Remember that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Picard ends up living out his entire life on some alien world and then, at episode’s end, after decades have passed and he’s a very old man, he discovers it was all a temporal ruse?  Well, that happened to me today.  Sort of.  Except instead of an alien world, it was the FedEx office on the corner of West Broadway and Cypress.  There’s no such thing as a quick stop to send a package.  Whenever I go, it’s like entering some sort of chrono dilation field where time and customer service no longer adhere to the rules of physics.  It seems like a lifetime passes for me in that slow moving line and yet, whenever I exit, I’m surprised to discover it’s only been half an hour or so.

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!

Summer is upon us and that means afternoons spent out in the backyard with the dogs (Lulu, Suji, and frequent houseguest Petunia), reading, while Akemi sits inside watching Japanese television on youtube or researching interior design ideas for our new place in Toronto.  Akemi’s not big on getting sun and insists 21 seconds is the cut off for safe daily exposure.  Whenever we go out, she wears a hat, enormous sunglasses, and a light jacket to cover her arms.  As a result, when passersby stare, I inevitably wonder whether they think she’s some incognito celebrity or an escaped mental patient.

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!
Hey, is that one of the Kardashians?

So the plan is to have everything packed up and shipped off (including ourselves) to August 31st.  We’ve got the boxes, the tape, the movers in mind.  The only piece missing in our masterful plan is somewhere to move TO – like, say, a place in Toronto.  To forestall the possibility of our having to live out of my office, I’m going to fly to Toronto next week for a day of condo shopping and tacos with Ivon.  My checklist includes: pet-friendly, patio, AC, open concept, regular-sized oven, proximity to a dog park, and home made guacamole.  If I can find all of those things on my visit, I’ll be greatly pleased.

A few quick shout-outs before I wrap up today’s entry…

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!

A shout-out to Chef Curtis Luk whose Mission Kitsilano restaurant has become my favorite go-to place for brunch and/or dinner. The crazy thing is I’m not a brunch person – and yet I’ll go once, sometimes twice a weekend because it’s that good.  And crazier still, I’m not a vegetarian yet always get the vegetarian dishes whenever I go because they’re that good.  There are dedicated vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver, and none can equal the brilliance of Chef Curtis’s creations…

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More! July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More! July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!

He’s that good.

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!

A shout-out to hot young Vancouver director – and comic writer/artist Kaare Andrews.  Sat down with him a couple of weeks ago to talk genre television, and his comic Renato Jones, available on comixology and where all fine graphic novels are sold.

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!

And a final shout-out to the Earl Grey/Lavender donut I had at Lucky’s Donuts.  I know, I know.  Earl Grey?!  And Lavender???  But unquestionably the best donut I’ve eaten this year.

July 4, 2017: Time Dilation Fields!  Shout-outs! And More!

Tomorrow, it’s all about this Friday night’s episode of Dark Matter, “One Last Card To Play” (alternately titled “One More Card To Play” on various sites).

Happy 4th of July!!!

“Kid’s sketchy.  Back to you guys.”

20 thoughts on “July 4, 2017: Time dilation fields! Shout-outs! And more!

  1. When you said “our new place in Toronto”, I was like, “This is news! Do tell!” But I guess it’s still kind of theoretical at this point. Good luck in the hunt!

    Doesn’t Akemi get kind of hot in Summer weather dressed like that? Or is that an old photo from Winter? 🙂 Get that poor girl a long sleeve tee and a floppy hat!

    I want to go to Lucky Donut! I have to go back to Vanc again already!

    Just to clarify, in the TNG episode “Inner Light” of which you’re speaking, that was more an implanted memory thing than a temporal ruse. 😉 That said, I know what you mean by the time dilation effect – every day when I leave work I’m amazed what seemed like a week was, in fact, only 8 hours. And that’s with taking breaks.

  2. Good luck with the condo shopping trip! I’m sure it will be much easier to find a condo than it was an apartment.

  3. @he discovers it was all a temporal ruse?

    He never left the bridge of the Enterprise, at least not technically. He was unconscious and lived a lifetime of memories of one of the people from the planet which faced a cataclysm. I’m pretty sure he remembered everything he experienced to old age, but I don’t think it was ever mentioned again.

  4. Speaking of time related episodes though. The Sound of Her Voice from DS9 was a great one, especially the twist ending that the Captain the crew was committed to saving had been long dead(For several years apparently). The weird radiation around the planet shifted her signal through time.

    It was so sombre, especially because the crew had gotten to know her and had spoken to her via the open signal as they were days away. They were expecting to arrive at the planet and rescue her as she was injured.

  5. First of all, hi to Petunia! For a second there I thought you and Akemi had lost your minds and gotten a new pup right before your upcoming move. Silly thought. You’re more responsible than that. 🙂

    The veggie dishes look yummy and I’m not a vegetarian, either. Somedays I wish I could manage it. Hasn’t happened so far. Going mostly carb free right now. That’s enough of a challenge to this former carbaholic.

    Good luck on the condo shopping tour! Of course every condo should have homemade guacamole.

    On the glaucoma front (I’d rather have guacamole, but note the smooth segue), I’m allergic to one of the prescription drops. It’s done a real number on me with extreme irritation, copious tearing, major itching and some burning of the skin around the eyes. Went to the specialist again today and he’s taken me off the suspected drops. I really hope he’s right but it will take four or five days for them to get out of my system. This is my summer holidays. Whee! Also, he warned me again if the pressure doesn’t go down below 15 in my right eye he’s going to laser both eyes. i’m on a mission to get that pressure down! Grr! It’s at 18 and 17 in the left eye. That’s lower than it was a month ago and pretty good considering the eyes are badly inflamed, and because I haven’t been exercising or taking many of the supplements that are supposed to help. Now I will. Grrr again!

    That sketchy kid is just plain rude. Wow.

  6. P.S. That episode of TNG was a good one. Patrick Stewart is a heck of an actor. Maybe you can get him to do an ep of Dark Matter? Just a thought. 🙂

  7. That picture of Akemi can’t be current. That has to be during the winter. If Akemi wore that down here in Texas in the summer, she’d be dead from heat stroke in 10 minutes.

    @ glowyzoey – I’ve had glaucoma since age 39. You take a supplement that helps your pressure?? I’ve never heard of that. What is it? Also a 17, 18 pressure for me is good.

  8. I was wondering the same thing @Robbie david, what musical instrument would you learn in a life span? That was a great ST:TNG episode. Though one of my all time is Yesterday’s Enterprise.

    Poor Akemi, is she allergic to the sun or just wants to keep her skin silky smooth & unblemished? I ruined my skin years ago at a local pool and one summer setting tobacco at my uncle’s farm. I’m freckled beyond belief. I love the sun hence an annual beach trip 22 years and counting.

    Good luck on condo hunting! Start with “the sky’s the limit” and settle with “that won’t break the bank”. Lots of excitement! Looking forward to this Friday’s episode though I’ll more than likely have to download it Saturday morning and watch it on the trip home. Only 3 more days at the beach!

  9. Wow, Toronto … Well you’ll be closer to your mom and you won’t have to keep doing the cross country trips. Obviously hoping you get a renewal (and another and another and another)… but seems work is there even if you start a new project. Whew, 2 mos to do all you need to do. I don’t envy that.

  10. 1. “The Inner Light” is a great episode! However, Joe, your description is more like the Voyager episode “Gravity.” Tuvok and Paris are stuck on a planet where many days pass within what are hours aboard the ship.

    2. I hope Akemi is getting enough vitamin D.

  11. Dark Matter – 619k viewers, 0.16 18-49
    Killjoys – 552k viewers, 0.15 18-49
    Wynonna Earp – 581k viewers, 0.13 18-49

    Still the highest rated Syfy show of the bloc Joe. Every Dark Matter episode thus far this season you can round to a 0.2. Posting the unrounded 18-49 just gives a clearer picture as to where the shows are in relation to one another.

  12. Akemi is going to have skin like porcelain for many years!

    A/C makes me cold, so I’m used to stares when I wear a jacket and it’s 105F outside.

    glowyzoey: Ouch and good luck with the eye pressure! I’d rather have guacamole too. 😉

    I misread it at first and thought she was looking for a Tokyo condo. That would have been nice too! Good luck and we’ll miss you. We’d understand if you stop blogging for a few days. Or you could always throw up dog pictures, we’d be cool. 😉

    We appreciate this journey you’ve taken us on. 🙂

  13. I must have that donut. Must. Ah, well, I have lavender Earl Grey tea in the cabinet, it will have to do.

    Toronto, eh? This should be fun.

  14. Lulu looks happy and well. Is she walking any better these days?

    Hi Petunia and Suji.

    Good luck next week. Hope you find a great place. xo

  15. Regarding Toronto – check out Corktown. Our friends bought a condo there and it’s simply amazing. On the streetcar line, near the Distillery district, and close to the parks along the Don. Seriously – keep it in mind.

  16. Is it already decided? Will it be Toronto? Well, it would be perfect for filming the fourth season of Dark Matter which we will hopefully get. Fingers crossed… and friends incited to watch the show to keep the viewing figures high. I am so excited to finally get to see season 3 in Germany. They let us wait a whole month… so we can’t join all the social media discussion. :/
    Will there also be a special Q&A with you, Joe? Or may we ask you questions here when they come to mind?

  17. I vegetated so deliciously this holiday that I’m having trouble dealing with the office; it’s sooo hard to concentrate! My mailbox is so full it broke. That beautiful donut inspires me to check out the bakery later. Did I forget to give a shoutout to the amazing Ellen Wong for her terrific work in Glow? I binged the entire season in one bleary eyed go, then watched the Glow documentary on the real wrestlers, kudos to Ellen for being so convincing as a newbie wrestler fumbling with a sword, you’d never know she was the terror of the House of Ishida.

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