9 thoughts on “May 19, 2018: Dark Matter Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.01, Act 3!

  1. Oh, I get why it’s harder to pull the alien out of Two and the simulant captured by Mikkei:
    As opposed to Three, they are designed to be compatible with alien biology for easier and deeper integration. I’d also guess that the Mikkei dupe was mentally conditioned.

  2. I wonder if we will see Inspector Kierken again? He might just be the guy to see the big picture within the GA (and to have the authority to do anything), assuming it was a clone body that got blasted at the end of S2.

  3. My faith in the universe and humanity is restored! Thank you for giving your fans a glimpse of Dark Matter’s future, past, and present!

  4. Hmm, things are heating up! It’s like I’m watching the show. Plus, my head doesn’t have a budget. It’s very a high tech and expensive production. 😉

    Getting close to move in day, right? I’ve been painting the interior of our house and planting flowers outside. It’s look pretty good!

    I’m thinking of asking Virginia (Dr Jo’s sister), if I can buy her Zebra painting. No one wants it. It’s very large and vivid. Anne says it’s startling to wake up to. What do you think?

    1. Oh, I wanted to ask if you have to repaint the new condo? If so, going gray? It seems to be the popular choice currently. There’s a study about how colors make people feel. I went with an off white blue because it relaxes me.

  5. Yikes, that’s quite the cliffhanger!!

    It’s ridiculously late, so I am going to force myself to go to bed now, but my head is buzzing with excitement.

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