dark Matter?

  12. Ho boy! Ho boy! Ho boy! So exciting to follow you through this journey. Thanks for sharing.
    “Casting!” Casting second round!” Serious talented people! Familiar faces!” During the Moyen Âge you should had been a great inquisitor for the Inquisition !!

  13. Those shirts are definitely you, Joe.

    Um, ok. So, Syfy bought a show about people who’ve been asleep on a spaceship hurling through space for who knows how long AND a show called “The Expanse”? Sounds like they could’ve just kept SGU and saved themselves a time slot. 😉

    -Mike A.

  14. I am so excited about the space-based sci-fi shows coming to Syfy next year. Hopefully they don’t marginalize them in favor of wrestling or some other just as dumb decsion that hurts them..

  15. I really enjoyed getting to hear about all the production stuff when SGU first started. It’s really great to see the differences in how things are approached with Dark Matter.

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