July 5, 2017: Dark Matter Sneak Peek And Sdcc News!

This Friday, July 7th, Dark Matter returns with an all-new episode – and one of my season 3 favorites: “One Last Card To Play”!

July 5, 2017: Dark Matter Sneak Peek And Sdcc News!

SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks offers an advance preview: “Twists and Turns”

Things take a very interesting and confusing turn in the next episode which is full of wild and unexpected twists. A plot point from last season is finally answered and the answer is quite unexpected. Friends become enemies and enemies become allies. It’s a twisted and sordid back and forth battle that draws lines and sets up some pretty big future plot points. By the end of the hour, the crew will undergo some changes and the fate of one will be left unknown.

July 5, 2017: Dark Matter Sneak Peek And Sdcc News!

The promo:

July 5, 2017: Dark Matter Sneak Peek And Sdcc News!

I talk about season 3 with The National’s Chris Newbould

“Viewers tuned in to spend time with O’Neill, Carter, Daniel and Teal’c because they were almost like a second family to them. I think it’s much the same way with the Dark Matter crew. They are mercenaries, this galaxy’s most wanted, but when all’s said and done, they’re family.”

And here is last episode’s (“Give It Up, Princess”) After Dark installment:

And, hey, we’ve got San Diego Comic Con news!

July 5, 2017: Dark Matter Sneak Peek And Sdcc News!

Thursday, July 20th

8:15-9:15 p.m.: Dark Matter (Room 6DE)

And now, you’re up to date!

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  6. “fate of one will be left unknown”….

    We’ve already lost Six (for the time being), who’s next? I don’t want to lose anyone else! I like the “new” passengers, I love Two, Three, Five and Android! Who can it be??? These reviews are just one big teaser!!

    Hope all is going well with “the move”. You’re being pulled into so many directions! Stay the course!!

  7. Nice “The Girl Next Door” pic. of Melissa. I watched “After Dark”. I liked the chemistry of the actors. Zoe played a good host. Nice question on her choices from the beginning to now.

  8. No Killjoys at SDCC for a third year. The cast don’t seem too happy with the news seeing as the rest of the Syfy line-up are all going. It’s unfortunate.

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