3 thoughts on “August 12, 2019: Dark Matter Virtual Season 4, Episode 4.02 gets the video treatment!

  1. How awesome a fan took the time
    and made the painstaking effort
    to create these truly wonderful videos!
    Speaking of DM…
    Here’s 2 new viewing entertainment suggestions from moi with love.

    Having already checked out many of the shows on my summer watch list
    with most not proving to hold my interest
    I went randomly searching
    for something to binge during my downtime.
    Came across a series called “Sneaky Pete”.

    Well written & well casted. Lots of little not so easily predictable twists and turns.
    It explored many of the same concepts as DM.
    i.e: Nature vs nurture. What really makes a family ‘a family’?
    If you are basically a good person, with morally questionable lineage,
    repeatedly doing bad things for good reasons
    Are you doomed to always be a villain with good intentions?
    If youre truly bad by nature and do one good thing
    does that mean you are capable of genuinely evolving
    or do you simply have a small trace of human decency in your DNA?

    Its too bad it only went 3 seasons.
    Albeit at least it didnt end on a cliff hanger and felt complete enough
    at the end. If you havent seen it yet? Check it out!

    Anywhoo, While I was binging season 3 of Sneaky Pete
    I thought I recognized the actor portraying a character named Kilbane
    but couldnt recall what I’d previously seen him in
    so I searched his filmography. This led me to a second unexpected delight.
    A movie called “Clara”.
    Starring: Ennis Esmer, Patrick Adams and that actress with an overly complicated name
    who played in Pretty Little Liars.

    If you enjoyed the movie “Contact”
    and found SG1’s Daniel Jackson to be one of your all time fav characters,
    the main character in this movie, Dr Bruno, will remind you a bit of him.
    The bigger plus is It wasnt too terribly long or overly complex in detail.
    Just a simple story that tugs at ones emotions a bit and ends on a positive note.
    Like Sneaky Pete, perfect for lazy Sunday summertime at home viewing entertainment.

  2. I fell in love with this show too late unfortunately. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing where the Raza takes the crew. Looking forward to my episodes!

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