Just got off a conference call on which I pitched Dark Matter to some interested parties.  To those of you who don’t know, Dark Matter is my scifi comic book series scheduled to launch on January 8th, 2012 through Dark Horse Comics.  The plan is to kick things off with a four-issue opening arc, and then use those four issues (and the pilot script) as a springboard to a television series (or mini-series).  Although my agent suggested I could simply offer a brief overview of the series on this call, I thought it best to deliver the full pitch covering the pilot (first two issues of the comic book) and the series overview.  Although I’ll be the first to admit I’m better on paper, the pitch went well.  I’m always heartened when people ask the right questions – specifically, those related to character, tone, and production.  The next step is to get them the script and those first two issues for holiday perusal.

Speaking of Dark Matter, looks like the March solicitation for issue #3 is out, and it offers a sneak peek at the cover artwork by Garry Brown (see above).  The accompanying blurb:

On the heels of a shocking revelation about the nature of their mission, the amnesiac crew struggle to come to terms with their roles—and each other. Meanwhile, a space ship bristling with weaponry pops up on their radar and it doesn’t seem friendly. Will a reckless response to a perceived threat damn them all?

Intriguing, no?  The great thing about the lead time I had in developing this series (years!) is that it allowed me to really flesh out the characters and premise, map out the twists, turns, and shocking revelations, and offer plenty of clues for those looking to piece together Dark Matter’s multi-layered mystery.

If you want to learn more about the series, here are my past posts on Dark Matter:

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And here are the online interviews I’ve done to date along with more sneak peeks of the comic book:

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My editor at Dark Horse Comics, Patrick Thorpe, informs me that Dark Matter will be available through Dark Horse Digital for those you residing outside North America or those who prefer the convenience of online shopping – and reading.  Check it out here: Buy digital comics:

Speaking of sneak peeks, here’s a look at some of Garry Brown’s (pre-color) pencils for the series:

Love it!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Deni.

23 thoughts on “December 14, 2011: Dark (Matter) Developments!

  1. ok im just going to ask you out right, is the stargate francise dead… please say no i have been watching it for years and would hate itf it was.

  2. Thanks for the dedication tonight, Joe, so sweet of you! Can’t wait to actually have Dark Matter in my hands! How’s Max? Haven’t heard much about him lately, hope he’s doing ok. A quick question: Other than Pugs and Frenchies, what breeds of dogs do you like or would you consider having? 🙂

  3. Niall, you don’t have to ask right out– it has been posted over and over. There are no plans for movies or continuation. None. Could someone down the road do a re-boot? Yes. But go back to the old actors and series as in new stuff with them. No.

  4. not getting a little excited are you? It would be terrific if hard on the release of the comics you got word of Dark matters going into production. Wishing you luck with it….

  5. I’ve ordered the first two (Dark Matter) so now I’m off to get that third copy. The art work is just fabulous. I hope it someone decides to create it in real-life. There is a Comicpalooza down here in Houston. You should really come visit. I think it might be in the spring.

    Patrick had a fabulous party today. I can’t share all the pics and all the videos because of the confidentiality of the other kiddos, but here is what I was able to salvage.




    http://twitpic.com/7tdtku (Birthday cake)

    And video! http://youtu.be/U-wK6gvj5pQ He is the light of my life (you can just see it in my face).

    Officially his birthday is Saturday.

    As far as the kidney biopsy I don’t know where we stand on that (I know, I don’t look really sick, do I?) I don’t know if my doctor called the hospital and told them to just give me the stupid drug that will put me to sleep or seeing if one of the two other hospitals he is on staff is more accommodating to special circumstances. If this particular hospital has this attitude about me, can you even imagine them taking care of Patrick? I won’t ever be taking him to THAT one. I’m thinking I’m not having it (off the schedule). Time is ticking. After Dec 31, I have a new co-pay that I can’t afford to pay, so it will have to wait then. It was scheduled for Tuesday. Called the doctor today & am waiting for a response.

  6. {{{hugs}}} @ Deni. I dropped you an e-mail.

    @ Joey – I’m just skimming your comments and reviews about Dark Matter – I wanna be surprised! Can’t wait!

    Gotta run!


  7. Great cover art for issue #3, Joe! I have a cold and feel lousy, but that cheered me up. That and the hot toddy I’m currently sipping. Half a lemon, a shot (or two) of rum, honey, cloves, allspice and cinnamon and some hot water to mix it all up. Just the thing before bed.

    @Deni: so sorry to hear about your troubles. I’ll keep you and your hubbie in my thoughts and prayers.

    @maggiemayday: get well soon and no heavy lifting!

    @paloosa: I hope you get some good news from your vestibular studies!

    @Chev: Hope you don’t need a pin and that your wrist is healing well.

    @PBmom: Happy Birthday to Patrick!

  8. Cant wait till I can sit in front of the TV with some popcorn and watch the first thrilling episode of dark matter and hopefully on a network that won’t cancel it too early good luck joe

  9. @Sparrow_Hawk Feel better! So many people seem to have that head cold and then it kind of tries to go down in your chest. Take care of yourself.

  10. Joey – Watched Captain America for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it. In fact, I’m thinking it’s the best of the latest batch of superhero flicks.

    Also, I’m lovin’ that Dark Matter cover. I have a question – What if no one bites on the tv series/mini or a movie, but the comic does well enough for Dark Horse to want more – do you have a sequel planned?

    Thankies, sir, and good night!


  11. I know I’m a bit sentimental at times, but we really do have a nice group of people on here, and I’m grateful for all of you.

    @Sparrow: Thank you!

    @Das: You’re the best. 🙂

    @PBMom: love the pics, and yes, it’s obvious he’s the light of your life!

  12. @Joe:

    I need to get some time after Christmas to check out the (semi) local comic shop in Elgin Illinois looking for Darkmatter. Barring that, I’ll need to look online to see where I can find it. I’m trying to support the local shop, so we’ll see when I can get my own copies of Dark matter…hopefully before New Year’s.

    Good luck on the show pitching!


    Happy birthday in advance to Patrick!

    I hope your operation gets scheduled and goes well!


    Any news on the pin? Here’s hoping you don’t need it!

  13. Dear Joseph,

    I think we Stargate fans are going to love Dark Matter! I wish you spectacular success with it both in print and on television. I just hope you’ll still have time for it when we get SGU revived!

  14. PBmom: I’m so glad Patrick’s party was a success. It looked like both of you had a blast!
    As for your sister, I have relatives like that too 🙁 . Laughing about how to bilk the system. So sickening, when I know there are needy people that could use the help more and be appreciative! Grumble…..

    Chev: That trip sounded so fun. I’m glad you had a good time. How is the wrist?

    Maggiemayday: I hope you are feeling better soon. My kitties love it when I’m sick. We all end up on the couch together.
    Have you tried putting mini-chocolate chips in your pecan pies? So yummy!

    Deni: So sorry for your hubby’s job loss. My hubby lost his job twice since we have been together. Both times, it turned out for the best, career wise for him. I hope it works out as well for Mr. Deni and JimfromJersey Good luck with fixing the car!

    Mr. M.: Dark Horse in digital! Yay! I’ll check it out. I’m not a big fan of Apple but they did make a good tablet. Magazines and graphic novels look great on the iPad screen. Thanks for the link!!!!

  15. Looking forward to Dark Matter. We have a comic store real close to us that I’m going to get it from.

    December is going very quickly for us. We will be moving out of this corporate apartment a week from tomorrow and getting the rest of our stuff from SC. I will be so glad to get settled. And my oldest will be 15 this coming Sunday. His name is Andrew. I know he would enjoy a shout-out.

    I hope you and everyone on the blog has a great day!!!!!

  16. @Niall, I think it’s like wondering Trek or Star Wars is dead; at various times all those franchises faced that same question but these are shows that are all still airing, still loved and still generating new exciting iterations. I don’t think Stargate will ever truly die and instead it will continue on in new forms. Already you can see an inordinate amount of Stargate in Terra Nova. Have you seen their shiny blue portal? That only goes one way, stranding people in an exotic new land? Actually there was talk of rebooting the original movie from the 90’s, not sure what became of that.

  17. OMG you have lee marvin on the cover of your comic!! 😀 seriously though, i’m looking forward to dark matter. i’m not much of a comic book person, but the overview intrigues me … and with you and paul as the authors, well, it just has to be terrific!

  18. Yay! There will be digital comics!
    Comics in my house would result in someone throwing them out. I’m too much of a hoarder. Heheh.

    As for all you folks not feeling well, hope you’re all better soon.

    Today’s saying of the day: “Is vanilla the white stuff that people call chocolate but isn’t really?”

    Hoping for sunshine, lollipops and a good rest this Christmas. I want a holiday. Not a holiday that requires another holiday.

  19. Hi Joe,
    Thank you so much for the costume suggestion. As it turns out I was out christmas shopping the other day and happened upon a green dress in the perfect Phoenix color! I’m planning on buying some gold fabric to sew on the cuffs and my mom is assisting me in making the Phoenix symbol as well as the utility belt. Thank you so much! Also, I have friends who are also comic book fans and I have told them all about DM and they (and I) can’t wait to check it out!!! Thanks again!!

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