12 thoughts on “August 10, 2019: Dark Matter Virtual Season 4, Episode 4.01 gets the video treatment!

  1. Wow! What a great job! It makes it almost like watching the episode. Once again, I find myself missing these characters terribly.

    What’s also interesting is the detail of your original text and how it winds up being almost a full episode length in time. With the pictures, I can almost imagine the dialogue and action play out. Great stuff!

  2. Aren’t they brilliant?!!
    A massive thank you to YouTuber Francois Brodeur. Can’t wait for the next episode…

  3. Wow, that was really well done. I came away feeling like I just watched an episode. Joe, it must be an amazing feeling to know that you created something that inspires such devotion and creativity. I mean, wow, that was a labor of love to make that kind of fan-made video. So awesome.

  4. Great work Francois. Fun to watch . I wonder what are the copyright implication on doing episode 4 virtually . I mean with a virtual world engine . I understand how to copy image and make a video from the previous season 3 but wonder how far that would go . For example using a virtual world open source engine like opensimulator, unity3d or/and blender software one could probably mimic the bridge of Raza ship, do work on avatar re-construction so they have some kind of similarity with the actor involved and make of video using existing voice . That represent some work and a lot of fun time to do but would it be allowed? Would help be available else then using existing episodes as sources. ?

  5. Grateful for Francois’ work. Is there somewhere to read and finish season 4 (and season 5)? Comics or novels by Joseph Mallozzi?

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