I’d like to start off today’s entry with a huge “Thank you” for all the “Thank you’s”.  A lot of the people who brought you Stargate over the years do frequent this blog, and I know I speak for all of them when I say your kind words are much appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to post your comments.  And thanks for supporting the franchise, whether you were fans of SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, or, ideally, all three.

As promised, I will be fielding your questions on Gauntlet, the SGU series finale, as well as any SGU-related queries you may have.  So, start posting.

Later this week, in addition to providing answers to those questions, I’ll also shed some light on the script for Gauntlet, what we had in store for the show’s third season, and what the heck the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, was all about.

Well, even though Stargate has ended, this blog will continue to be a gate-friendly place where fans of the franchise can gather, discuss the shows, and, occasionally, gain some insight into the behind-the-scenes thoughts and efforts that went into bringing them to you.

In addition, this blog will also, hopefully, be a place where you’ll come to follow my further professional exploits.

First up is the new series Paul and I are Exec. Producing alongside the ever-jubilant Alexander “Sunshine” Ruemelin…

Transporter: The Series is based on the Luc Besson film franchise (The Transporter, Transporter 2, Transporter 3) and will be speeding your way in early 2012 (?), delivering adventure, attitude, and high-octane action.  In addition, you can expect captivating characters, stunning car stunts, fantastic fight sequences, and a pervading sense of humor guaranteed to hook you from the get-go.

Earl 2012 will also see the release of that comic book series I’ve been talking about.  With two scripts done, another two on deck, and design work underway, I thought it was high time I shared a little more information on the project.  First, our publisher…

Very cool.  Paul and I are very excited to be working with Dark Horse Comic (Hellboy, Umbrella Academy, The Goon – to name but a few of many) and our editor, Patrick Thorpe, who has been nothing short of amazing so far.  Also, after considering many worthwhile candidates, we finally have an artist for our book – the incredible Garry Brown.  Head on over and check out his work here: http://garrybrownart.daportfolio.com/

Yesterday, Garry’s preliminary character designs…

Our crew, ONE through SIX.  Can’t tell you how excited and pleased I was by these preliminary designs.  My thoughts:

ONE: I describe him as a Ben Browder type – charming and a bit of a goof.  The relationship between ONE and THREE will form the core of the series and
I see them as opposites.  ONE, of course, symbolizing light and hope; THREE symbolizing darkness and despair.  To that end, I’d like to play up the contrasts a little more.  ONE is pretty damn close, I just don’t think he should be quite so rough.  I’d give him the lighter hair.

TWO: The crew’s de facto no-nonsense leader.  I think Garry’s take is perfect.

THREE: A true bad-ass – as already stated, he is the flipside to ONE’s coin.  A mercenary through and through, I like his look here a lot.  I suggest scarring him up a bit.  If I’m casting this comic book, I’m eyeing Mike Dopud for the role.

FOUR: Eurasian, androgynous, silent, and stoic.  He needs to be prettier, more androgynous, with longer, darker hair.

FIVE: Twelve year old, precocious ship mascot.  More pixyish, tiny, with a pixy cut.

SIX: A tough-as-hell goon with a heart of gold.  I think his look is great!

I sent my notes Patrick’s way.  In less than an hour, he forwarded me Garry’s revised character designs…

ONE: Changing the hair color makes a world of difference!  Love him.

THREE: A little more scarring and he’s ideal as well.

FOUR:  Getting there.  Still think he needs to be prettier, almost ethereal.

FIVE: Also closer, but she still feels too mature.

The next day, Patrick forwarded me two more takes on FOUR and FIVE…

Almost there for both!  At Patrick’s request, I sent along a couple of reference photos of what I was looking for.  It was easy enough for FOUR and I was having trouble finding something appropriate for FIVE until I came across a pic of Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass, Let Me In).

 Not long after, I was forwarded the revised-revised-revised character designs for the final two outstanding crew members:

Love ’em!  I’m very happy.

With the character designs agreed upon, we’re moving on to ships and suits!

All this to say both Garry and Patrick are fantastic.  If I’d known writing for comics was this much fun, I’d have skipped this whole t.v. thing!

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Pepper Smith

Cool character designs!

Looking forward to reading your answers to the various questions about the shows. I was a fan of all three series. It was a great ride, and I’m sad it’s ended too soon.

woody woodward

When Eli woke up the next day, if he slept at all. What would we be privy too?


Given the original plan for SGU, would Destiny, with the help of the crew ever have completed its original mission?

Did the writers have any idea what the message in the the background radiation was going to be?

Also, thanks to you, the cast and crew for making such an awesome family of shows for us to all enjoy.

mike mcginnis
mike mcginnis

One thing I never got, why wouldn’t destiny use the same wormhole drive that atlantis used in enemy at the gate and just jump to the milky way.

Another thing, didn’t syfy promise SGA would be followed by at least 1 2 hour movie so aren’t they legally obliged to make extinction?

Lance W
Lance W

I must say If there was a cliffhanger that a series had to end on, that was the perfect one.

The only questions I’m left with is in regards to the future.
1. What does Eli do for those two weeks when he’s not fixing his stasis pod? Did he even attempt to fix it, or did he know it couldn’t be fixed? Does destiny come across problems that he alone must fix? Does he take a final trip back with the stones?

2. Did Rush volunteer, knowing that Young would deny him and instead choose himself? Was Rush hoping to get rid of Young, despite how well they’ve been getting along?

3. What year and month did they enter the pods? I wish to make a note on when the three years is meant to be up.

Finally, I’m grasping at my last straw here, but this episode seemingly left it open to a film after three years, is that even a possibility any more?

I’d also like to thank you for my favourite sci-fi franchise ever. You and the entire team involved.


Was destiny just some giant test to see if the crew could ascend that the ancients abandoned when they figured out how to do it on their own?

Would Eli and scott have had to take rush and youngs places after a while?

WTF was in that little door right behind the destiny’s stargate?

woody woodward

Oh, I must say, while I hate to see SGU go, “Gauntlet” was the perfect way to close the door. It was a beautiful episode. I loved the characters. I loved the actors crew and writers for producing a show that I will enjoy watching on my Blu-Ray and my iphone. Kudos and hugs to all.
Thank you sir from the bottom of my heart.

The Recreator
The Recreator

Finally got the chance to see the finale after finishing the final exam I will be taking in the final year of my undergraduate education. razz

What a wonderful way to cap it all off. When you guys wrote Gauntlet as a “cliffhanger”, did you intend for it to be so open-ended? Did you plan to bookend the series so completely with the conclusion of Season 2, or were those decisions made post-production?

Thanks for the years of quality entertainment. It’s been a great ride.

Lisa R
Lisa R

Here’s my question. When you planned your original five-year arc, was it planned for the Destiny to be in a different galaxy each season as they got closer to their goal or would there be more time spent in one particular galaxy?

Have a good night!!!


are you fielding questions about the ‘franchise’ too? you said you would in a previous blog entry.


As seems obvious to the outsider, SyFy’s cancellation did in SGU. I understand that many smart and dedicated persons worked to keep alive the current arm of the franchise, and I feel I speak on the behalf of the fandom when I offer my thanks to those we are aware of and those we aren’t. However, I am curious as to what means were investigated and/or pursued to continue Stargate. I’ve heard movies, to be financed by MGM, but what else? Seems to me, and by no means am I an expert in anything relating to this field, that fertile lands are to be found in places like Netflix (as I’ve recently heard are now producing a tv series).

And a thanks for the journey.


Those character designs look pretty good Joe, he sounds like a talented artist, although I don’t read(Non anime) comic books, I’ll check this series out once its on sale.

Anyway, really looking forward to hearing about The Transporter, I hope everythings going well with that, and looking forward to hearing who is playing who too.

Anyway ugh my eyes, Hay Fever, I hate it meh


Came here for the Stargate, stayed here for the friendship… and the puppies…and now Transporter The Series and this comic.

Looking forward to hearing who gets cast (oh please, oh please let it be Mike Dopud)?

You know what? That number 5 haircut looks very familiar to me. I’m certain I’ve had that all 3 versions of those ideas. I seem to change my hair style about every 6-8 weeks. My hair stylist and colorist do not like to get bored. And they’ve been doing my hair so long I trust them with changes.

Tenacious D
Tenacious D

Three years to straighten up and fly right, SyFy. That is what TPTB allotted you. Or did they somehow know about the end of the episode and use ratings to help Stargate keep its real-time feel? If so, then all you guys are total geniuses.

If not… well… the non-SyFy people (you, Brad Wright, etc…) are STILL total geniuses for leaving us on a cliffhanger that wasn’t. I mean, sure, there are still plot holes, but such can be said about any scripted show.

I’d be lying if I said Star Wars and Star Trek didn’t have unresolved plot points, and I still love them, so why not Stargate as well, right? Right.

Plot holes and unresolved stories are going to be part of a series, whether we want them to be or not.

@mike mcginnis:

No SyFy is not legally obligated to do Extinction because the rights to that movie belong solely to MGM. Though you could make the argument that since SyFy promised, MGM is obligated, but I suspect that argument would not hold much water. (Just like Atlantis, right? XD)

Chris L


Can’t wait to see the new series. Ya’ll have some big shoes to fill.

Ok, I have a few SGU questions:

1: Does Eli figure out how to repair the stasis pod? (The question everyone wants to know)
2: Does the ship communicate with Eli in some bizarre fashion to help him?
3: What is the hell was that signal?
4. Why didn’t they just use the parts in the crates to repair the ships systems? I never did figure that part out. Eli found a crate full of parts and then nothing. Script hole?
5. What were in the crates from the first episode that they were not allowed to open.
6. Did the decedents of destiny create the ships that were attacking it, or did the blue aliens?
7. What happened to Franklin?

Thanks for your time. And when you figure out what network the new show is on, I’d love to know.


Im sorry to see the series go, others have asked the most important questions that I would like to know so Ill just say I hope your career keeps getting better and I hope Stargate returns somehow and soon!

Brian Mcgee
Brian Mcgee

Is it just me being racist, or does SIX look just like Djimon Hounsou ?


I almost cry at the end, a good one, but still hungry for more and thank god that you will be anwering our questions about the show :D, so here are my questions:

1.-the obelisk builders, who or what are they?
2.-the blue aliens?
3.-the drones?
4.-what was destiny final mission?, what was the message?did the crew would ever get to ship final destination?
5.-would there be more crossover from the other series?
6.-would Homeworld Command have found a way to dial Destiny and send them supplies/personel?
7.-more alien races?
8.-Lucian Alliance?
9.-Ginn, Dr. Perry?
10.-what other discoveries would the crew have made while exploring more of the ship?
11.- is there any hope for comics or novels about Stargate?

there are more questions, but those questions are about the movies,SGA, 3rd sesason and some more that i dont remember XD.

I fell sad U_U, I would loved another 10 years of Stargate.

now to wait for anwers, and good luck whit your new series grin

note: sorry if my writting is not so good, my native lenguage is not english XD.


I would love to see your reference photos for Four… wink

VERY excited about the book! Still think you need an albino, though. wink

As much as I’d love to see it, however, I rarely have seen an accurate portrayal of a character with albinism when it comes to eyesight. Moorcock gets away with it because Elric’s albinism was more of a characteristic of his race than a disorder, and since he wasn’t human it really didn’t matter how Moorcock presented his condition, red eyes and all. Zenith has good eyesight, Pendergast (if he indeed has albinism) has good eyesight, and I can’t even begin to name all the sharp-shooting evil albino assassins out there, and nary a one even wears reading glasses. So, maybe it’s too much of a challenge to accurately portray a character with albinism…or maybe I just wish for too much.

Anyway, really looking forward to this book, Joe! Especially now since most comics just aren’t working for me lately. Too much of the same thing – vampires, pointless gore, and in-yer-face boobs, to name a few things I’m getting tired of.

Ugh…just got hit with the sleepy bug. Better go. It’s been a big day (termite guy came today and we had to move a bunch of stuff from around the house), and probably another big day tomorrow (putting back all the stuff that was moved). Nites, Joey…


tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)
tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)

Well… I just saw Gauntlet and wow! It was a fantastic episode! I really loved it! Well done, Joe (as always)! But it’s sad, that we’ll never find out, what will happen to Eli and the rest of the crew. Great episode though.

Thank you for 15 fantastic years of Stargate! I am a BIG fan of all three shows and I will never stop watching them.

Stargate forever!!


While I’v got comic books on the brain, is there any chance that SGU’s story could be concluded in another medium, say a comic book?


Just wanted to say, thank you, all of you. Stargate has been a really big part of my life for the last 15 years. I grew up watching it, and i’m not going to lie. It’s gotten me through some really rough times. I will miss it so much!

The end of Gauntlet actually did give me a lot of closure to the series, it showed destiny continuing on, seemingly indefinitely.

I am curious to see how you guys were planning it to end up.

How exactly was the entire scenario of Eli getting that last stasis pod online and the ship making it across the void?
Was the ship going to simply make it across, or would there be some sort of complication?

That, and I was also really wondering what the mission really was. What it meant, what the ancients thought it meant and how the series, if allowed properly to end would show it.

You guys are awesome, thank you so much. It’s been an awesome ride.


@das: The Albino (caps intended) is going to be their Nemesis – thwarting their plans, plotting the conquest of the galaxy, playing havoc with the world in general; so OF COURSE his picture wouldn’t be in there!

tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)
tidusspear08 (bjoern herzog)

Now, let me write down some of the questions I have:

1. Will the crew ever find out, who (or what) created the message? Or what it says (if it says something at all)?
2. What about Franklin? Is he dead or maybe ascended?
3. Did Eli manage to repair the last pod?
4. Who created the drones?
5. Will the crew get back to earth one day? If yes, how do they manage it?
6. Who created the planet? Maybe the creators of the message?
7. Will T.J. find a cure for her disease?

I think that’s all for now.
Thank you for taking the time to read it smile


@PB Mom: “Came here for the Stargate, stayed here for the friendship… and the puppies…and now Transporter The Series and this comic.” Couldn’t agree with you more! smile