It’s time to rally the troops!  Once this Friday’s episode of Dark Matter is behind us, we’ll be nearing the halfway mark of the show’s third season.  Unbelievably, you’ll only have 7 more episodes left until…

Well, that’s up to you.  To ensure that fourth season pick-up, we need to keep getting the word out, continue getting new viewers on board and, of course, keep supporting the show by watching it on SYFY and SpaceChannel (and Netflix!).

The truth is, it’s all in YOUR hands now and, by YOUR, I refer to our legion of dedicated Dark Matter fans.  The fate of the series rests with you!

In many ways, Dark Matter is reminiscent of my time on Stargate, another show that didn’t have a ton of money, or much press or support from the bigger online sites, but succeeded beyond expectations on the strength of its fandom – 3 shows, 17 seasons, 354 episodes!  In the case of Dark Matter, it’s  five year plan.  Five seasons in which to tell the story of The Raza and its crew – a beginning, middle, and end already laid out, and answers to all of the show’s mysteries.

But, first things first.  Let’s get that fourth season pick-up!

Tune in Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. on SYFY and Space Channel.  Even better, tune into the entire SYFY Friday block starting with Killjoys at 8:00, followed by Dark Matter at 9:00, and concluding with Wynonna Earp at 10:00.

July 6, 2017: Rallying The Dark Matter Fans!

TV, Eh?’s Greg David previews the next of Dark Matter:

We were mighty confused by some of the decisions made by our heroes until midway through the episode. The payoff is worth it.

July 6, 2017: Rallying The Dark Matter Fans!

An exclusive first look at a clip from our next episode: “One Last Card To Play” at

July 6, 2017: Rallying The Dark Matter Fans!

SciFiAndTVTalks’ Steve Eramo Catches Up With Jodelle Ferland

“Five is a strong person, but I worry about her, because she has her limits and can only handle so much. For me, it’s been a wonderful acting challenge to play that balance and show that my character is vulnerable, but at the same time I don’t want her to look weak. Five can take care of herself, but things are definitely getting more and more difficult as well as dangerous for her along with the rest of the Raza crew this season.”

July 6, 2017: Rallying The Dark Matter Fans!

Brush up on your french and read Lubie en series’ interview with Natalie Brown:

« Je pense qu’il est très indépendant et qu’il a un instinct de survie bas donc je ne suis pas inquiète pour lui physiquement. Mais, émotionnellement oui. Je crois qu’il a plus besoin de Sarah que ce qu’il peut admettre ou réaliser. Je crois qu’elle est son sens moral. J’aime penser qu’elle a été capable de lui permettre d’accéder à ses propres émotions. Donc, s’il vit sans elle, elle espère qu’il les utilisera à bon escient ».

19 thoughts on “July 6, 2017: Rallying the Dark Matter fans!

  1. I was very bummed last week to see both Killyjoys and Wyonna Earp trending in my local market, but NOT Dark Matter. What are all these folks doing between those two shows, that they stop tweeting?? I’ll do my best to tweet and retweet more, to help out in this apparently lazy NYC market. I usually find myself so entranced in the show I forget to tweet. Maybe that’s the problem with everyone else…LOL

  2. @KathyC

    Who cares about trending? Dark Matters Nielsen ratings(Live and DVR numbers) are higher than Killjoys and Wynonna Earps and are likely to stay that way. Nielsen ratings > Tweets. Nielsen ratings > Trending. Everytime.

  3. @Unbelievably, you’ll only have 7 more episodes left until…

    The last renewal announcement came before Episode 10 of the second season aired. Will it be a happy late July(If the same holds true this season), or a happy August(If it comes later) on here? Fun fun fun.

  4. I’m trying, Joe, but I’m two weeks behind and one of those episodes was cut in half by a power outage. I am rather overwhelmed wit everything right now. 🙁

  5. Noooooo!
    Only seven more episodes to go?!
    That can’t be right? There has to be more…. There WILL be more!!! 😁

    As for tweeting during the show … Don’t be daft! Who has time to tweet when there’s so much going on? You’ll miss that all important snippet that could mean so much later ….. Tweet? Tut!!

  6. Only seven more?! I’m counting out my Fridays until Burning Man … one of those Fridays in there, I’ll be out in the middle of the Utah nowhere. Well, if the wildfires stay away. I know, a fire festival in the middle of red flag everything is dry tinder territory. Stargazer Ranch is not a dry lakebed, it is sagebrush “basin and range”. We’re good with fire safety, but even dry lightning storms begin fores out there. Wish me luck.

    Tweet? Who has time for that?

  7. I run a image blog and I”m always hungry for content, but have never really run into Dark Matter stuff out in the wild, is there an official source that I could reblog from?

  8. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but I just couldn’t get into Wynonna. Guess I’m more of a space show geek.

    TheOtherOne: I tried tweeting through the show but, like you stated, I missed some of the good bits.

    Agreed Mr. M. & Helen, Zoie Rocks! It really hit me how good she is when I watch that AfterDark show. It’s fun to see them all (so serious on the show) laughing and smiling on AfterDark. The Zobot’s chip gives Zoie more room for emotion at times but still, big difference. Might want to work in more blinks for the Zobot, Zoie’s going to get dry eye syndrome. 😉

    My son had fun reading the French interview. 🙂

    Any good condos in the running?

    Yesterday was crazy. I ran some errands for Dr Jo and helped Ann (her caretaker friend) at the hospital. When I left, Dr Jo was sleeping peacefully but poor Ann was frazzled. Ann says that she’s getting PTSD from all this. Whenever you feel weighed down or depressed, keep in mind what others go through. Most of us are pretty darn lucky!

  9. Ow, also meant to add

    Merci beaucoup pour l’interview avec Natalie Brown. Je suis sur j’aurais cru le dire tres interesting sauf, comme je parle deja vu before, ma Franaglais est joli crap (comme avec Three) et mon en train de line est even tres crappier! 😆

    … Sorry 😩

  10. @randomness

    I was just bummed to see the other two shows trending, and not Dark Matter. I know Twitter doesn’t count for much, but for those of us who aren’t Neilson families it’s our only way of showing we’re watching. Once the ratings folks actually collect data from all the cable companies to see what’s really being tuned into, I’m stuck with tweeting for my shows.

  11. Been telling everyone about it from the start !

  12. Been telling everyone about it from the start ! Still spreading the word… tune in !

  13. The Comic-Con panel was a highlight of my year so far! Was able to visit with the cast afterwards. Pinch me!

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