Wow!  I can’t believe how quickly this first week is going by.  Only two more days of work and then it’s the weekend!

And one more day of work since we’ll be shooting this Saturday as well.

While Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok was braving chilly Hamilton with director Steve DiMarco, I was in the relatively warmer confines of the production offices kicking off prep with Episode 305 director J.B. Sugar.  Topics covered in today’s concept meeting included: force fields, upgrades, stun guns, and the garden.

Hey, it feels like forever since I’ve done a mailbag.  If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

And misdirects.

But mostly answers.  So fire away!

January 4, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 23 Of 91!

Right through those doors and take a right at the next nebula.

January 4, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 23 Of 91!

Who is this mysterious (gas) masked man?

January 4, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 23 Of 91!

Another little something from 1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris.

January 4, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 23 Of 91!

Look out!  It’s a Big Bad!!!

29 thoughts on “January 4, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 23 of 91!

  1. Mailbag: Do you still have attempts going to get other shows on the air? If so, can you tell us about them?

    I follow an actor on another show that shoots in Toronto and he had elevator issues one day. I looked it up, and evidentally Toronto has an elevator crisis??? Do you have elevators in your work or residence, and have you had issues?

    Does Akemi send you a breakfast bento box?

  2. That looks like Lawren in the black suit. Petri Protein? Oh that makes me want to barf. Not too hard right now. I’ve relapsed or gotten some other virus. Ugh. Big Bad is only scary with weapons; otherwise he is too much of a sweetheart.

    Question for the blog:

    How is your knee?

  3. I have a question: Why can’t I think of the questions when you’re doing a mailbag that I know I’ve thought of at the times when you’re NOT doing a mailbag. Ugh

    @Drea (from yesterday). The Meyers is a girl, and her name is/will be Zoie. I actually picked the name from Zoie Palmer, but I always liked the name anyway.

    I’ve consulted with my nephew and his family all along the process, so I hope things go well.

    This is a picture- she’s the one in the middle (I think). She a bit smaller than her sisters and seems to be a very calm and sweet tempered bird.

  4. I’ll have to check out Train to Busan. There’s some video camerawork in South Korean productions that really clicks with me. I get distracted by the silliest things like background elements moving relative to one another or pointless shakiness. I appreciate when cameras work hard to help me focus on the things I should be noticing.

  5. A lot of published authors say that to be a good writer you must read a lot. Does this hold true for screen writing? Do you have a checklist for each scene to ensure it fulfills a purpose? PS: I am so looking forward to this coming season 😀

  6. I have a theory about why countries that are freaking cold as ice… y’all are too cold to have the energy to get in trouble. Brrrrrr. Seriously though… Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland …

    Question… ……. It’s 32 degrees here and I am having brain freeze…… Hells bells. Now all I can think of is young Jack saying “I got nothing.”

  7. Oooh we’re almost up to my favourite episode, 307…. yay! I don’t know who’s in the mask. The eyes look a bit like yours.

    Mailbag questions:

    If you create another TV show, who will run Dark Matter?
    What is the theme of Season 3 Dark Matter?
    Will David Hewlett return as Tabor Calchek? Any tweaks to his character to separate him from Rodney McKay?
    Did you return to the same condo in Toronto that you lived in last season?
    Does Suji prefer the company of humans or dogs?
    What film that you watched as a child had the largest impact on you?
    Who do you think will win the Superbowl?

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Oh, question! How are Lulu’s spinal issues/walking coming along? She seemed to be doing pretty well in November. Also, are those script rewrites that you needed to do all completed by now? Hope so.

  9. Mailbag:

    What is the knot you were using for your ties? It’s cool!

    How much scope does a Dark Matter writer have when writing an episode? Do they just have a beginning and end and can do whatever they want in between? Do you give them a list of beats that they have to include in the story? Or is there a detailed breakdown and they just put words in the actor’s mouths?

  10. Question from me

    How do you feel about episodes based in the future? More so, have you ever considered doing a Steins Gate type message from the future to one of the crew who is facing a traumatic ordeal and needs some encouragement to push through and overcome it from their future self?

    God time stuff can be so confusing at times. Especially when that Okabe who sent the video DMail to his past self gave up on his first try to save Kurisu and is basically encouraging the Okabe everyone knows and loves not to make the same mistake and to push through this ordeal and save her. I just think this kind of stuff would translate well to TV.

    Steins;Gate 0 anime which is due out this year is basically covering the Okabe who send that video DMail too.

  11. Best wishes for the New Year Joe & family.
    Joe, on SG-1: whose call on DVD audio commentary participants?
    Do you feel that a writer can plagiarize themself?
    Your least favorite Atlantis episode & why.


  12. Absolutely love the passageway! Great design, detail!

    The most disturbing image I have seen in a long time: a cow in a Petri dish. If I lived in this universe I might become a vegetarian. Just driving by a poultry truck on the interstate almost turns me off of chicken. Props to Roxanne – brilliant!

    Don’t readily recognize the rouge in black and a mask…wait, Zorro? Batman? Three?

    How’s the traitor (oh, I mean Four) doing?

    Gonna have to think up some mailbag Q’s. Sitting at the retinologist’s office waiting to get my eyes injected.

  13. Congratulations Gforce on the new addition to your family!

    Drea: Thanks for the kind words. I went to visit Dr Jo today and she was up and walking a little. They switched her food and she’s able to hold down more, so she seemed stronger. Thanks for the gift thought but I don’t know what she’d be able to do. She has about 50 or so cards unopened. The meds are keeping her a little down, so I think reading is out. My hubby has been keeping her computer/TV going (needed a new hard drive and a TV antenna).
    How’s your mom doing?
    As for my brother, honestly, I’m surprised he’s lived this long. I thought the Hep C would have done him in but they found a cure for that. The doctors caught his cancer early. My other brother (I have three) said it’s supposed to be a little chemo and be finished with treatment. I hope it’s that easy. Only the good die young and all that…. That sounds awful but living with him, is like living through an episode of Breaking Bad. I’ve only had to pull out a gun once and that was with him there and somebody looking for him, trying to break down the door. He, of course, left me to deal with it.

    PBmom: I hope you feel better soon!

    Mr. M: Other than pet questions, I have none for you. I need to re-watch S2 before S3 airs. Then I’ll have plenty! For the pet questions, I’ve noticed Suji had another UTI. Did the vet have any theories about she’s getting them so often? How are the pups doing health-wise? How was the drive for them?

  14. Just Finished SS 2 of DM. Boy what an ending, not sure if I was seeing a rendition from the NEIBELUNGEN LIED, Game of Throne or something else. Rather Machavellian or Mideville
    Just wondering what influence you had or a point to for your finish. Don’t get me wrong, I Plan on being there for next season with the twist and turns. I’m not planning on running into any cars. I have not fallen back to the tv watching that marked my last years but I do remember the show signs from my past seeing those posters for Continuum and thinking I already have the SG1 dvd

  15. Is that you in a new style suit, I wonder?
    Wot, no tie or sassy socks? Aww.

    Compared to the majority of my blog sisters and brothers, I’m fairly new here. I have some questions, which may have already been answered … (Apologies if they have)

    Please may I ask how you and Akemi first met? Was it love at first sight? 😊
    So far, what is the happiest memory you both share?

    Who (and what) was your very own first pet?
    Did you grow up with an animal companion?

    Please would you describe the circumstances you and Paul (Mullie) first met?
    And finally …
    Do you regret having to kill One off in Season 2?
    (Please will you bring him back?!)
    Thank you 😊

  16. Mailbag: Have you posted your 2016 blog statistics yet? We know who was your most prolific commenter, but who was 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th?

  17. More Mailbag –

    Will fans get the opportunity to choose a name for Android from a given list?

    Talking about naming, will fans be choosing episode titles again? As per Season 2, will it start this month?

    Are there other ‘themes’ for cast/crew T-shirts as well as the cat designs?

  18. And these –

    Will David Hewlett be behind the camera and direct an episode for Season 3?

    Would a book with the many BTS photos, concept art designs, costume designs, etc be something that could get published at some point?

  19. @We know who was your most prolific commenter, but who was 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th?

    After having 4th for several years in a row. I won’t be getting this year lol. Saying that, it’s not that I didn’t care enough to comment. I just wasn’t around much to do it at the frequency I did of previous years.

    But I am wondering who took 4th from me! dasanddanger(Sp?) I remember had 1st for so long. Tam Dixon I remember has made the top 5 before too.

  20. @Randomness – Well, I didn’t make the list this year, but I’m planning a come back. 😆 I think the top commenters are Drea, gforce, KathyC, Tam, and PBMom sneaking in the back door again. There are lots of others that are pretty good about commenting each day.

  21. Hey Joe. I feel a bit bad about the pointed questions regarding One. I was in a bit of a scritchy mood so I apologise and please don’t feel you need to answer.

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