July 7, 2016: Zoie Palmer Answers YOUR Questions!


It’s the Q&A you’ve all been waiting for!  Actress Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter’s Android) offers insight into her character, her process, and her love of soup!


Now some of you may not be aware of it, but the Android character was originally envisioned as male.  But, when it came time to cast “him”, we cast a wide net, opening up the role to all ethnicities and genders.  Zoie was terrific in her first audition and, thus, received a call-back for the second round.  In round #2, she delivered a flawless soliloquy of techno-babble that could have only been equaled by Samantha Carter herself.  Someone in the room (It may have been me?”) asked if she could do it in a British accent.  And she did – once again, flawlessly.  “I can do a Jamaican accent too!”she offered.  And did.  It was a final audition that won her the part…and also set up that infamous Android-speaking-in-accents scene from season!


On to the Q&A…

Night-Cat writes: “I have only one question for Zoie: Does that hair hurt? Because it looks like it hurts. Oh, and also does it require its own antivirus software?”

gforce writes: “Zoie, one thing that I figure would be very hard to do is play the Android with just the right amount of “android-ness”. I think it would be very easy to over play it to the point of silliness, but you seem to have it nailed! Was that a difficult balance to achieve? And, do you use any kind of guide or approach that let’s you do it so well?”

You’re right gforce, figuring out this character was a tough one for me, tougher than I originally realized. Part of that difficulty was due to the fact that she isn’t a human and I have never played a non-human character before. All of my training as an actor is about how to bring as much human as humanly possible (ha) to any given character. Oddly enough this applies to The Android too but figuring out how to apply it to the Android was the greatest of challenges. How does a non-emotional, strictly practical, non-human reach an audience? How does such a creature connect to the other characters? Can she at all? These were all my questions and as the two seasons have gone by and have slowly figured out some of the answers…well, I hope I have. What I love so much about this character is that I am challenged very much to keep pushing to keep digging to make her deeper and stay true to who or what she really is. Very challenging, very rewarding smile

dasndanger writes: “Hello, Zoie – We (hubby and I) love your character!
Three questions…
1. How difficult is it to keep a straight face while in character?”

Hi dasndanger, thank-you to you and your husband for your support of The Android. As for this question, it can be hard to keep a straight face. It can be very hard if I’m doing a scene with Melissa O’Neil who brilliantly plays the character “TWO.” For some reason she and I have a hard time not laughing all the way through some scenes, couldn’t even tell you why, just seems to happen. So yes is the short answer, but somehow we always manage through.

“2. Is it harder to nail your lines when talking ‘robotically’ than when delivering them in a natural way?”

It was at first. I used to memorize them speaking naturally and then do them in Android on the day. Now for some reason I can’t memorize them unless I do it in The Android tone. Funny hey?

“3. What is one of your favorite aspects of playing an android that is unique to such a character?”

I think I love how totally loyal she is to her crew. Despite the fact that she is not human she would die for any of them if she felt it would save them. I believe that about her. I’m not sure if the writers would agree with me necessarily but I think she would in an instant.

no1zoieplamerfan writes: “Hi Zoie! First I just want to say you’re doing an awesome job as the Android! My questions are as follows 1. What was it about the character that drew you to audition for the role?”

This is a very different character than any I’ve done before. It shouldn’t be hard for an actor to make a layered, deep feelinged human interesting. But to make a machine interesting, to have none of the tools that us actors rely so heavily on such as facial expressions, nervous ticks, hand gestures, to have none of those and to make a character interesting is a great challenge. I have to pause here and say that I couldn’t do it at all if it wasn’t in the writing. So much of what makes The Android compelling is because Paul and Joe have made her so. They have written scenes that have allowed me some freedom and have just been interesting in and of themselves. The challenge of this character and ironically the humanity of her was what drew me to her and still does.

“2. Where were you when you got the news that you had gotten the part?

3. If you could play any other character, who would it be and why? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!”

I think I was at home when I found out I got the part, pretty sure at home in my living room. As for what other character would I play, I think perhaps THREE. The female version of THREE would be fun to have a kick at.

shouldwritemore writes: “1. Who has u in stitches the most whilst shooting ur scenes?”

You may not believe this but its definitely Alex Mellari Jr. who plays “FOUR.” He is funny funny funny, not to mention smart and handsome and talented, not a bad guy to work with at all!


Mike A. writes: “Zoie: Are you lobbying Joe and Paul to let you wear something different, just once? (And not a spacesuit
Actually, are you lobbying them for anything? Story ideas, cooking tips, VCR repair tricks…..?”

Ha! Well, I don’t know that I would call it lobbying but once in a blue moon I mention an idea but it’s not so much a big storyline idea or an outfit idea but just a moment here and there in a scene. Paul and Joe don’t need any help from the likes of me, they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re fantastic at it.

shyone65 writes: “Hi Zoie
1. Which is easier for you reciting Dr Lewis’s medical Jargon or The Androids Technical knowledge?”

For sure Dr Lauren Lewis’s lines were easier than The Android’s mainly because I understood what I was talking about. Sometimes with The Android I have to read it several times to really get a handle on it, or I have to look it up online, or I have to text Joe, or I have to panic…y’know, one of those things.

“2. Do you like performing your own stunts?”

I do, very much. That said, I can’t perform them all. John Stead our brilliant stunt coordinator really choreographs some very challenging stunt work and then we rely very heavily on out outstanding and mind boggling stunt performers who come in and do extraordinary things all while making it look like it’s no big thang. We are very lucky with our entire stunt crew, they really are exceptional and it is a great belief of mine that stunt performers deserve a great deal more recognition that they often get. If I didn’t have stunt doubles on this show, believe me, you’d notice!

“3. What was your favorite book when you were growing up?”

I very much liked The Catcher In The Rye.


relaxygirl writes: “Zoie, I mean Ms. Palmer. What do you think of the name Minerva? Also, I’m a huge fan of Instant Star- any comment there? Wait one more question- Why no responses on your tweet page? You would make many peeps happy.”

Minerva? Well wasn’t that a characters name on HARRY POTTER? I looooooooooved the HARRY POTTER books and movies A LOT. So, Minerva is a good name…. sorta. I’m thrilled you liked INSTANT STAR, I loved shooting that show and loved the cast very very much. They were a very talented group of peeps and I still see them all from time to time.

Verb1970 writes: “3 questions for Ms Palmer
1) how’s the hair porn doing now that the “trump do” is so popular?”

Ha, I’m not sure I know….

James writes: “Hey Palmer! Your AWESOME btw!
Q1: what’s your number?”

People keep saying my number is 7

“Q2: what’s ya address?”

RAZA. Space.

“Q3: when ya gettin your own show? ( unanimous pole: we’d sit and watch you pick your teeth for an hour if we got the chance)”

I will very soon do a “periscope” of me picking my teeth. You’re welcome.

Anna Cherry writes: “I really enjoyed the scenes where Zoie played the Android that we know as well as the Android in Red when looking for faults in her programming. It was amazing to watch, how was it to play both parts?”

It was actually a ton of fun to do the twinning scenes. That’s what its called when you’re in a scene with yourself. I loved everything about that because you have to pay a great deal of attention to what you’re doing. You have to make very specific choices and you have to try to remember what you did when you were in the scene as the other character. There’s a lot going on and I loved it. The challenge of course with twinning The Android is that they’re not so different from one another and so I really had to figure out how to make them different enough that you could see it, even a little, but not so different that it wasn’t believable.

Tanja writes: “So here are my 3 questions
~ Did you ever got hurt during stunt scenes?”

I have been hurt in stunt scenes but nothing major, bruises mainly. It’s to be expected that you may be a bit stiff or tender the day after a major fight sequence but overall they are very safe. We have an incredible stunt coordinator in John Stead and safety for him is paramount so I always feel completely relaxed trying anything he asks of me because I know he’s through it through a hundred times before bringing it to me.

“~ How do you get prepared for your scenes?”

So much of the “prep” work is done before I get to set because in tv you shoot quickly as there’s a lot to do in a day, so the bulk of most actors’ work is done at home, just you and the script and your imagination. In terms of how I get prepared to actually shoot, I’m someone who needs some time alone, so I’m often in my trailer as much as possible when I’m not needed to shoot in order to go over my lines, focus, get centred, get out all of the stuff from my head that I don’t need in the next scene. And then, and this may sound strange but all the practical stuff like being hungry or thirsty or whatever, you don’t want to be thinking about any of that while you’re shooting a scene. You don’t want to be thinking, “boy I’m hungry” when you’re trying to be present in a moment with your acting partner, so I make sure I eat well and I have water with me etc. Sounds all a bit trite but as actors our bodies and minds are all we have to use so they need to be free of unnecessary stuff.

“~ Can you influence how the character of the Android will grow? How you like her to be?”

Both Joe and Paul are amazing at what they do, writing the show, creating the characters, the stories, the arcs of each of the characters so if I’m honest I typically feel great trusting them to do what they do best. The other thing that’s so great about them is that they also are very open to any thoughts we have about our characters or storylines so if I bring them something regarding my characters I’m always met with an openness to discuss which I believe is all an actor could possibly ask for and I’m very grateful to get to work with them both.

DARK MATTER -- "Episode Twelve" Episode 112 -- Pictured: Zoie Palmer as The Android -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Episode Twelve” Episode 112 — Pictured: Zoie Palmer as The Android — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Brianna Culberson writes: “What type of pet would The Android have on the Raza? What would she name it?”

Probably a pet rat. Dunno why, just seems about right. Probably name it RATBOT

Robin Hess writes: “Hi Zobot!!
Q1. What is the hardest thing you have you have encountered with the android’s outfit?”

We often have a “mic pack” on for sound. It has to be attached to your body somewhere but there’s not a lot of places to put it in a skin tight “onsie” Also, once it is attached, going to the bathroom is a good time, I’ll let you picture all that in your head. Enjoy.

“Q2. How would you describe the android’s personality since she is an android?”

Clinical. Dry. Rational. Optomistic. Pesimistic. Child like. Literal. Those are all words that come to mind.

“Q3. What have you found you like or dislike about playing this character?”

I like how in the moment she is, how honest, how real, how she is one hundred percent in whens she’s doing anything. I have enjoyed figuring out how to play her and how to bring little nuances that hopefully communicate different things. I don’t think there is anything I dislike about playing “The Android,” but it is challenging in a way I haven’t experienced with other roles I’ve had. Obviously my dialogue is a challenge and I have to spend a great deal of time being very focused to learn it. It’s funny.  The part that is the most interesting for me with this characters is also what is the most challenging, but overall I very much enjoy playing her.


Casey Van Cleve writes: “How hard is it to learn the lines of a Android?”

It’s hard but it’s gotten easier for me now that it’s my second season. I’m starting to get used to it.

Jacquelyn May writes: “One- How long does it take to put your number tat on?”

Not long at all, Lynda McCormack, our wonderful makeup artist is incredible at what she does and could probably put it on with her eyes closed now, so its pretty quick. Taking it off on the other hand is a whole other story, it takes longer to do that because its a professional grade fake tattoo so it really takes a liking to my neck.

fpmolina writes: “My Android questions three:
1) are you going to be using anymore accents this season, loved the jealous accent scene from last season.”

Hmmm, can’t tell you that, they’ll kill me if I tell you things… I don’t want to die wink

“2) do you think you will ever get a love interest on the show?”

I sure hope so, poor wee Android needs a little bit of love in her life doesn’t she? Sad lil lonely lil droidette needs someone to call her own, so heres hopin’

“3) what is the best thing you have eaten on set?”

Soup. They always make a really great soup and I LOVE soup!!!!!

Michelle Deen-Alston writes: “1) Will we see more of android this season?”

I believe you will.

“2) You play the android so well, but I was wondering, is there a lot of blooper or are you able to stay in character?”

There’s definitely bloopers. I mess my lines up from time to time. Sometimes they just won’t stay in my head or I get tongue tied and then keep messing up the same word. Often if Melissa O’Neil and I are in a scene together, there will be at least one take we can’t get through. I’m not sure what it is with the two of us but we laugh for some reason. Just seems to happen.

Maggie L80 writes: “Thanks for setting up the Q & A with Zoie. My questions: Any inspirational performances that you draw upon for The Robot?”

Not specifically for The Android but every time I watch an actor who inspires me, it’s in there y’know.  You take them all with you. They’re in you then and everything in me gets drawn on and some of it is used in a character I play. The Android is no different. She is different parts of me, my life, my friends, things I’ve seen and done. It all gets accessed and the parts I need get put into the work. So in short, everything inspires each character I play.

“Your favorite color?”

I don’t have one. I’ve never had one. And when I was a kid I would make up a colour when anyone asked me what my fave colour was. I’d say blue, or yellow or red or whatever but inside I knew I was just making it up. I’ve never had a fave color or number or anything like that. I’ve never really understood it.


cathyweaver30 writes: “Zoie,
1) Will we ever see @cloverblob in an episode?”

If she has anything to do with it, then YES.

“2) What is your favorite episode of Dark Matter and why?”

Thats a tough question because there are so many great eps but I really enjoyed the very first ep of the whole series because it really felt like the audience and the characters were in the same place of the complete unknown. It was a huge episode of discovery for everyone and I thought it was some really great television.

Cheri P writes: “Kudos for the amazing job you have done as The Android.”



“1. You indicated that you were not a fan of working out or going to the gym. How do prepare for the physical demands of your character?”

I don’t really prepare physically. I just kinda jump in there and go for it. It’s kind of how I deal with anything physical, I see it in my head and then I just go for it!

“2. Who was your childhood idol?”

Hmm, I’m not sure that I had an idol, but I very much looked up to Meryl Streep as a young kid and she’s been a huge inspiration to me in my career. She’s obviously a tremendously talented actress who can seemingly do just about anything. I think what I respect about her so much is her commitment and dedication to her craft. She’ll do nearly anything to create a believable character and she will immerse herself in it until she gets it. I have a huge amount of respect for that.

@BaddassMer writes: “does Android get pulled apart and put back together this season”

… ummm pulled apart? Ouch! I sure hope not, but if so… OOOOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHH!

“any other parts of you’re anatomy get molded”

An Android never talks about her mouldy parts.

anthrod127 writes: “Question for Zoie, will you be kicking more ass in season 2? How much of the stunt fighting do you do? “

You never know, there may very well be the odd Android fight scene in season two. As far as how much I do, the answer is, I do as much as I feel I can. Also, John Stead the stunt coordinator checks in with me to see how comfortable I am with a move. If I’m in any way uncomfortable, then our extraordinary stunt doubles jump in. There are some things John would just automatically give to the double because it’s simply not safe for me to attempt. The stunt doubles are so talented and make me look outstanding so I’m more than happy to stand back and let the pros do work their magic.

cpinzone85 writes: “Hi Zoie, first I just wanted to say you’re a magnificent woman, incredible actress and a huge inspiration in my life. I have so many questions for you but I’ll ask just a few:
1. What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?”

Hmmm, weirdest? I don’t think of many things as ‘weird” but I think seeing my face tattooed on someone still catches me off guard. It’s just something I don’t think you ever get used to, seeing your face on the anatomy of someone else. Fans have made birthday video messages for me in the past which was so lovely and so thoughtful and really made me smile and feel good – that was a lovely gesture that really meant a lot to me. I’m so genuinely grateful to the fans because their passion for the show or for us actors is real and genuine and very special. It’s true and meaningful and it may sound all a bit cheesy but I’m very moved by the people who send letters and reach out.

“2. If you were single and I asked you out on a date, would you say yes?”

Yes, of course.

Janie writes: “So… Zoie Palmer: you are my favorite android of all time. I am so excited to see you in my living room again! (huge Lost Girl fan). Your cat should take a lead from Joe and give fan shout outs on Twitter!! Thanks to both of you for doing this.

1. I saw an interview where you said that you do indeed think the android has a range of emotions so your affect is never totally flat. Is it hard to stay so reserved the whole time?”

It’s not hard in that I want to burst into emotion all the time but the challenge is to somehow portray more with very few tools.  That’s what I’m often trying to figure out in any given scene.

“2. I’ve never seen the android smile. Does she or can she smile?”

It’s both a good observation and a good question. I believe The Android can smile but I’m very resistant to having her do it. I want to use it when it really calls for it and I think there will be a scene where I go, “yes, it should happen here”. 

“3. What keeps you busy in your free time and do you have any upcoming projects between season 2 wrap and the beginning of season 3 (we all cross our fingers for S3).”

Everything keeps me busy when I’m not shooting. The rest of my life really. When we’re in production it’s very busy and many things end up on a kind of hold until you’re wrapped. So once I’m wrapped I like to reintroduce myself to life, to friends, to my hobbies, to reading, to walking, to my pets, to filling myself up so that I may bring more and more to my characters.

“3.1 (: It’s always about your hair, right? How the hell do they get it into that curl and how long does it take you to get it out?”

The hair is quite a process performed by the very talented Renee Chan. The whole thing takes approximately an hour but it’s in two stages. First it’s the curlers and then I’m sent over to have my makeup done. Once that done, I go back to Renee who then begins the artwork and in truth I don’t know what she does. I have my face in my script running my lines and then at some point she asks me to bring my head up so she can finish the front and thats it. It’s done. It is complicated and because she’s so good she just does it everyday and looks incredible.

Templeton writes: “Question for Zoie, will Android and Four finally hook up this season, or is she just too emotional for his taste?”

The Android and Four eh? Wow, there’s an interesting combo. I think the word on the street is that the strong silent types are dynamo in the bedroom so, well, here’s hoping.

Jordan Thane writes: “Qns for Zoie – The Android was fairly isolated in the first season, will we see her included more in the action, maybe leave the ship to go on missions, get in a fight or two, meet some other Androids?”

Hmmmm, you may just be on to something there.

“We know Kris Holden Ried is guesting and because I love you two working together, do you get to work with him?”

Maybe maybe maybe.

“What are you most excited for us to see in this upcoming season?”

For you guys to see it, I think you’re going to love it!!!

bambamfans writes: “Thanks Zoie for responding to our questions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your performance as the Android and what she’s brought to the Raza crew. I loved the stunts, the accents & I’m fascinated with the way you speak in the role. I hope one day you’re invited to an Aussie convention, test out the accent.

1. I realise you can’t speak yet regarding the Android’s exciting arc and perhaps even physical appearance in Season 2 for spoiler reasons. Could you share your reaction when Joe and Paul shared what they had in mind for the Android or when you read the first script?”

I love all of Joe and Paul’s ideas for my character. It may sound like I’m just saying that but it’s really true. These guys know exactly what they’re doing and every time they tell me what they have in store my reaction is “wow, you’re brilliant”.

“2. Is there a member of the cast that you didn’t have many solo scenes with in Dark Matter Season 1 that you’d like to have a scene with and why?”

Well I don’t often have solo scenes with many of the other cast members. I had several with “Five” in season one and really enjoyed that and I’d happily welcome solo scenes with any of them. Each of the actors brings something really special to their character so it’s so much fun to have a real moment with them from time to time.

“3. Have you ever said you had a particular skill to get a job and then had to perform it? If so, what was the skill?”

Ha, well early on in my acting career I think I said I could do anything anyone asked me if I could do. “Miniature carvings out of tree bark? Yes absolutely, of course I can.” But you do have to be careful because if they’re asking, it’s likely because you’re going to need to actually do it. smile

Audrey E. writes: “First of all, THANK YOU Jo’ and Zoie for this wonderful opportunity !
– Also, Jo’ talked about a new outfit for the Androïd this season ? What do you think of it ?”

I really like the new outfit for The Android, but I also miss the old one sometimes. T hey each have a very different vibe to them and inform the character quite a bit.

Melissa writes: “1 question: Will you marry me?”

Yes, sure.


Michelle writes: “So question for Zoie, when she’s at the console typing does she ever type out sentences to see if anyone is paying attention?”

I do type out sentences and I have this slightly paranoid theory that the keyboards are actually hooked up to printers that are always on and are printing every random thing I type in some room somewhere that’s hooked up to twitter or something and there’s some account somewhere where everyone can log on and see it all. Member how I mentioned paranoid? Yeah.

seaskycafetriste writes: I am glad that I went to Philadelphia to meet you.
Q3: in the real world, if you have the capability of the Android, which skill you want the most? And what will you do with this skill?”

In my life I’m very emotional, very sensitive and can’t shut that off. In part it’s very useful for my chosen career but it would be nice to have the rational of an Android sometimes. I’m sure many people would relate to that, just to make decisions based on reason and not emotion. I don’t think I would really want to live that way, but it might be nice sometimes.

adherentbodhi writes: “@ZoiePalmer are you excited that DM is aired in Taiwan and Asia?”

I think it’s great anywhere Dark Matters airs! I think it’s such a fun show and I really hope it’s enjoyed everywhere!


Alicia writes: “Is the Android forever learning, like any AI? Which would mean that the more time she spends with the crew, the more she understands them and their feelings. She doesn’t need to literally feel to actually understand what feelings are. So will she become way more “empathetic” I guess in a way, for this new season? It would only make sense for an AI to explore deeper and deeper.”

This is a wonderful question. I do believe The Android is always learning, I do believe she “evolves” so to speak and figures out each situation she’s in from other things she’s learned from the past, from the other crew members etc. In terms of whether or not she’ll become more empathetic – hmmmm, we may just have to wait and see.

Carl writes: “For Zoie,
1. You worried way too much about that pesky other android, you are way more interesting and more attractive for it.”

That’s very kind of you Carl. I will try to remember that smile

“2. How do you express so much with your movements and expressions as subdued as they are?”

Again thank you. It’s a challenge definitely and one I’m still working on. This character is great in that the more I play her the more I’m learning about how to play her. It’s a first for me in a lot of ways to play such a character so just as The Android learns about people and things, so do I about the character and how she works.

“3. Have we seen the end of the alternate/copy of you that was diagnosing you? Please don’t let her come back and wipe you out!”

Hmmm, you mean The Red Android. She is scary isn’t she? She’s sooooooo, well, Android like. I’m not sure we’ve entirely seen the last of her just yet wink

CathyL writes: “Hiya, so glad to be able to ask Zoie questions.  1. Did Joe follow up on his promise to Cloverblob to have her in S2?”

This is a question for Cloverblob’s representatives. I know nothing of this.

2. Since you play The Android, do you prefer Android phones over IPhones?

Ha! I own an iPhone.

3. What kind of music does The Android like most, I’m guessing Techno.”

I think The Android is partial to classical music.


Ranae writes: “My question is did it require a lot of takes when the jealous android spoke with several different accents? I can’t watch that scene without cracking up? Your portrayal of the android is so fun and engaging.”

Thanks very much! That was such a fun scene for me to do. I have to say, I was actually quite nervous because I had to do them all in one take. I couldn’t mess up any of the accents, so I was nervous. It’s hard to flip from accent to accent so I wasn’t entirely sure I could pull it off. I was lucky and it worked out, but it was definitely a really fun moment for me.

Sandy writes: “Questions for Zoie…
1. If the Android were to meet Dr. Lauren Lewis (aside from noticing the physical resemblance hee) what kind of interactions do you think they have… would their be lots of scientific curiosity?”

I think Dr. Lauren Lewis would be both fascinated with and protective of The Android. I think she’d want to learn everything she could about her but also she’d feel like she had a responsibility to be ethical with The Android and to make sure nobody mis-treated her. I imagine Dr. Lauren would keep The Android a secret for quite a long time.

“2. What do you like to do during your downtime while filming on set?”

I read the next scripts. I get on my phone and chat to friends. I eat and eat and eat. I hang out with the rest of the cast, or with Joe or with Ivon, or anyone else who’ll hang out with me. Just about anything is what I do.

“3. If you weren’t an actor what would you passionately pursue?”

I’m not sure really. I only know I definitely couldn’t sit in an office all day. I’d likely do something with animals. I just know that whatever I do in life, it needs to have some freedom involved. I’m not the kind of personality who could sit in a building at a desk. It’s just not in my nature.


Lily writes: “Questions for Zoie:
1) What is the typical lead time of receiving the script for an episode prior to shooting?”

It’s different from show to show, but typically a few days to a week. Joe and Paul are very good to us and get us the scripts as soon as possible.

“2) Have you ever consider leaving the bar-code tattoo on your neck to see how the public react when off set?”

I never take the barcode off at the end of a shoot day. I just go home with it on and take it off there. And yes, I have absolutely forgotten it’s on and found myself in the grocery store with a lot of people staring at me. As it’s a tattoo I forget it’s there and all of a sudden I’m wondering why I’m getting a lot of weird looks.

“3) Does the Android sleep, recharge, or neither?”

You may just find out that very thing this season. Or you might not. But you might….. you know, maybe.

Angela Merry Pavlica writes: “Do you have a middle name? If so would you tell us fans what it is?”

Sure my middle name is “Ann” which means that my initials spell ZAP.

Ttlypalmerised writes:
What motivates/inspires Zoie Palmer to be such a beautiful human being inside out?”

That’s a very kind thing to say. I have been so very lucky in my life. I had the good fortune of being born in a great country and then coming to yet another great country full of opportunities. I have wonderful parents who taught me about the kind of person I want to be in this world. It was very important to them that I treat others, whoever they may be, with respect and kindness and I’m very grateful to them for that. You don’t get anywhere on your own in this world and that’s no different for me. I had a lot of help to get where I am and so I’m just trying to spread it around a bit. There a lot of people in this world that do a whole lot more than I. I’m just trying to do my part smile

Dallas Marshall writes: “Zoie – Dogs, cats, both, other?”

Them alllllll. I love animals. All animals.

LC writes: “1) What made you audition for DM and the android?”

I thought it was a great part on a great show with great people. Was kind of an easy decision to throw my hat in the ring.

ceresis64 writes: “1) What is your favourite genre of music?

I don’t have a favourite kind of music, I like it all. Well not literally it all but I like all genres.

2) What is your favourite song?

I’m not sure I have a favourite, but I very much like “You don’t know me” – by Ray Charles.

3) Which song would you say describes you?”

“You don’t know me” – by Ray Charles wink


A BIG thanks to Zoie Palmer for taking the time to field a slew of questions!

Now, it’s Melanie Liburd’s turn!  Post your questions for Dark Matter’s Nyx Harper in the comments section.

October 22, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 sneak peeks!

Work progresses on Dark Matter season 2.  Today brought a fresh round of auditions – and a handful of very strong candidates.  Casting the part of Nyx is going to be especially challenging because our casting director, Lisa Parasyn, and her team have assembled some truly terrific talent.  Some great choices among the candidates who auditioned for Devon, Misaki, and Arax Nero as well.

Construction on our new sets begins next week and we have some pretty amazing plans in the works (but you already know that, don’t you?).  I’ll be sure to snap plenty of “Before” pics so that you can compare once the show airs next year.

Yes, with Dark Matter‘s second season still a ways away, here are a few visual tidbits to tide you over – a sneak peek at what we have in the works for you compliments of  Production Designer Ian Brock, Art Director Russell Moore, Set Designer Doug Slater, and Concept Illustrator Sanford Kong…








Thoughts and theories on the above?

October 5, 2015: Canadians love their scifi television!

Well, this is interesting.  Apparently, Canadians are HUGE fans of science fiction television:


“During the 2014-2015 broadcast year Canadian TV sci-fi series Orphan Black on Space (4.3 million viewers*), Dark Matter on Space (3.7 million), Between on City Total and Killjoys on Space (both 3.2 million) each reached roughly 10% of the Canadian population. In addition, these shows performed above their respective channel averages in the very desirable 18-34 demographic.”

That’s 10% of the Canadian population that tuned into our little show.

Tell me more…


Not bad.  It brings to mind another scifi series that far surpassed expectations when it aired on Canada’s Space Channel several years back.  I’ll give you a hint…


Speaking of Stargate, the giveaways are enroute.  We sent off the last one this morning.  Akemi, as always, personalized each envelope…


Pictured above: Canadian bunny, coasters in hand, on his way through the stargate to gforce’s house!

Toronto-bound tomorrow morning!  Hoping I can get some writing done on the flight.

August 12, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 110 Preview!

The Mikkei Combine’s Commander Delaney Truffault (Torri Higginson, STARGATE: ATLANTIS) offers the crew a golden opportunity to make some much-needed cash and acquire some much-needed protection by taking on a job to heist a mysterious device from a rival corporation. Complications arise in the form of another team of ruthless mercenaries who have also been hired for the same op. The two crews must work together to complete the mission, but getting along proves to be a very tall task.

DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Mark Bendavid as One — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Woohoo!  Only two days away from my second favorite episode of the season (second only to the BIG season finale).  Directed by Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead, this outing sees our crew teaming up with a group of even more mercenary criminals!

DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Every one of the guest stars in Episode 110 hits a home run performance.  Torri Higginson is Commander Truffault, our unlikely ally.  Ennis Esmer is the other team’s villainous boss, Wexler.  Jessica Sipos and Jon Cor are Tash and Vons, the unnervingly inseparable duo.  Conrad Pla is Cain, the looming heavy.

DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Roger Cross as Six — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/SyFy)

This is an episode I’ve watched at least a dozen times – and I love it just as much the twelfth time as I did the first!

You are in for treat!

DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Jodelle Ferland as Five — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)


“FAIR WARNING: This sneak peek is pretty spoilery because it basically explains how our gang manages to survive being surrounded by three Ferrous Corp destroyers.”

DARK MATTER — “Episode Eleven” Episode 111 — Pictured: Conrad Pla as Cain — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)


“The team must work with a group of psychotic outlaws. Trouble doesn’t even begin to describe what happens next.”

DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)


“Remember, folks, it’s a two parter.  Breathe.  While you can.”

, DARK MATTER — “Episode Eleven” Episode 111 — Pictured: (l-r) Jessica Sipos as Tash, Jodelle Ferland as Five — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Check out a good dog-related cause:



June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 airs tonight! 10 p.m. EST and PST! 9 p.m. CST! 7 p.m PST!


Dark Matter’s second episode airs tonight on SyFy and Space Channel at

10:00 p.m. EST/7:00 PST

And 10:00 PST

I’ll be live tweeting through both broadcasts.  Who’ll be joining me?

In preparation for tonight’s big event, I’ve been dropping a few sneak peek screen caps on twitter…

The fallout.
The fallout.
The Android and FIVE bond.
The Android and FIVE bond.
Who's the baddest?
Who’s the baddest?
Don't mess with TWO.
Don’t mess with TWO.
Panic on the bridge.
Panic on the bridge.
Trouble comin' at ya!
Trouble comin’ at ya!

So, who is the baddest crew member?


I want you to rank them, #1-#7, from “super badass” to “cause for concern”.

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres! Interviews! Reviews! Articles!









Watch the premiere!


10 p.m. on SyFy (U.S.)

7 p.m. PST, 10 p.m. EST on Space Channel (Canada)

And here is our updated global premiere rundown.  New and improved!  Now with added Portugal!

Dark Matter Global Premiere Dates

The cast, crew, and EP Vanessa Piazza and I (@BaronDestructo) will be live tweeting the event – both east and west coast feeds.  Follow the #DarkMatter hashtag.  Join us!

A final teaser promo from Space Channel: “Technically, she’s an android”…


“Here is Why Dark Matter, SyFy’s New Space Opera, Could Be TV’s Next Big Hit”:



Ships!  Ships!  Ships!  io9 offers up a sneak peek at our corporate ships:


Something To Fill That Firefly-Shaped Hole In Your Heart:


3 Things You Should Know:


On bringing back the “fun scifi” with Dark Matter:



Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke dish on Dark Matter:


Roger Cross talks Dark Matter:


Truth & Consequences: Anthony Lemke talks about playing the rogue, Star WarsSpace 1999 and his favorite episode…



The One, Two, Three interview:


On tonight’s launch:


Collider’s thoughts on the premiere:


Everything you need to know about Dark Matter going into tonight’s premiere:


My chat with Blastr:



The Seattle Time’s TV Picks for June 12th:


Teasing the premiere:



***Post your spoiler-free Dark Matter-related questions in the comments section and I’ll answer them in tomorrow’s dedicated “Dark Matter Q&A” blog entry!  U.K. and international post-premiere Q&A’s to follow!***

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular ponytail!

June 11, 2015: 1 Day to the Dark Matter series premiere! Interviews! Articles! Global Premiere Dates! Win a model of our hero ship!


SyFy’s Dark Matter Brings The Badass Ladies In Force:


Space Opera is Set for a New Dawn with Dark Matter:


“Dark Matter’s 13-episode first season is destined to be an action-packed mix of drama, humour and adventure in the mould of Stargate and Firefly. Any similarity to the former is not coincidental given that Mallozzi and Mullie have a long history with that franchise.”

How SyFy’s Dark Matter Created the Ultimate Police Ship: http://io9.com/how-syfys-dark-matter-created-the-ultimate-police-ship-1710547670


Zoie Palmer Brings Dark Matter’s Android to Life:


“I’m always drawn to the underdog a little bit, I’m drawn to those characters that are a little bit outside, a little bit quirky, a little bit disconnected. I think there’s a ton of places you can go. Even on Lost Girl I think every character felt a little bit like an outsider. It was a group of outsiders. They all sort of found each other and connected in that way.”

Melissa O’Neil and Antony Lemke talk Dark Matter:


“When we started shooting, absolutely we were. We had read a number of episodes ahead as actors but one of the things that Joe and Paul did very, very well was keep secrets. Boy did they ever.”

Anthony Lemke talks Dark Matter:


“Thematically for the show, you have the two poles, in a way, of how to approach life,” Lemke explained. “We have the side that is very moral, and the other is very instrumental. Whatever you can do to live another day is kind of what my character is all about.”

Great Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter’s THREE) video interview:


Another teaser promo from the gang at Space Channel: “I can save us all…if you let me.”

Dark Matter – Pilot – Technical Previews: “Visuals”…


“Dark Matter is poised to gallantly launch us all back into space and the visuals the show provides are a very big part of what makes this show so unique.”

Dark Matter series premiere advance preview:


Dark Matter is the featured t.v. gallery on imdb.  Thanks to BoltBait for the heads up!

http://www.imdb.com/gallery/rg2395511552 When does Dark Matter premiere in your part of the world?  Check out Our Worldwide SyFy Premiere Dates: 

Dark Matter Global Premiere Dates

Finally, how’d you like to win a model of our hero ship?  Details here:



June 9, 2015: 3 Days to the Dark Matter premiere! Videos! Pics! Our hero ship!


Another short video from the gang at Space Channel: “Death.  Despair.  Chaos.  So what?”

More early reviews:



I talk about the show with Greg David at TV, eh?:


“There is a lot of dark sci-fi out there that is great,” he explains. “But a lot of fans are missing a fun sci-fi series and there hasn’t been one on a ship-based show for awhile. We set out to make a fun show with a sense of humour while at the same time putting viewers on the edge of their seat every week.”

Our hero ship, from concept to finished product:





June 7, 2015: 5 Days to the Dark Matter world premiere! Checking out the ship’s underbelly! And a couple of Stargate tidbits to boot!


Comin’ at ya in five (WITH FIVE!)!

Space Channel here in Canada is counting down toward the Friday premiere in delightful fashion.  Each day ticks off with a different Dark Matter, appropriately enough…




Who’s next?  Can’t wait to find out tomorrow!

SyFy UK and SyFy Australia, meanwhile, have launched this terrific campaign that asks…








Zoie Palmer (Dark Matter’s Android) talks about Lost Girl, her new movie Patch Town, and Dark Matter with ET Canada:


Another Dark Matter preview article.  Brush up before the premiere!


Lari Burkhart offers up her list of What To Watch In June:  Among her picks…

“What do you get when you have 6 amnesiacs and a spaceship? A SyFy original series, obviously. Throw in an android and the writers from Stargate and you’ve also got me sitting on the couch anxiously awaiting this premiere!”


Dark Matter makes Rick’s Picks at tvweeklynow.com:


We make The Columbus Dispatch’s “10 shows we’d watch this week”:


Chris Lackner of the Winnipeg Free Press profiles Dark Matter as Big Event Friday viewing:


“The small screen is due for a new sci-fi saviour, and this could be it.”

Oh yeah!

IMG_8681 (1)

The ship’s underbelly!  Probably my favorite standing set.


Two floors of fun!


Note the floor design and texturing. It’s the little touches…


Looking up at the second level.  Check out the ceiling designs.  Never underestimate the importance of floors and ceilings!


Watch your step!

IMG_0600 (1)

Readying for Day #1!


Shooting in the underbelly, episode #101.

Finally – missed this the first time around.  Here’s a Stargate reference from Archer:

And, speaking of Stargates, check out this almost fully functional 3D printed stargate.

No, it can’t send you to other planets.  Yet!

*** Oh, and one more thing!  Tomorrow, at 12 PST, 3 EST, I’ll be chatting with Simon Applebaum on Tomorrow Will Be Televised (BlogTalk Radio).

“Simon Applebaum
Good Saturday morning, Dark Matter followers! Catch co-creator/executive producer Joseph Mallozzi LIVE Monday on Tomorrow Will Be Televised, the program all about TV. He’ll take your phone calls and chatroom reaction to Syfy’s new series–Monday at 3 p.m. Eastern time, noon Pacific on BlogTalk Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com) and Brooklyn Independent Media HD (NYC-wide on Verizon Fios/Brooklyn-wide on Time Warner Cable, Cablevision Systems and RCN). Tune in and spread the word!

June 6, 2015: 6 Days to the Dark Matter Premiere! Sneak peek and behind the scene goodies!

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 4.02.25 PM

The excitement continues to mount as we approach the Dark Matter premiere, less than a week away (Friday, 10 p.m. on SyFy/Space)!  I’ll be live-tweeting the event with various to-be-announced cast members, pulling double duty with both the east and west coast airings.  Who’d like to join us?

Uh oh.  Someone's at a distinct disadvantage here.  And he's about to find out.
Uh oh. Someone’s at a distinct disadvantage here. And he’s about to find out.

A slightly different Dark Matter trailer from Space Channel:


Some screen grabs of the highlights:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 7.05.21 PM

The team!

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 7.05.28 PM

Trouble headed your way!

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 7.16.39 PM

This moment?  HUGE!

Proceed with caution.
Proceed with caution.

SyFyAustralia wants to know: “Who wants to win a trip to Comic Con?”



Emergency lighting!


Them’s some heavy doors.


Director T.J. Scott runs everyone through the opening Stasis Pod Sequence.


The outside of our bridge set.


Setting up the next Stasis Pod Sequence.


Anthony Lemke (THREE) discovers a life-size action figure. In mint condition!


Go ahead.  Pick your weapon.

June 3, 2015: Thank you!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.34.46 PM

Thank you so much for all the touching tributes to my gal, Jelly.  I received emails, Facebook messages, tweets, and, as you can see, over 125 comments on yesterday’s entry.  It feels strange and lonely without her.  I’ll miss propping her up on my chest so that we could gaze longingly into each other’s eyes, and the smell of her nacho feet.

Thanks to my sis who put together this wonderful Jelly photo album:


Well, I have one more day in Toronto before I finally head back to Vancouver early (early!) Friday morning.  I’ll admit – I was leery about coming back here but I’m so glad I did.  The show is incredible, and I owe it all the amazing cast and crew who are not only so good at what they do, but such a pleasure to work with.

A big thanks to everyone who worked from prep, through production and post – covering everything from casting to visual effects, the gang at the production office and post-production.

Special thanks to my Vancouver boys, Ivon Bartok and Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, who uprooted their lives to move here and worked their asses off for me.

Thanks to my writing-producing partner, Paul Mullie, who shuttled back and forth, abandoning his family at irregular intervals so that he could come east and support the show.

Thanks to Rachel Sutherland, Commander of post-production who, while everyone else has moved on, stays behind to deliver on a very tight schedule – yet manages to do it with a smile.

Thanks to line producer Norman Denver who kept us on the straight and narrow, making sure we didn’t blow our budget on burgers and whisky.

Thanks to my partner in crime, Vanessa Piazza, who was there with me through prep, on set through production, and overseeing post.  I honestly could NOT have done it without her.

And an enormous thanks to Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone who defied the odds and expectations by putting together the deals that got the show green lit, then defying the odds and expectations again by delivering a series that blew away expectations.  He read all the scripts, provided notes, and weighed in on all aspects of production.  The very best example of what a creative producer should be.  I honestly thought we’d fight more.  Ah well.  I suppose there’s always season 2!


Me, Jay, Vanessa, and Norman at tonight’s premiere screening of Dark Matter episodes #101 and #102.

It looked AMAZING on the big screen.  The show has everything a scifi fan would want: action, adventure, intrigue, suspense, humor, lovable and engaging characters, and dazzling visual effects.  Dark Matter will NOT disappoint.

As we countdown to our world premiere, check out another early view, this one by Jamie Ruby at Scifi Vision:


May 31, 2015: Dark Matter episode #101 review! The gang from the production office take over the bridge!

The advance reviews for Dark Matter are going to start rolling in.  Here’s one from Aimee Hicks at Spoilertv.com:


Dark Matter makes another must watch list.    15 Shows You Need To Watch This Summer:


See, this is why we need 24 hour security.  When no one was looking, the gang from the production offices gained entry to the ship…


Elliot – texting while flying!


Natalie – caught in the act!


Touching buttons!


Caitlin – considering mischief.


Like touching more buttons!


Elliot – daring someone to kick him off the ship.  Security?  Anyone?

And, the coup de grace…

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to tinamarlin.

May 29, 2015: Two weeks to the Dark Matter world premiere! A Jelly update!

This blog's resident television critic: Akemi.
This blog’s resident television critic: Akemi.

“If this series not popular, I really can’t believe.”

– Akemi last night after watching the producer’s cut of episode #113, our season finale.

Her words echo the sentiments of my writing partner who said pretty much the same thing, in less economical fashion, after viewing prod cuts of our first two episodes:

“So, having seen the first two eps in close to finished form, I’m left thinking this: If this show doesn’t succeed, then I don’t know what people want. This is as good as television sci-fi gets. Seriously, if we don’t get a second season, then I should just retire and you should go to the Sorbonne and eventually open a restaurant.”

Well, I’m cautiously optimistic because, when it comes right down to it…

Me: I hope the show does well.

Akemi: Me too.  The dogs have to eat.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.59.34 PM

Wow!  The gang at MenLifestyle offer up this handy guide to Dark Matter complete with series overview, character descriptions, and cast bios:


Get ready Brazil.  Dark Matter is coming your way…

Win tickets to the Dark Matter June 12th premiere screening in Amsterdam:


Premiering June 15th in France:


Jelly - cold in the morning, so Akemi bundles her up.
Jelly – cold in the morning, so Akemi bundles her up.

And, finally, thanks to everyone who inquired after or offered well-wishes for Jelly.  She’s been very low energy these past couple of days.  At this points, it’s in the hands of the vets and, hopefully, their ability to locate the treatment she needs.

Jelly - a notoriously messy eater, so Akemi got her a little something.
Jelly – a notoriously messy eater, so Akemi got her a little something.

Jelly, of course, thanks each and every one of you for your concern.

May 28, 2015: 15 days to the Dark Matter premiere! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances! Maybe a few strangers as well!

Last night, I watched Andy Mikita’s director’s cut of episode #113, the big season finale.  All I can say is: Whoa!  I envy all of you who’ll be coming into the show fresh when it premieres on June 12th.  Believe me, you’re in for such a treat. We’re not just going to surpass expectations, we’re going to blow them away by delivering a scifi series you’re going to LOVE: character-driven, ship-based science fiction full of action, adventure, shocks, surprises, dazzling visual effects, and, above all else, a sense of fun.

I want to get the word out early and often.  I don’t want to wait until AFTER we air to start bringing fans on board or rewarding them for their viewership.  I want to get things started early by making you all part of the Dark Matter family BEFORE we air.  All of these sneak peeks, photos, interviews, trailers, and endless blog posts are here (and there) because I want you all to feel that this is as much your show as it is ours.  Take ownership in it.  The Dark Matter army is strong and getting stronger!

Executive Producer Jay Firestone already has some awesome amazing giveaways planned to coincide with the show’s launch – among them, limited edition 3D models of our various ships.  When the time comes, I’ll be offering up special signed, annotated scripts like the ones I did for Stargate – with hand-written notes and insights on every page.  Official Dark Matter merchandise is on the way but, while we wait, I’ll be giving offering up some of those custom t-shirts pictured in yesterday’s blog entry.  And just wait until we hit San Diego Comic Con…

More photos of our amazing cast (hopefully a few you haven’t seen):

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.03.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.04.26 PM

The stasis pods
The stasis pods
What's behind the big doors?
What’s behind the big doors?
Building the bridge.  Love them windows!
Building the bridge. Love them windows!

Meet the Dark Matter crew:


Yeah, I ramble but, in all fairness, I wasn’t THAT drunk.

DARK MATTER -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Zoie Palmer as The Adroid, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Anthony Lemke as Three, Melissa O'Neil as Two, Mark Bendavid as One, Jodelle Ferland as Five, Roger Cross as Six -- (Photo by: Dennys/Ilic/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Zoie Palmer as The Adroid, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Anthony Lemke as Three, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Mark Bendavid as One, Jodelle Ferland as Five, Roger Cross as Six — (Photo by: Dennys/Ilic/Syfy)

That #Zobot sneak peek – just in case you were geo-blocked:

And a few wonderful Dark Matter gifs compliments of http://darkmatterdaily.tumblr.com




Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular whoviantrish!