October 28, 2014: Introducing Caitlin Brown!

“So what does Caitlin do?”I asked as part of my first day bid to know absolutely everything about absolutely everyone.

“She’s Head of Business Affairs,”I was told.

“No, really.”


Really?  Caitlin Brown was one of the very first people I’d met.  She’d come into my office and chatted about film, television, and books (she’s going to recommend some of her Scandinavian favorites).  I’d found her super pleasant, incredibly engaging, instantly likeable – and. thus, thoroughly atypical of most of the Business Affairs Execs I’d dealt with over the years.  I almost didn’t believe it at first but, upon closer scrutiny, the tell-tale signs were there: the closed office door, the authoritative phone voice, the occasional no nonsense attitude.  She meant business.  Business Affairs business!  And further internal research revealed that she, in fact, holds sway over two departments as Executive in Charge of Business Affairs AND Development.  A most unlikely combination.  But then, Caitlin is full of surprises.

Yes, she’s a delightfully grounded, perfectly sociable Executive in Charge of Business Affairs.

Who also DJ’s under the name DJ Mizz Brown.

Plays competitive basketball in two leagues.

And, by all accounts, is a bit of a music aficionado with one hell of an impressive collection of Jazz records.

These head-spinning revelations were almost too incredible to process when they were delivered this morning – but Caitlin kindly brought me back down to Earth by delivering yet another surprise –

October 28, 2014: Introducing Caitlin Brown!
Writer’s contract, producer’s contract, kidney relinquishment contract – wait. What?

In the form of a stack of contracts that required my signature.  Can’t get more Business Affairs than that!

I spent much of the day working my way through all of the L.A. auditions.   A LOT of familiar faces.  Also got in touch with some old online friends about promoting the show as we gear up prep.  Discussed some tweaks to the first four scripts.  Oh, and Nat Cooper stopped by the office to discuss Harry Potter and helpfully put together a To Do list on my whiteboard.  I’ve got my work cut out for me in the next few days:

October 28, 2014: Introducing Caitlin Brown!

Which reminds me – the Dark Matter Facebook page is up: https://www.facebook.com/darkmatterseries.  Spread the word!

18 thoughts on “October 28, 2014: Introducing Caitlin Brown!

  1. In order to achieve world domination you will need, in addition to your facebook page, tumblr, twitter and instagram accounts. Your writers and actors will too if they can be persuaded. Also, when casting, pay attention to likely slash pairings as they will drive the most rabid fans to vote and compete for net popularity. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Caitlin looks like a very nice person. I was wondering if Natalie Cooper is related to Robert C. Cooper?

    Why do you need an extra dog bed? Is Akemi going to be babysitting, or are you getting another dog?

  3. Maybe the extra dog bed is for the office so you can bring one of the kids with you every now and then?

  4. You’re using a lot of the comic’s artwork, so far. Obviously, you haven’t anything more solid, but I must admit, I really like the style that it’s creating.. Will that be a continuing theme, as the series progresses? Would be nice to get a side-story or two in an official comic.

  5. I saw the Chris Regina quote in the tvline.com article. I don’t know what “fast-paced suspense” is, but if it’s an innovation that caters to the distracted, short attention-spanned audience, I like it.

  6. Hello Caitlin!

    Joe, the whiteboard task “Talk to the Walking Dead people” has me intrigued. Spill!

  7. I hope they don’t use Facebook to gauge the shows popularity, it can be a bit deceptive. Especially since say Madam Secretary pulls 12 million viewers weekly yet only has 44967 likes on Facebook.

  8. Welcome Caitlin! Good luck, you will need it…. 😉

    Familiar faces? Interesting! 🙂

  9. Wellcome Caitlin!

    All Departments
    Caitlin Brown
    Executive for Business unconventional Affairs
    October 28, 2014
    Year-End Carpets Funding 2014
    The Warehouse Controller (WCO) has notified that because
    of carpets shortfalls due to strange appropriations by some evil speculators, not yet identified but eft a trail of dog hair, they will not be processing requests for payment in carpets from that are not related to Payroll.
    WCO hopes to release carpets soon, but they informed us that they expect carpet balances to be tight again this month.
    This means that invoices on-hand for the current fiscal year for carpets may or may not be paid in December.
    However, all carpets payroll items for the month of November will be paid as usual.
    The implications of the notification are uncertain at this time. We will update you upon the receipt of additional information.
    Thank you for your patience


  10. Clearly, they are planning something like a season 3 “Walking Dead/Dark Matter” crossover episode. 🙂 Fans love those! 😉

  11. A sponsored ad linking to the Dark Matter Facebook page just popped up in my Facebook feed. Let the data mining begin!

  12. Very cool, let me know if you and Caitlin aka DJ Mizz discuss Headhunters; I loved the film but my friends not so much, despite claiming to like Jo Nesbo.

    World domination; do you mean at an evil despot level or a James Bondian threatening to destroy the Moon level? Because I’d opt for the far more destructive Taylor Swift level where you obliterate all sunlight for a thousand years and create minions who can recite your lyrics by heart.

  13. Welcome to Caitlin!, Joe your family is growing in leaps and bounds…and Christmas is coming>>>.
    Hello to Akemi and the pups, hope you all are settling into the new place.{{{hugs}}}

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