I experienced a range of emotions upon hearing of Dark Matter’s surprising cancellation: disbelief, anger, sadness, and a lot of frustration at the thought of leaving this story incomplete.  As most of you know, I went in with a game plan from Day 1, a thorough narrative blueprint encompassing every story and character arc over the show’s outlined five season run.  Of course, I know fans were equally frustrated given the fact that the show ended on the promise of aliens and androids and their disappointment compounded my own.  Over the course of the eight or so months since syfy dropped the ball (and us), I’ve been keeping busy with various development projects.  I’ve written scripts and overview and takes and, while enjoyable and creatively fulfilling to a certain extent, the process made me miss my show and my characters all the more.  And then, yesterday, while perusing the Dark Matter subreddit, I happen across a thread titled Season 4 Premises.  On a whim, I clicked replied with an overview of what I had planned for the first act of the first episode of season 4.  It was incredibly cathartic.  So, I headed over to twitter, and announced that I would do the same there, in more detailed fashion, offering up a breakdown of Dark Matter Season 4 Episode 401, Act 1.

In truth, it was really just a therapeutic exercise, but the fan response was overwhelming.  And so, I’ve decided to follow up with Act 2 tonight – and Acts 3, 4, and 5 over the next few nights – to give fans a glimpse at what might have been. And, also, to finally get this story off my chest.

Depending on how things go, who knows?  Maybe I’ll do the same for Episode 4.02.  And beyond.  It won’t be season 4 and 5 on the small screen but, hopefully, at the very least, it will offer fans some satisfaction and, most importantly, a degree of closure.

So, what did you miss last night?  Here’s the rundown of Dark Matter Season 4 Episode 4.01, Act 1…

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

What do you think?  Leave me a comment in the comments section.

63 thoughts on “May 17, 2018: Dark Matter Episode 401 – Act 1!

    1. THANK YOU!!! I agree with most of the comments, fans will love/pay for a complete, cognizant script and/or audio. MORE PLEASE 💜 & a Heartfelt THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  1. Ever since the untimely and ridiculous cancellation of Dark Matter all I’ve wanted was for some sort of a wrap up to the series, (ie: mini-series, comic, whatever), but if none of that ever comes to be, then I would love for episodic twitter/reddit updates about the remaining two seasons of episodes from you. So please please please please please continue with these, so at the very least we can get a reasonable conclusion to the story of these characters we all love so much.

    1. I still mish this show. I just wanted to see it fully. It gave me something to look forward to I really enjoyed.

  2. Wondering… if you have the time… write the scripts and then publish them in a book like I did. It’ll do wonders for your sanity. And it’ll probably sell really well because it’s you, and Dark Matter, and fans want closure. And from my experience now, the public are OK with reading a book of scripts. I thought it would be a foreign concept for most but people are into it.

  3. Oh man! Now I am longing for DM again! Damn NoFy! First DM and now The Expanse. They suck balls. Damn I wish there was some way to get DM going again. This is so good.

  4. I’m amazed that so much story fits into one act–even one episode. This incredible narrative is the continuation we all wanted.
    I want to see this on the screen as much as anyone, but I wondered if you’d ever consider making (some of?) the remaining episodes as audio dramas? Fans would happily buy them, production costs would be fairly low (no sets, costumes, etc.), and best of all, the cast could fit recording sessions into their own schedules, even if you couldn’t get everyone in the same place at the same time.
    Just a thought.
    But mostly THANK YOU!

  5. This is great!!! I wish it was on the small screen. I agree that you should put it in a novel or series of novels. I would certainly buy!

  6. It’s awesome. I can see it happening as I read it. Thank you so much. It’s the next best thing and so appreciated! Cancellation of Dark Matter still hurts, but this is a wonderful remedy.

  7. Create a text description of scenes and have the Fans Submit Art of the scenes, then include them here on the blog.
    Scene 1 panel 1) Raza taking fire from the alien ships
    Scene 1 panel 2) Mini sub panels showing intense battle
    Scene 1 panel 3) Truffault abandons the field(Comms overlay Delaney speaking)
    Scene 1 panel 4) Teku abandons the field (Comms overlay Teku Bridge on fire)

  8. Joe,

    I believe that I can raise the capital that you need to produce your show and broadcast it on any medium that you choose. I promote Regulation Crowdfunding in the United States. You would have to set up a corporation in the U.S. but here is the deal – The JOBS Act of 2012 allows every day the general public to invest directly in startups. The process is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Administration and is an extremely detailed process. I can share the details with you privately, but I have the means to raise up to $50M dollars for you.

    Think about this…If all of your fans invested $100 each to own a piece of Dark Matter, how much money could you raise? Please email me directly. I am a huge fan of the show, and just learned today of its cancellation.

    Kevin F. McCarthy

  9. I’ve seen more than my fair share of shows end early, but I’ve rarely seen a creator demonstrate such continuing dedication to a show and it’s fans.

    You’re the best, Joe. Thank you.

  10. Hopefully your next show comes sooner rather than later Joe. I loved how Dark Matter beat Defiance in the ratings several times during its first season despite airing in a later and lesser viewed timeslot. You had something special and one terrible decision which has been repeated again with The Expanse has lost it.

  11. i am late to the blog . Is there any possibility of netfilx picking up dark matter?

  12. Joe – you are the best. I can imagine it all as if I was watching it. Thank you.

  13. As testament to how great your story telling skills are – I’ll anticipate you posting further Acts with just about the same complete excitement I felt anticipating the starts of your previous seasons. Thank-you!!

  14. Thanks Joseph! Not the same as seeing it on tv but certainly better than nothing. Good thing is that after 3 full seasons the characters are so ingrained in my mind’s eye it’s almost like seeing them on the screen! So thanks for the two installments and I look forward to more. It would be great to get closure on what happens to all the crew of the Raza.

  15. Loved it!!! I cant believe we cant get anyone to run this show again but you sharing this definietly cathartic, Joseph – thank you, I cant wait for the other acts 😀

  16. I loved Act 1. I especially like the way 5 takes command just as 2 did in the show’s very 1st episode. This work would make a great novel.

  17. Wonderful! More please (being greedy, having yet to read act 2 and3). Thanks for continuing anyway.

  18. I don’t read books ever, but I think I might start now, just reading act1 was enough, it was really fun. Thank you for that, doesn’t mean we don’t still want it back, because we do and honestly I feel betrayed by the cancellation, it is shameful of the network to do this halfway through.
    What? they felt like their arm was being twisted with the cliffhanger, and decided to put their foot down?
    I can understand the frustration of cliffhangers but come on no need to be a child about it 😀

  19. Crap, my comment didn’t post. So I will rewrite the short version. Hate Syfy too. I love that you are doing this. I agree with the book. I’d buy it. I know thousands of people who would.

  20. You should turn the series into a graphic novel that would be awesome.

  21. Magnificent. I’ll miss this show’s characters and the crazy trouble they kept finding themselves wrapped up in. SyFy has a history of prematurely ending shows with a strong following. Farscape was an early casualty, but wasn’t part of the justification for dumping Dark Matter the fact that they had The Expanse?

    Connor Cunningham is right — a graphic novel might be a colorful, exciting way to finish the story. Even though we all agree it’d be best back on television somehow.

  22. Hey, thanks for giving us some snippets of what was to come next! I really do hope you are somehow able to work things out to bring the series back!

  23. I am so happy to have some closure. I started watching Dark Matter on Netflix about a week ago and loved it so much I binged watch it for a couple days. All 3 seassons were remarkable. Then I learned, I was to be left hanging AGAIN, like with so many other shows I started on network TV and Netflix. I can’t believe how networks get people to watch their shows and their mllions of commercials only to make us become fans and get us hooked to turn around and cancel shows with NO CLOSURE. It makes me sick and not sure if I want to watch anything new on any network! It has become common place for them to not consider fans feelings or emotional attachments to characters and story lines. They have become cruel in my opinion. Thank you so much for this inside look to what might have been.

  24. I just found this. Thank you so much for writing this. You have a wonderful stories with characters I’m now very invested in. Thanks for not leaving them hanging.

    1. Me too. A major let down after Syfy cancelled DM in its 3rd season. .. These posts are good. I’m happy to find this.

  25. Just found this after discovering syfy cancelled the show and no fallback worked out… thank you so much, it’s so frustrating such good show got cancelled.

  26. This is great, I can create the scenes in my mind from these notes… 🙂 Please let me know the next time you are in Ontario… California, that is 🙂

  27. Time to get this show back on the air, if not how about a movie? If you do get it on the air you should write another five years since you have so much ground to cover and with the shows poorly decided cancellation your audience would be thrilled. Don’t give up on this project, Syfy has already learned their great replacement shows aren’t really that great.

  28. Oh wow!! Thanks so much for posting this! I finished the show last night and was so upset knowing we wouldn’t get anymore. This opening Act 1 is excellent!

  29. I love it, i was so pissed when this show ended I complained for 6 months day in day out going through the stages of grief, thank you.

  30. What are the chances of getting a ‘Serenity’ type feature if you can’t get a season or two?

  31. I cant believe that there isnt a network out there, Netflix, Amazon, someone that recognizes GREAT science fiction and will pick this franchise up for at LEAST two more seasons. Yes, we want closure but more than that we want to see our beloved crew back on the screen.

  32. Thank you so much for doing this. I wish it was back on the small screen, but you were absolutely correct on closure.

    1. I havent given up hope that someone with the power to make it happen will pick up this franchise and give us AT LEAST the last 2 seasons we need to wrap it all up.

  33. THANK YOU! I deeply appreciate the closure. I’ve re-watched the 3 seasons a lot but there was something a hole after watching S03 E13. While I hoped the series would be revived for the last 2 seasons, this greatly helps me. When I rewatch the series again, now I know the story doesn’t end.

  34. I am in love with Dark Matter and the cast. I watch the show whenever I feel sad or I’m having a hard time because this show, including the cast, really raises my spirits hardcore. I feel so better. But, when I am done with the final episode, I die a bit inside. Like, I feel empty. I sit in my gaming chair and just stare at my blank screen for an hour or two because I am just numb. So, I really really hate sci-fi (not syfy because I’m old school and cooler) for cancelling the show. Thank you for showing us these virtual episodes, a lot. It takes me a bit to read and comprehend since I am Russian but I won’t complain.. I do my best! ALSO: I strongly believe we need a Dark Matter game. Someone with money make one. Google “Fractured Space” and add in the Raza with FPS story style game play or something. ~Mia Vydrina <3

  35. Thank you so much!! I’m late to the party, only having just discovered and binged on all three seasons. I can totally picture all of the above unfolding, as the characters are all so fresh in my mind.

    It’s such a shame the series was cancelled, but I very much appreciate hearing what you had planned next for the crew of the Raza! And, yay, Six is alive!

  36. I’m also very late to the party as I’ve only just discovered Dark Matter on SBS streaming service here in Australia. I was hooked from the first episode and have binged the whole three series in the past two weeks…only to be left hanging at a crucial point in the storyline!!!
    I can’t believe the series was just dropped like that! Who the hell runs Syfy and what sort of morons are they? Dark Matter is way better than a lot of the other stuff they produce.
    I agree with lots of the other comments in that luckily through watching the three series the characters are firmly embedded in my mind so I can visualise the plot fragments you’re giving us here.
    Are you still doing this or have you found another outlet to continue the story? How can I find out more about this please? I really hope you are somehow able to realise the full five series in some form or other. Keep us updated please?

    1. Hi Tara,

      Welcome aboard.

      Sadly, we were unable to find a home for the show’s fourth season – but I haven’t given up hope on a concluding miniseries!

      In the meantime, here is a breakdown of what I had planned for the first two episodes of season 4 – given the video treatment by an inspired fan:


  37. Have you preserved the sets and costumes? Whatever you do, don’t let them be destroyed. Don’t let what happened to Batman happen to you. NBC was going to pick up Batman after ABC cancelled it , but the set had already been bulldozed, and it never happened. Store the sets in a personal warehouse, break them down into smaller parts if necessary. Another content provider such as Hulu could be persuaded to pick it up if the sets don’t have to be rebuilt from scratch. Your fourth season treatment looks great, so why shouldn’t there be that potential?

  38. I just recently watched the first three seasons. I love this show and was so disappointed finding SyFy had cancelled it. Thank You so much for posting these so we can find out what happens to the crew of the Raza.

  39. My Wife and I really enjoyed this show and just finished season 3. Truly a bummer the show didn’t finish the planned 5 seasons. Thanks for writing a follow up to give us a little closure. The story is fantastic and I wish we could have saw more of the Raza.

  40. ya know, even after all these years i still hate that scifi had this series cancelled in its prime. by now we could’ve all seen the 5yr plan come to fruition & i could have the physical media of the COMPLETE series on my shelf next to farscape, star trek, star wars, tripping the rift, quantum leap, & others. of course, i have no way of proving it being such a lowly peon consumer, but i still have a feeling scifi made a deal with cbs/paramount because the raza’s blink drive was a bit too similar to the obvious money grab that discovery’s spore hub drive represents, fake klingons & all. too many ferengi in this world.

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