The ending to Gauntlet that aired was different from the one originally conceived.  Before the script was written, hell, even before the writers sat down to spin the actual story, the original pitch had Young and Rush as the last two men standing.  With one, lone serviceable pod remaining, they argue, then make the decision to let fate decide.  They flip a coin.  Winner makes the sacrifice and stays out; loser goes into stasis.  The coin flip is made and, as it descends, we FADE OUT, not knowing the results.

One of the possibilities this particular ending set up was a season 3 opener which finds Rush, three years later, a little loopy from his time alone.  As he goes through his daily maintenance of the ship’s systems, he converses with members of the crew who, it turns out, are hallucinations.  Suddenly, the gate activates.  A bewildered Rush hurries to the gate room in time to see Telford lead a rescue op through.  Turns out, after several years, Earth finally acquired a means to dialing Destiny.  Of course, the rescue turns out to be shortlived as it ends up being a hallucination as well when, in the episode’s final turn, we discover Rush in stasis (he was the one who lost the coin toss), evidently dreaming, while Young maintains the solitary existence as Destiny’s caretaker.

As cool as the idea was, it was problematic for a number of reasons. First – sure, someone might go a little batty after spending three years with no human contact, but Rush?  Even though it does turn out to be “all in his head”, I have a hard time imagining our antisocial Rush minding all that much being alone to explore Destiny, free of outside interference.  The second problem was that, essentially, the episode was one big stage-weight – the equivalent to the “It was all a dream” short stories your third grade teacher, Mrs. Haversham, used to love so much.  A third problem presented itself in the simple fact that this was to be the third season premiere and, as season premieres went, it was lacking in action.  We discussed moving the stasis reveal to the end of the second act, then, maybe, the end of the first act, but this story still wasn’t working until we finally found the solution – which was to not do the story at all and make Eli the one who stays awake.  After all, who better than Eli, the embodiment of our fans and viewers, to make the sacrifice and leave us with that final sense and wonder?

So, that’s the way we wrote it.  And now you want to know how we planned to write our way out of it.  Does Eli fix the pod or does he somehow manage to access enough power to ensure his survival for the length of the jump?  How long does the journey to the next galaxy end up taking?  And what was in store for our crew after the jump?

Search me!  Unlike that imagined season 6 of Atlantis that never came to fruition (check out the AU season that might have been here: September 30, 2008: An AU Season 6!), there were no inklings spun, no stories established, no ideas from the previous season that could be moved into the next.  What we had, instead, were a few potential scenarios, vague notions of where we could go.

So, no definite answers for you (sorry) which, as I said in yesterday’s blog post, isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows you, the viewer, to envision the ending you prefer.  And, at the end of the day, the conclusion you come up with will be just as legitimate as anything I could throw at you.

But, realistically, there are more than a few of you who go to movies and watch television shows so that you don’t have to make up your own damn ending! Well, for those of you, this entry hopefully gets you one step closer.  Like I said, it doesn’t provide any definite answers but, in allowing you some insight into the possible scenarios we were spinning, it hopefully makes it somewhat easier to choose your own adventure.

Eli fixes a pod

This was one scenario.  Somehow, someway (sorry, don’t have the details but I’m sure the solution would have been all sorts of cool – right, Mr. Scalzi?) Eli manages to fix one of the damaged pods and joins the others in stasis.  He awakens with the rest of the crew anywhere from three to one thousand years later. I jokingly pitched out a scenario in which the crew awakens from stasis with the horrible realization that Eli is not there to greet them and that the pods haven’t been fixed.  As they mourn their friend, they unseal Chloe’s stasis pod only to discover both Eli and Chloe inside, spooning (Yes, I was kidding and, no, that wouldn’t fly)!

Eli taps some hitherto unexploited power reserve which allows him to extend life support for three years

Another potential scenario with no firm solution.  Again, it would need to be something a little more clever than Eli awakening Rush three years later and informing him: “Yeah, I managed to reroute enough power to life support.  How?  Oh, I’ll tell you later.”.  In my mind, the solution rested with the lone remaining shuttle.  Given its independent system, Eli could reroute all of Destiny’s power reserves to maintaining life support with the closed confines of the shuttle and, perhaps, the sealed-off antechamber to the ship where he could store enough food to last him three years.

Eli fails to fix the pods or extend life support, so he survives by sitting in the chair and uploading his consciousness to Destiny’s computer

Since this way-out solution would have Eli relinquishing his physical form (in essence, dying), it was an option reserved for a potential movie as we couldn’t imagine having our hero exist in this form for an entire season.  It would allow him to reunite with Ginn (for another Eli/Ginn reunion scenario, read on) and allow the crew full control of the ship with Eli – who better? – as their eyes to all of Destiny’s systems.

Rescue comes in the form of some outside force

Another way to go but, potentially, not as satisfying as it takes the solution out of our hero’s hands.  Maybe –

Over the course of three (+?) years, Earth finally finds a way to dial Destiny and launches a rescue op.  The power source used could be something the combined brilliance of both Samantha Carter and Rodney McKay engineer (if the SGU movie had happened, they would have surely guested, boarding Destiny as part of the retrieval team) or, perhaps former leader Jonas Quinn comes out of early retirement  and – again with Carter and McKay’s help – finds a safe way to dial Destiny from his planet.  As for what other familiar faces from SG-1 and Atlantis would make an appearance – well, aside from the obvious (Daniel Jackson who certainly wouldn’t miss this opportunity), it was up in the air.

When Destiny comes up short and drops out of FTL hundreds of years from the next galaxy, rescue comes in the form of a branch of our descendants, an advanced military society that has mastered space flight and is now in possession of a massive armada.  They save us but their motives turn out to be less than honorable as, it turns out, they have designs on Destiny.  This was probably my favorite scenario as I loved the idea of a plausible human military force becoming our third season Big Bad.

Rescue comes in the form of some alien race, maybe remnants of the Ursini or, perhaps, the blueberry aliens who – now armed with the information they mined from Chloe in Deliverance – finally seize the opportunity to take Destiny, something they’ve been trying to do for some time (At one point, we tossed around the idea of our crew coming upon the desiccated remains of an advance alien scouting party in one of the ship’s unexplored sections but, ultimately, decided against it because we wanted to maintain the idea that, despite repeated attempts, the blueberry aliens were unable to penetrate Destiny’s automated defenses and gain entry).  There was also talk of salvation coming in the form of a completely new alien species (Brad’s uber-cool idea), possibly an energy-based race we unwittingly picked up during a refueling stop at a star.  Eli starts glimpsing these entities and assumes, after three years by his lonesome, he is going nuts and hallucinating.  Eventually, the aliens reach out to him and, being energy based, are able to provide the power needed to ensure Destiny complete its journey.

And how long does the journey take?

Oh, anywhere from three to roughly one thousand years.  Smart money was on the minimal three year journey which would have allowed our crew to touch base with a fairly unchanged Earth.  A ten year journey would have been more interesting in that it would offer up some great story possibilities as our crew inevitably try to reconnect with loved ones following a decade’s absence.  Are they still alive?  How have they moved on?  What has changed in their lives? There was even talk of returning to an Earth in the midst of a multi-year war with the Lucian Alliance.  For my part, I preferred the idea that our characters don’t know how long they’ve been in stasis and, when they contact Earth, are horrified to discover it’s been 100+ years.  Their loved ones are long-gone, the lives they led distant memories, and they must adjust to a world very different than the one they left behind.

And what was in store for our crew once the jump had been completed?

Again, a number of potential developments were floated.  Initially, when we were thinking in terms of a third season, I very much liked the idea of Colonel Telford leading a resupply mission through the gate. Earth had finally secured a power source that would allow them to dial Destiny.  Maybe it was a one-way trip because Destiny would still be ham-strung by the inability to dial Earth without explosive consequences or, on the other hand, Telford and co. bring the portable power source with them and allow some of the civilians to leave, establishing a stronger military presence on board.

Later, when it became clear that a third season wasn’t in the cards, Brad floated the idea of two movies: The first would focus on a rescue op that would see several familiar faces (Carter, McKay, Daniel Jackson among the first few mentioned) coming aboard Destiny and, ultimately, helping our crew fend off the advances of the previously mentioned human military race.  The second would have been a solo adventure that would have seen our crew finally completing Destiny’s mission (Sorry.  No details available on this one.  Brad and Robert had a mind-blowing idea for the series/franchise wrap-up and, in deference to them, I’ll keep my mouth shut and allow them to one day reveal their master plan).

We probably would have found a cure for T.J.’s condition – but only eventually.  I liked the idea of one of our main characters having to face her mortality, perhaps even exhibiting early signs of physical deterioration that forces their friends and loved ones to face the sad prospect as well.  If we were going to cure her (and, again, that was the most likely scenario) I would have lobbied to play out T.J.’s battle with ALS over the course of a season at least.

In similar fashion, I would have preferred to keep Park blind for an extended stretch as well.  It’s something you rarely see on television and something I really wanted to emphasize in Gauntlet (when she comes up with the idea of using the shuttle as a decoy), that despite the loss of her sight, she can continue to be a strong and productive member of the crew.

So who would T.J. have ended up with?  Young or Varro?  I don’t know. I honestly don’t think this would have ever been resolved.  If it was up to me, she would have ended up with Varro.  If it was up to Carl and most everyone else, she and Young would have lived happily ever after. In retrospect, it might have been better for the character if, in the end, she elected to say no to both and embrace her independence.

What about Ginn and Perry?  Was Hope the last we’d ever see of them? Certainly not.  At episode’s end, they were quarantined, not deleted from the database. At some point, Eli would have no doubt found a way to address any potential threat and re-upload them to Destiny’s mainframe.  That was one possibility. Another deliciously diabolical idea Brad came up with would have been a huge game-changer.  In this scenario, Eli goes to awaken the crew from stasis and discovers Chloe’s pod has been damaged.  She is almost brain dead and fading fast.  In a desperate, last ditch effort to save her, Eli downloads Ginn’s consciousness into her body.  Would he tell the others what he has done or would Eli attempt to maintain the subterfuge?  What effect will this have on the rest of the crew, especially Scott who has effectively lost Chloe but will always be reminded of what he had.  And how will he react to the sight of the body of his former love, now permanently occupied by Ginn, re-establishing a relationship with Eli?  This would have been huge and, I think, an awesome opportunity for the immensely talented Elyse Levesque to switch gears to play a completely different character.

Getting into the mailbag:

Lisa R writes: ” would appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Hubby’s contract job ended today, but all is not lost. He has a second phone interview for a permanent job in CT tomorrow.”

Answer: Fingers crossed for you and hubby, Lisa.  Please keep us posted!

sg1efc writes: “Suppose you had some free time (of course I don’t know where you’d get such free time, lots of laughs) and wanted to write up an appropriate ending yourself. Is that something you might try in the future and I assume you would you need to get clearance from MGM? If you did want to write an ending and did get MGM approval, would you ask the others to contribute writing the end as a collaboration”

Answer: The answers to those questions lie with MGM.  Only they can decide when to revive the franchise, under what circumstances, and who would be involved.

sg1efc writes: “My white german shepherd is getting his toe amputated at the knuckle tomorrow, cancer ate the bone away. :( Have to wait and see if it is malignant or not from the biopsy. :-/”

Answer: Best of luck to your dog.  Let us know how it goes.

SG-UNIVERSE writes: “Maybe Stargate Universe return in 3 years ? Maybe?”

Answer: Sorry.  That’s not going to happen.  Even though we’d struck the SG-1 and Atlantis sets, I still held out hope for both movies because, in the case of Stargate: Revolution, the lionshare of the action would have been off-world and ship-based while, in the case of Stargate: Extinction, although there was some action on Atlantis itself (eminently achievable through the magic of VFX), much of the story takes place on Earth and off-world.  In the case of Universe, however, most of the action would take place on the Destiny set which is in the process of being de-rigged as a I write this.  Tanja, back at the production offices, reports that Stage 5 that once held the SGC and, later, Icarus Base, now sits empty.  Sad.

SG-UNIVERSE writes: “On the Official Stargate Website, no Behind the scenes & FX pics from your episode “The Hunt”. Why ? Where they are?”

Answer: Don’t know.  Maybe you should contact their webmaster to find out what’s up.

flo writes: “1/Was the odissey’s secret mission from EATG a plan for something ? stargate revolution?”

Answer: Initially, Odyssey’s secret mission was tied to the search for a naquadria-rich planet capable of providing the energy needed to dial Destiny.

flo also writes: “Did you plan a stargate reveal at some point ? Ever since it was planned to happened at the end of “Lost City” then cancelled when SG1 was renewed, i’ve always hoped we would see it at some point.”

Answer: This subject (the revelation and its many implications) would have formed the plot for the planned SG-1 movie, Stargate: Revolution.

Flor also writes: “If i remember correctly, Air takes place a few weeks after EATG, meaning early 2009. That makes Gauntlet early 2010.
Was that a clever plan in order to accomodate the 3 years gap ?”

Answer: Nope.

Chris L. writes: “I still wonder where Franklin went.”

Answer: Franklin was subsumed by the ship, his engrams (brain patterns) incorporated into the mainframe to form the default for the ship’s developing A.I. Which is why, unlike Ginn or Perry, he is not so much Franklin as he is an emotionless embodiment of Destiny itself.

Maria writes: “You once said something along the lines of ‘Stargate Sg-1 was offered an 11th season but…’ I was just wondering what the ‘but’ was and why they weren’t taken up on the offer. Will the Stargate World’s game ever be released? Off of the set, what was your favorite moment on Stargate? Also, which was your favorite episode (or top five) out of all three series?”

Answer: We pursued the possibility of producing an eleventh season of SG-1 for an alternate platform but, in the end, were unable to reach a deal that made financial sense for the parties involved.  Alas, I know nothing about the Stargate World’s game.  My favorite off-set moments on Stargate?  The great time I had with my co-workers on a daily basis.  My favorite Stargate episodes?  This list may need to be updated but the last time I thought about it: August 15, 2010: MY Top 10 Favorite Stargate Episodes

Expletive:BMP writes: “Joe, will Eli Ascend?”

Answer: Eventually?  Sure, it’s possible, but that wasn’t one of the scenarios we had planned for the show’s third season.

MG writes: “It’s said that a picture speaks a thousand words.. I am hoping you have something with which to counter to the following…”

Answer: I put your comment in moderation because I suspected this was faked.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an HD copy of the episode with me in Toronto and the versions I accessed online are too dark.  I sent word back West for what I believed would be proof discrediting the still. After all, I figured, would someone be so stupid/ignorant to do something like this and think no one would eventually notice?  Well, it pains me to report that it isn’t a fake.  And so, as one of the show’s Exec. Producers and the one on the front lines of the internet, it falls on me to offer an apology to all of our French fans who have been nothing short of fantastic in their support of the franchise.  I am, and you’ll excuse me as I go off here, mighty pissed-off as, not only someone who has appreciated the French support our show and this blog have enjoyed over the years, but someone who grew up in Montreal, a multicultural and bilingual city, speaking French from fourth grade on.

How the hell did we miss it?  No excuses.  I don’t know.  In the past, certain things have gotten past us.  There was the infamous Snickers bar in SGA’s The Ark.  There was the boom mike in SGU’s Space.  And, most memorable of all, was the camera operator in the SGA season four premiere that we only noticed during the Day 2 mix – and only because eagle-eyed Martin Gero was the one to suddenly notice – in the opening scene, a bunch of medical equipment sweeps by followed by Weir on the gurney and, finally the camera operator bringing up the rear!  In the case of this incident, we missed it and I’m sorry.  Paul suspects that the reason it got by everyone is that the shot is actually a visual effect and that, whenever we watched it, rather than taking in other aspects of the room, we were focusing on the set extension behind the approaching Chloe to make sure it worked – thereby missing what was right in front of us.

Yes, I’m pissed-off and also extremely disappointed that: a) fans were offended and b) this taints an otherwise noteworthy episode.  At present, I have no idea who was responsible but, in the event the guilty party frequents this blog (or someone who knows the guilty party frequents this blog and would be kind enough to pass this along), I’d like to say: “Seriously?  The fucking series finale?  Thanks a lot, douchebag.”

Don Matthews writes: “He has made progress on TJ’s ALS, enough so to create a treatment to slow the progression of it. Maybe he creates an interface for Lisa that lets her see via Kino transmission.”

Answer: Damn, Don.  Those are both excellent ideas.

Rob writes: “So, as an avid fan of space-based sci-fi, where do I turn?”

Answer: Our comic book series, Dark Matter (May 10, 2011: Thanks for the thanks! Transporter: The Series! My Comic Book series!) hopefully/eventually coming to a t.v. screen near you!

Ponytail writes: “Even though I loved seeing them all together like a family and actually enjoying each other, I couldn’t help but think whoever is left out of a stasis pod could use that food. Did they really need to eat before entering stasis?”

Answer: At the time, they didn’t know anyone would be left out.

Tanith writes: “Can you at least tell us what the outcome of “The Mission” was intended to be?”

Answer: As I already mentioned in this entry, that’s a story for Brad and/or Robert to tell.

dasNdanger writes: “Joe, I think I love this idea from Dreaded Anomaly over on the Benbo:

Eli to Young: “I’m smarter than him. And all three of us know it.”

Rush isn’t just defined by his intelligence, though; it’s his Machiavellian use of it. What if Eli started down that same path? He’s standing on the balcony smiling because he’s got everyone right where he wants them.

Eli’s had total control of the drones since he brought that one on to the ship. He’s kept them attacking Destiny, but not destroying it, so that everyone would have no choice but to follow his plan and get into the stasis pods. One of them “happened” to malfunction, so he wouldn’t have to go into stasis.

Of course, one might wonder how he was able to control the drone attacks while simultaneously fighting them off. But the answer’s simple: he has an accomplice, Ginn. He didn’t keep her program in quarantine; he just wanted everyone to think that, so she could carry out her part of the plan covertly.

Now, with a drone army and control of Destiny, he can reawaken the crew members that he likes, turn Destiny around, and start taking over the galaxy, with the infrastructure created by the civilization that his alternate self built.”

Answer: A very cool twist – but not really our Eli.

kimmy writes: “Again, we see Col Young working himself ragged…”

Answer: That’s what I wanted to play on in this episode, the fact that things are catching up with the seemingly tireless Colonel Young.  He’s exhausted and, right off the bat, Wray notices and admonishes him, suggesting he get some sleep.  Well, at episode’s end, he finally does get that long-awaited opportunity to rest his weary bones.

Chris L writes: “Do you have any photos of the sets you can share with us?”

Answer: I’ve posted plenty of behind-the-scene pics over the past four years.  Just peruse this blog’s archives.

Carl writes: “And has our canadian dollar value had any impact on doing or not doing the movies (SG1, SGA, SGU)?”

Answer: That may have hampered us had we received the green light, but I believe the state of dvd sales is what really impacted the movies.

Brian C writes: “A number of shows have continued their Story in comic book form, Star Trek, Jericho, and Buffy to name a few fan favorites. The numbers on these comics look good do you think the studio would accept this as a low cost high gain way of continuing the series?”

Answer: Again, I can’t speak for the studio.  If the sales figures on the pre-existing Stargate comic books make this an attractive proposition, I’m sure it’s something they’ll consider.

Rachael writes: “And can I ask again, please, if the set/lot used for Terminus was same set/lot used for Sateda?”

Answer: I’ll have to double-check but I believe so – Terminal City.

shiloh writes: “Now – you hinted at telling us some spoilers about the SG movie Extinction – how about the Atlantis movie too?? Pretty please?”

Answer: Well, since you asked nicely, I’ll tell you all about Stargate: Extinction next week.

David Knowles writes: “So Joe you are going back on your word, you said a few weeks ago that you would answer the fan questions. […]  I can now understand at least some of the hate mail you receive especially when you go back on your word in such an obvious way.”

Answer: Uh, I never said I wasn’t going to answer fan questions (especially since I asked for them).  I was simply pointing out that, regardless of the answers I provide, they won’t be canon and, at the end of the day, bear no more import than any alternate answers provided by you at home.

Lloyd 67 writes: “Hello, do you think that if DVD sales of Season 2 of SGU are good, a film production is feasible?”

Answer: At this point, I’m sorry to say, no.

Escyos writes: “How exactely did the Priors get to the Milky way, did they just create wormholes out of nothing, did they create stargates when DJ and Vala arrived or were there always gates in their galaxy?”

Answer: Don’t recall if we ever discussed this.  It’s a question for Rob Cooper.

JimFromJersey writes: “Besides the obvious dramatic elements, why couldn’t Eli complete the Novus Archive data transfer from the safety of Destiny?”

Answer: The conceit was that the transfer had to be initiated and maintained from the send point and I had no problem with that.  One of my biggest pet peeves is convenience, strokes of luck that end up benefiting our character.  On the other hand, I don’t mind complications that make our hero’s life difficult. The former is lazy writing.  The second is good drama.


Answer: Everything we could do to save the series was done. Unfortunately, it’s out of our hands.

stryse writes: “It’s been suggested in a couple of places that SGU should return to the air in about three years… Obviously extremely unlikely (I don’t accept impossible in anything, but what is probable is another story).. but still… how cool would that be?”

Answer: Cool but not very realistic I’m afraid.

Tammy Dixon writes: “It’s exciting to read about the comic book project. You said that it was more fun than TV. How so? Will you get to stay in Vancouver if you do comics exclusively?”

Answer: At this point, it’s a very different animal but, creatively, just as fulfilling.  As for where I’ll be next year – who knows!  We’ll be finishing up production on the first season of Transporter: The Series winter of 2011.  I have no doubt it will get a second season.  Whether I’ll be part of that second year remains to be seen.

Tammy Dixon also writes: “When does Transporter premiere?”

Answer: I don’t we have a premiere date yet.  Stay tuned!

313 thoughts on “May 12, 2011: Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2! What Might Have Been!

  1. But, but, but…Joe…THAT’S what makes it cool! Eli doing something totally unpredictable! Ya know, love makes people do really crazy OOC things…I mean, just look at all the stuff Todd made me do!! 😉


  2. Thanks Joe! It went well. He’s one of four finalists–another phone interview next week and then a face to face if he makes the cut down to two. This would put him in upper management in a bank in the northeast if he gets it. We should know something in three to four weeks.

    He also has another interview for a job here in town next week too so things are picking up.

  3. I totally misunderstood your last comment exactly in the same form as David Knowles. That was the root of my last comment on the previous entry. It was only when I went back and read it again this morning that I realized that you meant only that any solutions you gave us were speculative and from a certain point of view, no different that any speculation we could come up with.

    My only disappointment (other than the scandal thing, which I hadn’t noticed before now) was that the possibility of uploading was never even brought up in the episode. Surely Rush would think of such a thing? Maybe that would have cheapened the drama, but it seems like Young/Rush/Eli had to carry the idiot ball a bit not to mention it.

    I also wondered about them eating and drinking before statis. There’s going to be a big line for the bathroom when they get out.

    Also would you really have approached Corin Nemec to reprise his role? In any case thank you for answering my other questions in the post.

  4. All I can say is 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 and :_( —> That last one is 🙁 with a single tear drop.

  5. Wow…I personally wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was gonna happen next but now…AWESOME! 😀
    So you said we should all make up our own endings, well…here’s mine:

    Eli fixes the pod in time BUT, somehow, he unknowingly erases or cancels the wake up call, leaving them all in perpeptual stasis permanently. As for Earth, they kept trying to communicate with Destiny for a full year when they were supposed to come out of stasis but they get nothing. The President officially writes them all off as permanently MIA, the Airforce and SGC send condolences to their families and re-focus their efforts on their ‘war’ with the Lucian Allience.

    There, simple and to the point. Painful but logical. Will they ever get out of stasis one day? Hopefully. Untill then, they can sleep in the void on their unending voyage. Peacefully and together…as a family. Also, thank you for everything. For SG-1, Atlantis and Universe. Looking forward to Transporter, your comic books and anything else in the Mallozzi pipeline.

  6. Re the French thing, someday you’ll be able to look back on it and laugh…no? No? Hey, it’ll end up being a part of Stargate trivia at cons for years to come. I can see why it makes you mad though.

    I look forward to hearing about Extinction! Can’t wait till next week. (and I’m sad to hear that the combo movie wouldn’t have included Sheppard, he’s the one I’d have tuned in to see, to tell you the truth)

  7. @Whether I’ll be part of that second year remains to be seen.

    Just wondering Joe, why wouldn’t you be a part of the shows second season? I highlighted this part of your answer to Tammy as I was more curious in knowing. So are you planning to join another show, or another project? Or is Toronto not growing on you?

    Can’t imagine your job not being secure on Transporter, you were one of the best Stargate writers out of everyone involved in the 3 shows.

  8. Hi Joe,

    First I wont to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and how much I have enjoyed all three show SG-1,SGA, and SGU I have to say I like SGU the best and was really upset when I hear it was candled. I really hope we will see more of the Stargate universe in the future. I did have a question for you did you are the other ever think of the dimities of the Destiny how big it was?

  9. I am sorry that I misunderstood your last posts. Thanks for at least putting some of your ideas on the table. Now what do we have to do to get Martin or Brad to spill the beans on how the show was meant to end and what was Destiny going to fine at the end of her mission.

    I feel sorry for you and the production crew that somebody decided to try and ruin the final episode with that stunt. Okay I am sure the maths on the wall offend every scientist who knows anything about maths, but the comment about the French really was not needed for the show. Hopefully it will be corrected by someone at MGM before the DVD goes.

    Your Dark Matter comic, just wondering if is Scifi and is there anything about the plot, either in one of your previous blogs or somewhere on the web. Also wondering if getting into a TV is a dream that you would like to fulfill sometime in the future or is it something you are actively working on at the moment when you have time away from your transporter show, which I hope is successful when it airs.

  10. Very cool wrap up Q&A to SGU.

    It may not be canon, but it’s definitely a fun read for fans. Especially when we probably won’t see any follow-ups from MGM to this version of Stargate before they reboot the whole thing.

  11. First off, what is the French issue? I don’t see any screenshot. Naughty word in French in a scene?

    A human military empire might have been a cool element, but having them as an antagonist seems like a bad idea. We’ve already had human enemies and SGU didn’t really need to become more BSG-like.

    I always assumed the Ori had gates in their galaxy somewhat similar to the MW.

    I also assumed Eli stayed on Novos to finish the transfer just incase of a failure in that equipment. I always though the reason the transmission cut off was that some critical piece of equipment was destroyed in the ongoing seismic and volcanic activity.

    Rush’s machiavellian machinations were always my least favorite part of his character. After the first one or two instances, why would anyone trust him ever again? Why would he be given any authority. It always seemed that the other characters had to be incredibly stupid/naive to keep trusting what is obviously an untrustworthy and unbalanced man.

    One of the complaints I heard from fans who loved the other series but hated the first half season of SGU was that none of the characters were really likable. They never became invested in the characters an so never watched the show again after the premiere. They may have tried it again after the stupidly long hiatus, but those episodes didn’t redeem the show enough.

    First off, there was no comedy. Toward the end of season 2 there was a bit of comedy with Brody and Volker, but that was it. None of the characters had comedy as a redeeming feature like O’Neill and McKay. Until it became evident that she had been changed by the blueberries, Chloe was an entirely worthless character, useful only as part of a love triangle. Speaking of which, Scott’s character was unlikable as a confused womanizer whose supposed Christian heart was completely unbelievable. We all know how James was perceived by the fans in the beginning. Even Eli, who by the end of the series was perhaps the most important character, started the series by getting love-struck by Chloe like a teenage girl. Rush was just a bastard, and Wray was an idiot for supporting him. Telford was a prick, but we now know that was due to Lucian Alliance mind conditioning, but it would have redeemed the character somewhat if we knew his actions were out of line with his previous behavior. He and Young were friends? He already knew Young’s wife? Important parts of a back story that was strangely left out of the episodes that focused most on character development. Greer was honest and loyal but to some seemed like an automaton to some people. And did we ever find out why he was in the brig in the premiere? Did he hit Telford? TJ just seemed a sad and lonely woman. Young was not the decisive leader needed in the beginning, and his relationship with TJ tainted his military background quite badly.

    And there was no theme! No real music almost at all in those first episodes. First I really remember was when Destiny was flying into a star for the first time. (BTW, why star and not a gas giant, where you could get hydrogen and helium without the high temperatures?) A bit more in season 2, but nothing that is immediately memorable as an SGU theme.

  12. Hi Joe. I found this blog entry extremely cathartic, since it helps me imagine endings to Destiny’s story.

    Thank you.

  13. if we gathered fans to donate money and started a project on for you guys to be able to continue some form of production on the stargate canon (whether it be a movie or a comic book or webisodes or what have you)

    do you think that could be beneficial at all?

  14. MGM should have more confidence in their second largest franchise.

    Mr Joe, how much would it cost to have Kino episodes with Just Eli trying to fix the problem with the stasis pod, and other such adventures?

  15. Personally, I dislike all time travel, and hallucination episodes. If what you described was what we supposed to be S3E1 (Rush dreaming/hallucinating), then I’m glad is not there. I prefer episodes like “Light” or “Darkness”, or “The Greater Good”, and “Malice” that deal either with scifi drama, or realistic, hard-scifi situations (realistic survival, realistic alien life etc). But all the hallucination/time-travel episodes (e.g. Time, Pain, Cloverdale, descendants episodes) I don’t like at all. Not even a little bit. These are episodes that are carpet-pulling and they don’t move the plot forward anyway.

  16. @das – Nooooo!

    But OK, so he ate poor Sheppard, now I want to see (fat and happy) Todd in the crossover!

  17. “So who would T.J. have ended up with? Young or Varro?”

    I’m with Carl and say Young too. I love Varro, but it’s Young she needs. (I get Varro!)

    “In retrospect, it might have been better for the character if, in the end, she elected to say no to both and embrace her independence.”

    No. No. No!! Isn’t that what you did with Carter? She should have married Jack.

    “Brad and Robert had a mind-blowing idea for the series/franchise wrap-up and, in deference to them, I’ll keep my mouth shut and allow them to one day reveal their master plan.”

    Damn! Get Mr. Cooper on the line!

    All the writer’s ideas were fantastic. Too bad. SGU was just getting started and They pull the plug. Idiotic.

    Big post today! It is taking me forever to read everything.
    Maggie the beagle keeps interrupting me:
    “I want to go outside!”
    “I want to go outside!”
    “I want to go outside!”
    “OKAY! Go outside!”
    30 seconds later…bark, bark, bark, howl, bark, bark, bark, bark, howl, bark…
    “Maggieeee, come here! Get in here and stay.”
    5 minutes later:
    “I want to go outside!”
    Repeat 50 more times.

  18. Wowzer! That was some meaty Q & A today. I’m excited about seeing the last SGU but I have to wait for hubby. Or….. I could watch it while he is gone and fake my reactions…. 😉 . I love Spoilers.

    Thank you, for correcting my grammar. The Aleve didn’t help and I had to move up to Imitrex. I’m feeling a little stoned 😀 .

    sg1efc: Good luck with your dog. Dogs are amazingly resilient when it comes to amputations. Where a person gets depressed over losing a hand, a dog might wake up after surgery and beg for food. Will your pup receive chemo?

    Das: Todd would NOT eat Sheppard! 🙄

    I’m sorry that all of you are going through the “French Incident”. I hope it doesn’t ruin all the good for you, the cast/crew and Mr. Binder.

  19. I had several questions hopefully in time I can get some answers or at least good questions most of them are about the franchise but I did have one just about SGU. Was there ever any discussion of resolving the DHD problem Or bringing on races similar to that of Atlantis?

  20. Regarding the ‘French Incident’ I find it sad/interesting that people have immediately jumped to the conclusion that this was some sort of attack on ‘The French” purposely snuck on-screen as some sort of parting-shot. More likely are the following scenarios:

    1) It’s well known that the cast and crew got along very well and played jokes on one another. It is quite possible that this is the case the ‘writing on the wall’ was meant to trip up Carlyle given how he turns to face Elyse in the scene. Yes it is immature/dirty humour, but anyone who has worked in a tight knit group knows that that kind of thing goes on. It’s never talked about outside the group because it is very much a “you have to be there” kind of thing. It’s humour that is meant only for those involved and unfortunately in this case, it made it’s way on-screen. I have a difficult time thinking that there was any true malice intended.

    2) Re-watching the scene it almost looks like that isn’t the whole text as there is another character after the word ‘French’ so we may not know (and never will with the sets now struck) what the whole thing said until the person who did it steps up.

    3) It is entirely plausible that the editors missed this in post. Given that the set involved was not a new one, and that likely only a handful of people were involved in ‘decorating’ the walls with the equations, the focus of the editors would not even bother looking twice at the text and focus on the pacing/lighting/interaction of the characters. I’d watched the episode a couple times now before even reading about this issue today.

    It is unfortunate that this has marred the end of a good series and franchise. On other boards, those who reviled the series are using this issue as one more thing to suggest the show sucked and that the franchise should be rebooted (that being an idiotic idea in itself – too many reboots already and Stargate doesn’t need one). Certainly the ‘joke’ is not excusable to have made it as far as it did as it casts a dim light on a great production and people. I’m sure as this spreads throughout the interwebs those of the cast are going to weigh in on it as it comes to their attention. It will be curious to see if an explanation ever is revealed. I doubt it will ever satisfy the nay-sayers (much like Obama’s birth certificate hasn’t really shut up Trump or the birthers) but hopefully those of us who are real fans and of broader mindset can see past poor-taste pranks and wish well for the future.

  21. Hmmmm. Just say “pretty please”. Is that all it takes to get something from you around here?

  22. Tammy Dixon wrote, Das: Todd would NOT eat Sheppard!”

    If he did, Ronon would kill Todd.

  23. Syfy are a joke, hopefully Brad can get the finance to resume the show at a later stage ( 3 years haha! ) and i agree about the timing of the release of the episodes it should be equal across the world then people wouldnt be so eager to download, i liked the ending, leaves it open to the imagination and the possibilities for destiny in the next “universe” are endless , really gonna miss SGU alot 🙁

  24. Speaking of that french insult in the video posted on the previous days entry, that’s plain disgusting and at the same time incredible that no one had spotted it sooner.

    Clearly someone in the production team is a racist bigot, shame we’l never know who did it.

    How wasn’t it spotted sooner? Surely someone besides the cast in the area must of seen it or was acting suspicous around that area.

    Man that sucks, I would of loved to of heard about someone being fired if the show had a third season, could imagine you kicking ass and taking names Joe.

  25. Joseph Mallozzi writes:
    “Answer: The answers to those questions lie with MGM. Only they can decide when to revive the franchise, under what circumstances, and who would be involved.

    Answer: Best of luck to your dog. Let us know how it goes.”

    Thanks very much for all of these ‘what if…’ story-lines, greatly appreciated. 🙂

    “Tammy Dixon
    sg1efc: Good luck with your dog. Dogs are amazingly resilient when it comes to amputations. Where a person gets depressed over losing a hand, a dog might wake up after surgery and beg for food. Will your pup receive chemo? ”

    Thanks a lot everyone for the well-wishes. BobCat is back home, surgery went well, he’s a conehead now for a week or two. Waiting for the biopsy results so we know if the cancer was malignant or not. Vet says usually these cases are not malignant, for some reason dogs will sometimes get cancer that eats away the bones in the toe and once it is amputated, the dog is usually fine. However she has one dog in right now for his third toe amputation on another of his paws, but that’s rare. No mention of BobCat needing chemo. He did so well that they told me to come get him 2 hours before they figured he’d recover from the anaesthetic. He’s already eaten (always been a great eater) and is taking a nap now. 🙂

  26. Just my personal opinion, since TJ and Young got together in the Novus timeline, I think it was only fair that she got to be with Varro in the Destiny timeline. This way both camps are happy.

    This was fantastic, Joe and thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’m sorry that you are very upset though with the French comment on the Destiny set. I think it totally should have said F&$K Syfy. Unprofessional, yes, but the fans would have gone wild with that in rabid approval.

    @Lisa R: Thats great news and I’ll continue to send good vibes.

    @Sg1efc: How’s your dog?

  27. EVERYbody settle down! We know that Todd would not consume ALL of Sheppard at one time. He’d save some nommy-noms for later. 😀

    It’s just now that Shep looks like a 70-year old grandpa with his waistband hiked up under his saggy manboobs and the big balding patch and all, he’d rather not make any public appearances. Instead he spends his evenings in Todd’s organic-tech decorated condo overlooking the San Fran Bay, playing chess and exchanging old war stories. Once in a while they watch a movie, but Sheppard’s not to thrilled with the idea that Todd has a penchant for Jane Austen flicks. Todd likes they way they talk all fancy like, and he’s taken to saying things like, “I would have them know tonight I dine on four-and-twenty families!’, and “We must stem the tide of malice, Shepaaaard, and pour into each other’s wounded bosoms the balm of brotherly consolation!” The latter tends to make John a bit squirmy…

    Anyhoo…no worries about Shep. Every now and then Todd – after he’s helped himself to a free meal (lately he’s had a thing for biker chicks) – pukes a little lifestuffs back into his ol’ buddy, just to make sure he sticks around for a long, long time. 🙂


  28. That was awesome Joe, every option laid out on the table, and a few with Eli/Ginn or Eli/Chloe-ish twists, which is good fun all ’round. I’ll miss these crazy kids.

    I think my favourite combination is Eli fixing the pod himself, the Novus war machine – perhaps descendants of Futura – being the big bads for a bit with the blue aliens appearing on the sidelines, and it being ten years since they jumped in FTL. Would’ve been sweet.

  29. Das: Well, that would never happen on film. If J. F. wouldn’t let his hair be cut, then he is sure not going to play an old man! 😉

    Sg1efc: very glad BobCat is ok (cool name). I hope the biopsy comes back negative!

  30. One other Possible “later” scenario could be that later in the series Eli discovers an ancient time device on destiny like the one in SG1 after finding all the “answers” to the “multiverse” galaxy!, in fact the time device could well have been invented for this purpose – to get back home and bring destiny with them but when they arrive its an alternate planet earth!, I think the futher destiny travels away from earth the more power is going to be needed to “gate” to the ship (possibly infinate levels maybe from a star? Sam & Rodney could figure this out!) but this might not be an option (gate would burn up before a link could be established) I think different universes = much different aliens which is why I like the story about the energy-based race  I assume when one awakes from stasis it feels like only a few seconds has passed? I would like to see the crew complete the mission!  thanks and great blog by the way!

  31. here’s my version of how season 3 of sgu would have opened:

    3 years have passed.

    eli found a way of getting himself in one of the pods: one of the pods failed, eli tried to save the person, but he/she was a lost cause. eli fixed the pod, and set things up to go in it himself, but first setting up an alert that he’d be the first to be woken, if something happened or someone tried to contact them.

    eli’s woken up and revived. he makes his way to a control panel, and realizes it’s homeworld command trying to contact him.

    eli: uh, hello?

    homeworld command: eli wallace?

    eli: yes, yes! hello!!

    hc: it’s good to see you’re alive. we pretty much gave up hope of ever hearing from destiny again.

    eli: it’s been 3 years, hasn’t it?

    hc: yes, sir.

    eli: ….

    hc: colonel o’neill is here to speak to you.

    eli: colonel?

    colonel o’neill: hello, eli. it’s very nice to see you again!

    eli: uh… colonel carter?

    o’neill: yes, eli. *laughs*

    eli: name change, or do i have brain damage?

    o’neill: marriage.

    eli: okay. doesn’t it get confusing, with two o’neills?

    o’neill: jack’s retired. so, eli, what’s–

    (scene goes on, but i’m quitting now, because there’s my s/j confirmation!! :p)

    if i made mistakes with sgu facts, please excuse. 🙂

  32. @das – Thanks for giving Shep (and Todd) a happy ending, that’s all I ever wanted for the Colonel.

  33. Regarding the profanity snuck onto the wall, I remember someone on Gateworld noticing that in SG-1’s 200 episode, the keyboard used in the puppet sequences had the keys rearranged to say “Alex sucks dicks”. Or something similiar.

  34. Hi Joe,

    First I wont to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and how much I have enjoyed all three show SG-1,SGA, and SGU I have to say I like SGU the best and was really upset when I hear it was candled. I really hope we will see more of the Stargate universe in the future. I did have a question for you did you are the other ever think of the dimities of the Destiny how big it was?

  35. I liked the ideas for the proposed season 3, though I gotta say I think it would have been more ballsy/interesting if you kept Park blind and didn’t find a cure for TJ. But that’s just me.

    Really sad to see the show go.

  36. so right now your saying that is mostly likely that stargate universe will not continue?

    i hope it does.

  37. Joe,

    “Dark Matter” as a TV series? I don’t know the premise, except for your confirmation that it’s a space-based sci-fi. With the current lack of that sub-genre on television, it would certainly be nice to see it in that format. Considering your experience writing and producing for TV, I’m sure it’d be a hit.

    Regardless, the prospect of seeing it in the movies, on the big screen, is equally as enticing. A series of movies, perhaps.

    I’m looking forward to the publications, in any case.

    I don’t generally buy comic books, though I’ll get the first issue of “Dark Matter” (whenever it’s released) and see what I think.

    Is “Dark Matter” a comic book or graphic novel (or do you consider those terms synonymous)?

    I’m no guru with that medium of storytelling, though I’ve always had an impression that there is a distinct difference between “comic book” and “graphic novel”.

  38. Thanks for answering all of those questions, Joe! I agree with you on what das posted: Eli doesn’t have a Machiavellian bone in his body, and it’s better that way.

    So are you going to move on to answering SG:A questions next? If so, please tell us: what happened to poor Todd. I’d hate to think that he ended up like the Todd in Vegas. I wanted him to end up the overlord of the Wraith back in Pegasus, forging an uneasy truce with the humanoid races there.

    I’ll look forward to seeing the comic book. The art style is very interesting and gritty. I think I have a good idea of the “look” you were going for for the stoic Eurasian – we’ve watched a lot of the same anime. And what I really want to see is the character designs for the villains!

  39. I’ll be waiting for Transporter to premiere. I loved the second movie!

    So, at least, two seasons in Toronto but will you get summers in Vancouver?

    Crapola! My son just weighed the cat. That dumb cat has gained a pound on his new diet food! He is up to 27lbs.! I don’t know how that is possible. I’ve been measuring out his food. Someone must be slipping him extra noms. Off to investigate….

  40. Joe, you mentioned that the fate of the SG movies hinged on DVD sales, so given that no SG movies will be made, would you characterise the sales of DVDs as unusually disappointing for MGM and Syfy?

    I thought fans were buying dvds like cupcakes!

  41. I think an interesting twist for season 3 would be the wraith coming on board, or even the asgard from the pegasus galaxy, i have to say my favourite SGU episodes were the ones that incorporated characters from the previous franchises

  42. Who did the chalk calculations on the walls for that particular scene ? I’m not sure if you plan on looking into it or not but that’d probably be the right direction. I’m assuming more then one person worked on it (most of whom are working on their resumes)

    Reminds me of the artist who was commissioned to paint a wall mural for Disney and hid a nazi in plain view.

    Anyways you’ll have all these over sensitive people jumping on that for something to complain about.

  43. It’s as though the entire post was dedicated to my questions 😛

    Thanks joe for all that information.

  44. @jarred

    Why would the Wraith or *Dark* Asgard want to board Destiny to begin with? They don’t even know it exists and have no reason to even pursue either as they have nothing to gain.


    Incase Joe doesn’t answer you, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1 both had strong DVD sales, Stargate Universe not so much. I assume Stargate Universe not succeeding from a marketing standpoint ruined the chances of the other 2 shows when it came to movies.

  45. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what could have happened had SGU continued. Very interesting, and I only wish some of these ideas could have seen the light of day.

    Thanks also for offering some hints as to what Stargate: Revolution was supposed to be about. I know I’ve asked this before, but since you’ll be devoting some blog space to discussing the plot of Stargate: Extinction, can you please do the same for Stargate: Revolution? I realize that you didn’t write the script, but could you please ask Brad to either provide the info, or else give you permission to reveal it (I recall you saying that you read the script, and therefore would know all about it)?

    Please also include the scenario for the “romantic scene” between Sam and Jack, and the status of their relationship in the movie (together but not married? engaged? married?). I do feel, as you do, that they got together at the end of season 8, but I would like to know if this would have been confirmed in the movie. Thanks so much.

    BTW, why do you think that your presence on the second season of The Transporter “remains to be seen”?

  46. PBMom wrote:
    “@Sg1efc: How’s your dog?”

    He’s doing well, should be walking around much better in about two weeks, Thanks a lot. 🙂

    Tammy Dixon wrote:
    “Sg1efc: very glad BobCat is ok (cool name). I hope the biopsy comes back negative!”

    Thanks very much, we’re hoping negative also of course. Named him after my big lawn mower (lots of laughs) and my other white german shepherd Tundra, after my Toyota Tundra pickup truck. 🙂

  47. Thanks, Joe, for talking about what might have been. Some good concepts in there.

    Off topic-ish (but not really): As juvenile as it is, I think it’s kinda funny that, for the forseeable future anyway, anything SyFy posts on their Facebook page is going to be met with disdain and riddled with hundreds or thousands of comments about how everybody wants Stargate back.

    hee hee

  48. Whatever the “French thing” is, I suppose I’ll get a look at it if and when I buy season 2. Since they are releasing that at the end of the month, I suspect no one’s removed the blooper. Funny how they manage to push out the dvds so promptly after ending the series, when we’ve had to wait months for dvds before. Almost as if whoever is in charge wants to put the show behind them while squeezing the last few dollars out of the fan base.
    Thank you very much for the options for the season three episode we’ll never see. The human military idea was intruiging. I am enjoying playing the “what if I were a writer” game in my head, and will continue to do so through the weekend. But I won’t bore you with the results. Suffice to say, there is a reason I’m a fan and not a writer.
    Thanks also for the extensive mailbag. A very pleasant surpise, and all the more remarkable given your current hectic pace. You’re good people and it does not go unoticed by many of us. How many tv writers can claim a fan base like yours?
    Now, a few more doggie pics, and arent you overdue for another dining night out to share with us> Just wondering…

  49. I would have had the Furlings show up, we never saw them in 15 years of Stargate! Maybe they realized there was a signal in the background radiation as well and decided to find out what it was.

  50. Joe,

    I like the scenario with Rush thinking he was the one left alone for three years when it was really Young, However you would have had to disable the communcation stones somehow so that Young couldn’t head back to earth for some company. It would have been much better if after 3 yrs Young is a little Coo COO. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us it makes the loss of stargate a little bit easier.

  51. Regarding Lisa’s blindness… Do you think it would have been possible for either Eli or Rush to use the neural link of Destiny to project her surroundings into her head… kinda like when TJ was doing surgery and saw Amanda Perry? So she would still be blind giving Jennifer Spence an opportunity to play with her role. Also, thank you for all the fond memories I now have because of growing up with Stargate.

  52. Well for one… I think the last show was beautiful! I like the fact that we were left to wonder… now the show can last forever in my imagination!

  53. Non, je ne pense pas que ca soit si grave que ca.
    Si encore l’insulte était en français peut-être. Mais là c’est déconnecté du peuple ciblé.
    Si seulement vous pouviez savoir à quel point les français se foutent du débat sur les frittes de la liberté… Quelque fois certains américains conservateurs ne parviennent pas a comprendre que un message ne peut fonctionner que si le contexte et les références suit et porte le message et là ça fait juste plouf ca tombe à l’eau. Je ne pense pas que cela offense qui que se soit.

    Done with the french text, but now it means you had a xenophonic fuck on your team that was ready to do that kind of shit in last October.
    Now, if this is something done in to antagonize Quebec from the rest of the Canada, some measures need to be takken and prosecutions probably happen fast or it’s going to become a serious issue, maybe even political. Parity of language English/French is a big deal in Canada/Quebec in particular and this is unneeded provocation. In other words, I believe that’s more aimed at Quebec than France.

  54. Hi from Brazil.

    First i am very sad about the “end” of SGU, and i have a lot of friends that feel the same.

    Really, i hope the SGU back.

    I especially like ELI, a little fat smart guy that have the opportunity to go an incredible adventure. I with a master degree in AI and a PHD in roboctic sometimes I exchanged places with ELI.

    Please, i don’t know how work you have, but don’t stop to write about SGU, finish the story, please, maybe one day you can tell the real end of SGU to us.

  55. Eli grew in intellect / skill, maturity, courage, and emotional maturity throughout the Series. If the should-have-been Season 3 began and he wasn’t there – dead or alive – it would have left open the possibility he ascended.

    If he spent some more of his remaining time looking for a power source, and kept doing a side search for ALS cures to leave for TJ in the event the stasis-ride worked, but his own pod (or rescue, or power-sourced 3 year ride) did not work, it’s quite possible he could have found a cure for AIDS in the process of the ALS-cure hunt. He surely would have risked running out of time on a maybe-fix to the POD to use the stones to get the cure to Earth – to save his Mom.

    Then, sitting alone on Destiny, frustrated as the last hours to repair the pod are slipping away, he could sigh, look back, and think through a “releasing of his burden.”

    He could always retake human form and wind up naked in Chloe’s quarters later in Season 3.

  56. @ Sam,

    Look at the post, the answer at your question is in there.

    And oh, I fully agree with Mr. Mallozzi on this one. Lame!

  57. Wow, this french incident is really growing. I am really sad that it has marred the end of a great franchise. I am also really sad that some people are rushing to judgement and deciding, in absence of any proof at all, that this graffitti “proves” something or had some other far reaching intent. It really could have been just a juvenile prank that’s gone badly awry.

    I’m more concerned about something else — could there be ramifications from the US FCC for the network, MGM, or Mr Cooper et al? SG: U was on cable, not broadcast, so maybe FCC rules don’t apply as much, but it was also basic cable, not pay cable. On the clip I saw, the offending word looked like it had been rubbed out, and could only be inferred by context – but I don’t know what it looked like on the broadcast.

    If you do ever find out how this happened, would you even be able to tell us about it – why they did it, did the even intend it to make the air, etc….?

    Back to the S3 scenarios – I like the human military power plan best – it would have allowed for interaction and conflict outside of the crew, and would have made for a better mix of enemies – sometimes alien, sometimes human. I was always kind of sad on Atlantis that the Genii eventually became friends, or at least not-enemies, so early on. I liked the idea of Atlantis having two enemies in the galaxy rather than just the wraith.

  58. By the way, regarding the “French thing”, is it possible we’re not seeing more of what was written there that might change the context?

    If you look at that part of the wall, it appears that there’s more written afer the word “French”…looks like maybe a lower case letter “T” comes next?

    “French toast” maybe? (I know, that’s a stretch)

    I’m just sayin…it looks like there’s something else there.

  59. Talking about things being left in there are several more….

    SG1 – Avalon part 2 – when the door opens with Daniel and Vala behind it Michael’s script is under his hand and clearly seen.

    SG1 – Beach Head – When Teal’s climbs up the ladder behind his spacesuit the sound guys (I think) can be seen clearly crouching in the right hand corner.

    I love spotting these things…makes the show more human to me….

    Another thing I love in Avalon Part 2 is just before the door opens you see Daniel swear at Vala…nothing is actually said but Michael definitely said something under his breath!…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  60. Hello,
    now that SGU is sadly over, could you please tell us, who The planet builders from episode Faith were? What kind of civilisation or society they were? Something more powerfull than the ascended ancients, or something different?
    Thak you for your answer and time.

  61. Thank you for all this, it felt like I was watching another episode of stargate which I will sorely miss! I can’t believe how wrestling and drama series beat stargate :(. It’s really sad and pathetic!
    I live in South Africa, where we get to watch the series like a year after it has been aired… If only MGM knew about worldwide viewerships (if only it benefitted them monetarily…)

  62. First off to you and everybody who worked on SGU: Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful, fantastic, brilliant show! I know this has been said often before, but honestly, it can’t be said often enough. And thank you to you personally for all the behind-the-scenes info and discussion opportunities you gave all of us. It goes way beyond what can be expected and I appreciate it more than I can say. Also thanks to Brad for trying so long and hard to give us some kind of closure with a movie. And “Common Descent/Epilogue” was one of the best plots of SGU in my opionion.

    I will only be hanging around silently for a little while longer to follow anything that is said about SGU, but sorry – I am not generally fond of TV, so I most likely will not watch another series for a while (a while most likely being until there will be another science fiction series similar to Star Trek’s first 4 installments or SGU).

    For the mailbag I only have 2 questions:

    1.) What would have become of the mission? You have already stated you will not be answering that one and although I understand and appreciate your reasons, it is still a big dissappointment. That question naturally was the most important one for me.

    2.) How would Rush have fared later on? Everything about him interests me, starting with all his planed/future relations to the other crew-members (especially his relations with Eli, Young, Amanda Perry and Chloe) to the question: would he have survived, returned to Earth, ascended, been happy in the end? Maybe you can answer this one.

    Also thanks for giving us the possible outcomes for the problems left over from “Gauntlet”. Open endings may work for other people – they certainly don’t work for me. When I fantasize about something (and I do all the time), I want to be able to firmly compartmentalize my fantasies into “canon” and “AU” (Alternate Universe). If I can not do that, it just doesn’t work.

    I hope for the best for you and your dogs. Have a happy, fullfilled life.


  63. Hows this for a movie!? or season 3.

    It starts with Eli on the balcony and he turns and walks away, after looking over some of Destiny’s files he gets a huge look of inspiration. He leaves Kino diaries of what he is doing, he tells us that the Destiny space suits are cooled down the same way the pods are, but on a much smaller scale. So we see him making a stasis pod/space suit hybrid with power from the suit and the pod he is able to get into stasis. Before doing so he tells earth of his plan via comm stones. He goes into stasis.
    Meanwhile on earth, 1 year after the crew have been asleep, Mckay gets an idea, then for 3 years Carter and McKay are seen working and doing all sorts of math and building. At the 4 year mark of Destiny crew being in stasis we find out what Mckay and Carter are up to, re-tooling and giving major power boosts to Atlantis. At the 5 year mark, its ready. A crew gets together and they embark, Atlantis uses its wormhole drive to get to where destiny is. Mckay finds info on Destiny in Atlantis data banks.
    Atlantis makes the jump and makes it to where Destiny is, floating after just entering a new galaxy. Atlantis lands on a planet and gates to destiny using a Naquada generator after using all that power after the jump. When they get to Destiny they power it up and start to wake people. We find out that Eli used reserve power and shuttle power to keep the stasis pods going, even after the ship stopped. Our Destiny crew wakes up to find the Atlantis crew saving them. After Atlantis powers back up it works as a bridge between Earth and Destiny because of its massive power and advanced Ancient Tech. We find out that the Lucian Alliance is all but gone and Milky Way is at peace (SG-1 wrapped up for good) Atlantis is at its new home with a new crew with a new part of the universe to explore (SG-A is wrapped up for good, even though now that could even continue) and Destiny is powered up, with its crew back on track (SG-U is wrapped up) To me a good ending for all! could use some action though.

  64. Answer: Everything we could do to save the series was done. Unfortunately, it’s out of our hands.

    I understand.


    Seriously though, thank you for enlightening us on some of the possibilities discussed in the writers’ room. I think I would’ve liked to see a Season 3 premiere where it’s basically a one-man show, even if it were short on action (though it doesn’t have to be, of course). I love those kinds of “simple-concept, wide-open sandbox”-type plots.

    I also like the idea with the energy alien that ends up on the ship through a refueling – perhaps when the ship dived into that blue giant (by the way, that made my nerd heart proud, thank you!), as we can say that this creature can only persist in really hot stars, thus explaning why Destiny never encountered it before.

    Anyway, we can have the creature investigating Eli, showing up as hallucinations, kinda like what you wrote; we can have Eli being afraid of it at first, and then becoming curious about it too; we can even have a scene where Eli gets a glimpse of how the creatures sees the world, or something…though this is starting to sound like Ascension (the episode, not the process).

    Eventually, the creature realizes that Eli can’t fix the pod, and it doesn’t know how to either, so instead it connects with Destiny’s power core (sacrificing itself in the process), giving it a power boost and sending it straight to the next galaxy.

    Add a few twists and turns and it would’ve been a classic scifi story of man vs. the unknown.

    So much potential left untapped…BLAAAAARRGGGGH I WANT MORE. 🙁

  65. Wow Joe great entry!
    I’ve read it twice now, just soaking it all in. I’ll probably re-read it again in another day. IT’S REALLY THAT GOOD OF AN ENTRY.
    I still really appreciate the fact that you take the time out of your day to talk to the fans and answer their questions.
    You could have just closed up shop on this topic when the show was announced as being cancelled but you didn’t. You could have told the fans that when the ship flew off the screen that was when the topic was closed but you haven’t. You’ve even gone so far as to give us some speculative stuff to draw our endings to it all. You’ve even extended your openness to answer all these questions even to the first two series too.
    You genuinely have showed that you cared about your fans.
    That says a lot about your personality Joe. 🙂
    I wish some of the major players in all of this could have taken some cues from you on to handle this and the fans better.
    On a different topic do you think you could have a guest or two on your blog to take questions? I mean I have to agree with David Knowles: …”now what we have to do is get Martin or Brad to spill the beans on how the show was meant to end and what was Destiny going to fine at the end of her mission.”
    I hope that you and them wouldn’t mind having something like that.
    Keep writing Joe and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

  66. Hey! I have lots to say about everything going on right now, but what I’m posting about is about something I just thought about while watching “The Prodigal” as I was falling asleep. Teyla lack of compassion toward Michael (which, by the way, was pretty awesome) provides an interest contrast to the way she scolded Ronon when he killed the cowardly Satedan whose escaped screwed over others. She said something to the effect of “I understand, but the others wouldn’t.” It seems motherhood may have pushed her into that level of extreme, which I find very interesting.

    There’s a good chance that I only notice this now that I’m a new uncle, so I’m seeing my sister be a new mom. Did anyone in the writer’s room have that moment between Teyla and Ronon in mind (can’t remember the ep) whenever Teyla’s lack of mercy in front of Sheppard was devised?

  67. as a sight handicapped person I really appreciated your comments about blind people still having something to offer. I was very close to going completely blind, and that scene where they removed Park’s bandages, that was chilling to me. Been there, done that.
    I’m sorry sgu didn’t get the 3rd season to wrap things up. As a Danish person I am often puzzled and annoyed at this phenomenon of cancelling shows. We don’t do that much in Denmark, or we didn’t use to at least. I wish more shows could do what Lost did. I know many people hated that ending, but at least they knew how much time they had to tell the story they wanted and they could end it on their own terms. Love or hate the ending, at least it was theirs.
    I liked Gauntlet a lot. Thanks for all the great Stargate over the years. And good luck in the future.

  68. First, i would like to thank you, for trying to keep SG saga going on, for so long, I a fan from day one.

    Second, is simple. Try another channel to support SG, please.


  69. In three years or more, visual effects could progress to the point where entirely virtual Destiny would be cheap enough, so I think the scrapped set is not REALLY an issue.

    But I’m not hoping for a miracle like a sudden green light for a third season next year. What I hope for is that *eventually*, we’ll get some new Stargate-related show or a movie, that will include at least a reference to SGU (like: “you know Destiny? they went into stasis that was supposed to last three years but they haven’t show up yet…”)

    And, the longer we wait, the older the actors become. But in stasis you certainly get older after long time (like what happened to Merlin, or alternate Weir, or Aurora’s crew).

  70. Hi Joe.

    Loved the end of season more than I thought I would. I actually like the ambiguity of it all. It gives a feeling that, for them at least, perhaps it’s not all over just yet.

    I thought I’d share this article from the BBC. A little more ammunition in the struggle for a better ratings system.

  71. I was emailed about the writing on the walls, and was horrified to find out what it was about. Any easter eggs on the walls are all supposd to be geeky science ideas, not this.

  72. Thanks for all the info Joe. When you first mentioned that you were going to do this, I was worried that you would give too much away – which could conceivably lessen interest in a future movie since people might already think they know what would happen.

    While all indications are that the franchise is dead, I prefer to hope it’s in a stasis pod, waiting for a viable business model to emerge that revives it. I’ve read interesting articles recently about Netflix being interested in possibly reviving cancelled Sci Fi shows which would certainly build their subscriber base. I’ve also wondered if it could be done in a manner that would also allow additional revenue with a later syndication on MGM’s THIS network in the US while maintaining the international income as well. I’m hoping something like this could come together more easily when there isn’t such pressure to get something done quickly.

    As for the French thing, it’s a shame that some people are such idiots.

    Looking forward to Transporter!

  73. Hey Joe,
    do you think a real stargate movie (in the theatres I mean) could be successful and a possible future for the franchise?

  74. okay not reading all those spoilers I didnt see gauntlet yet. But I think I have an idea for how it ends you guys kinda set it up earlier and if im right it would be the best way to end it. Whats weird for me is how the ending of stargate coincides with my graduation, its like the universe telling me to grow up. Too many changes in one year in my opinion.

    You know my professors told to me that i have great potential and that I could change the world someday. Now that im being unleashed to the world and I’m free to choose what to do with my life, I choose to live in my mom’s basement 🙂 Too bad there is no Stargate to look forward to.

  75. whether it is possible to agree on the extension of the franchise to another channel in another country?

  76. I finally managed to watch Gauntlet. I’m not sure where I stand on it though.

    As a season finale, it works great. People were saying their goodbyes and most everyone got some screen time.

    However, as a series finale and more importantly, a franchise finale, I wish Syfy would have given you guys a few more episodes or a movie deal to tie up loose ends and possibly, give some kind of update on what happened to the SG-A / SG-1 folks.

    All in all, though, I have to thank you and your fellow writers for 17 seasons of Stargate.

    I would like to ask though, did you ever intend for the Destiny crew to make it back to earth? I know that probably ties in to the CMBR mystery, so could you give maybe a hint? Please?

  77. I like thinking that Eli would upload himself into the ship so he could be with Ginn again.

    One rescue scenario that you missed was that their descendants could rescue them. Alternatively, maybe Destiny could save them. Otherwise, just abandoning them in that galaxy with the drones seems to be a death sentence.

  78. Oh dear, it’s all kicking off over at Gateworld! Avoid! Avoid!! It’s all too easy to get sucked into all this. Your ending was fab, that’s enough for me.

    (Even if you did TOTALLY overhype a “cliffhanger”! That wasn’t a cliffhanger. That was an ending. It was a very good ending, and I absolutely loved how endy it was. It wasn’t a cliffhanger!!)

    Thanks for these futury posts, Joe. Looking forward to the Atlantis-could’ve next week.

  79. There’s a dearth of good new space sci-fi on TV these days and it is a shame to lose Stargate Universe. SGU had a cast of characters that were engaging and complex. It had a good chemistry between the more veteran Carlyle, Diamond Phillips and Ming Na to the fresh faces of Brian Smith, Elyse Levesque and David Blue, not to mention the incomparable Alaina Huffman and Jamil Walker Smith.

    It told a story that engages the human imagination. It will be missed, and never should have died. I blame the SyFy channel, weak promotion and MGM for killing off a show that should have at least received the kind of support it’s sister Atlantis received.

    The second season in the face of execution was not as strong as the first and seemed as if it rushed headlong to its strange conclusion. Multiple story arcs with alternate timelines to me dilluted the strengths of your cast and were a convenient device to explore character development. The strength of the series I believe lay in the Robinson Crusoe appeal, marooned and forced to get along and use their wits to survive. The repetitive dialing in to Earth scenarios I believe were again another convenient device that weakened the power of the story. Telford’s repetitive miraculous survival was also very suspect as a convenient band-aid on a story arc.

    My favorites from the first season that I felt were the strongest were Air, Darkness, Water, Light, Justice, and Space. Most of the first season I love, and the second season wasn’t bad, just not as strong as the first.

    The only hope I hold for a resurrection is the vision of Eli dropping out of FTL and wearily unlocking the stasis pods and everyone wearily congregating at the big window to witness a strange new galaxy.

    Alas, all things must come to an end and some before their time.

  80. Hello Joe,

    Gauntlet ! I am sad, good ep and, all things considered, good ending for the series.

    Now about the photo and the commentary about the French:

    j’espère que vous allez connaître un jour le nom de qui a fait cette farce de mauvais goût, je suis québécois né au Québec et fils d’un immigrant français. Je trouve ça de très très mauvais goût et ça me fait de la peine de voir que quelqu’un dans votre équipe ait pu se trouver drôle de faire cela

    Bonne journée

  81. Hi Joe, thanks for clearing up that insult to the French on the VFX. People were very hurt, and I think it was a great disservice to a superb episode as well. Whoever did it was NOT funny.

  82. Ok, the final episode of SGU just aired in Australia earlier and I know everyone is saying it but I just wanted to say thank you for all the great Stargate over the years. I’ve been watching Stargate since I was 8 (I’m now 21) and now that it’s all over, I’m going to watch some classic Stargate, drink, spam Stargate related material on Tumblr and then drink some more.

    I do hope we get some more Stargate in the future and if it’s from a new creative team, well as a young filmmaker with big dreams, I’d love to be a part of that team. It’s not likely, but I’m young and can dream so I will… 🙂

    Anyway, thank you, and I’m looking forward to your future endeavours aswell as those of the others involved in the Stargate franchise.

  83. Thanks for all that years of StarGate, I love every bit of it. The SGU series finale didn´t feel like a cliffhanger.
    Actually I like the way SGA and SGU open-ended. Instead of a possibly disappointing conclusion, the anticipation for revelation that accompanied us all the years is kept alive that way. We can still continue the story with our imagination, which will turn out differently each time we watch reruns.

    e.g. i created these scenarios:

    An old Rush sits on the Bridge talking to Mandy (or an old Eli and Ginn). They talk about the crew that left years ago after Telford established a connection to the Destiny. Suddenly a blinking signal appears on the screen and we can see an expanding glow outside the window. It is the source of the signal Rush was looking for since he first saw it. But then we realize, Rush is not in flesh and blood, he is a computer program now. Several million years have passed since the crew came on board.

    The IOA decides, Atlantis has to stay on Earth, because it has the only chair left. The City becomes the new SGC.
    Teyla and Ronan get a Jumper, Supplies and Communication Stones and are sent back along with Todd to the Pegasus Galaxy on board of the Hammond. Rodney is also on board to test the Wormhole Drive. Unfortunately the Hammond passes a solar flare and is accidently sent back to the past of ancient greek. It turns out, that the greek gods are in fact ascended ancients. It is the group which is orignially from Atlantis. They sided up with Asgard, Nox and the Furlings against the Goa´uld and agreed with the Asgard to play good gods. But because they broke the law of the ancients, they cannot even remember who they really are. So Myrdin thinks he is Zeus, Ganos Lal is Hera and Janus is Hephaistos.
    Because I see this Idea as a Xena crossover, there is also an Ori named Dahaq who brought the plague to the ancient (and many other details tho prevent contradiciton).

    But still I would like to know the full storys you intedned to end StarGate.
    Is there a chance that you and the other authors could come together to write Extinction and Revolution as comic books, as well as a continuing SGU comic series with your advisorial support?

  84. Joe why is it whenever anybody talks about a possible future for the stargate franchise you say I will not happen is this because most everyone has moved on to other projects or is there something your not allowed to talk about look at startrek it was cancelled numerous time and brought back sg just needs a brake

  85. hi first i want to say thanks for all those years with the fans and with sg1 sga and sgu, i want to said that its sad that the end is not what it shoud have been, because we never got the answer of what was at the end and the background radiation was all about 🙁 i would like to know if there is any way you could write a book with the end….?

  86. Do you think they would/could finish the story-line by publishing an actual book (not comic) or even a series of books?

    A lot of the shows that I really like have been cancelled, the primary being all of the Stargate series. I have all of the box sets available so I can watch the past episodes whenever I want…but to imagine what lines of thought the writers would have taken is difficult. We all have different ideas of what we would have done.

    I would definitely buy a book that followed or furthered the storyline for SGU (or any SG series). So many different things that could have been done for it….so sad that the ever failing dollar has the final say.

    Thanks for your website and commentary!

  87. I finally got to see the last ep. I was torn between WOW this is so cool to OMG this is the end. It was a very emotional experience.

    I love all the character moments, big and small. I especially love how Park came up with the Shuttle solution. Her & Greer are my fave ship. I just love how we got to see a softer side of Greer. Poor Volker and his unrequited love for Park. It is great to see the friendship that has developed between Wray and Young. Rush admitting that Eli has a lot of potential. When Eli was visiting his mom it felt like a goodbye. It felt like if she never saw him again she would be ok because at least he was happy.

    That ending scene with the Destiny flying off into the distance until you couldn’t see her anymore was heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time.

  88. I can see how douchebaggery can slip through.

    We take glee in catching the unintentional douchebaggery of our colleagues.
    “Dude, zoom in on the upper right corner of your graphic.”/
    “uh, yeah, I didn’t see it before, now it’s all I can see.”

    OR “If he’s checking her out in the middle of a sea of corpses, it ain’t romantic, it’s creepy.”

    Those things get fixed right quick.

    It’s the intentional, placeholder douchebaggery we give our colleagues a “I know he’ll fix it later” pass on. Everyone knows that monument to Flava Flav was put there to test out a graphics program and isn’t meant for the final version so everyone who sees it assumes someone else will take care of getting rid of it. Only, sometimes, when everyone assumes someone else will take care of it, no one does.

  89. I know I should of said this earlier but anyway.

    I think it would of been cool if Eli was alone for the first episode of Season 3 had it occured.

    Keep the point of him not being able to fix the pod and introduce a deus ex machina way of him barely being able to survive and feed himself.

    You could pretty much do this in 1 episode, transition scenes over the 3 years of Eli slowly but surely beggining to feel the effects of being alone.

    Then for the dramas sake add a situation where Eli has to sacrifice himself to keep everyone else alive in the pods, maybe have him pass out in one of those suits.

    Then 3 years later

    I would personally end the episode with Destiny powering up again, the pods opening and Eli collapsing to the ground.
    (Maybe do this in the Stasis room, as Eli draws his last breath staring at Chloe)

    Eli would no doubt be a different person, after being alone for so long. This would be an excellent subplot.

    Inbetween those random scenes, maybe have Eli hallucinate, maybe seeing him Mom, or Chloe, or anyone else he’s close too, basically his mind subconciously trying to find comfort.

    Thus you’d have a touching story that would involve the entire cast.

    Well that would be the shortened and easiest to follow version anyway.

  90. Hi Joe,
    Thanks to you and everyone involved for the years of great entertainment. Very sorry to see it end.
    As someone who reads your blog almost every day, I can’t believe the things that are being said about the producers and you regarding the writing on the wall in that scene. No one who reads your blog on a regular basis could ever think that you would have anything to do with that.

    I would also like to say that while this wasn’t an ideal series ending it was really really well done and felt like a fairly satisfying if premature ending to a great show.

    On another note, do you think it is impossible that there will ever be another sg1, atlantis, or universe dvd movie? Has the studio closed the door on those 3 shows for good or is it more of a not now? I realize that it has become very unlikely given that the sets have come down, just wondering if they have categorically ruled out picking up one of these a couple years down the road and decided that any future potential stargate will be completely different.

  91. A request….

    I’m not sure if this breaks any copyrights or anything but since we’ve seen other photos here I though I’d ask. If you have access to any, would you be able to post a large render of Destiny? I (and I’m sure many others) would like to be able to have a nice beauty shot of the ship as a wallpaper.


  92. Also a thought struck me. Rush is a Brit. If he’s frustrated by not being able to solve the problem, why wouldn’t he blow off some steam by writing something nasty about a traditional rival?

  93. My Ending 🙂

    Stargate: SGAU-1

    Following Ba’al’s defeat in Contiuum, we see a distant planet with an Antient lab with clones of Ba’al in stasis. We see a counter counting down and a clones door opens. Ba’al wakes up and mumbles about how the previous clone failed, now on to a devize a new plan.

    Ba’al finds a few drifting Wraith. Ba’al learns he can make Jaffa out of the Wraith and cures their need to feed on humans plus it makes them 10x as strong as they were and an even better regenerative powers.

    Ba’al loads up armies of Jaffa Wraith and plenty of fellow Loyal Gaoulds (LOL Loyal) onto a Dart Ship with the help of the transporter beam. Goes to Langara and sends the Dart through the gate and enters the Destiny. Ba’al also sends plenty of Supplies. Ba’al has Adria’s stone around his neck that protects him like it did her and he also knows how to use an Ori Staff and has the Doci as First Prime with a snake inside his head.

    Ba’al knowing he has at lest three years gets to work fixing the ship with WraithTech, Gaould Tech and recently found new Antient Tech including a few shiny new ZPMs.

    Ba’al awakens the Destiny’s crew and turns them all into Jaffa Slaves to help him fix the Destiny or die.

    SG-1 (you choose the characters) and a member or two of SG:A are all sitting in a room on Atlantis waiting to get a stones call from the planned time from Destiny. Eli, under control of Ba’al is the one to make contact. Tell them that Ba’al has Destiny and put up a force field so anything will be squashed if it tries to enter the gate.

    We find out Ba’al knows Destiny’s true Destiny and wants to use it for his evil I am a god way

    Then in Stargate fashion we find a way to sneak onto Destiny defeating the energy beam covering the gate, with the help of loyal Priors now on our side. We fiind a way to save the day, and see the true meaning of Destiny while kicking Ba’als Wraith controlling *&&^^% to the next Universe! Along the way we meet the Blue Aliens Again, we meet the Ursi again, we also meet Asguards that left their home galaxey a millenia ago and never had the cloning problem of their brothers that we knew.

    Ending scene fades out to a Stargate snowglobe and the camera focuses on the gate in the globe then see glowing Cheverons as the credits rolla and they finally fade away as the last of the credits roll and fades to black.

    Ya have all three in it. This would have to be at least a 6 hr TV movie mini-series minimum. Or 4½hrs TV time

  94. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the many years of Stargate and am greatly saddened after the finale 🙁 So many unanswered questions like the mission, what the Blueberry aliens would do, the Planet Builder aliens etc etc. I really liked the atmosphere on how you guys tackled the different alien threats and using them sparingly to make them more menacing.

    Personally, I really hope you guys manage to continue the series in a comic format at least especially after reading the old notes you had on possible Atlantis episodes. Dynamite Entertainment I think are making the comics but don’t know how successful they are doing. Looking back at those notes you had

    I wanted to ask, was there any talk of who created the Berserker drones? I thought it would have been the height of irony if it turned out that the Novus Colony inhabitants built them. Perhaps the Futuran inhabitants of the planet Rusha 😀 God, I think I am going to miss the Destiny characters a lot like Rush. Robert Carlyle was just excellent as the creepy intelligent uncle :p

    Also, wanted to ask, would Rob Cooper be able to answer questions like whether there was a Stargate network in the Ori galaxy?

    Take care!

  95. @das: Great kitty vid! I love the way the music fits the action. Where the heck do you find these?

  96. I watched Gauntlet. All of you did great job! Thank you for your possible spoilers. I would like to believe that Eli would have found a solution without sacrificing himself. The Ginn/Chloe thing would have been fun as well.

  97. Thank you. For the blog, the terrific work on SGU, and on the franchise. Thanks to everyone who made a wonderful alternate reality happen.

    Sorry, no ramblings just now. There’s been a lot to think about of late.

  98. Thanks for all of the fun and the distraction from reality on a weekly basis. I was very sorry to hear that SGU was cancelled.

    What are your thoughts of the fan attempts at convincing SyFy and MGM to reconsider? While I imagine the chances are slim, I am sure that thousands of boxes of kleenex and 40,280+ subscribers to the “SaveSGU” Facebook page (It grows by about 1,000 per day) it must be making some at SyFy and MGM a bit unconfortable.


  99. I liked this very much..

    Though one thing i think could have been addressed in a S3.. is WHO did build the drones.

    Was it as some on gateworld think, the novans or others of our descendants? Was it someone else??

  100. #
    Joan001 said,”Are you serious??? An Atlantis movie without John Shepherd? Really?”

    on May 13, 2011 at 10:29 am josephmallozzi answered (?). “Huh? Sorry. No idea what you’re referring to. Never said that.”
    I’m hoping you wrote that in answer to what I wrote… There have been so many “back and forths” that I think I misunderstood the context in what was written about — my bad!! Whew… Okay, carry on. Thanks Joe 🙂

  101. I was really unhappy when I learned that SGU was cancel and I was wondering what would have happen, but you gave us a good insight of that, thanks!!!

  102. hey watch gauntlet no Commercials and pause at 16:00 Minutes or just slightly before.. is there an inside joke there lol

    Love all your shows btw..

  103. “In a desperate, last ditch effort to save her, Eli downloads Ginn’s consciousness into her body.”

    Man, do I love this scenario. Creating that schism between Eli and Scott, the crew’s reaction etc. The consequences of not having Chloe and her FTL calculations etc.

    Maybe go for a whole season until everyone starts to adjust, (especially Ginn, who in all this, never got a say in the matter) and right at that point hit them with a “Choe’s personality is reemerging”, saying having her mind suppressed for a year allowed her mind to repair, maybe explain it as a consequence of using the chair in the first place. Imagine THAT! AH!

    And finally how Rush must feel knowing, at this point, even if he finds a body for Perry it probably wont be permanent.

  104. Well, this sucks… I sent the Elric comic to Sparrow, and someone stole it from the envelope! I am very mad at the US Postal System right now. 😡


  105. I would like to make a comment about the “F*** the french” ‘goof’ in Gauntlet. I believe the French have a large ownership in both MGM & Universal. Could be a commentary on that.

  106. I know that SyFi based the cancellation of SGU on poor ratings, but the real question is, why aren’t they reconsidering the decision based on the amount of outcry from fans about it. – Obviously it must be huge if SyFi are having to go to enough trouble to try and publicly justify their position to the fan base.

    What I want to know is, why are SyFi not taking into account the larger audience for Stargate? – I mean yeah, they say about 1million viewers have been watching… but what about all those watching via DVR, Downloads etc?

    I mean, one viewing-rating doesn’t necessarily equate to one viewer does it? Does SyFi’s ratings include anyone outside of the US? – NOPE… What about the rest us fans??? I live in the UK and have been watching SGU via Sky1, but the fact of the matter is, I get the UK version of the ‘SyFi’ channel… why isn’t SGU being aired on THAT channel?

    SyFi have overlooked all of the fans in this respect. – SGA got a 4million raiting for its premier, SGU got about 2million, so what! – What if an internet petition was started and presented to SyFi – but the catch is, it has more than 4million signatures?

    What would SyFi’s take on that be? Because I believe if they were to ignore something like that, they don’t really care about the Stargate fans in the first place…

    I’ve been (and still are) a fan of SG-1, SGA and SGU… I have annoyed every time one of the shows was cancelled, but I’m sure I’ve never been included in the count of who’s watching!


    If the internet is the new media for watching shows, why doesn’t SyFi just start up a globally accessible website, one that every fan can watch SGU from – or any other Stargate show from? – I’m sure if this was to happen, suddenly SyFi would find that the ratings would tell a completely different story altogether!

    – Joe, you should put this to SyFi and see what they say to that! ^^

    -Thoughts of a SG fan. x

  107. i’m very sad about SGU ending.
    If movie’s are not in the plan, can you write a book ?
    please just dont stop there.
    Or can you call cbs and call it startrek universe ???
    Please dont let the money ending our dream and your brain

    we have to find a solution please dont stop 🙂

  108. Just wanted to add that I am a hugh SGA fan. Was very sad when it was cancelled. Watched the first two episodes of SGU and hated them. I quit watching until the end of season one and gave it a shot again. Was hooked and loved season two. Perhaps there were a lot more people that watched a couple of early episodes and then never came back. They really missed a show that came together. Will miss Stargate. Thanks for quality entertainment over the years.

  109. I going with upload Eli’s consciousness as an ender. Less of a necessity for *miracle happens* to his fixing the pod or making the power/food last. I think a miracle had to happen for Rush to have any pages left in his jotter notebook. As for the Eff the French? Production crew Commentary on shareholders’ decision. Or Rush’s commentary on Blaise Pascal and other French mathematicians. I’ve enjoyed the journey, thanks for the ride.

  110. Not to be just another comment in the crowd and I kind of hope this one actually gets read by one of the writers, but why haven’t you thought of using atlantis? I know the series was cancelled but at the end of stargate atlantis you left it safely concealed on earth. You seem to like the idea of cross overs when it came to story lines when you seem to incorporate different elements and even people in the story lines of both atlantis and sg1 but it didn’t have as much when it came to universe. Atlantis itself is by far more advanced than Destiny so why not use it? The ancients in your story obviously tried to anticipate everything which seemed to cover EVERYTHING besides the enemies they would face. You’d think that the ability to dial destiny would have been a prominent sub routine as like you said earlier in the series, they had planned to board destiny at some point.

  111. I barely watched Stargate: Universe, but I realize the depth of the loss to the sci-fi genre with it’s cancellation. It’s always a shame when a show is gone before it really hits it’s stride.

  112. Hi Joe,

    sorry to hear it ended, though the first season took a while to get anywhere, it had some great potential for development.

    I still think you should have booted the action up more, like the best parts of series 8 of SG1, brought in some bad purple meanies ala-Goauld to fight every week, but that’s just me!!

    Hope something happens soon!

  113. Joe,

    Thanks to you and everyone involved in producing SGU! My son and I have enjoyed it these past 2 years and it has given us something to bond over. I’ll miss the incredibly deep characters you helped to create and build. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  114. It was a great ending, thanks for an excellent series.

    I liked the slow pace of the first season myself as it seemed to realistically portray their very bad situation and the amount of work and despair involved in getting to the point of being able to barely survive.

    I don’t agree that season openers need to be about action. The whole shooting ever more powerful alien routine is what made me tired of the original SG series, which turned into a caricature of itself.

  115. Im working on a mod (called Stargate: Pegasus Chronicals), and its got SG1 and SGA stories in it, were considering doing the SGU (probably not atm) story with the military ships from the descendants since thats a good way to go with the RTS game were working on.

    Id like to say thanks for such a good series
    i grew up with SG1 and later SGA and i was hoping for a season 3, but from the way this season ended i figured you guys knew that it was coming to an end, even though u never reshot it, i cant think of a better send off than what we got, under these circumstances

    So thanks from me, and the rest of the poeple i know who dont get on here often enough
    Thanks a thousand times over

    PS if u do check out the mod, tell us what u think of the new wriath and lantian ships XD

  116. I know this is a matter of opinion – but why was SGU so slow compared to SG-1 and SGA? There appeared to be less action and more focus on cres like in Battlestar Galactica? Also, Why doesn’t Eli use the communication stones to allow Carter or McKay to take a crack at repairing the stasis pod.

  117. Joseph, why didn’t you unleash the drones on whoever decided to cancel SGU when you had the chance. Can honestly say this is the first time I’ve been truly sad to see a series come to an end. Perhaps because the story is so unfinished, and so many unanswered questions. One thing I can say for certain is that my TV won’t be getting used too much anymore, I canceled my cable package yesterday. Nothing that really peaks my interest like SGU did. Thanks for taking your time to write this blog to give us some closure. Hope you’re enjoying Toronto too… all this rain should make it feel a little more like home. 🙂

  118. Damn you!
    Due to being displaced in another country I couldn’t keep up with the final (*tear) episodes of SGU. Stumbling upon your detailed post today however, has reawakened the wraith-like love I have for all things SG. (Oh, SGU… how the young die early)

    I shall be going over the entire series again from the beginning and will review it on my Blog… and will MOST DEFINITELY return to this post to comment comprehensively.

    Yea… I didn’t read it for a desire of not wanting to be raped with, what are for me, spoilers. :|.


  119. Eventhough it was BSGesquq… I wonder if there were ever any plans to have some type of closure to TJ’s baby storyline…

  120. There will probably be a series of books to finish the series. It seems that all the series I’ve watched that are cancelled (leaving fans hanging) end up being finished as books written by some fan who is also an author.

  121. Hey, Joe, THANK YOU for posting the possible outcomes. That was very satisfying to a previously very unsatisfying feeling left at the end of the series.

    So I assume the resolution hadn’t even been written? Interesting.

    Now to find a way to start begging the other writers/producers you mentioned, and seeing if we can get some ideas on series resolution!

  122. Hi Joe, thanks for the show. I really enjoyed it (even if there were not enough people to finish it). What really got me though was not allowing you guys to finish it up. I understand the ratings reasons, and of course somebody has to PAY for stuff but cutting you off at the knees mid season without a good amount of planning time to dedicate time, money and effort to a proper ending was pretty low.

    That being said. Great job!

    BTW…do you think that due to the costs of scifi opera like shows the only realistic way to do it without breaking budgets is to go the way Sanctuary and Babylon 5, by using computer generated sets? I know…they look a bit cheesy but every year they get better and better…

  123. I am surprised and more than a little disappointed that SGU is not going to make it to season 3. I’ve seen the other Stargate shows, and I felt that this iteration had the best-written, most provocative characters and that the setting had the most potential for development.

    As season 3 will no longer come, I suppose the ending of season 2 was fitting. The likeable Eli finally developed some self-confidence, and, as he always comes through, regular viewers could leave the show confident that everything was going to be fine.

    I would have ended the final episode differently, however. I, and I’m sure many others, found Rush’s quest and Destiny’s mission to be among the most interesting aspects of the show. My ideal ending would have had Rush rigging his stasis pod to deactivate as soon as Eli’s had activated.

    The final scene could have been Eli scrambling to fix his pod. Succeeding. Going into stasis. Camera backing away for the apparent ending… suddenly we hear pressure being released, see gas pouring out of Rush’s pod. Close in on his face (possibly just his eyes), his eyes suddenly open (music moment?), cut to black.

    Needs work obviously, but I believe an ending like that would have left more fans clamoring for a new season instead of just contented sighs of oh well, at least Eli came into his own!

  124. Some offshoot of the Trust or NID gets a hold of the Asgard time dilation technology that was once used on the replicators. He uses it to put the entire planet Earth in a slowed time field, forcing isolationism but also making sure the Earth is safe from outside threats. The crew of the destiny awakens almost 3,000 years later. A message is waiting for them from Earth informing them of the planet’s fate and requesting cooperation from outside the field in order to turn it off. They find out that the Destiny’s descendants now have ships capable of taking them home. They save the Earth and the new adventures begin, same Earth, new advanced spaceships, weapons, technologies, species, and a whole new galactic order.

  125. Joe,
    I am saddened as many are about the cancellation of sgu,
    as a series franchise, I honestly believe that scy fy was wrong how they handled it, and with mgm going bankrupty did’nt seem to help matters much.
    my question to you is, do you or are you looking into possibly writing a new stargate show for tv ?
    or is the franchise totally done for?
    and if it is done, is there anything us fans could possibly do to help you guys bring it back?
    personally I have watched sg1 and sga all of the episodes so many times I could not tell you as I have lost count, I would love to see the show make a comeback somehow in the future and If there is anything that us fans could do to help , pls let us know..
    also on a lighter note, if it does happen, maybe you could do some type of (im at loss for words here sorry ) maybe one of them things that the witers would ask viewers online how and what they would like to see happen in future episodes of stargate if it makes a comeback (which I really hope ) as far as I am concerned there is nothing left on tv thats worth watching as far as any type of space oriented shows.
    this is my first time writing you and I really have alot of respect for you and everyone involved in the series. I just had to throw in my 2 cents for once as I still am watching re runs of every season of every stargate thats on dvd, sadly if it does not make a comeback somehow I will be boycotting scy fy forever in my book, there is no replacing stargate with another show, the garbage there putting on air, less sanctuary of course which is good, but still not stargate, I will always be watching re runs of sg1 and sg1 and also sgu as long as I live with always a hope of some kind of comeback.
    one of your major fans that wishes he could only help save stargate in one form or another.

  126. I was very disappointed to hear that SGU had been canceled. I fired off a couple of politely coached emails to the powers that be and signed the petition.

    Considering all the cookie cutter shows on tv and cable, it’s a shame that something so different was never really given a chance to grow into what it could have ultimately been… something spectacular. The potential was there.

  127. Dear Mr Mallozzi:
    Good to know we’re on the same page on bringing Drs McKay,Carter or Jackson onboard Destiny. I just wrote a comment to that effect on the Save SGU facebook page on the wall for 3rd season ideas.
    Have you considered contacting the exec at the CW to see if they would pick up SGU from MGM?
    The only successful network sci-fi series right now seems to be BBC’s Doctor Who.
    Being tied to a particular network is poison if they don’t like you..the Star Trek franchise only lasted so long because it was for the most part syndicated. Stargate needs to take a page from that book in order to survive.

  128. SGU CANCELLED! Joseph how could you let it. HOW!
    You and the others could of just protested against it and kept Stargate Universe running for season 3 and beyond. Like SGC and SGA.
    Do somehting about it please. Bring back SGU!!!!

  129. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    SGU was strong television indeed, and I’m sure MGM will see its profit-potential in the next few years.

    I’ve read through the ideas for a Season 3 opener, and believe a more emotionally complex storyline would be to have Eli discover a special drone attached to Destiny!

    He quickly begins to communicate with it, and learns the drones were built by the Ancients, and that they originate from the very place Rush thinks Destiny is going.

    Eli also finds out that almost all the drones have been corrupted, over time, and instead of protecting emerging societies from predatory, tech-advanced species – which was the drones’ original duty – they now destroy all technology.

    The reason the drones are so hot for Destiny, is that they recognize it as something quite akin to themselves!

    Eli learns that only a handful of drones ‘remember’ their original mission, and of the few that remain, the one attached to Destiny’s hull offers-up its power source to sustain Eli’s stasis pod.

    The episode ends with Eli finally agreeing to let the drone power his pod. As he goes into stasis, we see the drone (now inside a stasis room, hooked up to Eli’s chamber) suddenly activate some of Destiny’s systems, and the audience sees Ginn, a Mona Lisa smile on her face, standing next to the drone.

    If you like this storyline, you have my email address :>)

    Thanks, Mr. Mallozzi, for the many years of in-depth storytelling you’ve offered us all!


    Grant S.

  130. Man i have to say i was very disappointing to hear sgu was canceled. Every good show gets canned these days. But i feel for you too because this was partly your brain baby ya know. Sorry man. Its too bad some rich ass person couldn’t pay for you guys to keep it up. If i win the lotto ill be that guy 🙂

  131. So, I just want to say one thing then pitch the Series permier episode of season 3 the way I see it. I find it very upsetting that Executives refer to T.V. as a business then in the same breath FAIL to give thier customers what they want.. Regardless of who is paying for the comercials the people watching are the customers… With that said on to the good stuff.

    Of course the opening will be the season two recap. Which brings us up to the present. Leaving the passage of time an unknown factor. We start into the ship with a camera fly by of the familiar spaces of Destiny. Closing this sequence with the camera closing on the statis chamber hallway. At this point two of the pods open. Set to open given several conditions, Power levels falling to critical level, Arrival at a given spatial coordinate, or the preset time. The two crew members first to wake, Rush and Col. Young. Both Slightly dissoriented Bantering back and forth quickly trying to make sense of the situation. Rush moves to the console at the end of the hall while Young checks on the others in the pods. Rush calls young back to the console to reveal a note left in the system for both Rush and Young. Explaining what occured after they were put into stasis. Cut to a Dream/Imagination sequence showing Eli checking the database referencing the info on the pods. Where he finds a way to get the pod to function but the repair is only a partial fix. Which allows Eli to power the pod up and place himself into stasis but doesn’t give the pod the ability to bring him back out of stasis. Eli explains that was the one problem he couldn’t figure out how to solve. Making a take back statement about how he may not be smarter than Rush but defends himself jokingly saying that he is at least as smart as Rush. He further explains that in order to fix the pod he had to borrow a control module and power coil from the sub light engines to bypass the damaged components on the pod. Cut back to Rush and Young. Rush then says to Young well thats all fine and good but if he got that far with the repairs why did he only use one of the two weeks of food and life support to fix the problem before he entered statis. Young then asks Rush what would make him do that. Rush then says you know as much as I do, but I look and see if he left anymore information on what he was working on. Cut back to Eli working on pulling parts from the sublight engine while talking to himself.(Good place to fill in Eli’s thoughts about his situation and how much he misses everyone) cut to Young ” Should we wake everyone up?” Rush “I think we should see where we are before we start waking the others. We may just have to go right back into the statis chambers. I mean I’m not even sure why we woke up. Eli didn’t exactly leave a detailed report of what he was doing.” Young ” Agreed, we’ll check the ship find out where we are and figure out our next step.” Now Destiny drops out of FTL……..

    I know this isn’t written like a full episode. I just wanted to paint a picture. Its what I see when I think of what will happen next. Call the first episode of season 3 The Wake up. A slow build up to the first “What Now?” moment in season 3. Also, providing the neccessary closure for Season 2. The Dream, or flashback sequence would take most of the episode giving all the pertainent information through Eli. So that while the characters are oblivious to the complete scope of the situation, the viewer is aware of whats happening. Let me know what you think..

  132. Jeremiah Excellent beginning to the first episode of season 3.
    I find it very upsetting that Executives refer to T.V. as a business then in the same breath FAIL to give their customers what they want.. Regardless of who is paying for the commercials the people watching are the customers…

    You hit the nail on the head with that comment. They really do not deserve our time to watch new programs, however good they are, because there is ALWAYS the expectation that good programs will be cancelled in favour of trash TV. It’s really part of the general dumbing down of North America. The entertainment industry has a lot to answer for.

  133. That’s a first episode for season 3. Here’s mine for episode 2 and 3. It has something to do with Stargate Command finally getting the supplies from earth or other planet to Destiny with a new power source. Or probably on old one. “Zero point Module”

  134. Hey have you ever thought of making 1 big ending that incorporates all 3 shows
    Eli figures out how to stay alive for the next 3 years. But he goes crazy by himself so he makes frequent trips to earth. He then learns aboutThe whole stargate program. And he come up with a plan.

    1 They save Dr. Elizabeth Weir from space. They have her make a humen body for her self and ginn and perry. She has the knowleged to make more zpm and to recharges dead ones.
    2. sam and Rodney McKay figure out to use asgard technology to travel between Galaxy with in minutes
    3. Eli figures out how to contol the command ships and gets them to obey him
    4. With the new power and asgard ships a space ship from earth could get there is a year or two
    5. It is decided that a asgard spaceship will catch up to the destoiny and people who volonteer for this mission may date and marry because it is such a long mission. Sam and Jack volonteer and get married for real. Rodney and jennifrr also go so we have a real doctor
    6. They catch up to the destiny Galaxy and with the asgard tracking technology are able to find the spaceships of people with the als cure
    7. Then they catch up with destiny.
    they wake everyone up and give bodies to ginn and perry. Tell Tj about the cure.
    8. Dr. Elizabeth Weir is able to restore full power to destiny and they install asgard technology as well.
    9. Sam and Rodney and eli develop a little crystal that they can put in every command ship that makes travel like the asgard spaceship
    10. They travel back to Pegasus Galaxy with the command ships
    11 The command ships are able to take out every Wraith ships once and the wraith are gone
    12 They travel to the milky way and again the command ships make the Lucian Alliance surrender and finally everything is peaceful

  135. Hey joe,

    I would like to thank you for your dedication and hardwork over the years.

    I was sad to see Stargate universe get cut without a chance of parole but as they say it is what it is.

    Season three I think would have developed the story more, and episode showing a link up with a resupply ship
    which was sent and had it purpose to resupply and repair destiny would have been imaginative, to transition it from the brink of collapse and reinstate it as the superior ship it was designed to be. Or even if more destines where sent beside that one and have there own network withing the network, The ships I suppose could have been destroyed or eventually overrun by an unkown alien exsistence. The way the ancients have been described and the amount of things left behind which act as markers which withstood the time since there passing tells me they were left behind so that one day a race intelligent and smart enough to use this technology would give them a boost and unlock pandoras box – I almost wish that stargate came out profiling the ancients race showing them and how they evolved into who they were, with there hardships and the auctuall cause behind development of the stargate.

    food for thought anyways.

    regardless sad to see Stargate universe shut down and swept aside as it was. I hope the stargate franchise will pick up were it left off sooner or later.

    Best Regards,


  136. Shows end. Even ones I really like. But when they end, they should end, not just give up.

    The crew had consumables for the entire complement for a month. That’s why they had to stop each month, to replenish food and water. If they had 50 people left out of the original 80 or so, then they had enough food and water for 1 person for 50 months. That’s way more than enough to make the trip to the next galaxy.

    The limiting factor was power. They had just enough to make it in a single three year jump–maybe. The simple solution is to stop for gas on the way.

    Unless the drones had blockaded every star in the galaxy, there should be many available to use for refueling Destiny. Since no consumables need to be collected, Destiny can deviate from the string of stars with gates, even if it will take a little longer. Destiny can travel for more than a month and less than the trip to the edge of the galaxy then can check for a star without a command ship and refuel there. At that point, Destiny should have substantially more than enough power to reach the next galaxy, so there is no 1000-year drifting.

    Eli may be bored, but using the stones to go back home should help with that. And he can still play his game.

    No miracle is involved. No magic chemical needs to be found. No savior needs to fix things for them. No rabbits need to pulled from a hat.

    Then the series could end. Eli could still be on the observation deck, but a crew of brilliant people wouldn’t have had to become suddenly stupid.

  137. It was sad to see Stargate Universe go. I llve in the UK and the only way you could see it was on Sky One – a satellite channel that you subscribe to at about $50 per month. It has 500 channels with premium movies and frankly just buys up US series as things to fill time on its non-premium channels.

    So in Britain SGU was viewed by a tiny audience. I can’t afford the price of satellite so I normally by a the DVD at the end of season. However this year I watched over the Internet on a low quality stream for free.

    Yes there is Itunes but getting it from a pc to a TV is a pain with all the copy protection. The fact is the entertainment industry hasn’t quite sorted out how to deliver content to people in the Internet world.

    What I didn’t understand was why SGU used to have a mid-season break for weeks on end. TV watching is habitual. Every week at the same time you sit down and watch the TV or record it if you are out. I thought SGU was cancelled in season 1 when they stopped showing it from the end of November to sometime in March.

    SGU itself was good on the whole. However there were too many ponderous episodes particularly set on on Earth where the pace of action was glacial. The episode set in the small us town was particularly wasteful. The “alien” thread was not developed and what was all that bit about TJ’s baby and the return of the settlers?

    There were under-used story arcs about the lucien alliance and Eli’s romance was cut short.

    So what are my conclusions;

    1. There is an audience for sci-fi but TV needs to build audiences

    2. Ponderous pointless episodes that contributed nothing to the story arcs that were developing were a distraction whereas interesting sci-fi plots were not explored.

    3. The unique selling point of a Sci-Fi channel is science fiction. What I am reading is that SyFy believes SGU was not commercial. It might be that all TV is heading that way in the age of the Internet. Maybe only sports and real-time must watch programmes will gather large numbers of viewers around the TV. Maybe a niche channel needs to see how it can monetise the world’s demand for SciFi and not just the US market and sell streams direct to non-USA audiences.

    Just some thoughts.

  138. COOL. Hey i think the creaters of SGC, SGA and SGU should make another stargate movie. Something like Stargate War for the Universe. You can make the title shorter if you want. Well whats it is about is that the Atlantis team discovers a new enemy ( Hybrid Wraith. that except of feeding on your life, they turn you into their own by “reverse” feeding they turn into “super-wraith.” ( and on a mission of controlling every technology in existence, human, Asgard, Ancestral, etc. and to take control of every galaxy that exists. You might ask how!? Well, the more technology they obtain the more powerful they are. And that can be barely killed with normal bullets. Unless you use”explosive ones” and as well as new allies (Common Descent) that are really their descendants, but from another alternate universe, i’ll tell you how it happens later. plus new ships. Here’s a first episode “Downfall Part 1 and Part 2 ” ( This might look weird and strange, but here it is).

    Major Lorne’s team and Sheppard and his team are on the surface on a planet. McKay is talking about why do they have to be back to the Pegasus Galaxy and all of that. Ronon and Teyla look at each other and both of them think he doesn’t know that they have to find a way to kill of the Wraith once and for all. Before Teyla could speak. Both the teams heard a buzzing sound (Probably a wraith dart) which is actually a wraith dart but looked different. The ship fire a few shots Sheppard and Ronon were able to take it down before it turned around for another try. Sheppard then said, “Back to the gate, now!.” Then while running back to the gate, which was very far, they came face to face with armed people ( Their you know who) and pulled their weapons on the men. While looking suspicious on these people and their guns pulled, a Wraith like ship flies towards them. Then suddenly get destroyed by two fighters. Then there was chatter from one of the man’s wrist like radio. Man: “Sorry about that, looks like some of these freaks managed to get pass our ships and fighters.” Sheppard: “who are you people.” Man in front said, “I should ask you the same question.” Ronon: “He asked you first” There was a was man 6 ft tall. “OK then, my name is Colonel Dmitri Makarov and this is my team: Lieutenant Nickolas Smith, our scientist Dr. Johnathon Lee Redford, my second in charge Captain Maria Meredith Brown, and then Colin and Patrick Reeves.” Before McKay could say a word there was again radio chatter coming from Brown. “Colonel! Are you having a picnic or something down there! Get moving they have broken through and there is a lot of them now! Now get moving.” Dmitri presses the red talk button and then said. Thanks for the warning.” Then turn the radio off by clicking the white button next to it. While running, they reach the jumpers. Which ware fully destroyed when they got there. Lorne: “They have destroyed both the jumpers.” (Sounds of enemy ships approaching) The men look at each other in panic. (Well the rest of story is they managed to get through the gate. Fought Several enemy ships. One which almost badly crippled Daedalus and Apollo with a huge weapon that weakens the further its target is.
    Ally reinforcements manage to arrive just in before it could dealt a final shot at Apollo which lost its Asgard beam weapons and almost all of its shields(20-30% shield power). But still had its hyper drive online. Those arriving ships also had Asgard beam weapons and as well as drones. And where almost twice as big as Apollo and Daedalus. The enemy ship that attacked them was about the size of a ZPM grown Hive Ship. With lasers. and a big weapon ( Like from a Star Destroyer) that is capable of destroying a planet. And the ship closely looked like Anubis’s super weapon that attacked earth. And that thing could hold over 500 darts. Atlantis got a computer virus downloaded while escaping into hyperspace with Apollo and Daedalus. The team figured out what it was and weren’t able to control Atlantis, jumping out of hyper space. they evacuated Atlantis by jumpers, since the stargate went offline. Everybody were able to get down the planet. And got a glimpse of there new home. That resembled the Replicator’s version of the city but not a lot of Atlantisis
    The people called themselves the Galactic Federation. And that there were more of the groups that still exist. And the reason that they did not here about them is because they were in the other side of the Pegasus galaxy. The episode ends with Sheppard, Ronon, McKay, Teyla, Woolsey looking from the balcony of the control room.

    – Thee Hybrid Wraith were created from Micheal’s iratus super creature, a wraith’s DNA or from Athosian, Dr. Beckett’s iratus and Hoffin drug and a human.

    – The people who created these things were scientists that were looking to create their own wraith to defeat the Wraith. But were denied doing so. But did not listen and did it any way. One of the scientists was a man and a woman.

    – they had a child. When She (Not on this episode, but on the 15th episode) “The Knowing” was older she tried to contact the Galactic Federation. but was captured and her crazy parents turn her into a leader of the Hybrid Wraith. The transmission on the other hand got through, but never noticed until on that episode. Which was 328 years old. 20 in this reality and 308 years in the other universe.

    – The Atlantis team were told they 50% of the 269,403 people that live in that city had Wraith gene/DNA. 36% had the ancestral gene. And others were just normal.

    – Galactic Federation also had some Asgard ships. Few Atlantian aurora ships, and ships of their own.

    – Some of the people that had the wraith DNA were turned into those Hybrids. Most of them were able to escape and find a cure before the it was to late. In other words, “point of no return.” And a of them including Dmitri, Nickolas and others were able to feel the presents of a person with wraith DNA.

    – During the daytime the Hybrid Wraith see like people see. During the night, their vision looks like heat vision. At nighttime Humans are orange are red and yellow. Wraith are blue and purple.( Episode # 10 The Search )

    – The federation also has Kull Warrior suits and the other suits used by the Pegaus Asgard. And are up-graded to resist being beamed/ culled by darts.

    – Dart like ships are made form darts, 302s and those other fighters ( Daedalus Variations). After Apollo was seized but the self- destruct was able to got off. But a few a handful of 302 were stolen. (Episode # 7 Captured )

  139. Sad to here the show has been cancelled. it had the possibility of being one of the best Stargate shows yet. but as a fan of the Stargate series i can slightly understand it. for me the fact that the ship was old was getting a little tired and i hoped this would soon be rectified.
    i have as i am sure a lot of fans do as to how the story should have continued. i do not presume to now better than someone as talented as yourself. but i have always had a great imagination and hope to be a writer my self one day.
    Here are the changes i made maybe there might be a possibility to use them in the future as i think it is still possible to save the show.

    1 To continue into a third season the first show must resolve the eli situation. he will live as he will in desperation near the end send a distress call before his power runs out. this will be because he discovers the power will not last for the full journey. as destiny will make a detour.
    the help will come in time. the help will be from another group of there dependents from earlier in the show. they will help in destiny’s power requirements to make the journey and go along with them and a now in stasis eli as they will repair the remaining stasis pod.
    this this can be a bit of a ropey way to do it as mentioned before. but at least Eli initiates the rescue although he will believe it will never come.

    2 When everyone is out of stasis they will meet there rescuers who will have some very good news and some very bad news for them. the rescuers themselves for examination’s sake will be the most highly advanced good people they have meet yet. the further clarify lets make them originally from the sect that supported cornel young. although they have split again in to there own belief system from that. because of moving to the new galaxy’s that destiny was heading for. this can be farther developed into a possible future problem for the news season as destiny crew will soon realize they are keeping something important to themselves.

    3 The good news will be that the ancients built a repair and upgrade facility for destiny journey here in this new galaxy. however there are more deadly drone craft and command ships patrolling this galaxy. and they will soon encounter them. the rescuers will fight them off successfully. then the ship can be repaired and upgraded. as it will need it in this galaxy.

    4 old enemy more deadly. the rescuers will inform destiny crew that this is a ori controlled galaxy. yes i know what people may think but lets be honest the enemies in this series have been a let down and i felt more could have been done with them. for this show the ori in this galaxy will not know of there counterparts in other galaxies and there are others or the crews history and knowlage of them. handle this as required and how the exist here and how much more of a problem they are going to be.

    5 Rush discovers the signal he had found that destiny was looking for may not be what he thought. it is in fact destiny true mission to find it and destroy it as it holds the key to destroying the universe for good.

    hope these ideas will prove use full they may have ramped up the show a bit more that could make it even more exciting and be what i felt it should be. but these are only my thoughts.

  140. – The Kull Warrior suits and those other suits are only used for “special missions” like getting someone or something out of enemy controlled space/planet. (Episode # 19 Behind Enemy Lines) Sheppard’s team are trapped on an alien planet on enemy territory and with the jumper out of reach they cannot get to the space gate. But, they were able send an S.O.S back to Galactic Federation. Knowing its too risky, General William George Hampton said no. refusing to cooperate with him, Teal’c, Carter, Dr. Jackson went to the armory storage room. And began to stack up on weapons. Walking in to the armory were Dmitri Makarov ( a special operations commander assigned to this group by their superiors on a hidden base base in Antarctica 60 mile away where the Drone Chair was located. And 300 yards underneath the ice) Vladimir Alexander including Major Lorne and his team. Dmitri and Vladimir Say that they and the other will help them. teal’c, Carter and Dr. Jackson smiled. They then told them that they had a talk with the general about going on this rescue mission and that there will be nothing to prevent them from not going. Dmitri then pushed a panel that was on the side of the right wall next to the entrance. Jackson, Teal’c, Carter looked at each other in surprise. Dmitri turned and faced the trio and smiled and said ” Well, chose one.”

    During the rest of the episode, the team got on a federation ship called “Bellerophon” (which was seen in the first episode) And 3 more ships joined, they were
    Arcadius, Athena and a command ship Chimera. when they get to the planet, there were already wraith hybrid ships there. And they fight each other, while that is happening the Arccadius managed to beam Sheppard and his team aboard after several failed attempts after beaming down the other team to locate Sheppard and his team. It seemed that one of the enemy ships were jamming them when they first beamed down the rescue team. When everybody was on board all 4 ships jumped into hyperspace leaving only debris of destroyed enemy ships and fighters. Back to the federation, Sheppard and the others got checked out in the infirmary and they were fine. Dmitri approached Sheppard and told him never to get into that kind of trouble again. Sheppard said that could be a problem. Dmitri looked at him. Then while walking away, he shakes his with a grin on his face.

  141. Joe, I want to thank you for a wonderful two years of scifi with SGU! SGU was one of the best hard SciFi shows to ever air in my opinion. I loved the mystery of Destiny and it’s explorations through distant galaxies. Most of all I enjoyed the rich characters, that were far more human and realistic than any previous Star Gate incarnation. I think SGU is destined for cult status ala Star Trek. I hope and pray we will one day return to this amazing drama once more.

  142. You guys just stood there and did nothing to keep SGU on the air, Joseph do something to bring it back. Not just you but others as well. Look there are about 100 fans of SGU that want it back on the air.

  143. Has there been any news with the other two stargate movies? I know its been put on hold, but any idea if they are cancelling or continuing with them? getting annoyed, been waiting for a while 😛

  144. I’m really sorry about lossing SGU, it was so intence!!, it was one of my favourites one’s, congrat’s to all the people who was part of this great production!!

    it’s a bitter thing to me , see a great work unfinished.

  145. Would it have killed Syfy to “observe” how many people illegally downloaded the show to see just how many people were actually “watching the show” outside of the Syfy channel broadcast? Just using rating numbers for the show on their channel is not a true reflection of a shows popularity any more.

    I don’t know how many times I have asked this question on Gateworld.

    The opening episode of each season of Lost is a good example of just how popular a show can be. I recall seeing the Season 5 Lost opener running into the millions for downloads; I downloaded the full episode in less than 10 minutes. Now, think how much that would have changed the ratings.

    There are many people, including myself, that do not have the patience to wait for “TV-land”, and their frakking legal department, to move with the times and make true downloadable content available for prospective viewers available ahead of time – even if it is at a minor charge using a degrading file format. This is for the lawyers: if that were a legal format, think how lucrative that could have been.

    It is a shame. I thought the show was great.

    “Good job dude.”

    How much of an investment would you need to make a movie? Or a mini series for that matter?

  146. yeah Hi – at last found a place to express my thanks for such great show – SGU :o)

    While I really liked the SG1 & SG-Atlantis – I also enjoyed the different style – (almost like the Blake 7 -original series style of character development – IMHO) – of SGU, and really thought they were getting somewhere in the second series. So for me, although I’m saddened by what I see as a premature departure of SGU, I have to say it was a really great show!!

    And we do need something else like it – but maybe a new format could be the 90 minute episodes like BBC are doing SHERLOCK (and FOYLES WAR) – don’t know how that would go with American audiences though (I’m Australian). It might make it too irregular for US fans.

    As an aside – just thinking – another SG series would be good where a combined human/alien team – possibly using a remnant Asgard contingent plus a warrior species with special abilities that add to the mix – and connecting with the ‘travellers’ – but through the 9th chevron – at first chasing the secretive society that has been manipulating those pesky machine-bots harrassing Destiny. Then maybe being caught up for a season inside a hugely humungous but gone-wrong auto – preservation ship – that had been sent into a dying (or at risk of a marauding black hole) spiral of a galaxy top take ‘samples’ of alien sentient (but low tech) & pre-sentient species to preserve them and relocate them in another part of the galaxy – but the ship’s gone ‘whacky’ and its inhabitants have escaped their original species-specific ‘biospheres’ etc etc etc – this ship is old and the ‘inhabitants’ are into several generations. But the SG mixed team can come out of this with new technologies etc – and even a new understanding of the ANCIENTS !!1

    I know I know – :o) – but I do so like a good SCI-FI :O)


    Gregg :o)

  147. Hi Gregg –

    Sorry to disagree but I have to say being a hard-core SG1 and Atlantis fan I feel that SGU was a total waste. There was only one character on the show that I didn’t totally hate (Eli) so I just didn’t care what happened to them and hence, lost all interest in the show. There was none of the humor and honor found in the other shows. It showed the worst of human nature in virtually every circumstance which was NOT the case in SG1 and Atlantis which was part of their appeal. I’m still trying to plow through the 2nd season but nothing has changed my overall opinion thus far.

    I loved the idea of the show – even if it did feel a little like Voyager, but the characters were just too nasty and self-centered for me to stomach. Every Stargate fan I know did not like the series which must have been a general concensus since it was cancelled so quickly. The Stargate fanbase as a rule is rabidly loyal so it had to be the show. What truly bites is that due to the failure of SGU the feature films planned for SG1 and Atlantis have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

    I do like your ideas for a new series but I hope if another Stargate series is made that they will use more of the tone and spirit of the first two (and do a better casting job) but that is just my opinion…

  148. Karen, there is no accounting for taste. SGU was in my opinion one of the best conceived, acted and written scifi series to come down the pike in many a moon. SG1 was infantile in comparison to this show and I could never bring myself to watch Atlantis. I will miss the maturity and hard scifi of SGU for some time.


  149. Karen – that’s nice, but tell Joe, not me- its his blogsite.
    For me, therefore, your opinion is ………………. (shrugs shoulders)…………………… an expression of what you felt about the show :o) .

    I”m not trying to express the negatives here on this blogsite – and it doesn’t matter because I don’t have any sway in a new show based on opinions of fans. I want to connect with people who liked it not who didn’t – whats the use in that :o) – seriously, can you see that! :O)

    Eli was not the only really good character there – but was obviously a ‘likable character and written in as such. And I liked his character too!

    Characters often have to follow the writers ideas of how they should be perceived. Like say in Atlantis there was that guy – ahh ‘River’ something – like an amerindian name???? – but they never developed him and then had him as a hunted prey of the Wraith. But its good when writers and actors can get together to ‘develop’ the character.

    SGU was a great show – yes it was in different format – and that makes creative drama, rather than following the ‘formula’ of SG1 and Atlantis -which i also enjoyed.

    I also liked Firefly and Farscape – Bab5 even :o) – but then you like what you like – don’t what you don’t. And it is hard to get studios to accept concepts beyond their own parameters of ‘profitability’.

    Gregg :o)

  150. Yes, there’s still a need to have a good scifi – and to even carry on from the foundation built through Stargate.

    But, Joe, if you are writing for a different show altogether now, I am wondering where Stargate fans can go ……………..

    Gregg ;o)

  151. Yes, there’s still a need to have a good scifi – and to even carry on from the foundation built through Stargate.

    But, Joe, if you are writing for a different show altogether now, I am wondering where Stargate fans can go …………….. still to you? Like do you still have ideas for stargate shows in the future??

    Gregg :o)

  152. Well said GT and Eric. I disagree with Karen, as the majority of SF fans I spoke to liked the format of SGU – although, missing an episode really screws things up for you – a bit like missing an episode of Farscape could do.

    I too would love to see some longer format shows. I think it would be good to shake up the standard formatting for most TV shows. Spreading a double episode over tow weeks and then filling the damn thing up with commercials is so frustrating. I know it’s all about ratings and cash but come on, it would be so much more entertaining to see the whole story play out over the whole 90 minutes. I’ll just PVR it and skip through the ads.

    We all know there have been enough SG-1 and SGA episodes over the years that could have quite easily been a 90 minute episode instead.

    Sherlock is a great example of this longer format. Those episodes were excellent.

    The thing is – if you never try it, you’ll never know.

  153. Hey, Ben – good onya mate :o)

    and I hope the SGU DEStiny SET isn’t dismantled or completely destroyed – though I see the potential for more exploration of those ‘hidden’ areas – areas that they can’t detect normally – areas that are excititng to discover – and also we shouldn’t forget that the seed ship was planting stargates – which means the potential for accessing more planets via a stargate !!!!

    I’m still thinking a research vessel that ‘shadows’ the seed ships. a vessel called ECHO – manned by a self-exiled Ancient’s scientist who uses stasis pods to prolong his abnormally long life anyway – who can access other seed ships via the stargate on his research vessel. he see the devastation on planets by the robot drones and wants to re-configure the seed ships to be species rescue ships :o) I’m doing the precis now …….. its fun at least, and a bit of therapy for having lost SGU..

  154. I’m so sad that SGU has been cancelled 🙁 The other Stargates got a chance to develop their stories and I feel that SGU was unfairly dismissed because it dealt with the ‘darker’ side of life. I thought it was very clever and the whole point of SGU was that they had a ‘destiny’.

    The only thing I have to say is that TJ HAD to get with Young over Varro. If she had picked Varro it would have been like admitting that she needed a man to survive…like she had just been passed between them. Varro was there for her when Young couldn’t cope and so she should realise that Varro is only a rebound. TJ’s character has grown to be strong and I think for her to be with Young again only strengthens her character and shows us that she had made the right choice in the first place i.e. back on Icarus. From what I picked up their affair must have been going on for a while – since Young has to ask how far along she is in her pregnancy.

    As for Young, finally getting back together with TJ shows that he has become the man he wanted to be (for the whole crew and himself) throughout their time on Destiny.

    So in my opinion she either gets with Young or neither of them 🙂 and to be honest with the scene in Epilogue when he comforts her after finding out about the ALS (HEARTBREAKING by the way!), who could possibly see it going any other way?!?! 🙂

  155. Wow, Pauline – ah yes the women’s perspective on TJ & Young :o( – I like it :o) – and anyway their time-lapsed copies did just that!
    Yes I agree with you that there was potential in their destiny to be developed – the story line could go anywhere in the universe – with seed ship DEstiny – and you could do a number of spin-offs; even if they wanted to revert to the previous format. Actually I thought there was still opportunity in DESTINY to bring in more humour, more lightness, as well – and still keep deep stuff – the trauma of their situation could allow for that easily – but is that what was wanted for this different type of show??


    gRegg :o)

  156. Hi Gregg,

    Oh yeah, there were definitely opportunities to ‘lighten’ the mood of SGU but in a more ‘everday’ way instead of characters ‘laughing in the face of danger’ etc like what would happen if O’neill had anything to do with it! 🙂

    I couldn’t fault any of the Stargates! I thought each of them took on different elements to make each show unique. People have compared it to BSG but I think SGU was just a ‘grown up’ version of Stargate…a series set in a Stargate universe instead of, what’s thought to be, a typical Stargate series.

    I think whether you like SGU or not (although I honestly can’t see why people wouldn’t enjoy it!) depends on how easily you progressed from ‘old’ SG1 i.e. with O’neill, to ‘new’ SG1, and then from SG1 to SGA. For me, I grew up with Stargate: I started watching it properly (as in tuning in to the new episodes) from season 4 when I was about 14, so the new take on SG1 and the release of SGA and then SGU all hit me a quite different stages of my life…maybe that help the adjustment! Or maybe I’m just not that hard to please! 🙂

    Also I preferred the writers take on science in SGU, it interacted with the audience more…although that’s probably because I am also an Astrophysicist and can relate to most of the research! 😀 …except the obvious aliens etc…maybe… 😛

  157. yeah Pauline – an astrophysicist!! – did Stargate have a bit of a push in that career choice – or did an alien ‘roswell’ body fall out fo the sky into your backyard one day and you just knew what you wanted to be :O) or even the apollo 13 movie where they ahd to use smartz and construct a new life support system out of what was available :o)

    And EXADAM – I guess that means EVE ????? ex- adam!!!

    – I suppose that it could carry over into a number of different formats – like anime as you suggest – but for me, I really really love the live actors bit – just a hangover from Abbot & Costello I think :o) – but for me there’s more pleasure in seeing the acting done in expressions on faces and in eyes, – real human faces, real human – and/or alien :o) – eyes – just my personal preference – and tones down, usually, the ‘superhero’ aspects that some formats go into and divorce themselves from the limitations of ‘reality’ :o)

  158. Hi Joe,

    You mentioned previously that you are aware of what the message in the background radiation actually is.

    Any chance of sharing the message with the rest of the class? or was the message intended to be revealed as part of the series endgame, which you have deffered to Brad and Robert to answer?

    Hope all is well with you 🙂

  159. hi Joseph Mallozzi’s .

    I’m reading your blog for stargate universe and apparently you are going to write a third season because the end is inconclusive ?.
    but the blog is confusing and you do not confirm at all that there will be a third season or whether a final episode ?.
    or maybe just gives reference to what you wrote and remained dormant for SyFy cancellation of the series ?.

    please fight together with MGM there are many channels to broadcast the series !

    Alfredo /

  160. Vote for a 3rd season (and a 4th, 5th…),

    there are many scifi series no one realy likes and them use to have many seasons.

    Can´t be true that SGU end after the 2nd Season!

    SGU is different and tells a story, stop telling the story is like leaving the cinema before the movie ends.

    The Destiny of SGU should be to find what should have been found, the concept was to tell the story along the way to find and end when it has been found, but what if there is more to find if it is not the END when it has been found…

    If the Asgard would have known everything they wouldnt have had a need to search which is the basic of the story.

    but untill now the search itself isent finished.

    also they are not back home.

    There are many ways SGU should go on and defently the audience is waiting and hungry for more

  161. Dear Joseph,
    I’m very sad that SGU had such a short life. As far as i understood there is no chance at all that this great series to come back to the screen. It is sad that the only thing that matters in this world is the money. And for this reason we the fans are paying the price. It is not fair. Not at all!! You should do something about it.
    My regards,

  162. hello Joseph,
    I am agree that we the fans are paying a heavy price because this series is the most advanced intelligent and addictively awaited by all who we want an end awesome. has a script beyond the expectation and may not be cancel something that is giving know the beginning of the creators of the god!?, we all want know that destiny and see things so from now on !, this is an irony. my god that must be said to that understand that the highlight is the ancient ?

  163. There is something I do not understand!
    MGM builded a huge studio with a tremendous cast and leave to a channel to decide its future is silly, please I am in Montevideo Uruguay and I do not needed watched it on SyFy because SGU Arrived to all corners of the world for its innovative idea of being in one of the ships to deposited the stargate on the planet in the past.
    this script has the power of Roland Emmerich ….please do not let fall.

  164. I haven’t read this whole thing, so I don’t know if anyone has suggested this obvious (to me) way to rescue the Destiny crew: Atlantis.

    Remember the conclusion of Atlantis had them using a kind of “instant anywhere” kind of drive that got them back quickly from Pegasus to Earth? Why couldn’t it be used to get Atlantis across the universe to Destiny? It would be a great movie which could have SG1 personnel on Atlantis going to Destiny-A big cross over.

    You can have the idea.

  165. good stuff :O) – and it hasn’t been suggested before.

    Or they could have even explored either craft further – Atlantis or Destiny – found ancients in stasis – wakened them and asked all their ‘how to’ questions :O)

    It is so sad that this story isn’t being rediredted to another station or to DVD – so much can come out of it – just like with Firefly :/

    We need a really wealthy lover of Sci-Fi (esp of Stargate) who has their own TV channel and a multitude of other creative ways to make theri profit from any production other than just through direct sales of the episodes or even via DVD

    Maybe we need to brain-wash Bill Gates :O) he he

  166. Joseph can you tell me something I really want to know ?
    Rush decoded the ancient intelligence on “destiny” and he message that rush saw about knowledge and the mission of the ship what would this end ?
    can you tell me, that would be very emotional to know because you not see returning to SyFy possibilities unfortunately : (

  167. Hi Joseph ! I don’t know if this was said before, but did you already think to continue stargate franchise by using animation movies like George Lucas did with his Clone Wars ? It could be too much interesting !

  168. OK, can’t you be like Firefly and do a Serenity? ( Even a made for TV or DVD one?) Luv ya from the UK xxx

  169. From the moment they found the stasis pods, I was thinking “DUDE! What if there was a hidden section on the ship with extra stasis pods and there were actual ANCIENTS in them, and Eli woke them up and they helped him gain power, and realign the ship with a seed ship, which actually has the capabilities to BUILD a new gate that will dial Earth! Then they offer some of the (little) knowledge they have of the code Rush found. Etc, etc.
    Of course, not all of this would pan out in just one episode. But you get the drift.

    So, so, so, so many possibilites!

    Please don’t let it end, pleeease. *cries hysterically*

    Alicia Pavlis
    Melbourne, Australia

  170. Hey Lesha – great minds think alike – I had thought of that too – must be an Aussie trait :O)
    But sadly – I think its GONE deaddy deaddy doggy bones 🙁

  171. Hey there. I have 4 questions. The first is what was meant by the opposite universe Colonel Mitchell when he said “cut the green one”. The second one was were you planning to explain how the system the appeared in SGU’s “Faith”. Was it an event that was out a billion, was it created by being/s of a higher intelligence, or was it made by the same higher intelligence that Destiny was meant to reach. The third is do the ascended beings know of this higher intelligence and do they, somehow make this apparent. My last question is what is the site for the other writers who had the great resolve for the answer to the cosmic background of the universe I know it’s a lot to answer. Sorry but I’m very curious.

  172. ok. A possible sequel. An ancient craft, which long ago lost in space and time. You’ll find the t-Destiny. The crew was complete. The spacecraft is completely familiar with the ancestors, and starting up new systems. Find the capsule in humans. They awaken and begin a new conflict.

  173. Waah, waah, waah!

    (I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, really I’m sincerely upset.)

  174. The people at atlatis would find the destinys specs building a ship using a worm hole drive to catch up with destiny and lock in like the seed ship bringing much needed upgrades ,power,and speed to complete the mission then home

  175. I just watched Common Descent and Epilogue (again) with a friend (first timer). What absolutely fantastic episodes. My absolute favorite of the series, I think, and I find myself wanting to watch (or read) the story of Novus in epic detail. I am moved by the poignancy, in awe of their accomplishments, and pretty irritated with Brody.

    I guess I’ll just have to settle for saying, “thank you.” Thank you.

  176. i’m very curious, too. please make stargate one day return or end the story with a movie or so. please..

  177. so is there no chance of a season 3, not even if a different channel picks it up? or you make it go str8 to dvd? i really love Stargate and i don’t want it to end.

  178. I just wanted to say that I thought the finale ended on a beautifully graceful note, with the lights around the ship powering down just the way they’d gone on in the premiere, when we first joined Destiny’s journey. Eli was a perfect choice to embody SGU’s unique blend of wonder — as in both the wonders of the universe, and the “gee, I wonder if we’re gonna make it through this one!”

    And now Destiny, its crew, and the story all soar off without us, becoming another tiny point of light in the endless field of stars — but, I like to think, still out there somewhere, continuing its now-undocumented journey.

    Thanks for a wonderful show. 🙂

  179. they just need to get their sh#@ together and finish season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ect. This was such a let down i hope somebody figures out something someday soon before the cast gets to old to carry on with their rolls.

  180. Greetings!

    I would just like to give all my kudos and thanks for all you have given us of the Stargate-universe (not as in SGU).

    The values, ideals, philosophies and perspectives, experienced through all of the Stargate content, are only half of what makes it awesome; it also happens to be a comprehensive, significant and extraordinary sci-fi concept. What I am trying to say, is: you conceived a great vision, made it twice as good, and then you shared it with us; THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, SO MUCH.

    The Stargate series are a beacon of fantastic inspiration. They aspire to inspire the best in all of our potentials. Iconicly, Stargate is a great representation of what we, as human beings, are capable of accomplishing within ourselves, and with the people and environment around us, on both good and bad.

    On a personal note, I really enjoyed the ‘Alternate Reality’ episodes, such as “The Deadalus Variations” and “Vegas”. Great work!

    If there will be no more Stargate, then that is just tragic. It is a mature concept with more potential than the better part of what is out there.

    However, I didn’t spend all those hours watching Stargate without learning a thing or two: Nothing is eternal; move on.

    My sincere thanks to all of you who helped make Stargate as awesome as it is.
    Take a break, ascend, or whatever, you deserve it xD

  181. Is there any chance with support from fans of there being a movie or a third season wrapping all three seasons into one aboard destiny?

  182. I have been thinking about this.

    There is another option that is more consistent. Eli makes computers and math work, not tools. I don’t see him making the pod work. I don’t see him being able to live alone well so surviving on the shuttle is out. I don’t see earth making giant leaps although I want to think good things for the future of my home planet (think SG1 1969).

    He could save himself by making the gate store him in its buffer and pop him out the next time there was an incoming wormhole opens. All he has to do is code around the 24 hour buffer erase feature. The gate draws its energy from ambient, only when making mega-wormhole does it have to pull from the ship.

  183. Hi and sorry for so many questions ahead of time. Was anyone on Destiny going to ascend? Were the Ancients going to be seen at any point during the series? What is the site that I can reach Brad and/or Rober for details on the “Cosmic Background Radiation” idea?

  184. Hey… I just was wondering what you thought of the idea of Eli fixing the stasis pod, and the crew waking up thousands of years later by being intercepted by an advanced alien race? Another descendant of the ancients, but evolved in a totally new way; another branch of the evolution of the ancients!

    They were explorers, similar to the way most are portrayed in Stargate, and were undergoing war with (I don’t know) and boarded destiny in a last ditch effort to escape their own dying ship, assuming it was abandoned, but having no other choice.

    The stasis pod occupants awaken after the “aliens” come aboard, having gone into a sort or hibernation shortly after the drifting began, only to find that they are under attack and there are people all over the ship and more coming through the gate!

    They escape the battle, barely, with no supplies, the ships energy frighteningly low, and now have a whole new problem to worry about….War.

    I’m still so sad they stopped Universe 🙁
    Whyyy can’t we finish any Stargate series?!

  185. I just finally had a chance to watch sgu from startT o finish on net flicks.That I would have paid for.Inhave now seen from SG threw all..If they would just remove the entire “god issue” and not keep the formate of a one man rule or “king”this show could show what an ideal snap shoot of what just. Igbt be possible..First the connection to a system we are based on manager by elected dummies with iq’s hovering around 110 .and a cast off represenitive near genius crew.cirtainly they would have had a represenitive individual solution?Why not show a modle of a government other than all we are familiar with,a system of voting using moderne tech?stop repeating what we have like it good.Take all know types of gov. And invent new possibilities and air them.take the relegous debate out of it.We did and that’s it?Why does the human animal grasp on to an idea that they special. We are born,live as well as we choose then die.Isnt that enough?Fous the new shows on new forms of education and a new Goverment that took time to write a consetution with today not yesterday in in a 100 year review.eliminate the slave and god issues forever.The second acme ment would be a base or core ?Or not?you guys have the best tool to change the way people see their world and you choose to make it seem like it is all their is,sorry this was very difficult on iPhone

  186. Just finally finished watching SGU, and something crossed my mind. Do you think the Ori knew about this intelligence from the beginning of time? My thought was that they learned of it before their split with the Alterans, and in fact caused the split – the Alterans wanted to find it through science, the Ori wanted to find it through faith (as per Merlin’s comment of the Ori having the best of intentions when they started). Might explain their desire for power, to draw the attention of this entity that Destiny is searching for, and their hatred of the Alterans – they are heretics against the Ori’s belief that this intelligence is God. That is simply my own speculation though 🙂

  187. “The second would have been a solo adventure that would have seen our crew finally completing Destiny’s mission (Sorry. No details available on this one. Brad and Robert had a mind-blowing idea for the series/franchise wrap-up and, in deference to them, I’ll keep my mouth shut and allow them to one day reveal their master plan).”

    Was this ever revealed?

  188. Ich hoffe Stargate Universe geht bald in die nächste Staffel und es wird mit seinen 5 Staffeln vollendet, es wäre sehr schade wenn es bei dem offenem ende der 2. Staffel bleiben würde.
    Zumindest in Deutschland ist die Fangemeinde recht groß, ich denke in anderen Ländern auch. Zumal die Serie von so lala sich jetzt zu sehr spannend und gleichwertig mit den Vorgängern Atlantis und SG1 hochgearbeitet hat. Ich denke ein offizieller Spendenaufruf wird zwar die Kosten nicht decken aber es vereinfachen. Star Trek oder wie die anderen Serien alle heißen sind nichts im Vergleich zu Stargate, the show must go on.

    PS: Sorry for writing in german ^^

  189. Hello!

    Are there any chances for SGU to be back again?
    I hope I will not offend anyone, but SGU is the only Stargate series that is of same high end level as the first Stargate movie made in 1994. As much as the other Stargate approaches were good, none of them (other movies nor TV episodes) did meet the awesomeness of the Stargate movie (1994), but that was until SGU.

    SGU strong points is the situation and mood. In addition there is a strong character set that looks to have well thought backgrounds. SGU is really touching the viewer.

    It would be amazing if the team of SGU would think about how they could bring back SGU at least for a one featured movie if not for a couple of seasons.
    All Stargate episodes are fine, but SGU is the only one (from what I have seen) that can stand next to the first Stargate movie with its depth and quality.
    I am very grateful to the ones who created the amazing SGU and wish them to find a way to continue it.

    Kind regards,

  190. What about a mixture of Eli surviving by living in one of the shuttles where he uses a space suit to go between there and the hydroponics bay and an outside force turning up and changing things in a way that power would no longer ba an issue.
    I have the story that would work with that but would only tell it to someone directly involved in Stargate.

  191. I don’t see SGU making a comeback, it’s been too long and it would be highly doubtful that the original cast would be at all interested in taking another chance and getting the show cancelled. In regards to the endings let’s remember it was not a matter of food shortage but power issues. Everything would have to be shut off a few weeks after the last person was put in stasis.

    This leaves very little time for Eli to fix anything, however don’t forget that the majority of the ship had not been explored. It is quite possible, because of the size of the ship and number of people to run Destiny would have to be pretty large, it seems prudent to have more stasis tubes than those they had discovered.

    I would guess that Eli would have also realized this and begun using the ships computer as well as unleashing the digital counterparts who were put into quarantine to help with his plight and find him a working stasis tube.
    This would get you to the start of Season 3 and no doubt since Eli was not present they would think he was unable to find a solution and just ended up dying in some remote part of the ship. I would wait several episodes before Eli was either found or had programmed his tube to automatically wake him and appear alive and well.

    Season 3 would result in the earth finally being able to dial in to Destiny and thus a supply line and rotations for people as well as letting many return home finally (although I think this really would take away some of what makes SGU so good). I think Ginn and Dr.Park would be placed into new bodies towards the end of the season. This third season would be spent more on the message that was uncovered by Dr. Rush suggesting order in the universe.

    I am afraid however that after season three a season four would be exceedingly difficult to pull off. It would be best to end SGU at the end of this season perhaps allowing Destiny to be repaired to 100% capacity and realizing its full potential and our devoted crew finally able to run out their part of Destiny’s long voyage before handing it over.

    Some personal thoughts regarding SGU based on the shows we have. Epilogue, I believe, could serve as a means to end SGU in some fashion and I think in those final moments of the last episode in Season 2 Eli smiling might have been his realization that they had already fulfilled their mission by creating a whole new civilization from their offspring from the survivors of the failed gate to earth attempt they made while in a sun. Eli I believed felt a sense of accomplishment and purpose because of the descendants and where his life had taken him in such a short time.
    I really prefer that ending because it is rooted in what we have and not speculation as to what might have been.

  192. Salut,
    NicolasVERHELST, 16 ans
    Moi j’attends toujours la suite 🙂
    Je reste quand même frustré de la fin…
    (un passionné d’avion)

    Nicolas.VERHELST, 16 years old
    I’m still waiting for more 🙂
    I am still frustrated at/for the end …
    See you
    (an avid airplane, and pilot)

  193. Why not produce the series “stargate universe” by fans?
    Request donnations example! (“Fans” would become producer. Example: “My Major Compagny” for the music)
    And it would become a novelty in the world!
    Why not start with a global survey: Who would be willing to follow this idea?

  194. Me !
    We should create a web page for gather the “fans”…
    It’s a good idea, even if the restart of production will be better.
    See you…

  195. voy a escribir en español para poder expresarme bien , la serie me conmovió viendo a Rush y Elias enloquecerse descifrando esa nave ,eso fue algo de lo mejor de las tres series, y eso me pasó a mi ahora en mi nuevo instrumental álbum en el cual logré descifrar algo que por años busqué para lograr el sonido anhelado . el Álbum es como una dedicatoria a la serie por los gratos momentos que me brindo cada semana , y el Álbum es gratis a pesar del sudor . pero el tema aquí es el haber descifrado yo lo que necesitaba, y saben que 🙂 ? pesa tan solo 14mb el difamador que tan en el corazón yo llevaba desde hace mas de trece años divirtiéndome con mis amigos por una maravillosa razón con esta frase que mis amigos me decían “tu eres muy difamado” en forma de broma sana obviamente :)…. increíble! estaba dentro de mi la respuesta al sonido y no lo sabia 🙂
    ahora estoy esperando una review prometida desde Europa 🙂
    good history SGU Joseph 🙂

  196. Could the Nox have returned and helped out the crew of the Destiny? They were my favorite alien race and I was always hoping that they would return!

    1. They didn’t actually go anywhere they were still on their planet last thing that I heard and I don’t think they have that kind of tech.

  197. alll of your works are in vain you started a beginning without an ending. im a fan i you guys are just for the money. cant you understand thats why you have fans because the story is interesting. cause it where not why spend our money on cable on you guys if it where not. syfy so unfair , mgm do somthing about it. you dont need syfy. joseph pls find a way. sg fans will always be there..

  198. SGU died because the people who made it lost the vision much like the space program or how to run a planet on 63 cents a day.
    SGU was an updated Star Trek and the reason it did as well as it did was because we all wanted to discover something we couldn’t have other than through these types of programs. So many good story lines about Eli except no one has looked at the obvious. And it could only be what they kept showing what was in the last few scenes and Eli was even looking at it when the ep ended. I liked Rush cause he was right most of the time and he was right its all so damned obvious and surely most of you thought about the end given it was all in your face from the moment Rush said he new what Destiny ‘s mission was. Maybe the producers didn’t think they could pull it off and would loose numbers and be thought of as pushing the wrong barrow. You cant be bent on a particular way of thinking else these type of shows wouldn’t exist.
    I would love to see a season 3 if only to close so many open doors. and hell it was entertaining and isn’t that the name of the game.

    Timer recorded 23 cents worth ah well.

  199. hi
    i thought SGU was great, much deeper than SG1 and SGA, much more interesting (even if, in each seasons there are 2 episodes that i really hated “human””lost””cloverdale””visitation”) and i m really sorry it didnt work out,
    (was it too deep for the average fan?)
    towards the end of the first season i almost expected to be disappointed, i thought the the story would be: the lucian alliances become capable of dialing destiny, then earth captures the planet and establishes a supply line (like in SGA)
    but i was disappointed by the death of riley and ginn, bringing ginn back was great, but “killing her off” 2 episodes later was not…

    there are a few questions i would like to have answers to please about things that didnt make complete sense in all the SG franchises:

    first about SGA:
    -why did atlantis contain any “factories” or means of building anything (ex: jumpers, ZPMs or gates)

    -why did the asgards comit planetary wide suicide? they had the ability to store their conscious into their ship’s computers and cristals (“reckoning”), and seem advanced enough to build mechanical bodies and “live on” that way, these would seem to be better options than killing themselves
    and if they were bent on suicide, why not give their ships to the tauri since they gave them their database?

    -the timeline seems incoherent, SGA “rising” says atlantis left earth at least 5 millions years ago and the ancient came back 10 000 years ago, but destiny is said to have left earth a few hundred thousands years ago, and the technology of destiny is far less advanced than atlantis shown 5 millions years ago

    -the communication device was build by the tauri, and from what they say it’s a subspace link (SG1) so why could they not use it to transfer data?

    -they found destiny’s adress in atlantis ‘s database, why did it not say what was on the other side of the gate? or why not use people to “copy” the useful stuff?

    -about the seedship, why did it transfer ddata to destiny after connecting to it?
    they are supposed to be connected through subspace, so destiny should already have that data

    btw: i noticed for the first time the “f*** the french” in gauntlet (i m french) i dont feel offended at all or anything, i actually think that for most of my compatriots who are deeply stupid (or just do not waste time thinking), even most of my classmates in CPGE (supposedly “elite” students according to our dwarven former president, check on wikipedia if you want to know what it is) we are 18yrs old, but they basicaly are stupid kids, but despite the shared sentiment, it does spoil the episode a little…

    i bought the dvds of SGU and SGA (which unfortunately have glitches, sgu season 2 has a weird sound dilation problem and SGA season 2 episode 3 does not work)
    i wanted to buy SG1 too, but it seems that every “complete serie” pack has far worst problems than a few glitches (such as several dvds not working at all), do you know of one the editions that does not suffer from those?

  200. wat about the alterans ( the achents ) help out the SGU team like DR jacksone asends and thels the achents about thay found desteny and the achents finilly help out. or rodney mckay uses atlantis and finds 3 or more ZPM or a bether energy source and uses the new worm hole drive on atlantis to show up near desteny and desteny reconise atlantis sume how and docks with atlantis and that fix desteny and upgrade it and then the show can continu …

  201. the SG1 SGA SGU i dot all of um and no problume with um and NGC1300
    i agree a bit5 with wat you sayd and ima re cheak my dvd and tri and figure it all out lol. “they unseal Chloe’s stasis pod only to discover both Eli and Chloe inside, spooning (Yes, I was kidding and, no, that wouldn’t fly)!” i laft so hard and if that wold show up on season 2 or a movie of SGU i wold pis my self and lafe like crassy and i think it wold fly aft5er all jon sheperd wase capitaine clerke in SGA so y can’t it be eli this time ??

  202. I have enjoyed all of the Stargate series and movies and thank you for your participation. Do you believe there is still hope for the movies being so popular that the series would be restarted? I the movies are still a real possibility?

  203. What about the actual main, Rush? I don’t care what even the producers say.. Eli just isn’t hero material… At least not in the international view of things. A cyber gamer drop out, doesn’t simply walk into the universe with just maths, it is guarded by more than just aliens.

    Rush is brilliant. No matter what happens, Rush should still be the one who not only discovers the truths at the end of Destiny’s voyage, but perhaps also “become” a part of it, or at the least reach ascension.

    Nicholas Rush, is Stargate Universe. Every other character plays on his stage, The Destiny.

    1. I really agree with you Kai, Nicholas Rush IS Stargate Universe….. Definitely it’s about his voyage as a character , how he evolved.

  204. Nicholas Rush ,he deciphered absolutely everything in his hands and is an actor incredibly adapted to something of this importance and its posture here is its dream come true and shocked me when he said he had a code where the destiny was going automatically, so that, Imagine it as a just game over. impacted left me it part, but do not just it because there is much to talk about this extraordinary and “futuristic” series with derivations extravagances, but I feel very badly and sorrow, but I am grateful to have met 🙂

    I loved to TJ ,really she was a beautiful girl 🙂

  205. Hi, First time here and I dont know if this has been asked at all, Did you come up with an Ancient name for Destiny or do we only have the translation???

  206. I think everyone has missed it. The shuttle pod has staisis pods but only four. That’s while Eli was smiling at the end. He rememebered. In the episodes where they left the damaged shuttle pod on the alien engineered planet, the stasis pods were not working. Thats why they died. But, the aliens fixed the shuttle to near new condition.

  207. I absolutely love SGU after discovering it on Netflix! I was totally upset when I found out it had been cancelled. As much as I love Stargate Universe, I dispise the SyFy channel. They make a habit of destroying good shows. I don’t watch them anymore.

    Perhaps one of the networks or another cable channel will see what a unique, entertaining and well written series SGU was and decide to put it back in production.

    I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Destiny.

  208. I think SGU should have ended with the travellers in their pods, Eli at first looking the way you set him, then his face change to terror as Destiny slides into a black hole. Seems like few writers have the guts to do some thing like this? Must be a happy ending.

  209. endings without hope –
    never make a good soap
    but with all froth & bubble aside
    SGU was a most excellent ride……………

  210. Thank you for the excellent work and for sharing this information. A class act.

  211. Kenyan Filmmaker who hasn’t worked for years here! Contemplating some sort of Indigenous Scf Fi thing to formulate for me.

    I was never a big SG1 guy, didn’t mind Atlantis, and timed my life around being able to watch every episode of Universe

    I can see what you were doing…opening up space a bit – So many good things in both series…though the first ten on-a-ship jarred abit.

    I was shocked to learn there’d be no more…that gorgeous ship – Destiny – what WAS it capable of…where were we headed?

    Far out there I’d like to think, into New Physics with a full boat of porperly formed human beings!

    I was watching Eli and Rush very carefully.

    I like the thought of Gina download and sinister other-human interference.

    And String Theory and Sacrifice and Love.

    You must be so done with this post, AND Stargate! Wasn’t going to go on so long – sorry!

    Stayed up all night and read ALL the episode’s of the Entire Universe – Wikipedia and ended up at Universe with it fresh in my mind.

    You made the right ending.

  212. IMO…at the end of Atlantis, Rodney developed a Worm Hole drive which allowed Atlantis to show up in time to fight the Hive ship that was on earth’s door step. If Destiny has only sub Sub Light speed engines, then Sam and Rodney should be able to modify the Daedalus’s engines to be able to use the gates being laid by Destiny to catch up. It is sad that a franchise has been left in ruins with Atlantis and Universe.

  213. Hello everybody
    Thank you very much for this great show.
    Telford resurrected three times, I hope SGU has a shot, too.
    Hope dies last

  214. its not sad its completely pathetic!!!

    I’m sick of great SyFy being terminated because the like of MGM don’t think the ratings are good enough.
    The world does not revolve around the United States, there are many, many thousands of fans in many other countries as well. Countries you sell or are supposed to sell the Franchise too in order to finance the making of these great programs.

    The ending was a disappointment of magnificent proportions and it deserves a proper ending. Buy or hire the set back rebuilt it and make a proper final episode or movie, stop making excuses. I for for one would have gladly contributed toward the cost of this. Some of the big wigs in their leather seats really need to get their heads out of their arses….

    What a disgrace

  215. @SMC

    Not when the Syfy channel pays more than other networks to have the right to air the show before anyone else 😉

    We can debate MGMs kneejerk reaction all we like, fact remains, the show/franchise is currently in stasis, and there’s no way realistically any SGU movie could be done anyway. Unless you time it around the schedule of some of the more important cast members..

    I mean, you’ve got Carlyle in Once Upon a Time, and Ming Na in Shield, I doubt neither could realistically get the time to do another movie, unless one or either character never awakens from the stasis pods lol

    But if it helps any, I agree with you, we should of got something after Season 2 of SGU, getting nothing is just plain ridiculous, especially when you consider the fans supported the franchise and made MGM a ton of money.

  216. Thanks for your input ‘Randomness’ and I agree with you! But I was referring too SYFY as in (science fiction) but not in context of the channel. I was just being lazy 😉

  217. Thanks for the blog its nice to see an actual SGU writer provide some insight on what might have been, it is a real shame that the movie never took off but who knows. I kinda would have liked to seen them wake up 1,000 years later and had to deal with that, that would have been interesting!

  218. Hi!
    Thanks for this, it was interesting. Though I didn’t saw much about my favourite character. I would have liked read more about Dr. Rush. If there would be a 3rd season, I would have LOVED to really see what happened when Gloria died, since what was shown to us was his distorted memory, changed by the fact that he was chasing after Destiny’s code.

    I so loved when Young called him: slightly crazy uncle. I can totally imagine Chloe calling him “Crazy Uncle Nick” just to p*ss him off. 😛 (In a good way, with friendly tone).

    I do really think that TJ would have ended up alone or with Varro, since the thing with Young was too damaged already and just because over the years, their other selves married on Novus, that doesn’t mean they would in this time line.

    I wanted to see Rush and Young acting more and more friendly with each other. And Destiny’s AI scarying people popping out whenever it feel like it, just for the fun of analysing their reactions to it and adding those to her data bank. Or when Eli managed to get Ginn and Mandy out of quarantine, that awkward moment when Rush and Mandy are alone… talking or not talking at all.

    And since I am a shipper, and I see love and relationships everywhere (and I so LOVE bromances), the final and perfect thing would have been see Young and Rush flirting with each other and having “arguments” with innuendos and letting the crew listen to them, some times, and secretly record their faces with kinos, and laughing at them. xDD

    Mm… that’s so unlikely, though. 🙁

  219. Thank you so much for such an exciting adventure! I have cherished every moment of the entire Stargate saga. I would love to see it continue someday in any form!

  220. This is absolutely one of my favorite science fiction tv shows, and honestly I think my favorite of the three star gates. Please make a movie, or even a comic, something to carry on the incredible story. This is one plot line that I couldn’t stand to never see to fruition. And even if that doesn’t work out, whatever the amazing wrap up you were talking about needs to be known.

  221. Hi,
    Im from Sri Lanka and SGU is my all time favorite sci-fi show. God only knows how many times I have watched over and over again and I still am and it never gets old or lose its taste even a bit. I love the feeling of being there with those characters in Destiny. Even its just a great TV Show thats being played by the artists and all the sets, Just imagine, to have the feeling of being able to take a part in the greatest mission of finding the answer to the big question that all the humanity have been asking to this day since the day we evolved into beings who are able to think. “Why Are We Here?” and having the privilege to carry it out onwards to the farthest reaches of the universe until we find the answer. To me its an overwhelming feeling that cannot be described in words that inspired me in many ways in my life, to do something that really matters what little life we got on this planet. (not that i woudnt go to a spaceship like Destiny given the first chance it get. 😉 ) It was really a heartache for me to know that it ended after season 2. I was really looking forward to see Season 3 of it and Im still hoping that some spin off might come out at anytime.

    I really like the idea of Eli taps some unexploited power which allows him to extend life support for three years because that would fly really well with the idea of energy-based alien race because Destiny’s final refueling was in a super blue giant and the dome got breached in the star because of the intense heat allowing those energy based aliens who lived in the super blue giant to board Destiny.

    another scenario would be, ( this one is my favorite because it helps Destiny to survive for another million years if it takes to complete the mission and also helps crew to engage with hostile alien races with a bang on our hand and we would be finaly able to see Destiny’s true power)

    Eli fixes the pod and gets into hibernation and crew wakes up to find out during the past 3 years those aliens who build that planet had restored the Destiny to its full working capacity as in factory condition and they carry on the mission from the next galaxy just as before. (but this would be too good to be true of course) anyway i would really love to see the season 3 of Stargate Universe or at least a couple of movies with anything you guys might decide would be best for the show.

    also finally I would like to thank Joseph Mallozzi, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper
    Carl Binder and all the team who involved in making SGU for giving us one of the Greatest Sci-Fi TV shows in the television history. Thanks Guys. 🙂

  222. Daedalus-class battle cruiser. the Odyssey, arrives along side the Destiny using the wormhole drive design that was used for Atlantis to return to Earth. When the crew wakes they are greeted by Col Shepard who commands the Odyssey. Danial Jackson, and Rodney McKay also came along for the ride. The Odyssey is filled for of supplies and parts to help fix the Destiny.

  223. 3.6 years later 🙂 – great idea, among themay great ideas – no lack of imagination ofr ‘ending’ – just a huge lack of ‘imagine greater’ on the part of Scy Fy TV who then opted for wrestsing over scifi and are now back with scifi ????!!!!!!!

  224. As I recall, doesn’t the stargate have a buffer? Eli could pull a Mr. Scott (maybe even reference the episode) and survive in the gates buffer.

  225. Thanks for STARGATES 🙂 <3 !!!!!!!:))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Stargate Universe
    Eli repair the capsule through the chair. After that he connect the power defice from the space shuttle to supply a console that allows a wirtual realistic dream like in the chair with Rush. Eli modyfiked the program to allow conntact with Rush, Young, Chloe and maybe Ginn. They have time to solve the problem with the automatic combat ships , drones. He make a gateway to end this programm and hibernation after they solve the problem. Eli with Rush have a idea. They activate sensors that predict where the drones will impact and in this places destiny strengthen the shield for a few seconds and in the same time it weaken shields in places where is no danger to ~0%. The shields are calibrate to impacts of ships thats save energy. Rush activate also a second type of Destiny shield, that neutralizes energy shots from the drones. (The shields places calibrated for impacts of ships looks like small domes like by Atlantis City – thats make a buffor – cushion – because of the speed from drones) After the destruction of all drones, they score in hyperdrive of the alien automatic ship and neutralize it. After that Rush with a force team sabotage the ship and change codes for all automatic ships through subspace connection. They give a comend code to fly into a star = self-destruction. With the exception of 4 command ships with full drones thats will serve as protection for destiny. Mayby the command ships can be used to pull out the power source and bring and plug it in to destiny by the crew, after that they can make a power jump to next galaxy with modyfiked drive on Destiny to a Wormhole drive. Radek Zelenka was able to complete Rodney McKay's calculations in order to perform a jump to Earth after Atlantis' hyperdrive failed at the edge of the Milky Way. (ATL: "Enemy at the Gate") This drive allows the vessel to travel between or throughout galaxies almost instantaneously (the technology was abandoned by the Ancients due to its instability) Eli have a idea to cloak the ship, but this idea works slowly because shields were not originally designed for this function and in the time (10seconds) of change the shield technology Destiny is exposed for all attacks. Thats also posible for the space shuttle ; ) The stasis capsule repairs eyes from Dr Lisa Park and heal the seaknes from lieutenant Johansen. Some of the stasis capsule don't work correctly, some people of the crew die, some after wake up are a few years older, but 60% works properly! They find a broken seed ship and they connectthe date together and find new informations…hmm ; ) After that they find another ship like seed ship but it is designed to protect it – a warship. In this warship the FTL drive is broken, but they connect with Destiny a they have more weapons. Eli find out how to connect two displays and hard drives to send informations to earth through the comunication defice. They find interesting data and they give money for new suply base Ikarus2 – New actors – faces. They will always try to get home… have probles with suply (water, food) They find a another seed ship with a malfunction on the end of the galaxy where the drones was current. They have now a Destiny connected with a warship and a seedship with another crew, maybe from Ikarus2. (On the second seedship they find a stasis capsule with a ancient tauri. He is not so wise but wise – because of the malfunction in the ship the capsule work also not correct. He help with repairs on the ship and explain the importance of this mission). He explains that some of the ancients ascendent and some traveled to space exploration because they don't like the ascendent rules. He knows the adreses, but it requires a Ikarus planet and a stargate with 10 symbols to get there (Sg1). The ancients build Destiny and the other ships. (Sg1 find the the ancients with 4 ZPM's (SgA/Sg1 find a power station that load's ZMP's from Core of the planet. Empty ZMP's are on Atlantis ship.) The ancients help lower stage of evolution stay in justice, peace, defance and they don't think that as a ancient ascendent they are gods.
    They find the familly descendants from Destiny crew on the next galaxy.
    The familly fly with his own ship to another plannet, but it takes 300years. Fortunately they find a seed ship that was broken because of low energy. They draw the ship in the direction of the sun and suply the battery with full energy. After that they reach a planet with a obelisk like in the planet Eden. The obelisk is a galaxy beem teleport machine. It works only in one direction. It works only from the end to the beginning of a galaxy. They have the archive history copy, and they download it to destiny. The descendants complete the crew of Destiny that died from the begining of Ikarus 1 project.
    Rush with Eli found out how use the obelisk to teleport destiny from on galaxy to another like the space shuttle from Eden. Rush thinks that the obelisks are a stamp of the creator of everything.
    The blue aliens follow destiny transmitter that was also implanted in Chloe and runs once a day while she sleep. The transmitter in Rush was a simple distraction. They could send puddle jumpers through the super gate onto destiny
    They find a hangar on destiny with a small ship. They explore destiny and find out many secrets Hmm thats all for now. It's late and I'm sleepy
    (Mayby in SGU can the same actors play the role, they are older because of a
    malfunction or side effekt on account of connection with a virtual
    communication dream like in the chair, and when some of the actors must
    go, mayby they connet with earth to replace part of the crew – new order from IOA. They have
    enough power to do this from the power sources from the mother ships of
    the drones, to connet with earth and make a wormohole jump to next
    galaxy) Stargate Universe Season 3/4 by Andrzej Gbur

  226. Shortly after seeing Gauntlet, my own thought on how the third season would have opened was with Eli letting Young out of Stasis. “How?” Young asks.

    (Opening Credits)


    We find Eli exploring the ship, learning its systems even better. We have a time-lapse of this, and of him visiting his mother. He eats, sleeps, gazes out the window, and works at various consoles. Clearly, he’s spending months doing this and getting very, very good at it.

    (Commercial break)

    As he works, eventually we realize he’s begun holding something. In the end, he smiles, installs the item in the pod, which now comes to life, sets the timer to wake him a few days before the others, and takes his rest.

    (Commercial break)

    Return to the present:

    Young: “So you know Destiny as well as Rush?”

    Eli: “Better. Watch this.”

    Eli gives Young a tour of a slightly changed Destiny, and of his new powers with her. He shows and explains something only hinted at before.

    Young: “Rush isn’t going to like this. That you did this, I mean. You’re the real expert now.”

    Eli: “Yeah. He’s like Sauron.”

    Young: “Who?”

    Eli: “Sauron. The Lord of the Rings. He doesn’t share power. That’s why I needed a few months alone with Destiny. He’d never have allowed me to learn all this if he were awake. Now we can REALLY do something.”

    Young: “He’s going to have a fit.”

    Eli: “I know. That’s why I woke you first. I need your help with that.”

    Young: “My help? I can’t control him.”

    Eli: “I know, but maybe we can. Do we open his first, or last?”

    Young: “Maybe neither. How long do we have before the others start waking up?”

    Eli: “Three days.”

    Young: “Long enough to work out some new political lines.”


    That’s the plot. Eli intentionally sabotaged one pod in order to get time alone with Destiny, and it worked beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Now Eli is the expert, but lacks the power of personality to supplant Rush, but gives Young the leverage he needs to finally find the confidence to truly lead the mission.

  227. Just finished rewatching SGU. Man, I want more. Have you or the powers considered authoring a ‘mockbuster, novel that uses simillar yet distinct plot elements?

  228. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I and all of the Stargate fans very much appreciate your series-ending comments with the plot ideas and future story layout. Have you or Mr. Wright or Mr. Cooper decided to release any details on Destiny’s final mission and outcome? Are there any potential scheduling dates set for outlining a few of these story arc hints or scenarios?

    Thank you,

  229. With the response that got posted on gateworld that if there are enough comments, there MIGHT be a conclusion to SGU coming, here is one comment to start the ball rolling!

  230. is an independent news and entertainment site that is a fan portal and fun guide to Stargate. The support and dedication of the fan forums has expanded through the years following the final Stargate production! There are many inspirational and thoughtful posts regarding the mid-series production halt with Destiny’s Ancient research and exploration mission. Our fellow science fiction fans would truly enjoy a conclusion story to Stargate Universe. If there are any fans who have not visited the gateworld site, please do so and participate and have fun.

  231. Oaky .. here .. another request for SGU conclusion .. so how did the mission end up .. and what did they find? I know you guys wanna keep it a secret .. but it has been well over 4 years .. I think that’s enough of a time to keep the fans waiting. Especially considering that there’s no reboot of the franchise in sight

  232. I’m pretty sure everyone but the fans have moved on and are doing other things, and despite what the fans, writers, actors etc might want, we aren’t the people that would be bankrolling anything to do with SGU, it’s not our choice, the best would could hope for at this point would be some sort of season 3 related “direction” from JM/BW, scripts, story lines etc that could be taken as “canon” and then for others to pick up the story from there in audio/book/comic form, then pass them back to JM/BW before release, however I’m guessing JM/BW don’t actually have any rights as such to SGU so wouldn’t actually be allowed to do anything….

  233. Stargate Universe movie please! Complete with Destiny, seed ships and Destiny’s mission! Or at least give us more Seasons! 😉 SGU really captured my imagination and that’s why I liked it so much!

  234. Okay so i own SGA on DVD and watched it i have no clue how many times, but my husband and i started watching the episode were Jinto let’s the darkness out, the one that eats their power. And at the beginning when Jinto is playing wraith and Sheppard with his friend and he finds himself in front of the elevator and the door slides open, i saw the camera guy and the sound guy in the glass’ reflecton. I had to go back and rewind because it was one of those how did i not see this before?! Lol i enjoyed the surprise of it.

  235. I wasn’t a fan of SGU when it started, aminly because it was such a departure from the format of SG1 and SGA. The two former shows were serious but had a generally lighthearted tone, whereas SGU was darker and more “human” – and that didnt’t fit with my expectations at the time of the SG (World). However, after watching the whole series, I realise it was actually a mistake, the series was great, fantatic, all the actors and stories were perfect.

    How would I have approached Series 3, oh that is easy.

    Series 3 Breakdown:

    Starts on Earth (1-year after Destiny goes dark):
    The SGA mission is about to be reactivated, a number of ZPMs have been located and Atlantis is now fully powered. The mission has been approved to send Atlantis back to Pegasus. The old SGA team has been reformed and are aboard Atlantis as she takes off. Atlantis also has two new ships docked, the Deadalus and Atlantis’s own squadrons of new F309s. Atlantis powers up and uses the wormhole drive to travel back to Pegasus. On the way the Atlantis wormhole intersects another and Atlantis is thrown into another part of the Universe. As they are assessing their new location they detect a ship in FTL – Destiny. SGA manages to make contact with Destiny and a close to death Eli manages to drop Destiny out of FTL and awaken the crew.

    SGU Drone Galaxy:
    There are lots of yays, and hand clapping and that sort of jazz, but then they convene aboard Atlantis to talk about next moves with SG and Homeworld Command. The intersected wormhole has thrown Atlantis too far off course and even with the wormhole drive they cannot make it back – a transmission is recieved, it is from the descendants of SGU, the drones have destroyed all the colonies and they are fleeing in a massive refugee space armada – with no FTL or hyperspace technology, and bearing down upon them is an equally massive drone fleet from the galaxy. It is decided to that Atlantis and Destiny will intercept the refugees and make their next moves.

    After rescuing the descendant survivors, SGU and SGA are told of a branch of worlds still holding out against the drones – it is where they were heading. They were using the stargates to get there but the drones destroyed them, so in desperation they used the colony ships to escape.The only reason those worlds have surivived is because the drones recognised Destiny as a greater threat and sent the buk of their fleets to intercept the Suns destiny was using to power itself. After more consultations with SG and Homeworld command it is decided that SGA and SGU will travel to the system and engage the drone fleets. Upon arriving, the battle is short, Atlantis and the three Earth warships make short work of the drone fleet. They then take up position above the main planet and are met by ships from the Blueberry aliens, Ursini and Descendants,

    Atlantis detects that a massive fleet of drone motherships are heading for the system.
    The “Alliance” – as they now call themselves are in no position to fight and have asked for SGA and SGU to help defend the system. The incoming fleet is massive and even with Atlantis and the three Earth battleships it is going to be a close battle – but everyone is worried, the battle will drain most of Atlantis’s ZPMs, and with no Lantean technology this far out, Atlantis may never recover. However, it is deecided, the drone threat is too big to ignore, and this stand will be made. The Alliance ships are sent to be the last line of defense – however in preparation for the battle the blueberry aliens ask for permission to board and repair Destiny. They have much more knowledge on how the ship works and how it should be repaired – and they manage, with help to repair almost all of Destinies systems and bring all weapons fully online. Then the wait begins. Finally the fleet arrives and a massive battle ensues, knowing they are not winning the drones call for more ships and realise Atlamtis is the real threat now. In massive suicide waves the drones and motherships focus everything on Atlantis – SGU and SGA win the day with no losses but Atlantis has drained all but two ZPMs.

    Knowing the Alliance system is always going to be under threat, and with Destiny almost ready to jump SGA decides to land Atlantis on the primary world and use this as their base of operations. SGA has a new mission, maintain and protect the Alliance Worlds, help any nearby worlds to evacuate to this system – find a way to defeat the drones – the new SGA (Stargate Atlantis or Alliance) has begun.

    Before Destiny jumps the blueberry aliens and ursini ask to allow some of their members to join the Destiny crew. After recent events, and expeirience with the Lucian alliance, it is agreed to allow them on as crew. As Destiny makes the jump a new fleet of drone ships arrives, but ignores Destiny, Atlantis is now the threat…… SGU has begun

    End credits

    1. Hey Quentin, love the imagination and ‘storyboards’ there, mate 🙂
      If only we had the technology to do low cost sci-fi production, there could be any number of great stories and adventures to vicariously participate in.
      And especialy in that SG1 universse.
      I think the Neal Asher sci-fi books would make great on-screen stories as well 🙂



  236. I know enough about the inner workings of TV shows to know that you wouldn’t have aired the entire second season without a third season mapped in your mind. So, you must’ve known what would’ve happened to Eli and the entire crew. At least, you must know where the stories of season three will happen, current galaxy or the next.

  237. Definitely an interesting outline by Quentin and great story arcs between each series!

  238. I know you probably don’t check this feed anymore, but if you do, please contact me @ xxx because I jab so many questions about SGU. Thanks a lot.

  239. Hello from Germany,
    i’m a huge fan of the whole star gate univers, love all the shows.
    it is really sad to read all this stuff, realizing that there’s no ongoing with the show. I’m still hoping that there will be another Stargate show somehow somewhere….
    just wanted to say that.

  240. your stories resolutions and character decision making were too repetitive. then you relied too much on the old series and severely under powered destiny for the sake of your stories. Apparently no one could have any real relationship without some tragic outcome, no one tolerated MCKay and he was easier to deal with than Rush, you killed a prenatal baby and i could go one with many of the poor choices this show made but the one thing that really drove me mad was that you never stopped long enough to fix the ship once you were able to. tell stories that make sense not just create tragedies for the sake of drama.

    1. Although I really enjoyed SGU – and am enjoying Dark Matter now, having got the first season in DVD – I also felt that the show didn’t build up the characters or the plot as quickly as it could have. Certainly the whole potential of the seedship Destiny was way under utilised; and the range of potential alien encounters, good and bad, also under-utilised.

      But then I’m not a of SciFi TV scripts saying this; I’m only a viewer, and aficionado, of SciFi books and movies/TV series.
      Its all toooo long ago now – so many years of lost potential and fun, and of a cast of good actors as well.

      Maybe if more wrestling had been incorporated into the series then it wouldn’t had been dumped by Scy Fy TV 🙂 🙂 – which I note has returned, or had returned, to sic fi shows anyway!!!!!!!

      May corporate heads roll for their stupid mistake!

      Still, there was just soooooo much potential in that show – but it really felt like ti was just going far too slowly to be able to achieve lift off. There was a zest missing……… sorry, but as a fan of SC1 and Atlantis, that’s how I saw it.

      I even noticed the move away from the ‘formulas’ of it predecessors, but thought at the time, ‘oh good, they are going for a deeper character development first – but then that didn’t seem to happen and the whole overview seemed to lack vitality. But who can convinced producers, eh!!! 🙁

  241. Hay tanta literatura escrita que me ha sido dificil leer todo , hecho de menos alusiones a los ascendidos y pienso que en este tema hay todo un universo para esplorar si nos basamos en la literatura esoterica y la forma nueva que tendria la vhistoria de perpetuarse

  242. Sci-fi ‘s lack of promotion made a complete mess of the saga that had so much potential with really good actors. Case in point TNT’s Falling Skies at least let them finish the series and not leave us hanging by putting everyone plus the viewer in PODS and freeze the whole series. Sure and yes ratings may have been dropping but the network used great cunning in using ratings as an excuse to cancel the series and pursue Wrestling? On a SCI-FI channel? Anyway… what a shame Sci-fi…. Time for a change in management and stay strictly SCI-FI… maybe even launch a SCI-FI “CLASSIC”. But Sci-fi would just find a way to mess that up too! Its 2016…BRING SG-U BACK ON TNT!

  243. I really enjoyed SGU, much more even than the other parts of SG.
    The characters are great and the plot is extremely engaging. Like so many other people I’d wish for nothing more than a third season…

    (…to me a big comfort though is the existence of the ingenious and epic fanfic Force over Distance, that manages to wrap up the whole story beautifully)

  244. Joseph i believe that there are enough stargate fans out there in the world that could help you start season 3 and 4 of SGU. I just finished SGU and i think that if viewers want more stargate than you and HULU PLUS should make that happen. See if the same actors and actresses want a couple more years with Stargate Universe, i know i would. I even have several ideas for the entire season 3. I am working on season 4 at the moment.

  245. Thanks for sharing, Joe. I really like the idea of the Destiny crew waking up far into the future. The psychological drama would have been awesome.

    I watched SGU a few years ago and am still bummed about the cancellation. I loved the cosmic background radiation plot, it was very Saganesque.

    Joel’s soundtrack was wonderfully eerie. As it was one of the last things he worked on it would have been a lovely tribute to him to have it released.

    Aw man, what a show!

  246. As it has been so long since the series was cancelled, do you think you could mention the secret answer to how the crew would has finished the mission, as mentioned when talking about the second idea for a film.

    ” The second would have been a solo adventure that would have seen our crew finally completing Destiny’s mission (Sorry. No details available on this one. Brad and Robert had a mind-blowing idea for the series/franchise wrap-up and, in deference to them, I’ll keep my mouth shut and allow them to one day reveal their master plan).”

  247. use guy should start season three but at the same time show what happen in the 3 years in stasis then the next episode should be to continue the mission in the way destiny meets the aliens that could create a plant.

  248. I’m throwing in my two cents way too late and likely to remain unseen. Love this show and was devastated that it was canceled. More than any other show, it gave me the perspective that *I* was exploring space, partly since it shared the whole lives of our crew and not just them at work. To be honest, given the choice between SGU and Firefly, I’d far rather see SGU return. After years of searching (not full-time), I’ve finally come across this post to find out what might have happened.

    I was particularly concerned about Eli’s final smile and then worried expression. All I read from it was that he came up with a solution, but it wouldn’t be good. I could only imagine that he decided to upload his consciousness into Destiny. I don’t want Eli to die. He’s too talented and intelligent to not come up with a better solution. Plus, I couldn’t help but think of the impact that would have on his mother. I do admit though, that could have created a powerful, dramatically devastating moment when Young is greeted by Eli as he awakes from stasis, goes to hug him, and passes right through him. Maybe later they could have found the technology to create bodies for Eli, Ginn, and Dr. Perry, though? I do think that during the two weeks, though, Eli could have uploaded himself into the ship’s computer to do several months of work virtually.

    If the ship would have taken 100 years to journey, I think it may have been too reminiscent of Red Dwarf. I have to also admit that I am not a fan of the military society storyline, because in general Stargate has too many situations where the main characters end up running into humans wherever they go. It makes it seem like there is no other sentience in the universe. It might have been interesting though, if the military society were the ones responsible for the drones in the first place. However, I’m also tired of too many storylines where humans ruin everything everywhere they go.

    I’m not trying to “magic xylophone” this show, and every show out there, particularly sci-fi, has its plot holes, but there is one thing in the show that has always bothered me. As you said above, “we wanted to maintain the idea that, despite repeated attempts, the blueberry aliens were unable to penetrate Destiny’s automated defenses and gain entry.” However, the aliens did gain entry. Otherwise, how would they have abducted Chloe? Their shuttle somehow got through the shields and cut a hole in the bulkhead. I was surprised they didn’t leave a couple of aliens behind to attempt to take over from the inside. At first, this is what I thought had happened in “Sabotage”.

  249. Junto a Battlestar Galactica y Star Trek TNG, SG:U es un clásico de la Ciencia Ficción televisiva. ¡Necesitamos un final digno para SG:U!

  250. From one Joe to another, BRAVO and all of your wonderful work!
    I don’t know if this thread is still alive, but here goes.
    I’m the founder of a Facebook page called “Save Future Stargate Travel”.
    We are 20,000 strong, and now that Roland Emmerich, and Dean Devlin have announced that they are NOT doing any Stargate movies, most of the SG fans of the world are once again very sad. I’m attaching a link to something I pitched to them when they said they were looking for writers. The majority of Stagate fans do NOT want a reboot, they want a continuation of the TV series. Therefore, I’ve begun work on a screenplay where we can have the best of all three SG series in to a trilogy of Stargate movies, and I’d like your opinion sir.
    Thanks again for many years of top-notch science fiction! You are missed! J.S.

  251. It’s such a shame that this series didn’t have a chance. The story arcs were always well thought out. It seems that Destiny’s mission really will remain a mystery. Congratulations on Dark Matter, by the way. I’ve enjoyed it so far and it definitely delivers somewhat of a Stargate fix!

  252. There’s nothin worse than an unfinished story. Could a novel be published at least? I want to know about the intelligence at work in the cosmic background, destiny’s mission.

  253. At the end of the day, ALL things Stargate, are MGM’s ball right? .. IF THEY say Stargate must return, then it’s going to return right? So why not give them a nudge. They could use a good nudge on this. 🙂

  254. Just finished the season 2, guess I’m late… I didn’t know the series was canceled past that season. It left me so empty and sad. I really hoped I was going to know destiny mission and Elis reunion with Ginn…

  255. Ciao Joseph if they do not make another fil you could write books and we all would enjoy your great fantasy and your lovely storie Best Regards from Germany Gabriella

  256. I just recently re-watched SGU (again!), I think it’s my favorite of the other series.

    I might find some other episodes of the other series that I like more than these, but I couldn’t find a 40 episode arc from SG-1 or SGA that I liked better than these 40 as a whole! I’m not even sure I could find 40 episodes from one of the others that like better than these 40!!!

  257. Oh c’mon! It is 2017 and i am still desperately waiting for the mission’s end! I want to know the key to universe from your eyes. Just tell us the destiny will make it and what they find out or tell us if there is going to be a movie at least! !!!!? PLEASE! !!!!!

  258. Six years later and I’m still crying to see a third season of this, it feels like the cancellation of Firefly all over again. 🙁 Why can’t we just have nice things :'(

      1. One day when i become a millionaire i will pay to make a new season. Or movies. But you don’t have to wait for me 😀

      2. Now after Dark Matter and The Expanse, maybe people will finally realize we need a Sci-Fi channel, not the SYFY channel?

  259. Boy I am late to the party. I was a huge SG1 and Atlantis fan but with life changes I never watch SGU. Two months ago it was on Comet TV and I thought I would give it a shot. I was hooked and watched all 40 shows in Two months. It was like finishing a good book you hate to finish, or friends and pets passing. And this all happened 7 years ago. But as someone has already said, ” at least it was and ending I could live with”. Even though I wanted more. So many other shows leave you feeling mad at the way they ended it, or more like the way they didn’t end it. So I bought the DVD. At least I can watch it again whenever I want.

  260. Dear Joseph Mallozzi,

    Not sure if you will ever see this, however I’ll give it a try anyways.

    I can only watch my DVD’s of SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe but so many times, 100, 101, 102… Yes I’ve watched them many times over, trust me. The hardest part is no watching them over and over, that is very easy in fact. The hard part is not knowing what happens next after the Destiny has traveled 3 years.

    I’ve read many different websites as to why the show was canceled and I get it. However you have a great opportunity here with the show. For example: Eli Wallace played by David Blue, after 3 years of being in the pods Destiny has help Eli lose weight. This works since he has gotten himself into better shape. I on the other hand have gain more wait since the end of STU. Maybe some of the diseases, not all of them were cured. After all, the Ancients I am sure had cures for most if not all of the diseases. The crew were just unaware of it they were also medical pods.

    The next galaxy they enter could answer some of the newest discoveries actually made by today’s scientist. Maybe they come across some ancients, or start finding other beings that have yet to discover space travel, but because we come down to their planet they call the crew Gods from the heavens. You could play off of our own past from the stories told of Gods coming down to earth.

    There is endless possibilities. The United States found another planet in which to dial in. New cast members enter the scene, loads of supplies are brought with them. However because some circumstances with this planet they can only dial in every 6 months or every year. Something to do with the planets core having to cool down due to the demand of energy the gate requires to dial. And because of the supplies the ship can be repaired back to it’s fullest potential.

    Well, I gave it my best shot. I hope this inspires someone out there.

  261. Honestly, of all 3 Stargate series, this is the only one that has the potential to return with the original cast. It does not have to pick up exactly where the show originally ended, only explain how it has arrived at the point where the show would return. Anyone not on board, could be left in a stasis pod. Only to return when, or if, they wanted to. With all the tv show reboots lately this would be nice and refreshing. This is, in my opinion the best of the 3 series and I’m obviously, not alone in that opinion.

  262. Regarding how Eli survives the 3 years between galaxies… Remember the SG1 episode where Teal’c was stuck in the gates buffers? 48-hours? That was an arbitrary time limit. What if Eli managed to rig the Destiny’s gate to open but only accept him into the buffer and not send him somewhere. When the ship gets a power charge on the other side it could open and spit him out of the buffer. Also like how Scotty used the transporters in the TNG episode Relics.

  263. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful show. It’s not just my favorite of the Stargate series, it’s one of my favorite shows ever. I rewatch it every couple years, and I just finished my latest rewatch.

  264. Would have loved to see “The Planet Builders” somehow intervene while they are all in stasis and restore Destiny to its former glory or having Eli use the stargate to jump from and to Destiny 3 years ahead.

    There is so much more potential to this, I would love to see a reboot or a spinoff. Destiny is not done yet. Now that Amazon bought MGM, I really hope Amazon studios does something with it before I retire lol.

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