January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

That 3D printer was one of the best investments the production ever made (not counting the 100k we sunk into tinder for dogs app).  The latest creation was this Lenari Death Mask.  Total build time: 21 hours.  Chrome-finish version upcoming!

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

As always, it’s the little things…like these set accents designed by 1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris.

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

There were a bunch of pictures under this heading, but they gave away the identity of the two “guests”.  Any guesses?  Who might be planning a little getaway to one of the coziest corporate crafts this side of the Kuiper belt?

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

Art Department layout of the space station Adrian and his “date” will visit – followed shortly by one sassy client.

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

The station’s details and doors – of the sliding variety.  Watch your fingers!

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

Corridor details – walls, floors, ceilings.

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

Graphics guru Roxanne Borris provides Taliphus-8 with its own logo.

January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 Of 91!

Well, look who’s settling in.  We adopted Suji a little over a month ago and she’s already ruling the roost.  Things she likes: sitting on your lap, treats, racing down carpeted hallways.  Things she doesn’t like: some other dog sitting on your lap, vacuum cleaners, suspicious-looking heavyset men.

Sujiko’s instagram

14 thoughts on “January 5, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 24 of 91!

  1. Would one of the guests be Wil Wheaton? He tweeted he was working on a show, but wouldn’t say which one.

  2. Roxanne certainly is talented and creative — love the logos and set accents. I agree, attention to details makes a huge difference in the overall feel of a space. I’m sure the cast appreciates this too, helping them set mood and character and feeling immersed.

    I’ve always believed Stargate and Dark Matter have the best creative abilities for sets, costumes, graphics, lighting, sound, CGI, etc. that go a long way in helping the director & cast create the magic. Excellent, solid teams behind & before the cameras. Yay!
    Keep up all the great work everyone — your fans appreciate it!

    We had our first snow dusting last night with more to come tonight into Saturday. I guess there is no escaping winter for the New Jersey shore.

    {{Hugs}} to the precious pups!

  3. I do love that Lenari Death Mask. It’s almost a masquerade mask but even more unnerving…
    The art work is as always, rather yummy. Who is the sketchy female in the corridor detail drawing? (or am I over imagining?)

    Re Suji settling in. Yes, I have noticed similar character impositions with my young pup, Puddle. For example he prefers to choose his sleeping place on the sofa. It doesn’t matter that either of my two cats has been there for ages. He does this funny ‘huff’ noise which ejects the cats instantly (even when they are in a deep sleep). He then likes to guide them out of the room, out of my sight, and chase them – I hear the scrabbling of paws/claws.
    Obviously Puddle is reprimanded instantly. However, I’m starting to think the cats, particularly Callisto, are setting him up, as a couple of times recently, I’ve discovered Puddle stuck in a corner with the cat sitting innocently next to him. I’m sure she’s waiting to see his comeuppance.

  4. The Lenari Death Mask is really cool! Now you know what to get me for my birthday. After you’re finished with it, of course.

    Suji is freaking adorable. She DOES look a little bossy. I’m now following her on IG.

  5. So Joe, speaking of death defying, did you have your official issued Mochi yet? I hear it is delightful.

  6. Beautiful detail work on the mask. DM has a top notch crew!

    One more question for the mailbag please? When you mom makes her red sauce for spaghetti, does she use red or white wine?

    Today was a snow day here. I woke up with a headache, probably weather related and just did the minimum. Put sauce I froze a couple of weeks ago in the crock pot, made some spaghetti noodles and Viola! Dinner that tasted like it took all day. I prefer the red wine but all the recipes say white. Just wanted your mum’s professional opinion.

    Gforce: My brother has mellowed since his brain injury. Not reliable or trustworthy but better than before. You can’t choose your family.
    Did you bring home Zoe yet?

  7. Joe: okay. I do have a burning question after rewatching ep 210. Three was incapacitated by his departed Sara. What happened that 3 recalls being in love? revealing after the 209 black goo will be interesting.

    I’m certain 3 has been given some sort of upgrade… as he is not acting as naive and more empathetic.

    I notice you always drop in hints, or maybe the virus somehow tricked 3 but I’m going to be disappointed if three’s recall of lost love was a mistake. I asked about 3’s boost in information in Roger Cross’s question answer session, his response was funny, but didn’t confirm my suspicion.

    Just tell me you don’t make mistakes like this or “these are not the androids you are looking for”

    But after “going out fighting” the black goo created a whole bunch of questions. Ejection of the goo was pretty gross… but you wanted to make a point… also Three was freaking over what Ryo must know about him, and we are nowhere near close to Seeing this answered with all of the back story on Ryo now possible ..this war could consume the entire season… so the next episode is not going to have time to address this..

    Speaking of, what happened to the seers ship?

    Did they just leave after Ryo cut their leaders head off?
    We know each of the Raza Crew are amazing bad asses… and the fun is the story revealing just what that means.

    There is something going on with three…

  8. I’m just going to say refer to 2cats post. She is spot on. You do have an incredibly talented production crew. The attention to detail, the amazing set designs, the imaginative, creative departments that make a world for us to explore. Love it all and thank you for creating a world in we can escape to.

    Roxanne rocks in her designs/art.

    “Guests” as in company or “Guests” as in prisoners?

    There are so many potential pairings out there: Wexler and Tash(definitely want to see them again), Five and Trauffault, Three and Anders….

    Questions for the mailbag: so many good ones out there already
    –will there ever be a “slipped in” reference to Devan’s death by the Seers?
    –are there potentially several different AU’s in the Dark Matter verse?
    –based on the Seven Samurai template will One and Four be “replaced”? does the Raza need a crew of 7?

    –what was the last movie you watched?
    –favorite mixed drink?
    –what do you do to decompress besides spending time with Akemi & the pups, eat good food & read?

  9. I agree with 2cats.

    Guests? I’ll have to give that some thought.

    You made me do it…..I just signed up for an Instagram account. LOL. Suji is adorable.

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