18 thoughts on “May 18, 2018: Dark Matter Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.01, Act 2

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by Black Panther. Many of the superhero movies I’ve seen focus more on visual effects than script but I thought they did a really solid job with this one.

      1. I had heard good things and knew it would be solid and well written, but I actually got choked up a couple times, not just from sadness, which surprised me. It’s success is well deserved. Now why can’t DC studios get their crap together?

  1. Thanks for putting this on your blog too. Twitter is too hard to follow for me. It is so manic with all the different pictures and subjects coming in all the time interrupting my thoughts. This is so much more organized and orderly. I guess this means you better have season 5 written too. And since this is going to be a huge hit, we will make you continue on with seasons 6, 7, 8 … 😆

  2. I just got Black Panther and hoping to be surprised. I was at Barns & Noble wanting to pick up their overprice Deadpool. Got it from iTunes at a much reasonable price. It made me smile from the opening credit. Now I can get the IMAX MN Zoo ticket and have a clue.

  3. I still miss Dark Matter even if SciFy CAN’T get their act together (as per the boys on Big Bang Theory).

  4. Wow…. something tells me maybe this Kryden is the Alien manifested into TWO’s consciousness to keep her as its host from fighting the alien inhabiting her body, maybe THREE was fighting the alien when he went into the pod and they figured out how to mostly prevent their host from evicting them….

  5. End of an era tonight. The last episode of Once Upon A Time. My favorite show on TV is now over. Wish it could have been renewed, but happy for 7 years of excellent entertainment.

  6. I find it scary that I can flesh out your posts with dialog from the characters… I can literally hear them in my head (Citizen Bill? “Dear God, he’s gone insane!”)

    Another thought…(run for your lives!) I think that poster from yesterday was right, crowdsourcing could work! Axinar raised millions. Code 8 raised millions. 50 million is roughly 2 million per episode (2 seasons with 13 episodes each). You (cast, crew, YOU) are worth way more than that, but if you had 2 million per episode to work with, could it be done? If so, would it hurt to try? My understanding is that unless a goal is reached, no money changes hands. Why not set up a kickstarter campaign, get the word out, and see what happens?

  7. I’m with Bill on “I can literally hear them in my head”. I can see them, too. It’s like I’m watching the episode. Thanks for posting the next chapter!

    I have “Black Panther”. We’re going to watch it tonight. Glad to hear the high praise. I was a little leary. I had high hopes for that last Thor and it sucked! I mean, can you believe that Willie Wonka scene?

  8. Maybe one returns on the other side of the rift. The white hole to destroy the rift is a good idea!

  9. Thanks for posting this, after watching all the episodes, and having vivid memories of all the characters, this really helps finish some of the story line, but I really wish the series would have continued. Maybe you could try and do a two hour special final episode.

  10. Most excellent this show has to have a film ending surely.fantastic show great characters and storylines sp fx brilliant ,mad that it stopped on syfy.next to xpanse my favourites please universe see that this show makes a blink drive back on our screens.

  11. The way you’ve put this together, complete with photos , makes it so easy for me to visualize what’s happening. I can actually hear the dialogue spoken aloud. Thank you so much!

  12. This stash is something that the original Boone had in the primary universe and Alt-Boone took over because he knew the passcode to his own identical stash in his own universe, right? ‘Cause otherwise, he would have had to bring all this stuff over to the primary universe on the Alt-Marauder when the evil Raza crew crossed over, and I don’t think the Marauder is that large.

  13. “Shit, his name IS on the bottle.”

    As a spelled-out “Three” or a number “3”? The crew’s names are usually spelled out in synopses, but the latter would be easier to miss.

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