15 thoughts on “May 29, 2018: Dark Matter Virtual Episode 4.01 collected links! And BTS photos from the vault!

  1. From what few interviews and behind the scenes stuff I have seen of those people I am fairly certain that sitting in that room with all of them must have been a really great time.

    Also, even after all this time, I still miss One. Joe, next time someone comes up with the idea of killing of a character like One, tell them some unpleasant place they can shove that idea. Then ignore them.

    1. I agree with Nathan here. Maybe one day you will tell us what really happened to Marc’s character – One. I can’t imagine you wrote this series about six plus main characters while always planning to kill off the number One guy.

  2. Thanks a heap for these virtual episodes Joe! And I have to say I get some real pangs of “home” sickness looking at the pics and reading the links because every time I do I’m reminded just how special this show was and how I loved all these characters. There was a real bond there that went beyond I think any other show including SG-1 and others I’ve really loved. You and these fine actors created something very special that will be missed for a long time to come!

    1. To clarify my previous comment…
      THANK YOU… JOE, for the Virtual Season 4.1 links (and for sharing them) and for those great BTS pix (esp with One/Marc Bendavid💕) …. just incase it looked like I was meaning…

  3. I don’t think a lot of the fans of this show have found this blog, otherwise I’m sure there would be a ton clamoring for more virtual episodes

    I just recently watched Dark Matter and loved almost every minute. After what happened to One, I wasn’t sure if the show was going to have the same dynamic feel to the cast as it had, however, it felt as though the Android almost took his place in the crew dynamic.

    I was incredibly sad to see that the show had been cancelled and loved reading the 1st virtual episode. It helped bring a bit of closure to that massive cliffhanger!

    I hope, somehow, someway that this show is revived somehow. Even if it were just a couple episodes to tie everything up… or even just a special “10 years later” kind of deal. It’s so frustrating to find a show like this, only for it to end up as it did.

    There’s something special about a ragtag group of friends on a space quest that’s just so endearing.

    Heck, even if you had a way to summarize your thoughts on where this show was going, that would be better than nothing. I need closure! We as fans all do!

  4. Going to have to bookmark these and come back to read another time. Too much going on. I’m so glad I don’t have much pet sitting because I wouldn’t be able to get this stuff done.

  5. Thank you for sharing this extra “Dark Matter” memorabilia! This show will be sorely missed!!! I’m thankful the DVD’s can’t wear out. At least not in my life time!!!

  6. Is this true. My favorite show is coming back? Google better not be pulling up my history to do a bad joke on me. May this show and team last season after season. More then the arrow.

  7. I just finished binge watching all three seasons of Dark Matter and it is without question the most well written and entertaining Science Fiction I have seen. It caught me completely by surprise that there was not a 4th season to tie up the storylines that had been so well crafted. I appreciate you making virtual episodes available to somewhat assuage our collective disappointment and I add my voice to the others asking that you consider making a movie.
    Keep up the excellent work!

    1. Hey Mary,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Dark Matter was a labor of love. I developed it over the course of many years and had a 5 year arc planned for the show that was, unfortunately, cut short by the syfy cancellation. Hoping to some day get the opportunity offer fans some form of closure.

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