Where do you get your scifi fix?

Do you read?

Do you check out the latest big screen offerings (I’ve been hearing great things about Annihilation)?

Possibly tune in to traditional broadcast homes like FOX (The X-Files, The Gifted, The Orville) and CW (The 100, Arrow, The Flash, SupergirlBlack Lightning)?

Perhaps go the cable route with channels like AMC (The Walking DeadInto the BadlandsHumans), BBC America (Class, Dirk GentlyDr. Who) or even Freeform (Cloak & Dagger, New WarriorsMisfits)?

Maybe peruse streamers like Netflix (Black Mirror, Dark Matter, Sense 8, Stranger Things, Travelers), Amazon (The Man in the High CastlePhilip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams), and Hulu (The Handmaid’s Tale, Dimension 404Runaways)?

Well, MGM seemingly has plans to give you one more choice.  With the launch of their streaming platform, Stargatecommand, the studio has sought to give longtime fans a one-stop shop for all their Stargate needs.  But, as evidenced by their reaching out to me on the heels of Dark Matter’s cancellation, their long-term plans extend beyond Stargate to other scifi offerings.  If all goes well, in three years down the line, we could not only have new Stargate on the platform, but several new scifi shows as well.  Perhaps even a Dark Matter miniseries.

February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans!

Imagine having a broadcast/streaming home dedicated to scifi?  Unheard of, but believe me, it’s closer than you think.

And this is why I’m asking not only Stargate fans, but Dark Matter fans and fans of science fiction in general, to join our campaign.  Getting Stargate back will only be a first step.  A big one, admittedly, but one we’re closer to taking now than at any time in the franchise’s history.

February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans!

Starting today, we have exactly two weeks to marshal our forces, explain the game plan to our army of gaters and allies and, ultimately, convince MGM that it’s time to launch that fourth Brad Wright/Robert Cooper Stargate series.  And, over the course of the next few blog entries, I’m going to break down exactly how we’re going to do that.

February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans!

Head on over to twitter and follow @StargateNow for all the latest campaign updates AND a plethora of Stargate-related goodies including, most recently:

February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans! February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans! February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans! February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans!

And a selection of gifs (featured in today’s blog entry).

You have a chance to a part of something HUGE.  Don’t miss out!

February 23, 2018:  A Call To All Stargate, Dark Matter, And Scifi Fans!

34 thoughts on “February 23, 2018: A call to all Stargate, Dark Matter, and scifi fans!

  1. Yes please! Would LOVE to know what happened to both Atlantis and the Destiny. We need more sci-fi in the vein of SGA/The Orville. Would be nice to see a fun, funny, hopeful series again.

      1. >…In its first broadcast in the new time slot, The Orville became Fox’s highest rated Thursday 9 p.m. broadcast in two years.[63] After taking into account DVR and VOD, The Orville was Fox’s most-viewed drama debut since the premiere of Empire in 2015

        Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

  2. This is by and far the best News……..thanks for that 😊😊😊
    And I will make as much noise as possible to help with this Movement
    #StargateNow #DriveToRevive #Stargate

  3. Oh boy! This is going to be great!

    I mostly do cable and Amazon, and movies apres-cinema. I have become too cantankerous for theaters anymore, it just isn’t fun. I have too much to wade through without adding Netflix.

  4. A channel dedicated to Sci-fi? Hmm.. I think that could work. I would love to see a “PROPER” place with dedicated to sci-fi. A place that’ll give TV Shows an ending. I understand some show aren’t going to perform well and that just life. and business is business you’ve got to do whats best for it. but Allowing these shows to conclude even with a mini series keeps you in peoples good side. Needless to say I and many people aren’t a fan of SyFy, with good reason too. It’s a fan thing? what a joke!

    I can’t wait for the good thing to come.

    You’ve got my support. #MalloziForSciFiPresident2018

    As for content consumption I use Netflix and we have BBC on TV. Which is pretty useless. only good thing is doctor who, its only sci-fi

  5. I primarily obtain my Sci-Fi fix from Netflix and YouTube. I can’t stand commercials, have no Cable/Satellite and barely get any channels via antenna. If there were a streaming service dedicated primarily to Science Fiction (and Fantasy) I’d be one of the first to sign up. I’d rather pay a premium upfront to forgo the commercials and not have to look all over for good shows. We need Dark Matter to continue, Stargate Universe to continue, Firefly to continue and so many others. The fan base is out there; Netflix continues to prove that, having revived several seemingly dead shows. As you’ve been saying, we all need to band together; it’s time for a change.

  6. I would give much money to have a service dedicated to scifi … and to the fans. Too bad that gaggle of goons at the “other place” couldn’t get it right.

  7. Done! Thank you! I also watch The Librarians on TNT! I really hope it gets picked up for a 5th season! It is wonderful!

  8. I think I get most of my sci fi from BBCAmerica, of all places. Between the Star Trek re-runs, the Doctor Who…yeah, I gotta say BBCAmerica. I subscribed to CBS All Acccess for one month, plus the free week. I watched the entire season of Star Trek Discovery, and promptly cancelled my subscription. Even though they offered all the Star Trek I could watch, I had no interest in streaming all the old episodes, especially when I have a bunch on DVD. My favorite episodes I watch when I’m interested, or catch an episode or two on BBCAmerica as I’m making dinner. But not worth a monthly subscription for as much as I’d watch it.

    I did pay for Stargate Command, and love that they have all the episodes available for all the SG shows. I do own the entire set of SG-1, as well as all the movies. But I do not own Atlantis or SGU.

    I actually own two copies of the original Stargate movie; one is so old that you have to flip the disk half way through the movie. It was one of the first DVDs I ever got.

  9. Should we be emailing MGM telling them how much we love scifi, Stargate and Dark Matter etc? That we want to see this platform for Scifi and all.

  10. Joe, just curious. Have you heard about Comet TV? It’s a multicasting, digital broadcast television network that is owned by the Sinclair Television Group and operated by the MGM Television division. It’s basically like MeTV or Antenna TV in the United States, but it’s all sci-fi programming with supernatural, horror, adventure and fantasy. I’m not sure if it’s just a USA network. The network has been showing all the “Stargate” series and many of the movies and other sci-fi shows from the MGM library. In a way, MGM has an on-air network already.

  11. Big fan of all the CW “Arrowverse” shows(Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow). Also like The Gifted on Fox, Legion on FX, and the Librarians on TNT.

  12. Big screen offerings, traditional broadcast, cable (actually satellite) & Netflix.

    I am so excited I can barely contain myself. This seems like too good to be true but I truly believe.

    Wow KathyC. I don’t think I even remember those kinds of DVD’s. I remember them having 2 discs where you continue into the 2nd one but not the ones that turn over. I recently purchased the original Stargate movie that was a BluRay version. It was in the discount bin at Walmart but it’s Stargate and BluRay.

  13. I may have a problem, I do a bit of all of them. If it’s sci-fi, it gets a chance with me, and even if it becomes a second tier show on my list, I’m going to check in and support out of love of the genre.

    When you combine all the shows coming from different providers, it proves their is an audience for a dedicated genre channel. Let’s go! The Expanse on Syfy was/is great, Dark Matter of course, most fun ensemble since the short lived Firefly. Netflix has satisfied some of the headier science fiction needs.

    Did anyone watch Continuum? That was underrated. Star Trek Discovery just finished well, though similar to KathyC, that was all I really needed from the platform. I would pay for a dedicated space, though I feel there should always be a free tier to maintain a steady onboarding of new viewers.

  14. Read, Network & cable TV, movies. I would love to see some one pick up the mess Sifi has left in its wake of “the love of money”.

  15. I’d love to have stargate and dark matter back. But I’m not sure about stargatecommand.com, I already own most of the stargate series, I don’t really want to pay for them again to use a site that technically isnt great. (the video player crashes in Safari, in the app they dont allow AirPlay only chromecast, and the app itself is awkward to actually get to the episodes)

  16. uk bod here – for tv i have had to get sky (dark matter is on here in the uk not netflix!), netflix (stranger things, etc) and amazon (x-files, etc) coz of the way the rights are sliced up. i think it is a similar situation everywhere in the world though!

    books (e.g. star wars novels, arthur c clarke, stephen baxter, etc) and comics (aliens, predator, any comics that extend a cancelled series like firefly, jericho 😉 are big for me as well.

    so tldr, the scifi fix can come from whichever media format it’s available on for me 🙂

    looking forward to seeing what’s planned, really hope it will take off!

  17. I often think back to Joe Mallozzi’s old post about the plans for Stargate Extinction and the moon base. Whereas it used to depress me, like I’d lost a close relative, it now gives me hope that we may one day see a true continuation of the story and characters I’ve grown up with. Origins is a good start, cause low budget Stargate is better than no Stargate, but I do really hope it’s a foot in the door for something more. I must know how Sheppard and Todd got their closure, I must know how the world reacts to the Stargate program going public and I MUST know if the crew of the Destiny made it home. Most importantly, I need to know more about that meaning-of-life-kinda-stuff. If you (and we) make this happen Joe, you are eternally a hero in my eyes.

  18. It would be great to have something positive come an undeserved cancellation.

  19. we need more Todd. and MUCH more Chris Heyerdahl, not just as a guest star. i understand the new team will probably be a bunch of kids, but they need some “old” wise men and women with them too 😛 ok i know we’re not at this stage yet, first get the Stargate and then have Chris walk through it, thanks 😀

  20. Joe I’m not slow to vent my Stargate frustration on your blog, I have done many times, but can I just I love this post I really do. The your blog has brought into my life recently has been fantastic and I Thankyou for that. Let’s get it done and get our Stargate and Dark Matter back.

  21. I would love a “Syfy” only platform. I find it to be the most cerebral input out there. There are infinite parallel universe for each and every subset genre of Syfy! I have my other shows I like: Person of Interest, Longmire, and sports, especially football. I coach my 12 year old, so yeah, Syfy, is a brilliant decompression hyperbaric outlet for me. I am looking forward to Netflix’s new take on Lost in Space.

  22. Where do you get your scifi fix? I write. I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but get an idea in my head that just won’t go away. You start thinking about it every waking second. Characters, personalities, situations, heroes, bad guys, scenery, storylines, weapons, ships … Then to get it all out of my head, I sit down after dinner and start to write. Before I realize it, the sun is peeking through my window and resting on my keyboard. It’s 5 am and just in time to get to work (thank goodness I work from home and nobody cares what I look like) 🙂

    What do I write? Stargate of course.

    Good luck @BaronDestructo. Thanks for all that you have given us so far .. and we are all here to support you for what is hopefully to come !

  23. I usually get my Sci-fi fix with Netflix or Prime video and ebooks with Overdrive. I would love a Sci-fi streaming service especially if it means more Stargate and Dark Matter. <3

  24. Sad thing is, that its country limited, for example I can not buy the access on stargatecommand.co from Czech Republic -> All-Access is not available in your area. We’re working hard to find ways for fans in other countries to watch every Stargate movie and episode – including the new Stargate Origins – so stay tuned to the News section of Stargate Command for updates!

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