16 thoughts on “July 24, 2017: Honestly?!

  1. Cute pups. Friendly visitors. Akemi!

    I’m getting the word out. Asking all my friends to watch this Friday night’s episode. Also telling them to not call me during the show.

  2. I hope whatever roadblock/setback that is in your way is gone soon. I’m lifting you all up in my thoughts and prayers!

    And yes, your pups are adorable! But I’m not sure what Suji is wearing in that first picture…a yellow frog suit? A banana with eyes? A plucked Big Bird? Or am I just over-analyzing? Probably so…

  3. Five to Joe: are you alright?
    Joe: I just can’t
    Your adoring fans: can’t what?

    Yeah Joe, talk to us.

  4. Everything okay, Joey?

    We really enjoyed Friday’s episode! Surprises and twists and all round good stuff! But, alas, I’ve been scarce because we are still in ‘moving in’ mode, which has made it nearly impossible for me to concentrate long enough to come up with any sort of meaningful discussion on anything right now. :P. Except, maybe, the joys of not having to shave my legs now that we have a pool. 😀 Stepping away from societal expectations is quite liberating! But that’s a discussion for another day…

    So, although I’m around as much, I still love ya, ol’ man. 😉

    A quick update on where I am in life:

    1. I have 10,000+ unopened emails.
    2. I am happily unemployed (retired?)!
    3. We are 100% moved out of our house (as of Sunday).
    4. I have an animal-loving renter who will take care of our last, old feral cat. We were stressing over moving him to an unfamiliar place, so now he can stay in his home and territory in his old age.
    5. I now have a two-car garage, an attic, a 10×14 storage shed, and two storage units (10×10 & 10×12) FULL OF CRAP!
    6. My new occupation is Professional Box Opener. Between our stuff and mom’s I never know what I’m going to find. It’s kinda like those grab bags they used to give kids at parties and such. Sometimes you get the bag with the cool toy and candy, and sometimes you get the bag with a bar of soap and a pencil. 😛
    7. Good news: I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds! ‘Bad’ news: I recently found a local take-out joint that makes the most amazing gluten-free Philly cheesesteak hoagies and fries! 😀

    Take care, Joe. Moving is rough, and ours has been HUGE! This has taken months, packing up and moving mom and us (and 4 cats!) – three houses total (and numerous sheds) – into a fourth, totally furnished house. My sister and her husband have been fantastic, doing so much of the packing and moving for us while I deal with all the details (contractors, paperwork, phone calls, and setting up the new place). At least it has taught me a few things, like the need to unload and to simplify, but it also has taught me that doing that takes time…more time than I ever expected.

    It’s also taught me that there comes a time when you just have to stop everything and jump in the pool, hairy legs and all.



  5. Of course, despite my proofreading, I missed a mistake. That was supposed to be ‘I’m not around as much’…otherwise it makes no sense and sounds funny to the more grammar-sensitive types.


  6. Yay, puppy pictures! Very cute too.

    Hi JeffW!

    Glad you’re back Das! Impressive work on getting all moved in.

  7. From Season two

    Ep 3 – 0.15
    Ep 4 – 0.13 (San Diego Comic Con Weekend)
    Ep 5 – 0.18 (Recovery)

    From Season three

    Ep 7 – 0.15
    Ep 8 – 0.11(San Diego Comic Con Weekend)
    Ep 9 – Recovery?

  8. Warmest hugs love n thoughts to you n the girls. Prayers any and all distresses pass quickly.
    While the team and I are on holiday, I sent out several hundred email invites at the top of the week to the 18-49 u.s users in our data base, to try to get more viewers to watch and tweet the show live. Hope it helps.
    Remember we’re here if you need to unload/vent. XO

  9. Yay, puplet pix!
    Ta muchly Joe. Missed ’em!

    I hate numbers! Never good at maths and yet here I am. Don’t worry – they have a habit of sorting themselves out 😁
    Hope that makes sense 😉

  10. Puppies always make statements like “Honestly? I just can’t” all better. I love the pictures. And hey! I spot @JeffW

    I hope whatever is heavy on your heart is going to lift soon.

    That was great of @Randomness to put that together.

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