Own a piece of Stargate history! To celebrate the 250 000th visit to this blog, I will be giving away an item from the set of the movie Stargate: Continuum. Yes, you could be the lucky owner of a chunk of one-hundred percent bona fide Stargate flocking. “What the hell is flocking?”you may ask and “Did you even spell it correctly?” The answer to the latter question is “I don’t know.”, but the answer to the first is “Flocking (sic?) is that fake snow you see on sets intended to convey a sense of deep freeze fun.” And this particular chunk of flocking comes from the set of Stargate: Continuum, lovingly scraped off and discarded after filming wrap and now available for one fortunate individual.

The flocking, gorgeously displayed by the equally gorgeous Gary Jones in the picture above, comes in a beautiful carton box and will include its very own Unofficial Certificate of Authenticity (also pictured). Stay tuned! The winner will be announced in the days to come!

I’d like to take a moment to thank the fans (and Vaberella in particular) who spent countless hours deciphering the chicken scratch pictured in yesterday’s blog. To be honest, the writing was a lot cleaner and easier to make out in the smaller pics but, interestingly, the fact that it was that much harder to read seemed to lend credence to the possibility that I had mistakenly snapped a shot of genuine, though thoroughly lame and stage-weighty episode in which next to nothing happens between the opening tease and episode’s end. And it’s Part One no less! So, again, thanks and congratulations to all those who took the time to decode the simulated outline. Alas, the only genuine thing about those pictures was Carl’s less-than-enthused reaction to the chocolate.

Or was it?

Yeah, it was.

Hey, what’s on everyone’s mind?

Anonymous #1 writes: “In the season 4 previews it shows the female characters with their new uniforms unzipped down their front. So will we also be getting unzipped cleavage shots of Sheppard, Lorne and McKay?”

Answer: Whenever the producers check out some of the fan commentary, invariably the ones that give us the biggest kick are criticisms of the outfits our female regulars wear. They run the gamut from “Why did they make her wear that ugly dress?!” to “They put her in that outfit to make her look sexy!” Please don’t allow this to spoil your fun (and ours at reading the aforementioned comments) but how and what our actors and actresses wear is pretty up to them. Especially in the case of civvies where, in most cases, they’re wearing ensembles that they have hand-selected. Whatever they feel comfortable in is cool with us which is why when the Atlantis cast requested new uniforms for the show’s fourth season, we were more than happy to comply. Hell, there’s rarely a week that goes by that Jason isn’t in the costumes department, showing off his latest purchase he’d like to incorporate into Ronon’s ensemble. So, ultimately, if an actress would rather wear her jacket zipped down instead of zipped up tight in a tribute to Kilroy, that’s fine with us.

SMB Books writes: “Chocolate dipped pretzels – yay or nay? I say yay – love the sweet and salty combination!”

Answer: I’m afraid I’m going to have to say nay on account of the crunchiness.

Mackenziesmomma writes: “My question today is where will fondy be opening her wonderful doggy spa? Does she need help? wink I am afterall a certified veterinary technician and a farmer…”

Answer: She’ll be opening her doggy spa on West Broadway and the corner off…hmm… don’t remember. Might be MacDonald. And she and her business partner are looking to hire. Swing on by, they could make use of your veterinary AND farming skills. Also, do you have any experience with doggy massages?

Alipeeps writes: “I’m caught between wondering how many hours fans are going to spend trying to decipher those whiteboards and wondering if you would really go to all the trouble of creating fake whiteboard notes just to wind people up/throw them off the scent… nah… not even you could be that nefarious..? Could you?”

Answer: Mmmmmaybe. Actually, it didn’t take all that long. It took me all of three minutes to write it up – which pretty much accounts for the quality of the actual handwriting. The “it was all a simulation” is the scifi equivalent to the horror movie/short story “it was all a dream” ending after which you sit back and mutter “So what the hell was the point of sitting through that?” The best example was, of course, the season-that-wasn’t on Dallas when they discounted an entire season to bring back the deceased Bobby Ewing. It was, it turned out, all a dream (“Hey, remember the past six months of your life you spent watching the show? Would you mind forgetting all about it? Great. And thanks for being such a loyal viewer.)

MP writes: “Now that SG-1 has more or less wrapped, are the sets going to be dismantled as with most cancelled shows or are they going to remain standing for occaisional use on Atlantis / more movies?”

Answer: If Atlantis does get that fifth season pick-up, a decision will have to be made on the SG-1 standing sets. We won’t be able to keep all of them.

Marsha R. writes: “If you do come to L.A., there’s not only the possibility of corn tamales from you-know-where, but also access to AprylRae’s aforementioned bbq pulled pork straight from her oven. Oh, and I guess we could throw in some chocolate (as dessert, not on the bbq).”

Answer: Where? Where?!

LogicSequence writes: “Seeing as you’re a big fan of the food network, i was wondering if you have ever watched, or regularly watch some of the big cooking reality shows? Hell’s Kitchen or Top Chef for example?”

Answer: I have in the past. Unfortunately, I’ve missed the first three episodes of this season’s Hell Kitchen which I hear has been pretty terrific/mortifying.

Amy writes: “I have deciphered everything on the whiteboard. One question: Is this real or is it all a simulation?”

Answer: Your deciphering of the whiteboard was only a simulation I ran to gauge your emergency preparedness skills. Congratulations. You passed.

Dee in South Africa writes: “Is this what “Foxy Loxy with Floppy Sockies” is, an anagram?”

Answer: You’ve found me out! Yes, Fox Loxy with Floppy Socksies is, in fact, an anagram of Office With Spooky Lox Sly Pyx. Now it all makes sense!

Anonymous #2 writes: “Can you tell us what the ratings were for Unending and First Strike?”

Answer: I won’t know for a couple of days.

Anonymous #3 writes: “When you go to a store such as the chocolate one in yesterday’s pics, how do you shop? Do you browse?”

Answer: Yup, I’m a browser. I check the place out and pick up whatever strikes my fancy (hopefully a flavor that will alarm the guys back at the office).

Marion writes: “ Being the food lover you are, you’ve ever taken cooking lessons, and if it’d be something you’d like to do, and what kind of cuisine you’d like to be able to cook.”

Answer: I used to cook a lot as a kid, but really haven’t done much cooking since. I’d love to take some French cooking lessons. Of course that’s wholly dependant on my, uh, schedule next year.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “Croyez vous que Stargate aurai pu éxisté dans la réalité..? si oui es que les histoirs seraient identique?”

Reponses: Oui et oui.

Wolfen writes: “What are the chances we might see some Macross/Gundam-style transforming mecha on the show?”

Answer: Would love to but the visual effects budget on such an episode would be astronomical.

Anonymous #3 a ecrit: “1) les acteurs de SGA ont signés pour combiens de saisons? 2)qu’elle était la raison d’écarter TORRI dans cette saison 4, elle avait d’autres obligations? 3) sheppard sera t-il dévasté par la disparition de weir? 4) qui sera au COMIC CON de san diego cette année, vous y serez?”

Reponses: 1) Je ne peux pas répondre à cette question. 2) Je ne peux pas répondre à cette question. 3) Je ne peux pas répondre à cette question. 4) Au moment, je ne sais pas.

Expendable crewman writes: “Can you let me know how the Morrell book reads? Do I need The Blade Itself to enjoy Before They Were Hanged? Did you read I am Legend? What did you think? I just finished McCarthy’s The Road.”

Answers: I don’t read a lot of horror but I do make the occasional exception based on the recommendation of others (as was the case with The Terror). I’ll let you know what I think once I read it. The Blade Itself is the first book in the series, so start with that. I’m halfway through Before They Are Hanged and loving it. I read I am Legend ages ago and need to re-read it. And funny you should mention The Road as Brad was in my office just the other day recommending it to me.

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you forgot to post what we have to do to be submitted into the contest. also what about them badges lol should throw one them in to smile thx for your time


so this blog must be about “flocking and togetherness”?

sorry…the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned the flocking was that line grin

So did the entire cast request new uniforms?


Hah. As I suspected, merely another evil supervillain plot to throw us off course. You are truly more nefarious than even I had thought possible.. only my instinctive paranoia, honed and perfected over months of reading your blog, saved me on this occasion.

So who wins the flocking.. whichever fan spent the most time deciphering the whiteboard scribbles? smile

P.S. The Unofficial Certificate of Authenticity cracked me up. I love it! grin

An actual question: how goes the hiatus reading? Which novel out of the pile pictured did you start with? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Iain M Banks ones..

Arctic Goddess
Arctic Goddess

Hey Joe:

I have a question about questions. If I ask a question and want to pursue more detail in your answer, or want to discuss, oh, say, film studies in universities, would you continue to answer that question in an over all discussion, or do you only want to answer one-off questions, like the lightning round in a game show? Just curious…



My goodness Joe, what made you write all of that down in the first place? Was it boredom? A special celebration of the start of hiatus? A hazing ritual for a new writer that we don’t know about, where he has to write a script based on the weirdest outline you guys can create?!

Anywho…has that last episode place in Season 4 been filled yet? If so…any hints?


Do I have to make some smartass remark to enter the contest. Or do I need to be over critical about your blog and your answers to our questions. Or do I just have to say Pugs and Chocolate rule!


I was kididng about the remarks I hope you know. I do read you blog often.


Dear joe,

Happy St. Jean to you and Fondy. I’m looking forward to seeing you in montreal sometime.

your montreal fan

Someday Scientist
Someday Scientist

So, the fans are just going to flock to this post now… (sorry, I know it’s an awful pun, I just had to use it.)

I almost bought Old Man’s War yesterday – you recommended it before – but instead pre-ordered Hewlett’s movie. What can I say, I have my priorities. I currently have a stack of books to finish anyway. People keep giving them to me, and I feel obliged to read what they’ve given me before I buy another book to read. I’m funny that way. At least it’s all sci-fi and fantasy. ^_^

How’s hiatus treating you? Writing going well? And how about those pugs you’re not getting? (speaking of dogs, mine just had some sort of conniption fit…)

Take care,
Ayla McKay
Nova Scotia



First of all, I have to (shamefully) admit that I haven’t kept up with your blog. sad Living without the internet really isn’t living at all…merely existing.

BUT! I’m glad to say that I am playing catch-up on my favorite SG exec producer/writer’s blog but I just wanted to let you know that, in your honor (and at my request), there will be chocolate strawberry shortcake AND chocolate & amaretto cheesecake topped with chocolate sauce and even some sugar-free chocolate goodness (my husband’s diabetic) consumed over the next week. My father’s in a chocolate cooking mood. Did I mention we make everything but the chocolate from scratch? Yeah we do. The strawberries will be freshly picked by your’s truly and the chocolate will be of the finest kind as can be had here in Columbia, SC.

Now don’t you wish you could be at DragonCon since said chocolate feast will be repeated for my Dad’s birthday???

Oh and leave it to you to create such a buzz over fake snow. You, sir, are a wonderous genius that no mere mortal can match…

(And only part of that statement was sarcastic…)



“Your deciphering of the whiteboard was only a simulation I ran to gauge your emergency preparedness skills. Congratulations. You passed.”

Yay! I passed! Is passing like winning? Does that mean I won the flocking? wink
So how does one win the flocking anyway?

Is there anything we can do to let TPTB know season 5 will be a smart move for them?


Just because I know it’ll annoy Sanssong, who hates her so much, what’s the episode count on Elizabeth? Still four for season four?

I know you mentioned Beckett would be in three episodes and that’s now down to two, so since you’ve only mentioned the names of three eps for Torri, does that mean she’ll only be in three?

Susan the Tartan Turtle
Susan the Tartan Turtle

Since mega-hunk Mars has his own blog and myspace thingy why don’t you do a ‘day in the life of a Mallozzi Pug’ blog.

You could even fit them with little cameras to see what they get up to when left alone.

I am not at all clever when it comes to the analysing what you really meant in your blogs – I take things at face value. So if you are going to set us a task could you make it simple for us simple people to understand?

And thank you for allowing Paul McGillion to come back for a couple of episodes in series 4.

We are ALL waiting on the decision for series 5 with baited breath.

Susan…proud Tartan Turtle and SCB campaigner – but don’t let that put you off considering me for the mega-useless prize!


If they can send one Scotsman to the Pegasus Galaxy why can’t send them all?


what will be teal’cs role in that episode of atlantis will he help with ronon or something


Apparently there’s a lot of talk about how downloading is the reason for the not so fantastic ratings for the second half of season three.

How does that add up, given the fact that the second half of season two was also available online since it also went to air first in Canada.

There’s more to it than that. The situaiton is the same as it was last year when it comes to downloading. The difference now is that fans know you’re getting rid of Beckett and Weir. And they’re not happy.

Is there absolutely nobody who can see that? The great “Sunday” which was supposed to be a ratings booster if PM is to be believed (since he said he was told he was going to ‘shake things up’ and boost ratings) rated 1.1. Was that worth losing him for? A 1.1? I doubt it.

Jen Kirk
Jen Kirk


You seem to really dislike the “It was all a dream” solution on bringing Bobby Ewing back on Dallas. Since it’s a non sci fi show (so there are some limitations) how would you have brought him back? Or would you still turn to the magic of sci fi?


Oh! Oh! Choose me! Choose me! I mean… *ahem* What would I want a piece of flocking?

Unfortunately, I did not think to try to decipher the chicken scr–writing on the white board from yesterday’s pics.

Maybe next time.


joe, you’re funny. and the promos look awesome. i’m especially happy to see some lorne in there.

grits are rapidly becoming my favorite part of the south. bad grits are terrible, but good grits- amazing.

if you were to introduce someone to SG-1 and SGA, which episode(s) would you pick to get them hooked?


if you were to introduce someone to SGA and SG-1, which episode(s) would you pick to get them hooked?


Anonymous said…
Just because I know it’ll annoy Sanssong, who hates her so much, what’s the episode count on Elizabeth? Still four for season four?

Bwahahahahahahahah ….. *ahem* sorry…


How do we enter to get this fine looking Gary Jones? What? You mean the competition is for the thing he is holding?
Damn it!
Oh well so how do we enter?



Anonymous said… Is there absolutely nobody who can see that? The great “Sunday” which was supposed to be a ratings booster if PM is to be believed (since he said he was told he was going to ‘shake things up’ and boost ratings) rated 1.1. Was that worth losing him for? A 1.1? I doubt it.

You know you’re absolutely right! How could JM and the others have been sooooo wrong about these cast changes? God, how stupid of them! They made HUGE mistakes- committed career suicide! The show will fail and now EVERYONE will be looking for work! They should fire themselves and hire YOU to run the show since you obviously know so much about it.

Now to get to a subect that’s actually interesting.

Joe, I just have to say again how much I LOVED First Strike. It was by far the best season ender since Siege II. And for old time’s sake I even watched Unending and I loved it too. Great job to all who had a hand in these two supper episodes. I look forward to many more seasons to come for SGA!


Wow…can you actually read/speak french?

And Reaper Man is pretty good, but I would DEFINITALY recommend Guards! Guards! if you haven’t read it already. Oh, and Maskerade is a really good one too.

And my other question for today? I dunno. How about this: Who/what is your favorite musical artist/song at the moment?

The Captain
The Captain

Firstly, a note::

“In the season 4 previews it shows the female characters with their new uniforms unzipped down their front. So will we also be getting unzipped cleavage shots of Sheppard, Lorne and McKay?”

I second that, but I’m not complaining about the girl uniforms, I just really like the guys xD (no, I’m not that creepy, I just couldnt help the bad joke)

Now! Continuing, I deciphered what I could of the whiteboard. This is what I have, with some gaps here and there::

Team discovers
(track?) above the Wraith

Plan op.
Hit _ _.
Team about to be _.
Cut to commercial.

_ it was all a (explination?)
Real op is planned
Team sets off
_ under fire
They’re about to _!!!
Cut to commercial

Now they are ready!
Go on op.
Captured by the wraith!
As Wraith is about to feed…
Cut to Commercial

Simulation ends.
Now the team is finally ready.
They infiltrate the wraith hut
Self-de(something) _ _
The _ _ up (the head is blocking it) intruder!
Cut to commercial.

Whew! _ Good thing it
Was only a simulation.
Now we’re ready!
As the team heads off
for the op……..


So! How’d I do?


Hello Joe,

Is there any chance that Daniel Jackson will be making a guest appearance in Season 4?

Thank You for your blog and answering questions.