Whew!  That was close!  I was sitting in bed tonight, watching food-themed youtube videos as we’re wont to do, when I suddenly realized: “Holy crap!  I haven’t blogged yet!”

To the average blogger this would be no big deal.  But for me – well, I’ve been blogging daily for over twelve years and I just know that if I ever missed a day, blog regulars would be beside themselves with worry.

To be honest, I’m amazed it’s never happened before but I suppose blogging is now second nature to me, as natural a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth or plotting revenge.

Many of you have discovered this blog over the years, no doubt inadvertently stumbling upon it in your searches for Stargate, pugs, or squash-stuffed agnolotti photos while others happened by more recently.  I often think back to some of those early regulars who have disappeared over time and wonder what happened to them.  Like Bugguy, the microbiologist who never missed an opportunity lecture me about the risky food I consumed, Emily my first virtual dinner date, or PG15 who won the flocking.  Early followers like Carolina and ThornyRose, SueS and snowcrush, Stillhere and scarym, ShipperAhoy and Tokiya2, GateGipsy and alyburns, FlatLandDan, Ugly Pig, Miho, Nolamom, kiwigator and Sun Dancer to name but a few.  And, of course, good ole Anonymous.  Where’d they go?

Anyway, put your minds at ease.  Here’s one more entry for the personal record books.  Along with a few updates:

Tomorrow, Ivon, RT, Robbie and I head to the production offices where I will set up (ie. bring in a bottle of whiskey if I remember), talk to Production Designer Ian Brock about the plans for those standing sets, and finally pull the trigger on the crew.  Also, maybe, Burgers Priest for lunch.  Just like old times!

Also, got word of a second script order for my Untitled Awesome Project!  The broadcaster and production company both seem very excited about it and the magic 8-Ball says “Outlook good”, but I’m going to temper expectations.  Even though the series overview and pilot  are, easily, the most cuckoo-bananas things I’ve ever written and I’ll be absolutely heartbroken if we don’t make a t.v. show you’ll all instantly fall in love with, I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

And, to put the exclamation point on the day, just heard back on pitches for two comic book projects, both sci-fi and both equally well-received.  Follow-up call next week to discuss.

Hey, blog-readers.  Roll call!  When did you start hanging out and what brought you here?

94 thoughts on “Whoopsy! Almost slipped my mind!

  1. I don’t know the exact date but it was around the time we were trying to save #Darkmatter.

  2. Well, you know I’m still around, and to be honest I can’t remember when I started. It seems like forever ago, but I think about 10 years or so. I expect I’ll be here until forever. Um, I hope that didn’t sound like a threat, LOL!

    If you ever missed a blog entry, I would be sure that some terrible fate had befallen you, and I mean I suppose we’d have to all go on, but what would be the point?

    Great news about the UAP! Hopefully things keep moving well on that front. Was there any more news about that spark of hope for some kind of resolution for Dark Matter? I’m hoping no news is good news.

    I don’t recognize a lot of those names, but I’m pretty sure Nolamom was one of the regulars that passed away a few years ago. 🙁

  3. Gee, it’s been years and years Joe. I do remember realtime behind the scenes of SG Atlantis and SGU. You had Jelly, Maximus, Bubba and Lulu, and blogged about how to air travel with all 4 of them, their sweet antics and always lovable pics.

    I discovered this blog by a reference in someone’s article about Stargate. At least, I think that’s the gist of it. I used a different sceen name for awhile here.

    And I discovered Stargate via a free week of Showtime premium channel, instantly loved it, then pined away in misery, until it showed up on SyFy. Yay!

    I read this blog daily and am sure it’s part of my life. I am choosy about when to comment though. I too, miss some of the early members.

    Eagerly awaiting more behind the scenes, insider info about producing your new project.

    Meanwhile… freezing solid here in NJ, 10′ F right now br-r-r-r!
    Night, night.

  4. I’m on my second year of subscribing to your blog and your writing always impresses, mainly because it’s so down to earth and easily relatable as many of the authors or producers of shows I’ve become enamored with are rarely so close to their fans and to the genre they create for. We have a lot in common and even though we’ve never met in person, when I read of your exploits, adventures and colorful opining, it’s like I’ve known you for a long time. That’s a great gift you have, not only in writing in such a real and open way, but to let everyone share in your life through your blog. You make us feel like family. It’s much appreciated. Your sense of humor is probably what draws me to you most, aside from our liking of so many of the same things. Your blog would be missed even for a day, so I’m glad you didn’t forget today. Always remember how much you are appreciated and cherished for not what you create, but for your personality and attention to the fans.Thanks for being you!

  5. OMG!! I can’t believe you almost forgot your blog entry and us! Time to start leaving reminder Post-It Notes around everywhere. You would have woken up to several “Joe are you okay? I’m worried about you.” comments. And you are correct, we would have thought the worse… broken leg or heart attack.

    Remember commenter Green? He/she always just wrote “Check.” I found your blog during the fantastic Stargate Atlantis series run. I was googling the ever-so-handsome Jason Momoa and came upon your blog. I hung around despite the Atlantis cancelation because of the dogs and your interesting life and writing. Maybe it was 2007, I’m not sure. Now we are growing older together. Better get those Post-It Notes…..

  6. I think I stumbled across it searching for Stargate-y things perhaps about the time SGU ended, give or take? I’ve only recently been anything of a commenter and I’m irregular. With comments, that is.

  7. ROLL CALL: I folllwed you here from your GateWorld blog in the mid-2000s, probably after meeting you in person at Gatecons 2002–2004.

    As a matter of fact, I met some San Antonio neighbors through your blog…

  8. I figured it out last time but my Google-fu is failing me this time. I think my first comment was sometime in 2010 or 2011. I would have been reading a little before that.

    I honestly can’t remember how I found out about your blog. I’m 100% sure it would have been Stargate related but I don’t know which site sent me your way. I came for Stargate but I stayed for the food porn!

    I remember ThornyRose in your list of gone and, mostly, forgotten users. I don’t recognise anyone else!

    “cuckoo-bananas” – I can’t wait! That should be the title!

  9. I arrived during that dramatic period which witnessed the end of Dark Matter and the start of the Tweetstorms and stayed for the food and pug pics as well as the travel advice. I also stayed for the behind-the-scenes insights and trade talk. As an aspirational writer I love hearing about the industry and all that goes into pitching projects and bringing them to the screen. Finally, congratulations on the UAP, hope that magic 8-ball continues to be reliable!

  10. I started following your blog when Dark Matter began. I was not really a huge Sci-Fi fan until D.M. I still miss the show and the cast. I love reading your blog and look forward to hearing about various foods and places to eat. If I get a chance to visit Toronto, I want to check out some of the places you’ve mentioned, especially burgers, fried chicken, coffee and desserts. I might even sample poutine, but I am holding out until I visit Montreal or Quebec.
    I also enjoy hearing about what books you’ve read and seeing which comics you like. I have recently restarted collecting comic books again and I am now reading more Sci-Fi. Thank you for sharing all your insights.

  11. Don’t recall exactly when I started reading the blog, but it was back in the old blogspot days. I believe it was SGA that brought me here.

  12. Tend to read but not comment. That said, I look forward each day to your blog which I started reading about 8 or 9 years ago I think. Came because of Stargate, but I quickly became a fan of your love of dogs, good food, – especially chocolate, reading, and Japan. Also really liked Dark Matter. And who couldn’t love reading about Akemi’s cooking and her latest fashions for the dogs. Look forward to hearing more about your new projects.

  13. I just now realized that you have a blog. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog before. This is my first.

  14. Ian Brock left a message on my phone to use some of my artwork for a Dark Matter TV Show. I thought it was some kind of science documentary for PBS or something. I was surprised to hear it was actually for a science fiction TV show that would be airing on the Syfy channel. After calling Ian and confirming things I looked up all that I could find about the show on the web which led me to your blog. That was when I discovered that you were the show runner for Dark Matter and that you had written on, one of my favorite shows, Stargate. I’ve been looking forward to your blog posts ever since. Thanks for continuing them.

    I was also enjoying the YouTube videos you were posting. I hope you find time to make more of those in the future as well. 🙂

  15. Don’t remember the when, but it was definitely Stargate that brought me here. And Dark Matter kept me here, as will I’m sure your upcoming shows as well. No better place to get real and accurate information than here.

  16. Hey Joe, I’ve been reading your blog since well before 2009 – I’m pretty sure I found your blog through Gateworld waaaay back in the day. However my only proof comes from March 2009, when I participated in a Book of the Month discussion for The Book of Joby. https://josephmallozzi.com/2009/03/02/march-2-2009-the-book-of-joby-by-mark-j-ferrari/ . A LOT has changed since then. I have your blog entries pop up everyday on my RSS feed 🙂

    I don’t comment much because I discovered my comments show up in google searches when I search my username – perhaps it’s time to change identities!

  17. Hello,
    I do not remember exactly when I subscribed, it was sometime around the cancellation of Dark Matter. I don’t reply on a daily basis but do read it everyday.
    How many books have you read this year? I haven’t read one yet. Though, I am working my way through a textbook for a course I am taking.

  18. just saw on Facebook an add for a T-shirs where RDA hits a ball into the puddle as the Gen. Hammond calls to him and T’elke (website called Due 90ers). RDS shouts back,”In the middle of by backswing?!” I got interested in your blog because I was listening to the Director’s comments and they were talking on how Amanda Tapping was leaving the show and you were blogging about it (SG-Atlantis). In fact I was watching a comedy program today and thinking to myself on how funny your shows could be. You have given me some good belly laughs.
    also, I was thinking haven’t read from Tanker Guy in a long time

  19. Dude! I’ve been here since Day 1 when you started blogging about that year’s trip to Japan. In fact I mentioned and linked to it on the Solutions forum, then Gateworld stole my post and announced your blog like they discovered it. Not that I hold a grudge, heh. I’ve never missed reading an entry, even if I don’t comment that often. Your persistence and consistency are truly inspirational – I can’t even fathom it!

  20. i signed up after dark matter was cancelled. unfortunately my letter seem to have missed the deadline for the prop cleanout, stupid europe mailing system..

  21. I think I started reading your blog in 2009 and of course came because of Stargate. I can’t remember how I found out about it though it may have come up from Gateworld or a link post. I know that you and SGU are the reason why I started following John Scalzi, which consequently led to my reading his books. But I’ve stuck around because I enjoyed Dark Matter and I’m looking forward to checking out what else is to come! Hah, and you were very polite when I introduced myself at the Vancouver pie off! Ah, pie. The great bringer of people. I’ll consign myself back to the RSS feed lurking status. 😊

  22. I was in a hotel room in bogota, Colombia looking for something to watch on tv in English. I came across Showtime and saw RDA and my addiction to stargate began. I found your blog via Alex Mallari posts on scifi.com. I enjoy behind the scene stuff and loved reading about stuff going on in the office, on set, and beyond. I became hooked on your blog when you wrote of the shopping trip you took with Fondy to the warehouse club. I have never laughed so hard in my life. The anticipation of that opportunity to laugh again has kept me hooked. You have introduced me to things I would never have known about, like pugs, food options and japan. i have laughed many times and shared your blog with my hubby who knows you by name. Thank you!

  23. Hi Joe! I’ve been reading since 2006. I found you thru an article on Stargate that USA Today’s, now defunct, Pop Candy blog posted. I rarely comment because I work two jobs, but I look forward to your thoughts each day. If I miss days due to life’s unknowns I happily binge them at my next free time.

    I enjoyed meeting you and Akemi at your first SDCC panel on Dark Matter. By meeting you I mean sitting in a row behind Akemi while you were speaking and asking a question at the end of the panel when you came off stage.

    I know nothing is guaranteed, but I’m glad to read that potentially several of your projects are “looking” like they will get a go ahead to produce them.

    As an avid fantasy football player I’ve been happy to see your success. Any advice on how you draft your team each year??


  24. Hi Joe

    Think it was about 12-18 months after you started, the blogs were mostly food related then, I can’t remember how i found it, something stargate related i would think !
    I immediately had to go back and read all the previous ones. I think its terrific that you do this to be honest, its been fascinating. Thanks


  25. Discovered your blog during the Dark Matter broadcast, randomly looking at it, not really knowing who was what and what it was all about here. Then dived seriously into it during the Save DM campaign, obviously. So, yeah, kind of a newbie here.
    I do recall some posts about sock choices, at some point, but I might be mistaken.

  26. Joe, I first discovered you when I saw episode 1 of Dark Matter and then started following you when the save Dark Matter campaign began.
    great news on the UAP. Good to hear

  27. A wee while….I lurked (a lot) before finally registering and posting. Stargate brought me here!

    And what’s not to love about your blog posts….they’re a mixture of all sorts that certainly brightens up my day 👍

  28. I was looking for pug and Stargate material. Found out about Battle Pug from here and some great info on ships from Stargate SG-1.

  29. Some time in 2011 when SGU was cancelled – I hoped that you’d have news of it carrying on. Since then I’ve read your blog every day and very occasionally commented. Pinch punch first of the month! (Or is that just a UK thing?)

  30. Been here since one of the last SGA seasons, so maybe 2008-2009. I’m sort of a lurker since I’m reading the blog every day via the RSS feed and thus rarely visits the blog site.

  31. Still here, Joe! Came around 2008, hoping for some inside scoop on the S/J ship, stayed for the dogs and the weird food purchases of the day and the communal mourning of the Stargates’ cancellations, and have been hanging around ever since. Glad we didn’t have to call for a wellness check on you. The world may slightly tilt off its axis the day you fail to blog….

  32. I started following you after the first episode of Dark Matter aired here in the states. I’ve enjoyed following you. In fact, your blog is the only one I regularly follow. You are an intriguing person and your interactions with your fans are awesome. Cheers!

  33. I came across your blog when I heard about Dark Matter’s cancellation and was looking for information as to why. I rarely comment but I read it every day, mostly because it gives me something to do while I eat breakfast. I am not a “foodie” or a fan of pugs (sorry) but I keep coming back in the hopes of one day hearing that Dark Matter will get those final two seasons it so richly deserves. Plus your blog is fun to read, even if the food and pug content isn’t of interest to me.

  34. I found your blog through Gateworld back before Lulu was a part of your family. Was mostly a lurker, then posted some and now am usually just a lurker again. Remember when you gave all the blog regulars a task to do to fix up your house? I think I had to replace light bulbs or something. Of course I never got to Van to do it.

  35. I came across your blog when I was feverishly googling for further information and piccies of Dark Matter, during Season1.
    I’ve enjoyed sharing your home and work life, food forays, comic covers, BTS bits and wickedly good teasing ever since!
    You are part of my daily routine, often cheering me up and sometimes sending me off to work on a high!

    I’m jumping up and down in anticipation of your UAP (but quietly wringing my hands in the hope of Dark Matter starting up again….)
    Thanks Joe for sharing so much!

  36. Hi, Joe, so glad you squeaked in under the panic wire. There would have been a flurry of messages asking after everyone’s health.

    I think I’ve been in since nearly the beginning. Back in the day I was a regular on the Sam and Jack ship thread on Gateworld and that’s how I learned about you. Very quickly I realized that Stargate was just a small portion of what kept me coming back. I have a list of restaurants to try in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Your info on the lack of trash cans in Tokyo was passed along to my cousin who was going to visit and greatly appreciated. The quirky outlook you have on life is oftentimes similar to my own and I feel a friendly connection. Odds are we’ll never meet, but I am invested in you, Akemi, the dogs, Mom, Sis, and the extended family. Thanks for keeping us entertained, included, and clued in to the behind the scenes goings on of the entertainment industry. It’s always educational.

    One quick question: is a blog regular a blogular? Almost sounds like something that precipitates a visit to the dermatologist or perhaps a gastroenterologist. In any case, I’m happy to be one.

  37. I’ve been reading you blog since I last gated off world about 10 years ago. Unfortunately either the gate network is down or the DHD power supply is exhausted. I’m here awaiting rescue and to gate to the Destiny to revive the crew ( I found a builders plan and cargo manifest showing the location of reserve military power generators).

  38. It’s been several years and Stargate drew me here. In the Jelly/Bubba era, for sure. There are couple of people that I miss.

    R. I. P. Anne Teldy (Kelly Hurt)/ Here’s the link to read about her: https://josephmallozzi.com/2012/09/21/september-21-2012-in-memory-of-kelly/ .

    Cherluvya (Cheryl) was a beautiful soul that was taken too early. Here’s Cheryl’s link: https://josephmallozzi.com/2013/10/09/october-9-2013-in-memory-of-cheryl/

    Those two post demonstrate what Quantum Mechanic stated about making us feel like family. Thanks for that!

    Sending positive vibes for all the projects!!!!

  39. I’m so excited for both the current series in development, let’s call it project x and your untitled awesome project!!! Anything you do is bound to be amazing!!!!

    Ad for what brought me here…it was the free cosmic doughnuts… I clearly mean Dark Matter & the campaign to save it…and although it hasn’t eventuated YET, I’m sticking around until the bitter end 😀


  40. Hey Joe,
    As regards when i started to read your blog, I am a late comer, followed the blog as the sorry time Dark Matter was announced as cancelled Sept 2017 and saw all these lovely people rallying round to support getting a resolution to the story – film, wrap up special etc. so I came along to lend any support I could and be part of the family.

    Liked the blog and your approach, especially the Japanese vacations and food / food tests, so kept on with it.

    Even used the links at the bottom the the page to go back to like 2011 blogs and read from there…!!

    Always interesting to get an insight into the minds of people who create / make the shows we love so here I am.
    Keep it up,

  41. Initially your writing style inspired me to start quietly reading your daily entries at Blog Spot then follow you to WP. Albeit, after a short while, although i absolutely loved the entire SG series and all the BTS, I realized I was more so drawn to your personal entries and the conversations and interactions from the regulars than to any chatter and insights about the show. There have been so many smart, creative, interesting, people who have been regulars on the blog over the years.

    From the day you stole my heart when you declared your endless love of chocolate chip cookies. To your first pup, and my first love, Jelly. To laughing my ass off the first time you let cookie monster do movie reviews. To all your clever and cleverly worded, entries that inspired and challenged my own muse and word smith. To the difficult days and those of deep sorrow. To the days you’ve made me gag with your smoothie cleanses or weird, disgusting foods, or frustrated the hell out of me or pissed me off with something you said or did (And I’m sure I, ‘you and others.’) :-D. To times when it felt like you’d emotionally checked out and were seemingly only begrudgingly filling the space out of a sense of obligation and might just elect to entirely quit at any moment, …
    There have been so many laughs and tears and emotional impact filled moments over the years I’ve actually lost count. What started out as a simple routine, to keep yourself writing daily, became a family. And yes, while there have been many who have come and gone, it should surprise no one that there are at least a couple dozen of us who have been reading and/or participating since the beginning and never want to think about a future without you in it sharing and interacting about everything and anything that makes you, ‘you’ and touches your life. XO

    said the gal as she scarfed down a hot cup of heavily caffeinated black tea and a toasted mini bagel topped with cream cheese and pastrami on it for breakfast then followed it up with a couple of homemade
    pistachio cookies

  42. Dark Matter brought me to you, your interaction with fans on Periscope kept me coming back, and finally Suji made me think you are one of the nicest people around.

  43. Social injustice, global conspiracy and corporate heartlessness; in other words I’m here since Dark Matter cancellation. Came for that, stayed for the wit, wisdom and insiders look into show runner’s World. The Pugs and food help too!

  44. Been reading off and on since Stargate Atlantis. Was a SG-1 fan since the beginning. This will be the first time I’ve ever left a comment though. Enjoy your exploits. Not always your dining choices though 🙂

  45. Burgers Priest has always sounded awesome to me (I’m a burger guy when it really comes down to it)and if I ever make it out that way, I’ll definitely have to stop a couple times. To answer your question: I came by at the end of Dark Matter and have been hooked reading since. I look forward to the daily blog as a way to break up my day, and enjoy reading past entries as well when time allows especially if I’m in a bad mood.

  46. Yowza! So excited for you, sending good wishes…now! I’m amped for that second bonkers project. I have a Preacher/Futureman/Dirk Gently/DM/Lost Girl shaped hole in my heart, so bring on the bonkers. So taking a billion jillion meetings last year has reaped lovely dividends, nice! Can’t wait for those first pics of Cat T-shirt Thursdays. I think you should replace the whiskey with healthier options like Weird Drinks of the World. I’ll treat you guys to Pokari Sweat.

    I managed to pry the Panera baguette out of my hands and into the trash (after only two..okay three bites). I dropped Beanitos tortilla chips into my Tomato Bisque for a low carb munchy replacement. Last nights Orville and Discovery were both shippy wonderfulness.

  47. I can’t remember exactly when, but it was most likely around the #SaveDarkMatter start. I’ve not been on social media long (almost 2 years) so not long really.

    Love the way your blogs , and tweets, make us feel ‘part of the team’. Love the insights & bts stuff & of course the food recommendations and pug pictures 😀

  48. The cancellation of Stargate Universe brought me here. I stayed to experience a life that is absolutely nothing like my own.

  49. The day that Gateworld completely spoiled the Atlantis : Lost Tribe episode, was the day I went hunting for a spoiler free alternative, and came across your blog.
    Been here ever since!

  50. You are absolutely correct! If you missed a day, I would worry.

    You told me once before, but I think I’ve been a daily reader since 2007. I came across your blog in my quest to start throwing poo at Sci-Fi for canceling SG-1. Granted, I don’t comment every day, but I do read. Every. Day.

    I remember when PG-15 won the flocking, Emily and the virtual dinner date. Hell, I remember when you got Lulu. And I just realized our relationship has lasted longer than my marriage. I don’t know if that’s depressing or not…LOL.

  51. I actually don’t remember exactly. I want to say that it was around 2007-2008 time, but that feels so long ago! I found the blog because of Stargate, and continued reading daily (almost – there were periods that I stopped reading for a few months here and there) because… not sure I have an answer.

    It’s a bit funny really. When I look back, this is one of the longest things I’ve known (and I’m pretty sure I’m as unknown to you as you really are to me!)

    I started reading this blog before I started and finished university. It was before I met, dated and married my wife (we’ve now known each other for about 7 years), and before I moved overseas for the first time. Before I got a real job, before I got cats… and before I started learning Japanese.

    It’s been a long time, Joe! I suppose if you ever venture down under to Melbourne, shoot me an email and I’ll show you some of the best whisky bars and comic book shops we’ve got!

  52. I was looking for an SGA episode guide, and found this blog by accident. Maybe 2005 or 2006?

    I tend to not read it for a month or two and then catch up all at once! I have only commented a couple of times though! Once when you seemed to be having a really bad day a few years ago, and the other time when you showed you desk phone number on an image you posted.

  53. Was Stargate and Dark Matter that brought me here around the time Dark Matter was cancelled I believe. I don’t read everyday but I do read every post. Looking forward to the new shows when (not if!) they come out.

  54. My first comment was back in 2011 when Dark Matter was still in comic book form and you were working on the Transporter series that never took off. I had been lurking on your blog and following your work for some time before that though. I really enjoy your posts every time you visit Japan. I’m planning a trip there in March!

  55. I started reading right after DM started. Various articles would quote you from your blog, and I couldn’t resist looking it up. I never knew about it during SG’s run; I can be technologically oblivious sometimes. I’m sorry I missed out on it for so long. I read every day, but rarely post.

  56. When did you start hanging out? August, 2017
    What brought you here? –still really missing Stargate!

  57. I started sometime during the Stargate Atlantis years.

    One of the earlier blogs I saw, you did a vid saying that people asked you if you always ate fancy gourmet food — so you were showing that you ate plain food too, by opening some canned chili for dinner. I had only read your blog a few times, so I wasn’t really sure if you were joking.

    I found out about your blog from the fandom folks at Live Journal. Someone posted that you had put up some behind the scenes sga pics. There was an owl at your outdoor set and you had to wait until it left to film. There was a picture of David Hewlett looking at the owl, saying something to the effect of, My letter from Hogwarts has finally come!

  58. I don’t recall exactly when I started reading your blog, but about 2 years ago. My love of all things Stargate and Dark Matter initially brought your blog to my notice. I have since found so many more reasons to stay. I now look forward each day to reading about your adventures and I love your pugs.

  59. For me it was sometime around 2008. I was trying to learn whether Stargate Universe would be suitable for my (at the time) nine-year-old son to watch with me. Searching for answers to this question, I found Joe’s blog from a Google search and after a quick review, I posted the question…I believe Joe’s response was something along the lines of “it would be best if I previewed it before letting him watch”, which I took to heart.

    I started reading Joe’s blog regularly and six months later, I had a business trip to Vancouver. This being my first time there (and also knowing that Joe was a foodie), I asked for restaurant recommendations in the area. Joe emailed me shortly afterwards suggesting we meet up, and a friendship was born! I still enjoy our talks even though I don’t get to Canada as much as I used to.

    And I’m crossing my fingers for UAP! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this project…

  60. I’m one of those inadvertent stumblers. I stumbled on your blog through a GateWorld article way way way back in early 2007 and have been reading every day ever since. I have so enjoyed your writing and your sense of humor. I immediately fell in love with all of your dogs, especially Lulu. Your stories about Lulu’s antics actually inspired me to get my own french bulldog in 2008. You have been like a pair of favorite ‘socks’ that you put on to curl up and watch tv in.

    I’ve been a long time reader but have never left a comment or asked a question even though I do have one…what ever happened to your annual chocolate parties?

  61. I think I started being a regular after I started watching Dark Matter. Before that, I knew about you because I had been dabbling in screenwriting and read scripts of various tv episodes and films. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and documentaries are my favorites. Your name kept popping up; eventually I subscribed to your blog. I’m glad I did.

  62. I think I’ve been reading your daily news for about 2 or 3 years, think I discovered
    it via Twitter.

  63. Hi Joe…I think I started reading your blog sometime late in 2012 and came to it to get more information on the SGA movie, which by my estimation was long overdue. I stayed because I really enjoyed learning about you and your profession. Also, my daughter (who was 14 then) and I really enjoyed laughing out loud as we read Cookie Monster’s movie reviews. It’s too bad he retired. Every so often, I’ll hold off on reading your posts for a few days so I’ll have more to read later. Glad to hear your projects seem to be gaining favor with the powers that be.Lastly, love all the Suji related content that you provide.

  64. I’ve been a lurker since the early days of your involvement with Stargate SG-1.

  65. I came aboard…maybe around 2008? It was after Be All My Sins Remember’d aired. I never watched the show but my husband did, and that was the episode that made me take notice of…ya know…the Wraith. Loved those guys…still do. But I’m not one to look back, so I don’t pine away like some do…although I really do miss pg15…he was a hoot! 🙂


  66. I think I started hanging out between Series 1 & 2 of Dark Matter. And I’ll be here up to and beyond series 4 & 5 🙂

  67. Well, I forgot to check in yesterday, so we’d have been even.

    I wandered in about the time the Ori got their hands on Daniel. I think. I followed DebDownSouth over from the wretched Syfy forums. There’s a group of us who are friends on FB from those times. One of them just made a beautiful memory quilt for me of my husband’s favorite t-shirts. I’ve watched their kids grow up on FB. Like family, and more in touch than most of my actual family.

    I remember Anne Teldy/Kelly Hurt, we corresponded for a bit.

  68. Following since falling in love with Dark Matter. Stay because I love the variety of your blog… from pugs to food to bourbon to books to comic book art to family visits to trips to future projects to fantasy football to the draw that brought me, Sci-fi, which you do so well and everything in between.

    Rooting for you, especially your Sci-fi future projects! Thanks for the daily blog! I enjoy them!


  69. It was a very long time ago. Don’t remember when but at early stage of Stargate. I was greatly interested with your thoughts around the writing process and never leave you since then!

  70. I’m finally feeling better and Thursday my neurosurgeon released me from care (of course I can return anytime if something goes wrong that is not anticipated). I can’t believe I’ve known him like 6 months now. That’s sad. I told him I always had a baby brain aneurysm that might need clipping some day so not to count me out about coming back someday. LOL.

    Anyway, as to your question, I remember reading your blog in real time as well during the Stargate Atlantis days, but I was always too shy to leave a comment. It seemed like everyone knew each other so well and I didn’t feel like I had anything worthwhile to contribute, so I just read and kept updated. I think I finally commented during the early SGU days.

    I’m very grateful for all the people I’ve met in real time (and have become friends with) and people who I just have gotten to know through cyberland.

  71. I can’t quite remember when but I believe it was sometime during late 2012 or early 2013. At that time I was actually looking for some info about a few Tokyo restaurants when I stumbled onto your blog and a few other food bloggers. I mostly visited once in a while and was always a silent, non-commenting reader. I had been watching SG1 but in the past never paid much attention to the credits, so I didn’t think much about who you are or what you do. Around the time when you were prepping the beginning of Dark Matter was when I started commenting and visiting regularly. It has been a great ride! 🙂

  72. I remember finding your blog during season 3 of DarkMatter. I had sort of withdrawn from daily life after the passing of a close friend I had known since my school days over 20 years ago.

    It had been a tough and gruelling 7 years, watching him battle every step of the way for his family and 6 daughters and to see him get better for a short reprieve before his cancers came back with a vengeance. The last 3 I had been helping him and his family in my spare time outside of work only retreating into a sci-fi world to escape the reality of it all.

    Darkmatter and Stargate along with other Sci-fi was my way to forget about life afterwards. I’m working on it however I’ve tended to avoid people in real life for a he last couple of years unless it’s directly related to work.

    The campaign to revive Darkmatter gave me something to channel my energy into and also the progress of Suji who seems like a task master.

    I just want to Thankyou for creating such a great group of characters within Darkmatter who were so well rounded and human.

  73. Oh wow. It’s been…a while. I think SG-1 was still on the air or was just getting cancelled. I had just started college and was looking into writing and film and this blog kept popping up again and again. And I just keep coming back, again and again. Sometimes for Stargate and Dark Matter and the awesome food pics. Often for the dogs. 🙂

  74. I don’t know the exact date that I started reading your blog, but it was a long time before I ever posted in the comments. The first time you mentioned me in your blog would be on August 30, 2010.

    I came for the Stargate and stayed for the interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and the Akemisms.

  75. I started following your blog back in December of 2014. Right around the time when you announced the cast of Dark Matter, especially Zoie Palmer whom I’ve been a fan of and have met several times since 2012.

  76. It was after the cancellation of Dark Matter. Still waiting for good news. Have never commented until now. Generally just read and move on. But since you asked, I enjoy reading the blog.

  77. Long time Stargate fan but only recently found your blog. Honestly, I only started actively seeking out authors when I was offered a contract of my own. Then I thought, well, these people are successful writers they must know something about the ‘life’. The long hours of plotting, planning, outlining, writing, editing, re-writing, and holding your breath after you submit it.
    To be perfectly honest, I followed many to begin with, but in the little over a year since I put pen to contract, I’ve winnowed it down to just a handful of people that I genuinely like. For personal reasons, for professional reasons, for their writing, for inspiration. You are one of them and the one of the few I actually take the time to read start to finish.

  78. hmmmm. I would love to recall the date I joined or even the year, sometimes yesterday is a stretch. It has been many moons and many lovely puppy pictures and stories, from Maximus to Suji and in between, all grand memories! All the food and great family stuff. What a fun ride and thanks for all your sharing..! Best of luck wishes for uap and all. fingers crossed.

  79. I found your blog from a mention on the TVJunkies website (like so many others, when DM was annoyingly cancelled). I’m expexctling great things from your Untilted (Unbeliveably) Awesome Project!

  80. A good friend had recommended Stargate Atlantis, but it was when summer 2008 came & my mom (yes) watched it that I finally saw SGA. Still my favorite. And loved Carson Beckett’s character.
    Googled more about the show only to learn Beckett had been killed off, brought back… maybe! And you teased the blog readers with a photo of Beckett on a gurney. Is he going to make it??? Or something like that.
    Cruel, I tell you. Had to reply. Couldn’t think of a screen name, but used the boldface for a quasi headline to my first comment. ForTheLoveofBeckett, man! What are you thinking to tease the recently bereaved who couldn’t bear to lose “the heart of Atlantis” again? So then, for only the 2nd time in my viewing history, became hooked on a TV character… and fell for Beckett.
    The next blog I read was about the cancellation of Atlantis. At least I got to watch the last season in real time.

    I too miss AnneTeldy (Kelly Hurt) and her acerbic wit. We corresponded and visited over the phone. Still have her letters with book recommendations in them. She was a great friend. Also missed here on the blog (and mostly with us, except for the first):
    and so many more.

    Hoping Big Things for the new projects, Joe! As always, am staying for the writing, comic rants about daily life, Akemi’s philosophy & turns of phrase, the dogs, the recipes, BTS photos, and the blog family.

    Still holding out hope for a Dark Matter momento. I even Fed-Exed & made deadline. :D.

    Crossing fingers for a busy 2019 for you writing sci-fi series!


  81. I can’t remember how I found your blog, Stargate related probably. I do remember , as I was unable to have a dog at the time, enjoying reading about your three Pugs and being slightly jealous. Circumstances later changed and I was able to get a pup and he is now ten years old !

  82. I came here during the battle for Dark Matter and I love seeing the inbox notification that a new blog post has popped up. I just had a baby 2 months ago so sometimes they pile up before I get to them though!

    1. Congrats on the new family member! And piling up makes for some nice extended reading.

  83. I was looking for information about SGU and landed here on the post announcing the its cancellation…

    On the plus side I found this blog which I always look forward to binging on slow days. 🙂 Thank you for the daily updates. I would worry if you missed a day.

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