I’ve been asking myself that a lot of late.  What am I still doing here in Canada when I could be enjoying a nice leisurely extended stay in Japan?  I mean, yes, there are these projects to finish up, and the dogs to consider, but these projects aren’t going to take forever to complete (They just feel that way sometimes) and I’m not above disguising my dogs as infants to ensure smooth travels.

Anyway, while I sit here in Toronto, this is what I’m missing…

Bathing with Gudetama

The Cowboy Bebop Cafe

Mascot raves


A.I. Police

Transforming cat armor

The Hello Kitty bullet train

I mean, seriously!

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Jayenkai [JNK] (@Jayenkai)

Planning a long getaway?
A change of scenery might be interesting, as long as you translate for us wink

Margaret Clayton

I want to return to Japan, see all the new things, and all the new to me things. Or even all the familiar things. I’m craving a teriyaki MOS burger about now, or a slice of Shakey’s corn and squid pizza.


If you deside to disguise your dogs as infants, you’ll have to do something about the barking. Uh, newest sensation in Japan – barking babies….worth a shot?

Line Noise
Line Noise

Argh! I want to see the cat armour but the link is going to the AI Police!

Tom Gardiner (@Thogar)

I would go for the Hello Kitty train alone. Seriously.


You certainly make a good argument with going back for an extended stay! I haven’t been back since ‘81. Of course most of my time was on the quaint little island of Okinawa. Sure do miss it!


Did you know Joe that if and when you go back to Nippon, you’ll only be 8 hours away from me. Think of that! I’d be that much closer to you to be a thorough pita for you EVERYDAY! ^_^


We’re off to Japan in 2 months. Cheese tarts, CoCo Curry and ramen – lots and lots of ramen. We go there just to eat, I swear!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Suji is NOT going to let you leave her! No way, no how…. smile

Tom: Besides, my margarita spills every time I try to swim with it! You’re a funny guy Tom! We got lucky because a YMCA opened five miles from us. It’s not perfect but it’s a pool. Last week, the chlorine levels made everyone sick and this week, it’s dirty. sad I do my laps, wash off and I’m good as new though. I love to swim.
I’m seriously considering one of these babies: https://www.endlesspools.com/photo-gallery.php They are costly but our house will be paid for in a couple of years, so….. Maybe, one day.
I hope you find something that works for your back Tom!


You can get the cat in the US. I’d love one myself.
The description goes, in part, “Sox is a Neko who is proudly equipped with an arsenal of Busous, but often gets sleepy due to the heat of the motors.”


It’s like a ghost town here, the students gone, workers on vacation. Perfect time to slip off to the Cowboy Bebop café. Though you could make your own excellent Mushroom Samba and step, step, step your way to joy on the sofa with the boxed set. God I love Bebop. Thanks for the wonderful flashback DM picks, Roger Cross just radiates joy.


The Hello Kitty train would be a MUST for me. Do you think the dogs would travel well all that way? Once Patrick is settled and I get an employee I’ll be free to expand my pet sitting services. smile