I’m holding off on booking my return flight(s) to Vancouver until I get a few things settled here in Toronto.  Between tying up these various loose ends, I’ll also take the opportunity to catch up with friends coming into town: Anne-Marie from Montreal, my old Stargate co-worker Jennifer Johnson, and – surprise, surprise – blog favorite and Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok.

I’ve decided to take the rest of the year off to recharge and watch Dark Matter, my scifi comic book series come together under the watchful eye of Dark Horse editor Patrick Thorpe.  I know he must be tired of hearing me say how much I love artist Garry Brown’s pencils, but I can’t help it.  I do!  Check out his cover for issue #1 (above).  You’ll all get a sneak peek at more of the artwork for Dark Matter in an upcoming Previews solicitation.  Make sure to get down to your local comic shop and tell them to stock up.  Reserve now to avoid disappointment!  In the meantime, you can check out an interview Garry did in which he discusses his process and influences: interview.   Then, head on over to peruse the amazing work on this sketch blog – omegasketch.blogspot.com – featuring not only Garry’s work but that of over a dozen other talented artists.

Yesterday, Akemi decided to do something special for Carl.

His very own bento box complete with heart-shaped figs, cherries, blueberries, banana, oatmeal kuma-chan, hiyoko, and (unedible) panda!

Carl was thrilled –

And then remembered he had a full day of work ahead of him –

Now that I’m no longer office-bound, Akemi no longer has to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to make me my bento.  So, for now, I’ll simply have to hold on to the memory of the last masterpiece she crafted for me:

Check it out. Double Kuma!

To those of you asking – yes, now that I have the time, I will wrap up my SG-1 reminiscences with a reflection on the show’s final season.

Off for drinks tonight with Alexander, Sarah, and others.

27 thoughts on “September 2, 2011: Dark Matter! Carl’s bento surprise!

  1. Looking forward to Dark Matter! Garry’s art looks terrific!

    But oh how it makes me wish I could see SGU’s story continue this way too!

    Thank you, Joseph, for all you do and have done for us.

  2. Dark Matter is looking very cool. Taking the rest of the year off sounds sooooo good. Please enjoy it for the rest of us schlubs.

    Carl’s bento is very lovely! The figs look super tasty. I will miss all the terrific summer fruit.

  3. Just watched a show called Hollywood Treasures, it’s an auction show and they just sold time traveling device from SG-1 for over $4000!! Too cool!!

    You may have answered this but did you keep any mementos? From any show you’ve worked on?

    I’m just getting in to comic books and graphic novels I’ve read “falling Skies” and not sure what to pick up next, any suggestions?

  4. have you considered renting a motor-home for your return to vancouver? you could get all your stuff in it, and have the doggies happier and calmer and be able to snuggle up with dad. :p

  5. There are some awesome pictures in that Sketch Blog. My favorites were “Batwoman!” in the red, green, and blue colors, and “Batmas T.S.A.” with the red night. Art mastery.

    Wait a minute Joe. You and Paul leave and one guy takes your place? As busy as you two were all the time, how do you think that is working out? Good idea to take the rest of the year off. Wish I could. I’d settle for a couple weeks off.

    “To those of you asking – yes, now that I have the time, I will wrap up my SG-1 reminiscences with a reflection on the show’s final season.”

    What about us patiently waiting for your SGA reminiscences? I was going to watch all the DVDs as you talked about each episode. Come on Joe! Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top! Make that chocolate drizzled on top.

  6. Akemi is truly a bento artist. I love the way the figs look like hearts.

    Hey, thanks for the Dark Matter update; I was wondering what was happening on the comic book front. And while you are taking a little time off, how about catching up on a little reading? And maybe doing a Book of the Month? Mebbe? No pressure, just a suggestion…

  7. Bet you are breathing a huge sigh of relief!

    Are you going to do a few SGA reminiscences too?

  8. Bento box pictures are always great!! Good for you for taking some time off. My brother (the big comic book afficiniado) was wanting to know the title, and since I couldn’t remember before I left CA, I forwarded this entry to him.

    Have a great evening!!!

  9. The bento boxes are adorabel Akemi! 🙂 Looks like you made Carl a happy camper! 😀

  10. Those bento boxes are amazing. I’m not sure I could bring myself to actually eat them they look like so much work.

    Looking forward to the S10 reminiscences again. I had almost given up on those!

  11. Awww, poor Carl. But at least he has an Akemi original Bento Box!
    You actually “sound” almost like the pre-Toronto Joe again. Some ME time is definitely needed for you to recharge and if I may be so bold – get some rest to erase the wear and tear that was evident on your face.
    Oh…dark chocolate may help yum.

  12. Adding my hopes for SGA memories as well as SG1. (Pushy littler buggers, aren’t we?) 🙂

  13. Just so’s you know, I live in England, so don’t HAVE a local Comic Book store. UK sucks!

    “Comics!? They’re for kids!!!!” *ugh*

  14. Best Bento’s EVER! What do you mean “unedible”?

    Yes, Garry Brown’s art is awesome!

    On to my mom’s house today south of Nashville, TN. I’m dreading it because there is a lot of family crap with my brother and his ex-wife. Knives, guns, police, meth and etc. It’s a different world and thank God for that!

  15. I love Carl’s change of expression – priceless. Akemi is the bento box genius.
    Nola S.

  16. I second Nola’s statement: “Akemi is the bento box genius!”

    Maybe she could illustrate a scene from Dark Matter in Bento? Or is charaben only for pandas?

    I’m looking forward to the S10 memories…if you get around to SGA memories, my daughter Jackie will start reading the posts (she’s a big Atlantis fan). Like Ponytail, we’ll probably re-watch each season as you detail it.

    Enjoy the break; and please note I am NOT suggesting a private jet charter back to Vancouver! 😉

  17. Hi Joe,

    Been a while since I’ve commented.

    The Sketch blog has some interesting work in it. The Luigi is pretty creepy. All of the retro sketches are cool. Not really impressed by the Supermen interpretations, though I’m a bit picky when it comes to that. The DC’s Year One bit is excellent. Flaming C, hilarious. One of my favorites would have to be the “New Wolverine” entry. That’s all just from the most recent page but cool stuff. Thank you for sharing the link!

    IO9 recently posted some interesting remarks about sci-fi shows on TV, which I reflected upon in my blog:


    I’m looking forward to hearing more news about Dark Matter.


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