I’ve been surprisingly busy since my return to Vancouver on Tuesday. Not stupid-busy as in months past, but diligently and satisfactorily so. In addition to the various issues that need to be addressed on the home front, there are the various potential and upcoming projects I finally have the time to get around to. On the flight over, I read four scripts – three possible future show runner-related ventures (one script in particular thoroughly wowed) and a horror feature from our old buddy Robert C. Cooper, a positively chilling tale based on a true story. And, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know to what I’m referring. Eventually. Lots of wonderfully spooky moments and a final scene that will positively give you nightmares.  I also have a couple of my own scripts I really should get around to finishing, but my priority right now – on the professional front – is Dark Matter, the comic book series I’m working on for Dark Horse Comics along with artist Garry Brown and my editor, Patrick Thorpe.  At this point, the hard part has been completed (on my end anyway).  I’ve delivered scripts for the first four issues and now, it’s a matter of sitting back and watching the characters and story come to life, from pencils to layouts to inks to color.  Truly amazing stuff.

Love Garry’s style and his interpretation of the characters: guileless ONE, no-nonsense TWO, bad-ass THREE, staid FOUR, ebullient FIVE, and compassionate SIX.  Oh, and our surprise guest.

I just did the solicitation copy for issue #3.  Patrick informs me that the solicitation for issue #1 will appear in the November installment of Previews and will include a two page color sneak preview of the series. I believe it should be out in the coming weeks (if my local comic book retailer is to be believed), so make a point to swing by your corner comic shop and check it out.

In the meantime, here are some of Garry’s pencils to whet your appetite and give you a sense of the series’ visual style.

Haven’t seen much in the way of SF comic books on the shelves, so I’m hoping audiences are in the mood for something a little different.  The plan is to start with the opening four-issue arc that will eventually form the two hour pilot of the television series.  Television series?  Oh, yeah. Once the comic book launches, Paul and I will be heading to L.A. to pitch the property.  Ideally, we’d like to set it up as a t.v. show. Idealier, shooting in Vancouver.  Idealiest, involving a lot of the same talented/familiar individuals we worked with on the Stargate franchise.

It WOULD be fun to get the band back together.  But, first things first. The first issue of Dark Matter comes out in January of 2012.  Pick it up!

26 thoughts on “September 29, 2011: Dark Matter!

  1. Hi Joe,

    i cant believe how quick this year has gone by, it feels like 2 months or something that you moved to TO 😀 time fly’s i guess 🙂

    Will the dark matter comic be released worldwide or is there a website that ships them world wide?
    i live in the netherlands and i would like to read it but i guess it will be hard to find here 🙁


  2. Getting the band back together would be a treat for us as well. Am intrigued by the artwork. Also intrigued by the references to Coop’s story line.

  3. Sweet, indeed.
    Can’t tell you how excited I became, imagining seeing – at least parts of – “the band” back together in a Science Fiction t.v. series produced by you.
    But even with new actors I would still watch the series, since space – sci fi became a rare species on the t.v. environment, ever since Stargate got canceled.
    Wish you the best of luck with your projects!

  4. Idealier? Idealiest?….Really?

    It’s ok, I guess. I, too, enjoy the breakdown of proper sentence strukture, propper anglish, and guud spelhing in the interest of getting your point across. Sometimes it’s just easier and more fun, nes pa?


  5. I used to be a ravenous comic book reader/collector, however I haven’t bought a new comic since the early 90’s. But I will be sure to grab Dark Matter when it’s out. Wishing you a lot of luck with it, Joe!

  6. Wow! Very nice and hopefully in stores around the globe (Holland? :D). Would be nice to get both projects off the ground. Good luck Joe!

  7. I’ve never been much of a comic book reader, but I’ll definitely check out Dark Matter. The art work looks stunning, and I know the writing will be good 🙂 And now I’m already excited about watching it as a tv show! Good luck!

  8. Awesome news about the possible reuniting of the ‘band’. I imagine the scifi angels are jumping for joy – as well as your fans 🙂
    Best of luck, Joe!

  9. Congratulations!

    And I’m unfamiliar with the Robert Cooper script you mentioned. Please don’t ban me.

  10. Something to look forward to for 2012. Cause, ya know, the world might end. 😀

    Visuals are incredible. You are such a tease, Joe! You love to keep us guessing.

  11. Okay, first of all, stay with Robert C. Cooper. You can’t go wrong with him. He is a fantastic writer/producer and an even better director. He needs to do more of that last one. I think you once mentioned at dinner he was telling ghost stories but you did not go into detail. As your resident blog commenter ghost story fanatic, can you tell us more about his story? Pleeeease. Like, right now? I can’t wait!

    Secondly, I’m always looking for something hidden in any artist’s drawing. Kinda like Will Waring and his pineapples! Did you know the word “sex” is imprinted on Ritz Crackers? Subliminal message. True! (I learned that in some business class I had in high school) So I’m looking at that first picture of the big eye and a little doggie keeps jumping out at me in the eye’s pupil. Do you see it? Is the person the eye belongs to looking at a dog or is Garry Brown playing with you?

    Thirdly, have you gotten a post office box yet so we can send you stuff? What are you waiting for? Your 46th birthday on October 16 is fast approaching. (Don’t you just hate Wikipedia sometimes!) Do it now! Let us know the address.

  12. Joe I’m frothing at the mouth of the prospect of a dark matter tv series even more if everyone involved in stargate is behind it I just hope you don’t pitch it to those sellouts over @ syfy goodluck

  13. Looking good. Might just be the first and only comic book series I follow. Though a TV series would be awesome too.

    Going through this and thought of you:

    What a Dog Says About Him


    With its breathing issues and some extra chunk, the pug is sort of like the kid you made fun of in elementary school. And a pug owner may be like the semi-popular kid who stuck up for that poor outcast: He sees past slight flaws and loves the adorable way his dog vacuums the floor with his face. Look for a man that is solid and secure, but all mush on the inside.

    Hope Maximus is remaining in better spirits.

  14. Joe…have you no compassion? Here I am, working on 3 1/2 hours sleep, and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day of running a yard sale, and what do you go and make me do? You make me google words like staid, and ebullient… whateverthehellthatmeans. Whatever happened to stoic, and spunky? Are those too common for you now that you’ve become a big, bad comic book writer? 😉 What next? Attenuate? Parsimonious? Pedantic? Mulierose? Just remember, comic book readers are a merciless bunch. They will flay you alive if you come across as too pretentious. Trust me, I know… 😛 (*Note to self, never describe Wolverine as ‘indefatigable’.)

    Man…that is a great word, too. ‘Indefatigable’. Just saying it out loud is like a party for your tongue. 🙂


  15. Cooper’s project sounds wonderfully creepy, I haven’t seen a great scary movie in ages, have to go back to 28 Days Later to my last jump out of my seat creature feature. Not that I haven’t seen any lately; my brother tried to get me to watch Paranormal Activity; I fast forwarded the DVD every time he got up to get a snack.

    DM series!? Me gusta mucho. I will get lambasted for it but I’d chose DM over Firefly in a hardbeat; the western angst and tumblin’ tumbleweed didn’t leave room for enough sci-fi and I’m not a fan of waif-fu. Teyla and Xena are more my idea of badass chicks than lil’ Summer Glau. Okay flame away; just gimme a sec to put on the goggles to protect my eyes. Mind you, I really like FF, but DM is more my speed, and the shot of those beautiful blades in pic five clinches it.

    Pomegranates are back in season!

  16. @ponytail, lol.. Key claimed it. He CLAIMED a lot of things.
    “Haberstroh (1984) investigated Key’s Ritz Crackers allegation, concluding that charges of S-E-X embedded on Ritz crackers in particular, and of subliminal advertising in general, are “preposterous, absurd, ludicrous, laughable” (Haberstroh 1984; also see Haberstroh 1994 and a review of Haberstroh’s book, Lantos 1996).”
    Joe you sound so much happier. Please do not move there again. Really.

  17. @ Shiny – you fast forwarded thru Paranormal Activity? You’ve got to watch it all to get the full effect. As a ghost lover, I give it 2 thumbs up. Is it real or is it not? Sure is spooky. I’m with your brother – watch it!

    @ Debra – well I’ve been examining each of my Ritz Crackers before I eat them for 30 years and haven’t found “sex” yet. (the word!) But it’s been fun looking for it. (the word!) I also learned in high school that beer and wine ads are loaded with sexual subliminal images. Especially pictures of sweaty, frosty bottles or glasses with ice in them and they are slowly pouring in the liquid. Now surely you think that one is true? After all, I learned it in high school…

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