What better way to kick off the start of production on Dark Matter’s third season than a fan Q&A with actor Roger Cross.  Other cast members have already fielded your queries here on this blog:

Melissa O’Neil

Anthony Lemke

Alex Mallari Jr.

Zoie Palmer

Melanie Liburd

And now it’s time for Roger, one of Canada’s busiest actors, to submit to your grilling.

Got a burning question for him?  You have until Tuesday night to post it in the comments section of this blog.  After that, it’ll be in Roger’s hands…


Oooh, check it out.  Another little something from the Art Department.   Concept art from the fabulous Henry Fong for Episode 303.


Today, I went to the Toronto Christmas Market with Akemi and Jodelle.  We made Jodelle try popcorn shoots and roasted chestnut – both of which she hated, then made her pose beside this creepy red snowman – which she seemed to enjoy marginally more than the popcorn shoots and roasted chestnut.

We now resume our regularly scheduled scriptwriting session already in progress.

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Fantastic concept art!

Thanks for setting up another great opportunity to ask the cast questions, Joe. And thank you, Roger for doing this Q&A 👍
* If you could play any other character in Dark Matter, who would it be?
* What’s the most fun role you’ve played, and why?
* Which character have you played that is most like you, and the least like you?
* Is there a question that you’d love to answer but have never been asked? If so, what is it and what would you reply?


Rogerrrr!!!!! Love you on dark matter! Can you please try and get the cast to do the mannequin challenge (Joe you have to be in it too!!!)?!?!?!?! Ok that’s all, looking forward to S3! smile


Blog anniversary tribute day Joe! Today’s love is from the lovely @Chex, aka Maryanne.


Thanks. It’s Chev.


I gotta ask; what is a “popcorn shoot?”


Hi Roger, like ceresis64 I’d like to know:
* If you could/had to choose another role in Dark Matter, which one would it be? Could you – e.g. – imagine to be a male version of the Android?
And also:
* If you were in our position and had the possibility to ask your fans a question, what would you ask?


Yeah, what are popcorn shoots? And according to Maryanne’s video, you don’t eat popcorn!

I’ll have to think about something to ask Roger. So cool that he’s doing a Q&A.

For a second, I thought that concept art was an actual photo! Amazing work.


Oh, these. I’m not sure what to make of them.


Krys Janae

*What has been your favorite part about playing Six/Kal? (Any moments or scenes stick out in particular?)

*If you could choose, are there any specific storylines or arcs you’d like your character to explore? (More hidden past stuff, body swaps, weird ticks or incidents, leadership roles, other secrets, a romance, etc.)

*Any notable behind the scenes shenanigans you wanna share?

Thanks for your time Roger & Joe!! I am anxious to see what S3 has in store for all of us!

Krys ❤✌


When someone made me try popcorn shoots once it was met with an instant BLECK! Albeit, I’m pretty sure i just was being punked because my friends all had their phone cams out waiting for my response to it.

Beautiful job on todays tribute video @Chev! xo

Stay Tuned! New mystery gift clue coming up tomorrow!

Harley Powers Parks

Multiple choice either one
1) Will you be visiting Hawaii soon? If so would you let fans know? Or San Diego Comic-Con?
2) What makes you happy?
3) Blink-Drive is now with Ryo and blew-up eos-7, betrayed everyone especially nyx , is it a relief that you’re not on the bottom of the naughty list?
4) you were the first to use Transfers Transit, Now that Raza Crew has their own Transfer Transit Units, Using 5’s ability to hack memories too, is it possible that instead of sending out one clone you could send out multiples and successfully merge all the memories back together? Is it necessary to be unconscious? Kind of like mixing Edge of Tomorrow and Naruto’s shadow clones!

Denise McInerney
Denise McInerney

“Popcorn Shoots are kernels of corn allowed to grow up to a few inches tall–about three weeks. When grown in the dark, they are yellow.” Wow–who knew this was a thing? I learn so much from your blog, Joe!


just leaving this here for your weird food reference, because I tried it yesterday; Salted Tomato Candy.

Harry Hanz

If you could build anything out of Legos, what would it be and why?

Have you ever shot a man in Reno just to watch him die?

What is Six’s most appealing trait?


I’m going to have to listen to that video blog tribute when I can turn the volume up. It’s 1:37 a.m. and I can’t sleep but if I turn it up, everyone will wake up.


I’ll try to come up with some questions for Roger by Monday. When I saw the red snowman I instantly thought it looked like a big Kong for dogs. I said, “Wow, Boomer would love trying to get the frozen goodies out of THAT thing!!!”


Q. For Roger:

Favorite Bob and/or Ziggy Marley song?


Thanks Drea 😊

Linda Kettle
Linda Kettle

Does 6 have a family? Did 2 & 6 anticipate 4 trying to steal blink drive? Does 6 still consider Anders a friend? Is it weird being on a Canadian sci fi show?


Yay and hi Roger!
Thanks for taking time for a Q&A session.

I would love to know, considering all the different types of productions you’ve been in, what attracted you to Dark Matter – particularly as you had no idea from the scripts, who your character was or where your storyline would be heading?

In Season 1, who did you originally think was the mole and how did you feel when you found out?

You seem to be a very chilled out, happy kinda guy. What’s your secret?

Thanks again for your time.
I really look forward to seeing you as Six in Season 3. Good luck!


Joe, Joe! Please publish a glossy book of the art of Dark Matter. I’d buy it in a flash! Honest 😁


@Chev Fab tribute video 👍

Some more questions for Roger
Where would you like to see Six’s character go/do in Season 3?
What has been your favourite prop, so far?
What has been the most challenging location you’ve had to shoot in?
What book are you currently reading?
Which song have you listened to the most? Why?

Margaret Clayton

What keeps you busy and happy during downtime?


1. What drew you to the script?

2. What do you have most in common with your character?

3. 6 betrayed the team and just got their respect back and both 6 and 4’s reasons were kind of honor based where 6 was for the law and 4 is for his people, both a sense of duty. Do you think 6 will ever forgive 4 for what he did in season 2 finale based on that?

Love the show hope it goes on to season 4!


Hi Roger! I’m a big fan. What is your favourite thing to do with the dark matter cast?


Hi! Wonderful Blog Tribute!
It’s really great to put faces to names 😊