Our brilliant Production Designer, Ian Brock, gives today’s sets (3 in all!) a last look-through before heading off to oversee construction of several more sets!  Have to convince him to do a fan Q&A this season.


The “guest quarters” on the Volkov-Rusi ship.


Check out the attention to detail, the small touches…


img_2806 img_2805

The Art Department outdoes themselves with each successive episode.

img_2841 img_2837

A sneak peek at the still-in-progress “VR room”.


Really the best thing about getting the third season pick-up is having the opportunity to spend the next five months with this group.


Production Manager and Ethics Committee Chairman Brandon Tataryn works through the week AND runs a hugely popular bed & breakfast with his wife on weekends!  And he cooks for his guests, drawing from – and I didn’t know this until today – his culinary training.  Planning a trip to Ontario and looking to get away for a weekend or so?  Look no further!  I’ll get the details from Brandon this week!


Director of Photography Craig Wright, always upbeat and rarin’ to go.


Mind the airlock!


Access point – “the lab”.


Hey!  It’s on set dresser Mean Jean Brophey!


The lab’s lurid red lighting.  It’s like something out of The Shining!


The operating table.  This “lab” scene will deliver the most disquieting/creepiest/unsettling sequence on Dark Matter to date.  Avert your eyes!


The lurid red screens to match the equally lurid red lightning.

They say that, if  you look close enough and whistle a tune at the stroke of midnight, you can see the ghost of VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson onscreen.

And, of course, today’s wardrobe.  No more casual-wear for Joe.  I’m dressing up for production!

img_2754 img_2764 img_2766 img_2771 img_2774

1 down!  90 to go!

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I wish I had have known about Brandon’s B&B last weekend! Now it’s too late! Next time perhaps.

Does “VR Room” = “Holodeck”?

Look at you with your fancy tie knots and fishy socks! Looking sharp!

Harry Hanz

So, is there more production money whenever a show gets renewed, especially one that has a fairly large number of special effects?


I’ll certainly want to consider the Tartaryn B&B for next March.


Woo hoo here we go!

Great job, as always, by the art department. Can’t wait to see the finished products!

Margaret Clayton

I love the empty sets, so much promise!

Oooh, a vest and fancy knotted tie. Double snazzy. We need some jazz hands here ….

Jon Hrubesch

Once again the sets look fantastic! Nice to see the behind the scenes crew pics. It has to be exciting to be shooting once again.

I want to know how to make that knot for a necktie. It looks great!


And so it begins!!

That attention to detail is amazing. So many things that we don’t notice while watching, and yet it all comes together to build the episodes.


Hi Joe!

Would love to have a Q&A session with Ian Brock!! Production on season 3 is underway, and I cannot wait until the premiere!



>>Really the best thing about getting the third season pick-up is having the opportunity to spend the next five months with this group.<<

Well that and having a job and being paid!

Seems forever til July.

Harley Powers Parks

Oooooh now I get it. Yes looking very sharp and formal.

So cool.. visit Ontario stay at Brandon’s Tartaryn B&B
Get a chance to see the Raza Crew!


I’m in total agreement here with everyone ….. the magic of empty sets! Great to see some of the crew members responsible too. Oow, this is gonna be such a cracking season. I can feel it in my bones!

A rather snazzy combo you have on there, Mr M! Loving the socks and well, THAT knot …. Perfection! 😎

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Yes, you have a great crew for DM! Just amazing how Ian can build something from a concept.

Orange is a bold choice but you pull it off with style.

Do you have an “eat-a-thon” planned for today? I’m working a karate tournament. A computer replaced me on scoring, so I’m doing kata/kumite charts. sad


Great photos 👍

‘VR room’??

‘….you can see the ghost of VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson’
>>>I can see him! 😱


It cracks me up that you consider wearing a full suit ensemble without a tie to be “casual dress.” Then adding a tie and vest equals “dressed up.” smile


Are those Zamboni cufflinks? You DO look spiffy Joe. Your poses are entertaining.
How are Lulu and Bubba?

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Love the designs and sets. The red lighting really works, very ominous. Snazzy tie, the whole ensemble rocks!


Definitely yes a Q&A with Ian.

Fantastic set designs. The red room (or redrum?) Whatever is going to happen in that room isn’t going to be pretty.

I don’t ever think I’ve ever seen a tie knot quite like that one. I love it. Love the Nemo-like socks as well. Orange is a difficult color to pull off. It doesn’t look right on me. But on you it does.


@gforce I just saw your comment above
Does “VR Room” = “Holodeck”?
Cool idea!
I thought the VR was just for Volkov Rusi but I like the sound of your thoughts! 👍