Let’s answer some questions…

Georgia G.: “Just a small question… now that the episode descriptions have been revealed, does this mean we will finally see which doggie pics match up with what episodes, soon?”

Answer: Sure, once the finale has aired I’ll post them.

Ponytail: “You’ve gone quiet in your house hunting. Did you find a place to live?”

Answer: Not yet.  It looks likely we’ll just move into a rental in September.  That should give us the time to look for the perfect place.

26mengel: “Is it possible, our beloved Android was created from the DNA of a deceased person?”

Answer: Interesting theory.  The truth will be revealed in two shorts weeks – Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”.

Irene Strobach: “I recently came across your blog entry of May 10, 2011 in which you told about the upcoming Dark Matter comic book and revealed your ideas of how the Dark Matter crew should look like. (The link is already posted above, only the comment with my questions didn’t make it through.)  We learnt about One: “I describe him as a Ben Browder type”.

1. Did you ask Ben Browder to audition for One when you got a go for the tv series?

Answer: No.  As much as I’d love to work with Ben again, the character as originally conceived changed between the comic book and those auditions.

About Three: “I’m eyeing Mike Dopud for the role.”

2. Did Mike know this? Did he audition for the series?

Answer: Mike is an immensely talented actor – which is why I’ve cast him in every show I’ve ever produced.  I wrote the part of Arax Nero for him and it’s possible we’ll see him again before the series ends.

About Four: “He needs to be prettier, more androgynous, with longer, darker hair.”

3. Did you change your mind or did anyone else decide what should be Four’s look? (Alex Mallari jr. is not androgynous at all and his hair is even shorter than in the first design.)”

Answer: We chose the best actors for the various roles.  Alex is very different from FOUR as originally envisioned but, then again, Zoie Palmer is very different from the male android in the comic book.

About Five: “I was having trouble finding something appropriate for FIVE until I came across a pic of Chloe Moretz.”

4. Did you want Chloe to audition for the role? And who came up with the longer hair for Five?”

Answer: No.  That was never a consideration.  She’s a big feature star and, realistically, not someone we could go after.  In the interim, however, I remembered working with a 13 year old Jodelle Ferland back on Stargate and realized she would make a terrific FIVE.  As for the do – I think she probably looks better with hair.

Wouter: “I assume that One’s background (seemingly forgotten since Jace Corso got killed) will be revisited down the line? Who killed his wife, what was the actual reason he personally came to the Raza and what’s the deal with his own murder, that kind of stuff. There is unfinished business here.

Answer: Yes.  There was a story I wanted to do this year that would have touched on this but, alas, we couldn’t get all the pieces to fall into place.

“I have read a few interviews and in those, nobody asked about Inspector Kierken. The explosion of EOS7 was undoubtedly lethal for him, but we also know that the GA can use Transit transfer clones. I don’t think it was hinted that Kierken at EOS7 was using a clone body, but neither was the possibility left out. Since he got a lot of development, I was hoping he’d return at some point to influence the story. But maybe I misread that and it was supposed to be clear that he died?”

Answer: The show is full of surprises.  For the time being, let’s assume he perished in that explosion.

Line Noise: “Questions for the mailbag: In the unlikely (fingers crossed) event that Dark Matter isn’t renewed by SyFy are you able/inclined to shop it around to other networks?”

Answer: I honestly don’t know.  In some instances, deals are in place that prevent a show from being shopped elsewhere.  Hopefully that’s not a bridge we’ll need to cross.

“Would you consider any of the newfangled streaming networks like Netflix?”

Answer: Again, haven’t given this any consideration.  I’m hoping we’ll get that fourth season pickup soon and our sole concern will be getting scripts done.

“If we can’t get the full five seasons what’s the chance of some more comics to finish the story for us?”

Answer: It’s possible.  I do have all the major character and arc beats for the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, but it just wouldn’t be the same without the cast and crew.

“Not so much a question as a comment: I’d love to get my friends and family into Dark Matter but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to catch up with old episodes in Australia. It’s not on Netflix here while Killjoys is. I know it’s not your department but what’s up with that?”

Answer: Hmmmm.  Not sure.  That’s perhaps a questions for SyfyAU.

Irene Strobach: “In light of recent events, one more question: What do you think of the big news from San Diego Comic Con: Stargate is back with “Stargate: Origins”? Have you been asked to take part? Would you like to?”

Answer: No opinion as I know nothing about it.  And, nope, haven’t been asked to take part.  If I were to ever be involved in another Stargate series, I would only want to do one that ties into the three series (and its various characters) that made the franchise what it is today.

BoltBait: “Mailbag questions: Where can I get an official Dark Matter crew t-shirt?”

Answer: That’s a question for Prodigy Pictures.  However, you can check out redbubble for some unofficial fan-made t-shirts that are pretty awesome.

“Where can I get Dark Matter DVD/Blu-ray seasons signed on the box by you or the actors?”

Answer: Your best bet would be to bring one to an upcoming con appearance.  I’m sure they’d be happy to oblige.

“I don’t have cable TV, so I’m waiting patiently for Season 3 to show up on Netflix (US). Will you be making it available right away like you’ve done with Season 1 and 2?”

Answer: Alas, that isn’t up to me – but season 3 should hit Netflix (US) a month after our season finale.

“Could you ever do a crossover episode with Killjoys? I have no idea what the premise would be… I just like both shows. If you could do one, would your teams try to kick each other’s ass or would they work together?”

Answer: They’re bounty hunters.  Our crew are wanted criminals.  The crossover practically writes itself!  It would be a blast.

“Joe, are you involved at all with the SGU ‘Back to Destiny’ comic? https://www.gateworld.net/news/2017/06/sgu-back-destiny-comic-stores-today/Looks interesting. I’m sure you have many fans here who want to know how the story continues.”

Answer: Like the web series, I know nothing about the comic book either.  But if you’re curious about how WE would have continued the story:

Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2!  What Might Have Been!

Bailey: “Mr. M., I know this post was not about Stargate and I truly hope you get your Dark Matter renewal soon but I have a question. Today at SDCC they announced 10 ten minute webisodes (behind a paywall evidently) – prequels featuring Catherine Langford. What could be the thinking behind an offering such as this to generate more interest in the franchise? It seems quite underwhelming. Just can’t figure out why this format? Sorry to bug you but you know show biz and perhaps have some insight?”

Answer: I’m sure this is MGM testing the waters to gauge fan interest.  It seems like a double-edged sword though.  On the one hand, if there IS strong fan interest, they’ll take it as a sign to retcon the franchise.  On the other hand, if there isn’t, they may reconsider going down that road.  On the surface, hard to see a scenario where we get the old Stargate back.

Tam Dixon: “I got one for the Q & A. Sorry if you’ve answered this before but does online subscriptions for DM help ratings? ”

Answer: They don’t help ratings but they do help the overall picture.

Christian: “Here are my questions for the mailbag.(If you don’t feel comfortable to answer some of them, that is of course ok.)

“1. How’s Akemi doing? Has she fully recovered from her tonsillitis yet and is she excited about the move?”

Answer: Akemi is doing great and looking forward to moving to Toronto…and decorating the place!

“2. How are the dogs doing?”

Answer: The dogs are fine.  Old, but fine.  Lulu has seemed depressed of late.  I suspect the move to Toronto might do her some good.

“3. When will be the latest date you have to her from Scifi if you get a picked up for season 4?”

Answer: I want to say late September, but who knows?

“4. Will episode 311 “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy” reveal, who the fellow in the ICU bed was, that we saw in the last episode of season 1?”

Answer: The individual’s identity is not important.  It’s what he represents (or, literally, embodies).  More pieces of that particular puzzle will be provided in this episode.

“5. What are you going to with all the Stargate stuff that sits in your garage? Any chance we can win some of that cool stuff, through a quiz, like you did previously?”

Answer: I don’t have that much stuff: an SGA uniform, a goa’uld pain stick, some rubber bugs from SG-1’s “The Scourge”, and approximately a thousand hours of BTS footage.

TheOtherOne: “How did discussions go with the British producer regarding that revival scifi series? (and who WAS he? – obviously you can’t say…)”

Answer: I was actually looking into both Blake’s 7 and Space: 1999, but attempts to generate a discussion proved torturously slow so I’ve abandoned those plans.

“How is your spacey military project going?”

Answer: The pilot is out there.  Time will tell…

TheOtherOne: “Will there ever be any Dark Matter merchandise for sale, like tee shirts, hats etc … and that poster I see in After Dark?”

Answer: As I mentioned, until Prodigy Pictures starts to create official merchandise, check out redbubble for some terrific fan-created shirts.

ceresis64: “For the mailbag – Did you all get everything done that you aimed for during the Season 4 writers’ room meetings?”

Answer: Nope.  We got seven stories beaten out.

“The silhouette for Season 3, why are there still seven crew members? Is it the original Season 1 crew that has just been used again? (I’ve probably just answered this one myself but decided to ask it anyway!)”

Answer: I imagine it’s just old artwork from season 1.  No big mystery here.  Sorry.

“Are you posting some more Trivia Quiz questions?”

Answer: Hopefully if we get that season 4 pickup, I can do another script giveaway.

“In which episode will we find out what the box with the spider-like emblem on the front (from Season 2 Episode 3 I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You) means to Three?  (I’m looking forward to finding out about this, as I ‘think’ it has something to do with whatever Ryo/Sarah both know about Boone’s past!)”

Answer: Not in season 3.

“From an interview – “In this episode, she is able to recall certain flashes, glimpsing life prior to the group going into stasis,” reveals Mallozzi. “It sheds light on her relationship with Portia, with Portia’s relationship with Das, and [the Android’s] relationship with Ryo.” Which Episode will we find this out about Android?”

Answer: Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”.

“My questions from earlier posts were about Episode 1.  Why did Six not make any comment/react about the fact Anders saved Three, especially as Anders contacted the Raza to pick Three up? Six would have still thought he’d shot, and possibly killed Anders. Therefore, wouldn’t he have been relieved that Anders was alright?”

Answer: The fact is, we only catch a glimpse of the beginning of that conversation – and Anders is talking to TWO and Truffault at the time.  SIX is not present.

“Will we find out why exactly Anders was on EOS-7 to start with?”

Answer: Presumably he was there as part of the security detail.

Scott: “Also, had some questions for your mailbag… I’ll apologize in advance if you already answered these before, but I haven’t checked out the blog in a while.

1) What happened to David Hewlitt, a.k.a. the comic relief master? Busy shooting something else and had to skip out the whole season? That guy who replaced him… Mishka I think… he’s a good actor, but I’ll be honest, he’s just not as funny as David… I’m missing that comedy element that David brought in during the first two seasons.”

Answer: As much as we missed David, we loved what Mishka brought to his role as Adrian.

“2) Why does it feel like there are certain scenes that were cut out of certain episodes? (i.e. when Six was being rescued last week, I thought for sure there would be a vfx scene with the raza coming out of hyperspace and opening fire on the facility that was holding him captive, but there was nothing of the sort… so… saving money on the vfx?)”

Answer: The fact is, we don’t have the money many other scifi shows have so we have to be selective about our VFX shot selection.  If we can find a way to tell the story without them, we will, so that we can really place our focuses and resources on the more crucial shots.

“3) What are your thoughts on Star Trek Discovery and Seth MacFarlane’s Galaxy Quest spinoff The Orville? Any plans to watch them, maybe take some ideas and incorporate them into DM?”

Answer: To be honest, I’m so busy with my show that I don’t have time to watch much of anything else.  My free time is spent reading.

ChadB: “The big fight scene between Ryo and Two had some familiar looking surrounds. Was that a remodel of the Hyperion-8 set?”

Answer: Nope.  That was one of our standing sets: the underbelly.

23 thoughts on “July 22, 2017: Mailbag!

  1. Whatever happens in the future with Stargate, I hope you and Paul get the chance to return. If MGM decides to embark down the round of producing proper Stargate again, there’s nothing stopping them from bringing back some old faces to join the new ones.

  2. Hi Joe
    Thanks for the answers. One day you’ll slip up and give us a spoiler. 🙂


  3. Thank you for taking time for a mailbag. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to submit any questions this time. I channeled my inner Mallozzi and had lots of tasty treats this weekend. Friday night we went out for a friend’s 50th birthday celebration. We went to Andrew Michael’s in Memphis and enjoyed the “Chef’s Special” 5 course meal with wine pairings. Wow! It was delicious. For dessert they brought us out each a different dish. We played round robin with all the dishes. Out of this world. I could get used to this kind of splurging. Saturday night her husband had a gathering at their house for beef tenderloin. Grilled to perfection on the “black” egg. Homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli salad, cucumber salad, and a shrimp appetizer rounded out the meal. Homemade sherbet for dessert. This morning we had left over steak & eggs for breakfast. I never starve when I’m with these friends.

    I was able to download Friday’s episode on iTunes and watch Saturday morning. Loved the episode. Let us know when it’s okay to discuss. It was a great Two & Four showcase. And I agree that all the cast was able to contribute to the episode with stand alone moments.

  4. I am so glad you cast Zoie Palmer as the female android. I can’t image the character a male now. Too many shows have been there and done that.

    “Lulu has seemed depressed of late. I suspect the move to Toronto might do her some good.” Does Lulu have more boyfriends in Toronto? Can’t you get Ivan to come over and cuddle with her?

  5. Did joe just reveal that he filmed a pilot episode for his military sci fi series this is great news I hope it gets a series order question for you joe if it doesn’t receive an order can you post it online so we can watch it please.

  6. @Ponytail I think Ivon moved to Toronto so that may be why Lulu is depressed. Her boyfriend is in another city.

    @Elminster That would be grand indeed.

    Great mailbag. Thanks for answering all those questions.

  7. Terrific mailbag. I always enjoy reading these, even though I’m not much of a question asker myself.

    I too have my fingers crossed for the spacey military show, about time for something different!

  8. Great Q & A! Thanks for answering my question. One day TBTB will catch up to viewers habits.

    Moving into a rental might take some of the pressure off you. You don’t want to rush into a big investment like that.

    MaggieL80: Yum!

  9. 1. I got the impression that you think that SGO wil be retconning the Stargate series universe, however on the SDCC panel they mention that they would not be changing anything and that there would be no retconning.
    Small piece of the sdcc panel about it: https://youtu.be/W9HrN2j5mhw?t=2m50s

    2. i can’t believe i never recognized Jodelle Ferland as a young Adria.

    1. I didn’t say SGO was a retcon. I said that it could lead to a retcon with the creation of a new series.

      1. Thanks for the answer, may i ask why you think that a strong fan interest would make them take it as a sign to retcon the franchise or do you mean that this would be the only way they would consider moving forward with a full fledged series regardless of SGO?

        Regardless of another answer, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, its an amazing thing for fans to be giving the opportunity to interact with the creators of the shows that we love.

  10. Thanks for the generous answers! I’m pretty happy with the actual answers to mine, as well 😉

    I would like to see that military SF project. There isn’t too much of that around.

    Regarding the tight budget for things like flashy VFX, I have to say I appreciate the little treats like the opening fight for 3×08.
    Not only are those sequences pretty spectacular in their own right (even if the relative lack of money and time means they are not and cannot be up to much more expensive sequences in movies or big budget TV), they serve to remind that the Raza itself is pretty formidable, as well. I hope we’ll learn more about the ship itself, too, at some point.

  11. Yikes.

    Killjoys – 579k, 0.17 18-49
    Dark Matter – 502k, 0.11 18-49
    Wynonna Earp – 399k, 0.10 18-49

    The show lost viewers last year around San Diego Comic Con too but recovered the following week. I can assume that as this has happened for a second year now that a portion of those Nielsen viewers who watch live weekly attend SDCC.

    But at least it wasn’t a new series low, it just matched the 0.11 from last year. Nothing to worry about.

  12. Reading your old post about potential future storylines for Stargate Universe, do you think now that given the time has passed, you could get Brad or Robert to say how they originally intended SGU to end? Thanks

  13. Thanks for another great mailbag.

    Such a pity about Blake’s 7 and Space:1999. It would have been fab to have seen these again, these were two of my favourites.

    Good to hear your scifi military project has a pilot and is out there. Hopefully it’s not long before you get positive news and it’s all systems go.
    How did you find the time to put everything together for it?

  14. Joe, will you at some point in time shoot the episode that was meant to be Ep 9? You mentioned tying up some loose ends.

    Over on instagram, the pups look like they are walking better. Preparing for the big move!

    Have a great week!

    1. IF we get a fourth season pickup – yes, that would be the plan. If not, it’ll be for my fan fiction archives.

  15. Thanks, Joe, for the mailbag!
    Shame about Space 1999. I was looking forward to seeing the updated look and storylines….
    Guess I will be looking out for the spacey military project instead. Wonder who is starring in that – considering you often use actors you’ve liked/used before?

    Hope Lulu perks up soon. Give her a gentle hug from me n Puddle🐾

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