I awoke this morning and logged onto to this blog to find the following message awaiting moderation:

“Anne Teldy’s lil sisAnne and I wrote this two weeks ago. All typos or mispellings are mine. I had hoped not to have to post this for some time, but sadly…

Kelly Hurt, known on the Internet as Anne Teldy, passed away Thursday, September 20, 2012. She belonged to several discussion groups ranging in subject matter from books to size acceptance to her beloved Stargate Atlantis and made good friends through them.

Those online friends rallied around Kelly when she announced on her TV.com blog her hospitalization and subsequent move to a nursing home. They sent a flood of cards and gifts, cheering her greatly during her worst times.

Kelly’s favorite online activity was participating in the discussion at the blog of Stargate Atlantis writer/executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. Winning his “One Millionth Blog Visit” contest was the highlight of her life, she said, and she was nearly overwhelmed by the prizes: a Stargate SG-1 10th Anniversary watch and a character named after her on Stargate Atlantis. (Major Anne Teldy made her debut in the Fifth Season episode “Whispers”.)

Kelly was preceded in death by her father Roy. Hurt. She is survived by her mother, Marlett Hurt of Newburgh; a brother Richard Hurt of Evansville; sisters Kathleen Blizzard and Kerry Siniard both of Chandler as well as nieces and nephew Heather Schoch, Tony Hurt and Leah Hurt (U.B.) of Tennesse; nieces Amy Blizzard, Kristina Orange, and Katlynn Orange all of Chandler.

Funeral arrangements are pending at Alexander Funeral Home in Newburgh IN. In lieu of flowers, please send memorial contributions to the “Save Stargate Atlantis” Fund or the American Diabetes Association.

Kelly wished to express her especial gratitude to Sparkle and Puppet of Madison WI as well as to Joseph Mallozzi and his blog regulars (for the love of Beckett, skgraff, das, paloosa, sulien, maggiemayday, sheryl, and everyone) for all their friendship and support during her illness.”

As many of you know, Kelly was a longtime reader of this blog and a passionate Stargate fan.  She’d been battling health issues for a while and it was only last week that we learned her condition had taken a turn for the worse.  The news prompted me to write an entry in which I offered an overview of Kelly’s interactions with our little online community – her posts, her milestone achievement of being the 1 000 000th visitor here (which won her a Stargate SG-1 10th anniversary watch), the fact that she had a character named after her internet pseudonym, Anne Teldy (September 15, 2012: Our Major Teldy! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Be All My Sins Remember’d!).  Although she was unwell, her comments were always positive and spirited.  Some of my favorites included:

“Am I the only person who, on first seeing deeinsouthafrica’s little avatar/icon/picture thingy thought it was some strange internal organ?”

“Your blog never fails to make me laugh and, considering my health problems, etc., that means more to me than I can say. And, since content of posts has nothing to do with winning, you may rest assured I am sincere. Thanks.”


“I’ve gotten my 22 year-old-niece hooked on Stargate Atlantis by letting her borrow my DVDs. She hadn’t finished Season 3 when this season started but had by the time SciFi Channel ran the all-day Atlantis marathon. We watched it together over the phone with her calling me every commercial break. (I had to change batteries in my cordless. :-) ) We watched tonight’s episode together, too.”

“As to the first 3 pictures: I’m sorry, but that looks like an Asgard sex doll which makes Mr. Gero’s expression rather… uhm… creepy.” (January 15, 2008)


“Dear Cookie Monster,

Thank you so much for your email. Please let me know when the watch will be arriving so that I can rent a forklift.”


“I honestly can’t believe this. Thanks, Mr. M.! (The cash is on its way. Tens and twenties like we agreed.)

All kidding aside, this means more than I can possible convey in words. As I posted in one of my gabillion comments, I’m housebound and don’t have much to get excited about. Stargate Atlantis is the first thing in a long while that has “got my juices flowing” as my grandmother used to say.

It also got me wanting to interact with others. The regular commenters here, as well as yourself, Mr. M., have such great senses of humor that I get a laugh every time I come to the blog. It made me want to be a part of it, something that’s been quite alien to me lately.

Thank you again, Mr. M. Whether she’s eaten by space cows, killed by Sheppard in his stick-fighting episode, or dies of poor hygiene due to the lack of bathing facilities in Atlantis, I’m sure you’ll write a memorable death scene for my namesake.

Anne Teldy
PS: Please hold off shipping the watch until I get the floor reinforced.”


“I really wish I hadn’t looked up ‘Melena’. It was a beautiful name.”


“jan wrote:

If there was a fast food fly-in at Pegasus galaxy, would they serve special dishes for Wraith like a ‘Crispy Colonel’ or a ‘McKay’?

I’m thinking ‘Sheppard’s Pie’. ;-)


At last a bright spot in my imprisonment! A recently-hired nurse, John, is an SF fan! When he brings my 4 p.m. medicines (he uses a wheelbarrow ;-) )Stargate Atlantis is on SciFi and he usually stays and chats a while. He’s excited about knowing the real Anne Teldy.”


“I have to agree with your stance. I have never considered fruit “dessert”. However, the staff here does. It seems to have to do with something called ‘nutrition’. The concept of ‘nutrition’ is apparently defined as “when food is good for you but does not taste good”. They cooks here excel at nutrition.”

“Thanks again to all the regulars sending cards and letters. It really brightens my day when the staffer brings those little reminders that somebody out there likes me.”


“I was moping around in emotional misery this morning when the staffer came in with the mail. “You have a box!” she said in that annoyingly chipper voice of hers. After she left, I opened it to reveal manna direct from Heaven (or, in this case, Amazon.com) in the form of books — The Android’s Dreamand The Blade Itself — sent by Sylvia (skgraff) with the beginning discussion dates for each noted.”


“Mr. M, I again must ask for a blog dedication to honor one of your generous readers. Today, out of the blue, I received a box filled with CDs and a CD-player (batteries included!) from Paloosa.

Thank you, Paloosa! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. Some of the CDs are definite keepers and I look forward to exploring the music on the others.

And thank you to all who keep sending the spirit-lifting cards and letters. I’ve filled one bulletin board with them and am starting a second. They’re the first thing I see when I wake in the morning and they always make me smile.”


“The staffer woke me up this afternoon when she delivered a box with an air hole in it. It was from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and contained my new teddy bear. She wears a white t-shirt with “Marines” in red on the front and “Major Anne Teldy” in black on the back. I sat rocking her and cried like a baby. (Of course, I cry like a baby quite often these days.) I can’t thank you enough for the gift.”

“A Personal Milestone: No Reply Needed; Skip if You Like

Since I’ve always been an avid reader, people often ask me to recommend good books to them. In June of 1994, as an aide to memory, I began to write down every book I read. Once I finish it, I record the title and author along with notations as to who among my reading acquaintances might best enjoy it.

I’m pleased to announce to all my friends that, after sixteen years, I have reached a personal milestone: as of this evening, Monday, the 5th of July, 2010, I have read 3,000 books! (This includes fiction and nonfiction, audiobooks and traditional, as well as rereads of favorite titles.) This works out to an average of 15.5 books per month. I’ve had three months in which I read 47 books, my personal best. Also, due to my poor health, I’ve had nine months in which I didn’t read a single book.

I can’t actually choose a favorite, but my most reread books are Jane Austen’s six, J K Rowling’s seven, and Helene Hanff’s 84 Charing Cross Road. As for worst, I once read an SF novel, Vurt, for which I noted “recommend to worst enemies only”. Of course, I could have been having a bad day. :-)

Although I only knew her through the comments she posted to this blog, those posts, I thought, offered great insight into Kelly as a person, showing her to be warm, funny, an avid reader, and greatly appreciative of Stargate and her fellow fans.

She will be missed.



71 thoughts on “September 21, 2012: In memory of Kelly

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Kelly Hurt. I wish I had known she lived less than 50 miles from me. I would have loved to visit her. She and her family are in my prayers

  2. That was an amazing tribute! She really had a great sense of humor. I wish I could have known her better. Kelly will be missed!

  3. Kelly, you will be missed , but your thoughts will always be with us.
    May you rest in peace with no worries and pain knowing that you will be remembered.

  4. I first started reading Joe’s blog a few years back and since that time there have always been certain people’s comments that I looked forward to reading ..anneteldy was one of those people.

    Though her voice will be missed by us readers, her heart will continue to influence us. Thank you, Kelly. We will keep your family in our prayers.

  5. Kelly is in a better place. Her spirit soars free. Condolences to her family and friends.

  6. What a wonderful tribute for an amazing lady. It’s a real credit to her spirit that she was so upbeat in the face of such adversity. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed indeed.

  7. We are diminished by her loss yet more for having known her. Thankful that here on this blog she found some joys in life. My condolences to family and friends.

  8. P.S. I would quite like to send a memorial contribution in Kelly’s name to the “Save Stargate Atlantis” Fund, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Might you or one of Miss Hurt’s blog friends point me in the right direction (address or website, etc.)? Thank-you so very much.

    SparkleFarkle at


  9. Love all the comments AnneTeldy has left here over the years. Joe your blog brings some interesting people together. I’m glad AnneTeldy reconnected with us, and thanks to her little sister for helping her make that happen.

    On this blog we have read about the death of some cherished personal family members, beloved pets, and close friends. But I think this is the first blog member we have lost.

    So, my heartfelt sympathies go out to Kelly’s family, friends, Joe and all you blog family members here. Kelly has gone home in the arms of God.

  10. That was a wonderful tribute! In my 2 1/2 years on this blog, I always looked forward to reading Kelly’s comments. You have built an amazing community here, Joe, one that is very special to me also. Love and prayers to Kelly’s friends and family.

  11. My sympathies are with you, her family, and fellow blog followers.

  12. My condolences to Kelly’s family. Her humor and wit were a wonderful contribution to this blog. She will be missed.

    @SparkleFarkle: there is a link to the American Diabetes Association site on the memorial page, but I’m not sure about the Save Stargate Atlantis Fund.

  13. My condolences to Kelly’s family.

    I’m glad she got so much enjoyment out of her online interaction, she was a pleasure to have around the net.

    She’ll always be Anne Teldy in my head, and viewing “Whispers” will have yet another dimension to it now.

  14. Kelly truly had a wonderful spirit and positive outlook despite the adversity she faced. I will miss her contributions to the blog. Like others, I want to extend my deepest condolences to her family and friends. And Joe, thank you for such a lovely tribute.

    Although I don’t comment often, I have come to love not only Joe’s willingness to share so much on the blog, but also the comments made by so many readers. The wit and kindness of so many of you makes the blog something I look forward to each day.

  15. I’m very saddened by the news. Kelly will always be Anne Teldy to me, with that cute little purple elephant avatar. Her sense of humour sure did come through in her posts. Lovely tribute Joe. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

    People often don’t understand how close you can become to people you’ve never met in real life, only talked to online. I’m glad she had such a wonderful second home here in this community.

    I cherish all of the wonderful friends I’ve met here.


  16. I’m sorry I have been MIA lately. Mum had a fall while I was in Canada and dislocated her elbow. We’re quite the pair. She had a couple of weeks in hospital and was discharged. We did mention to staff multiple times that her elbow still looked weird and nasty. Well, it had popped out while she was in hospital. She is now back in hospital and being operated on today. Hopefully that will fix it.

    I’m still gathering my photos from my trip, which I will upload and share with everyone. I truly miss Canada. I could move to Vancouver in a heartbeat, but wouldn’t leave my family.

    My best to everyone.

  17. My Condolences to a wonderful person in the fan community. She will be missed.

  18. Kelly Hurt – Anne Teldy, will live on in the hearts of all who knew her well, and in those of us who knew her only through the internet. My best wishes to her family and friends.

  19. My condolences to Kelly’s family. Rest in peace, Kelly. Your humour and friendship will be missed.

  20. G’day Joe

    Sad, sad day.
    We are worse off here now and Heaven is better off having such a great soul sent to Heaven. You will be sorely missed Anne Teldy/Kelly Hurt.
    In a better place.

  21. That was lovely, Joe. All those comments remind me of how funny Kelly was, and often in a very subtle and clever way. Very classy. I remember her book reading milestone, too. Reading through her comments has been bittersweet – they put a smile on my face but at the same time left me all melancholy knowing she’s gone, never to visit the blog again.

    I think I’m gonna go have a cry now. 😥


  22. I am sad beyond words to hear of Kelly’s passing. I’ve been thinking about her all week, and hoping to hear her sassy voice again. She was a remarkable person with an amazing and feisty spirit. I have no idea how she endured the pain and frustration her conditions caused her, and still made so many people laugh. Kelly, you are sooo missed.

    @Anne Teldy’s Lil Sis: I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how devastating this must be for your family. I hope as time passes, that you stay with us. Kelly was a big part of our family here, and you along with all of your family should consider yourselves adopted. So please let us know how you are doing. In the meantime, my love and deepest sympathy are with you all.

    Thank you Joe for your kind heart, for everything you do, for everyone here.

  23. So sorry to hear about Kelly/Anne Teldy. I was surprised how upset I became to read of her passing but I shouldn’t have, your blog and blog regulars have been part of my daily life for years now, creating this virtual family of which I’m a silent member. My condolences to her friends and family, she will be missed from this side of the pond

  24. My deepest condolences to Kelly’s family and friends. Thank you Joe for the lovely tribute.

  25. Rats.

    Mixed emotions… glad for Kelly to have moved on out of her illness, sad for her family and the rest of us who will miss her, sad that new blog readers won’t get to know Anne Teldy, but majorly glad that we were privileged to know her.

  26. I was so sorry to read of Kelly’s passing, she’s sure going to be missed. My condolences to her family.


  27. So kind of you to write a tribute to Kelly. My best to her family; she won’t be forgotten.

  28. You know… “..in Sci-Fi, no One ever really *dies*…” — “…unless of course, you’re a *RED-SHIRT*. Which, pretty much makes you Toast! – But, Everyone ELSE is good!..” So, NO worries.

    And, BTW, “ANNE TELDY”, sooo NOT a RED-SHIRT! …She’s just gone to collect that Grand Prize on being the 1-millionth Person to “ASCEND”, that’s all…

    R.I.P. SPECIAL “K”!! — We’ll keep THE ‘GATE open!

  29. Joe, what an wonderful and amazing tribute for such true fan! I wish I had known her! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us!

  30. Nice recap of all the contributions that Kelly/Anne made to your blog over the years. Very sad to think that she’ll no longer be able to provide us with her witty comments.

  31. Joe, that was an awesome tribute, Kelly/Anne, I’m sure she appreciates that. My deepest sympathies to Kelly/Anne’s family. God bless.

  32. I had such a vivid dream of her last night. She was well and happy and we had all come to visit her for a party. It’s hard to believe she’s not here anymore but I hope where she is she knows how well-liked and loved she was, and how special we all were to have gotten to know her. I hope she was at that party.

  33. RIP Anne Teldy you will be missed you have ascended to a higher plane of existence.

  34. How very sad to hear such news. My deepest sympathies to her family. We all loved her contributions to this blog and really enjoyed her win for the namesake on SGA. @lil’ sis: Thanks for keeping us in touch with Kelly esp at such a difficult time.

  35. I’m really sorry to hear such sad news about Kelly. It is a sad time for all who knew her. x

  36. R.I.P. Kelly. You will be missed.

    Thank you to Kelly’s sister for taking the time to let us know. Too many times I’ve had online friends fall silent only to find out months, sometimes years, later that they have passed away.

  37. Very sad news indeed. But such lovely, warm comments here for a grand lady of this blog. Rest with God dear Kelly and know that you were loved, appreciated and a sterling Stargate fan. Deepest sympathies to her family and friends.

    Thank you Joe for your warm heart and sharing of some quite memorable Anne Teldy posts. You are a classy guy.

    We are family. Right here, right now.

    May God bless all,
    2cats – Carol

  38. This is by far the saddest news I have ever read on this blog. Even though I am only a casual visitor, I still enjoyed Kelly’s comments.

    You will be missed Kelly.


  39. for Kelly’s / Anne Teldy’s Sister — I second Paloosa’s invitation. Please know that we’ve adopted you as a family member here, and Kelly’s niece, too! To not hear from you, after taking the time you need, would be very hard. We talk about everything here — you won’t ever be bored! 🙂 Am praying that God’s grace, peace, and comfort carry you through this week and the months ahead.

    Joe, thank you for the beautiful tribute and funny flash-backs to Kelly’s wit and humor. That’s our girl!

    Now Kelly is done with tests and medicine. Hurray!!! She is in a place where there’s no more sadness, or crying, or pain. She’s partying (thank you, Talula) in heaven with God.

    Kelly talked about re-reading her favorites, and had been reading C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. “I love Aslan,” she said. This week she happened to be reading the final book in the series, The Last Battle. The story deals with the end of time, and the end of Narnia. Peter closes the door on the old world, and Aslan the lion leads him to enter into His country, the new one.

    And as [Aslan] spoke, He no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them…

    All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.

    ― C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

    What more could I hope for my friend? That she found the Great Story… And that she met Aslan, and found Him in His true form at last.


  40. Rest in Peace Kelly. I enjoyed getting to know you and reading your comments was so cool. A fitting tribute. Tip of the hat Joe.

  41. I skipped your blog yesterday…. damn. Bear with me a moment.

    Last night I dreamed we were all together, and that you, Joe, were teaching a writing class. Our final exam was to be presented in graphic novel form, a class team project. I was worried because I’d missed a day. Worried the team had moved on without me. Worried my Super-villian, Dr. Fruit Dessert, would not make the final edit in the class project.

    I woke up missing Anne Teldy. And now, reading the blog … damn . Damn.

    I sent her cards, although not as many as I intended. She did write back when she could. I feel as though I let her down.

    I’ve avoided the Temple at Burning Man for many years now, a beautiful, magical structure where you can put up memorials to those who have gone ahead, and on Sunday evening, the Temple gets sent to the heavens in a blaze of glory. I will surely make and take memorials this coming year… for my brother, my father and Our Anne Teldy. She was an internet friend, not close, but much loved.

    Damn, I’m dripping on my keyboard.

  42. Joe…this blog is such a wonderful tribute. Kelly was clever and funny. I too come here to have heart smile over what you and the others say. It is wonderful how lives connect. I read so much more than I post. But I am here…I’m going now because I can’t stop crying.

    Thank you Joe for being here..

  43. Wonderful tribute t someone who is clearly very special – I am sure that Kelly will be missed by all the regulars here who have enjoyed her comments and banter. RIP to a classy lady know as Anne Teldy

  44. Condolences to Anne Teldy/Kelly Hurt’s family. Don’t know what else to say.
    God bless.

  45. What a super tribute to Anne/Kelly, and my condolences to her family. It always strikes me how among internet friends, it is possible to know someone so well and yet not really know them at all. In Kelly’s case, the real person behind the persona was a gracious and funny soul — she’ll be missed.

  46. My God we’ve lost Teldy…I know I shouldn’t necessarily be surprised but I am. I bet somewhere in the Pegasus John Sheppard is shouting “Teldy!” Just like Kelly would have wanted:-) We miss you! Now go have an adventure, we’ll go through the gate with you later too. Maybe you and Hammond can give us some pointers when we get to the SGC in the sky.

  47. I started reading the blog around the time that Anne won the character name contest. I send my condolences to her family and friends.

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