DARK MATTER #2 (of 4)

Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)

On sale Feb 8

FC, 32 pages



On the run, with no memory of who they are or where they are going, and being pursued by an unknown enemy, the crew unearths a clue buried deep within the ship’s database. Their search for answers leads them to a remote world, an alien threat, and, ultimately, the startling truth about their past!

Fresh off their long tenure on Stargate, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie create a thrilling new science-fiction universe with kinetic pencils by exciting newcomer Garry Brown!

Did I mention that the first issue of my SF comic book series, Dark Matter, comes out January 11, 2012?  I did?  Did I offer you a sneak peek at the cover?  Oh, I did that too?  Did I mention issue #2 comes out February 8th?  No?  Did I give you a sneak peek of the awesome cover by Garry Brown?  Oh.  Well then, there you go.

News of note:

For that annoying brat on your Christmas list: U.S. consumer group flags 10 most dangerous toys

Just in time for that new Adam Sandler movie: 6 Reasons Cross-Dressing Comedies Should Be Retired

From the “They don’t make ’em like the used to” files: Crazy Old Smoking Ads Gallery

Tara Yelland asks “What’s in your car?” Today’s Game: What’s in Your Car?  In my case – besides the giant dog blanket, some soggy mail I forgot to bring in, and the body in the trunk, not much.

The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Endorsements.  Leading the list is one of my all-time most hated.

Well damn.  The weekend hasn’t even started and my Snow Monkeys are already looking at a third straight loss and dropping out of that sixth and final playoff spot.  And all because I elected to play Mark Sanchez in Denver over Tony Romo in Washington.  I mainly blame my buddy Ivon for not talking me out of my decision when I told him about it earlier today.

Speaking of Ivon, he is LA-bound where he’ll meet up with actor Paul McGillion for the North American premiere screening of Captain Starship.  Details here: McGillion’s Captain Starship gets North American premiere.  If you’re in the neighborhood, head on over and show your support for a couple of Stargate vets.  And then ask Ivon why he didn’t talk me out of playing Sanchez.

18 thoughts on “November 17, 2011: Dark Matter #2 cover! News of note!

  1. The guy with the moustache on the cover looks like Edward James Olmos. Getting excited for the comic. Did you post where we might be able to order online?

    I wish I could be in LA this weekend. 🙁

    I did an insane thing today (well Thursday)–signed up to be chair of the print & promotions committee of Patrick’s school gala that happens in April 2012. Last year we had 320 people attend and had hundreds of sponsors. But when only 3 of you show up to the meeting and there are 3 chairs to be filled, you aren’t going to just sit there and say no, you know? I’m already in charge of the book fair coming up Dec 2-12. Sleep is very overrated.

  2. Joe,
    I am not even a friend and I would have suggested playing Romo over Sanchez almost any day. I mean what is up with Ivon?

  3. Always next year for the playoffs. Good thing you don’t have any sort of league for basketball. I must admit to cheering the fact that the pro season seems to be defunct now. An entire season of not having tv shows interupted, the front page of the sports section splattered with scores I don’t give a hoot about, and ESPN blathering for hours about stats are meaningless.
    Glad to hear Maximus is doing well. Looking forward to Jan 11 so I can hit the comics store. Thanks as always for the posts, and hope the weekend brings you fresh fun and entertainment.

  4. Some of those old tobacco ads were unbelievable. I like the ones that promised using menthol cigarettes “for your health”!
    How could you NOT go with Romo???

  5. Good luck to Ivon and Paul, hope they sell it big. I would like to see the show, sounds like a good one.
    I tried to buy some age appropriate toys for the angel tree kids(salvatioon army christmas) and it was a tough job finding safe fun toys for kids under 3 yrs old.
    Ugh,, on the whats inside my car game, Tara is funny, I am always saying I need to clean out my car, it is lucky if it gets a wash on the outside.
    How is Max faring>? Is the back deck all done, ready for the grill? They should put a roof on it so you can sit out there, enclose part of it, but still leave room for the grill and hot tub. Have a great day!!

  6. Now I want a Chu-Hi! “Fresh!”

    Have you never watched TV in Japan? That’s where American celebs make their pocket cash. There was one where Arnie was hauling a car around on his shoulder. Hawking a vitamin drink maybe. Sometimes I wan’t sure what was being sold in those commercials. Fun though!

  7. Zed of Earth: Thanks for the info. I’d heard something about a French committee but I wasn’t sure if the information was correct. It seemed like a joke when I first heard about it. Do you know if other countries regulate their language also? Language is certainly evolving here in the U.S..

    PBmom & Zed of Earth: On the macaron subject, I watched a cooking show on how they make those pretty little cookies. It looks difficult. The humidity has to be just right. I can see why not everyone makes them. One day I’ll go to the big city and find a shop that sells them.
    They also have a chocolate version of the macaroon around here (South USA). It’s more like a candy, with toasted coconut and milk/dark chocolate mixed to make a yummy glob of heaven.

    Mr. M.: you have a body in your car? It’s cooler in your area so you could keep it non stinky longer. I read that a bog is the best place to dump a body. Got any bogs there?
    Thanks for the link on Captain Starship!
    Please give Max some hugs from me.

  8. I’m thrilled that Max is doing so much better! He is an amazing and tough little guy. Sending many hugs and positive thoughts his way. And to you and Akemi as well.

    My MRI results came back on Tuesday and I don’t have an inner ear tumor. The doc mentioned something else on the report, but didn’t seem too concerned, but did say I need to go back to my neurologist. So I finally Googled the other thing on the report last night. Small temporal meningioma. A fricking brain tumor. Well, not technically in the brain, but on the outside lining within the skull. But they have to do brain surgery to remove it, plus there’s a ten percent chance it could be malignant. It’s ridiculous that I have to Google my test results. It’s like having a third job managing all the medical crap I’ve been going through lately. I’m exhausted. And in three hours I’m off to have a back molar pulled. On the other hand, I’ll be getting good drugs for the pain. But still, Gak!

    I know you’re really into graphic novels, and Dark Matter looks fantastic. But please, at some point in time, write comedy? I love your wickedly witty sense of humor, and I really need to laugh. And I know I’m not the only who needs a good guffaw these days.

  9. @ das — belated condolences for your loss of sweet baby Marbles. I was absent from the blog and missed your post until now. She sounds like my Scooter, purring and happy just to be with me. Marbles knows she was loved das and she’s at peace now. Still, so sorry for you.

    I can suggest a site that creates beautiful custom river stone markers, Love Rocks.com. My Scooter’s marker just arrived and I’ll be placing it at his grave this weekend.

    Sad times for some of us dealing with this right now. I can advise leaning on friends & family (and us blog denizens), we understand the cost of the loss.

    Take care all,

  10. The top 10 worst celebrity endorsements saying anything Paris Hilton endorses is not entirely correct. This past season she was a part sponsor of the team of a young Spanish motorcycle racer in his first year in the 125cc class in MotoGp racing. That kid, Maverick Vinales, is going to be an awesome racer. And Paris Hilton actually was not annoying by helping out him amd his team. Can you tell hubby and I like motorcycle racing, Joe?

    Glad to hear Max is home recuperating. Kitties Hotrod, Mako and I are sending him our best wishes. Mako, my youngest, will be 14 in Feb but neither act like oldsters yet.

  11. That’ll cheer a girl up, seeing Paul McGillion on air again, the Beckett behind “for the love of Beckett,” from Stargate Atlantis. 😀 Hope the screening goes very well! If anyone sees it at the convention, let us know how it was.

    The Gateworld article has a link to their September interview with him, giving more details about Captain Starship. In addition, there’s a wedding photo of Paul McGillion with some of the groomsmen in kilts. Golly, the whole family is handsome. 😀 Late though it is, Congratulations to them both. Courtney will probably never have a boring day for the rest of her life. 🙂 It was good to see him looking so happy. That man’s smile is sunshine.


    Looked for Hansel and Gretl this fall and Paul’s role in a J.K. Rowling docu-drama this summer, but couldn’t find them on the DVR. Hope to see Captain Starship soon. Good luck, Ivon and Paul, and company!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Paloosa, sending prayers and good wishes your way, for dealing with the health issues and the paperwork. Ask the health professionals for help with that. I’ve had some truly kind ones help me, God Bless them forever. Don’t let the pain get ahead of you with the back molar extraction. And don’t even spit out your toothpaste. Avoid “dry socket” at all costs. Think positive. 🙂 Sending good healing prayers, too.

  12. ROFLMAO, I don’t know, I rather liked Oz and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

    Sorry about your Snow Monkeys. Bad Ivan.

    Hugs to Paloosa and Das. 🙁

  13. i cannot say this enough; thanks for putting in the sam/jack bits of relationship progression in season 4 of atlantis!! 😉

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