October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Ten” Episode 110 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

When we were first casting the part of FOUR in Dark Matter, we cast a wide net – opening the role up to all genders and auditioning actors across North America. One candidate stood out for me in that early round: Alex Mallari Jr.  Unlike most of the other candidates who delivered colorfully threatening, often over-the-top takes on the “interrogation scene” from Episode 102, his performance was understated, controlled, and chillingly effective.

As we headed into the second round auditions, I had occasion to speak to Alex over the phone and prep him for his scenes (something I did for all the candidates, putting the scene in context and offering a character backstory to draw from).  I found him to be incredibly down to earth, well-spoken, and thoughtful individual clearly dedicated to his craft – and, after that call, I was secretly rooting for him. Ultimately, however, it came down to the second round audition…

And he nailed it.

One year later, with a season as The Raza’s resident sword-wielding badass under his belt, Alex has been all kinds of busy…but not busy enough to stop by for The Greatest Alex Mallari Jr. Fan Q&A ever!

Night-Cat writes: “I’m curious about how heavy those swords are. They don’t look very light, but you swing them around like a cat with a mouse.  Also, do you think Four would ever want to retake his place in the family Empire again, or is that a too late now kinda thing?”

Alex: We used a bamboo replica sword for all fight scenes so it was as light as a feather! As far as the family feud, I think his main concern is finding justice.

livingforcreativity writes: “What acting gigs do you have on your horizon? Is it a consideration to take an acting gig where you have to spend months away from home?  Thank you for your time!”

Alex: I’m finishing up a series called INSOMNIA that I have been filming out in Moscow, Russia. When and where that will be put out – who knows. But follow me at @alexmallarijr and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated.

Mike A. writes: “Questions for Alex: Do you like that FOUR seems to talk a lot less than most of the others? Do you like the subsequent mystery of his character?

Alex: I’ve always been a fan of silent but deadly type of characters. It would be cool to hear more from him but not too much because I do feel that would take away from his character. I do love the mystery. Thankfully we have amazing writers that are flawlessly able to have Four speak just enough at all times without giving away too much.

“Did Joe make you read any specific Anime to better understand where FOUR is coming from, or to get into character?”

Alex: Joe gave me a great reference of COWBOY BEBOP. But growing up loving Anime, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I pretty much let my “inner child” play the role.

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!

“Now that your weapons training has really taken off, is there any specific new weapon you’d like to see FOUR master and use in combat?”

Alex: I’m in love with the Katana so right now I’d like to master and perfect those skills. What I would love to try are more aerials and some crazy hand-to-hand stuff (think Wing Chun).

“Keep up the great work Alex. As someone who studied Shotokan karate for many years and learned many of the same weapons you’re using on DM, I’m more transfixed by your athletic abilities and technical skills at times, but you are definitely pulling off your character beautifully. Strong, silent, unwavering, technical, brutal. I love it!”

Alex: Thank you kindly!

Randomness writes: “Some questions for this Q&A –
1) How comfortable would you say Four is around the crew after everything that has happened thus far? Would you say he has a trust in them and could see himself staying with this group over the long term?”

Alex: I think by now he’s found his place and has come to a conclusion as to who plays what role on the ship and in the team. Does he trust them? Would you trust anyone after your own family betrayed you and had you banished from your own kingdom? 😉 He had a great moment with Two at the end of episode nine, I’m sure he was sincere in that moment. Four is a man of honour, honesty, and loyalty so I’ll leave it at that.

“2) What would you say was going through Fours mind when he stabbed Akita-san with his sword? Do you think he has any regrets over his actions?”

Alex: What was going through his mind? Who knows with that guy. Four has his own agenda and I’m sure he’ll make sure all is accomplished one way or another. Does he have any regrets over his actions? None. Four is much too calculated. He has a reason for all of his actions. So stay tuned, keep bothering Joe for more Four, and let’s see where his journey takes him!

“3) Out of everyone in the Raza crew, who would you say Four trusts, and gets along with the most?”

Alex: Two.

“4) Do you see Four ever reclaiming his throne? And could he do it without killing a whole bunch of people in the process? Also, do you believe his grief over the loss of his father motives him to pursue justice?”

Alex: I see Four being able to reclaim his throne whilst swinging his bloody sword, lol. There is so much that motivates Four and I’m sure we haven’t even seen half of his story. All we’ve seen are the introductions… I bet we’ll have our answers in season 2. As you and all of us know, our writers don’t leave anyone hanging!

“5) After playing Four for 13 episodes now, what do you think of your character, and where can you see him heading in future seasons? I think you’ve done great so far, your weaponry skills are excellent too, is there a weapon you want to use but haven’t thus far on the show?”

Alex: Thanks for the kind words! I love Four. I’ve loved Four since the day I received the audition pieces. I see Four remaining the Raza’s go-to-guy in the future seasons. Every battalion has a sniper and I think Four is that guy for the Raza… except he uses a sword… and the occasional gun… plus the occasional kicks… and, well, you know where I’m going with this.

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Three” Episode 103 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Tam Dixon writes: “For Alex: I studied Kung Fu for a year and Karate for several years. You make the moves look flawless. All your hard work shows! How long did you practice to make your techniques so smooth? Which parts of martial arts did you pick up the easiest and which were the most difficult? Since I’m getting older, jumps are a struggle now. However, I can still do head high kicks, so all is not lost.”

Alex: Muscle memory, baby! Keep those kicks handy. I studied Tae Kwon Do at a highly competitive level from a very young age so the martial arts comes to me. Bruce Lee is a hero of mine and I believe his theory of being formless.

Tim Hendrix writes: “For Mr. Mallari,
You have obviously captured the hearts of many of our female viewers and the envy and respect of most males in the audience (your mastery of the sword is impressive). Do you see a romantic interest in FOUR’s future in seasons to come? Will it soften that rock hard exterior so we can experience his Nutella center?”

Alex: LOL @ his nutella centre. Only if Nutella was vegan… I wish! Do I see a romantic interest in Four’s future? I don’t know, you know. The best thing we can all do is stay tuned and see where that goes. For now, let’s just keep counting the kills 😉

Ponytail writes: “Yeah! I love FOUR too!! My 5 questions for Alex: 1. What was your first favorite TV show you can remember as a kid?”

Alex: Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon.

“2. What do you do on set to pass the time in between shooting your scenes?”

Alex: I sing, I dance, I tweet, I gram (post on instagram), and I joke… oh… and I eat.

“3. If Joe let you write a season 2 episode that was FOUR centered, what would it be about?”

Alex: I wouldn’t change a thing when it comes to the direction of the show. Our creators and writers have done an impeccable job and I promise that they will continue to deliver. But more Four is always good, right? 😉

“4. FOURClan is a pretty cool name. What other names did you consider before going with FOURClan?”

Alex: Honestly, FourClan was the first thing that came to mind and it resonated. I think I was listening to Wu-Tang clan and then it hit me.

“5. What would be your ultimate dream role ever?”

Alex: I would love to play Scorpion or Sub Zero in an epic remake of Mortal Kombat.

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!

Brandon Willford writes: “Question for Mr. Mallari Jr.: Will you be able to talk the execs into letting Four grow his hair out rebel-style? (And I don’t mean Rebel Wilson … though that would be an interesting look …)”

Alex: I had a man-bun and beard just before we started filming! I was hoping we would do that but then we opted to shave. I would love for Four to be bald with a beard… I just want a beard.

ThePansyBastard writes: “We all know well the serious side of Four and his unparalleled skill with swords and martial arts. So, I would like to know, if Four DOES laugh (not sure we’ve had a full laugh yet), what would make him laugh, like falling down, rolling on the floor kind of laughing?”

Alex: In all fairness we got a pretty decent smile out of him when he decided to kill Akita-San, LOL. Does that count? I think hearing Two say that Three is right (for once) out loud while the entire crew is present would make him laugh.

Diana Goodrich writes: “Hello!  Was using a sword something new for you to learn?”

Alex: That is was!

“•How much preparation effort and time did dealing with sword(s) require?”

Alex: It took a couple/few weeks. I think my first time with a sword will be on the DVD in the specials section. Not sure but it might!

“Was that preparation facilitated by knowing how to use other auxiliary weapons such as nunchakus?”

Alex: The nunchakus I did on the fly. On the way to set, I watched that famous little kid who does the Bruce Lee impersonations multiple times and I hoped for the best once they called out action. As far as the other weapons, it never took more than a one or two hour training session. I don’t know how it all came to me but it did naturally!

“How many other blades of what kind does Four have tucked about his person?”

Alex: You’ll have to wait and see! 😉

Luis Igarashi writes: “I’ve been paying attention to the weapons rack since day one (the nunchaku wasn’t there!) basically the weapons left are from Chinese origins will we see you training with them before this season ends?”

Alex: I’m sure our co-ordinator John Stead will make me use as many weapons as possible. If you want my honesty, I want to perform some awesome stuff on the wooden dummy (wing chun).

“I like China and Russia, two countries I’d like to visit someday, what can you tell us about the Russians? (are the girls really pretty as they say?)”

Alex: Women are gorgeous all over the world! I’ve never been to China but Russians are cool. They are crazy drivers, I’ll tell you that. You wanna race on the streets? Go to Russia and have yourself a blast… the autobahn has nothing on everyday Russian streets.

“I never practiced any martial arts (but I was a pretty good walking punching bag) I’ve watched tons of documentaries about it, Filipino Cali seems to be a very effective martial art, have you mastered it?”

Alex: No not at all. I’ve never even tried Filipino Cali. I’ll give it a try this season!

“Nowadays who’s your favorite martial artist actor? (mine is Donnie Yen)”

Alex: Donnie Yen & Tony Jaa.

“It’d be really nice if we (me at least) get to see some action like in Kill Bill or the bloodiest ninja movie I’ve ever seen, Ninja Assassin (2009) lots of blood *-*”


October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — Season:1 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Dennys/Ilic/Syfy)

ivonbartokfans writes: “Questions for Alex: (Hi Alex its webgurl)  Congratulations! You’ve done a great job developing your character. FOUR continually surprises me.”


“1. What surprised you most about Season 1 of Dark Matter?”

Alex: The finale… definitely the finale. I’m still crushed by it.

“2. FOUR is the most ruthless of the crew. Do you think he believes he is justified in the deaths he has caused or does he just react to situations in a manner he was raised?”

Alex: I think he reacts accordingly. Like I said in an earlier question, Four has his own agenda and he will do it justice. Although Four is now amongst mercenaries I believe he is a man of righteousness.

“3. How difficult was it doing the walking/talking scene outside in the cold with your hands tied behind your back?”

Alex: It was super difficult. I can’t even remember how cold it was that day but I spend two whole days in those conditions. I’d do it again though, I love what came of it!

“4. What book are you reading at the moment, or the last one you read?”

Alex: I’m now reading The Divine Comedy (currently on Dante’s Inferno).

“5. I’ve been impressed with your sword work. You’ve studied martial arts. Did you have any prior experience with katanas and is this something you’d like to pursue?”

Alex: Thank you 🙂 I had no previous experience in weapons at all before Dark Matter but, yeah, I would love to learn more about the art of the Samurai.

SmellyCat1304 writeS: “Hello Alex! Would like to know which scene was your favorite to make/shoot, and why?”

Alex: The intro scene to episode nine and the scene where I slice through a line of people in episode 10. Why? Kill, kill, kill, and badassery!

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!

dasndanger writes: “Hello, Alex! a.k.a. Twinkle Toes…Growing up my best friend was from the Philippines. My husband even tried the tinikling dance at her wedding. His ankles did not fair well… 😛  So, a question – have you (or can you) perform the tinikling dance? If so, how did your ankles fair? And also if so, is there video?”

Alex: LOL, no I’ve never tried the tinikling dance. I’ll give’er a go some day I’m sure. 🙂

Farflame writes: “Thanks for this great show and your fine portrayal of Four, Mr. Mallari. My questions:
– DM is sci-fi with big potential regarding the universe, technology or mystery. Is there some situation, theme or story you would like to see in DM Season 2?”

Alex: I can’t wait to acquire all the answers to our pasts and move forward!

“What do you like about Four’s character and what you dont like?”

Alex: I like everything about him… so much that I would like to see more of him myself! Lol

“In first episodes there were great moments when silent Four suddenly spoke and it had both meaning and an impact. Which of Four’s sentences do you like most?”

Alex: This is a tough one. As wise as Four can be, my favourite line would have to be in episode nine when there was an attacker on the ground pleading for mercy, telling Four that he had a wife and kids and then Four simply says, “They can do better,” and kills him.

“Who was the best talent for fighting scenes amongst your crew mates (except you) and who was your favorite opponent?”

Alex: I think Melissa and Zoie kicked major ass! Who was my favourite opponent? Hard to say, I don’t think Four met any real worthy adversaries. 😉

“Would you prefer smaller roles in big martial arts movie or big Hollywood dramatic movie, or bigger role in interesting TV serie?”

Alex: Bigger role in great series’ (like DARK MATTER, lol).

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Nine” Episode 109 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

To living, loving and lying writes: “To Alex: One of my fav scenes this season was when One, Two, Three and Four were on the space station in the restaurant and the guys were guessing the special meal Two ordered. Once you found out that you were eating meal worms the way you dropped the food and the look of disgust was priceless. Its the reaction my stepdad has every time I let him try something new; good example was kale.

I was wondering the two people who grew up with money are the two who were not accepting of the meal worms. Is that scene a look into what the backgrounds of Two and Three are. Do you feel since Two suggested the worms and Three kept eating that means these two did not grow up with silver spoons?”

Alex: Great observation and, to be honest, I’ve driven myself nuts because everything in the show “matters”. Our writers are exceptional at creating moments and there are a lot of moments (way more than you think).

Aurelie writes: “Hello Alex, I have learned that you are vegan, that’s awesome.  Why are you vegan?”

Alex: It started out for personal health reasons but it’s become much more now. It’s become an ethical thing for me now and I’m trying my best to actually live a full-on vegan life style as opposed to just having a vegan diet. I think we, as humans, are to be the stewards of all that’s on this planet and we should take pride in caring for all that surrounds us. I would love to eventually be a strong voice for the animals whilst helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

scifiandtvtalk writes: “For Alex: Can you tell us a bit about your experiences filming Episode Nine, and your thoughts on Four’s backstory involving his father, brother and homeworld and how that’s unfolded so far. Also, the action sequences involving your character are amazing! What do you enjoy most about executing those in front of the camera. Thanks as always for your time, Alex!”

Alex: Episode nine was a blast. It was a freeze-my-ass-off blast and I loved every second of it. There was more dialogue involved so it was a mouthful too. I remember one of the days we must have filmed 15 pages of dialogue between Akita and Four. My thoughts on Four’s backstory? I think it’s epic and we are in for quite the ride. It could easily become a series all on its own. I’m not hinting at anything, I’m just saying there’s a lot there and I look forward to discovering the story with you all. The most exciting thing about the fighting in front of the camera? It’d have to be doing it all in front of a camera knowing I won’t settle for anything less than amazing because I want to keep the audience entertained, happy, and wanting more.

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Thirteen” Episode 113 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

sparrow_hawk writes: “Hi Alex! Four was my favorite character from the comic book and you are doing a great job with him. Thanks for all your hard work! Just one character insight question. Okay, maybe two questions:
1. If Four becomes Emperor, how do you think he will reward his Raza crewmates?”

Alex: Generously!

“2. Do you think that Four’s experiences (those that he remembers, anyway) will make him a better emperor? Why or why not?”

Alex: Hard to say at this point because I don’t think we’ve seen enough of what Four’s gone through. We know that he was framed and that he left his land but we don’t know how he joined the Raza, how long he’s been with the Raza, what he’s gone through with the crew, etc. But to judge Four at his core, I would say he would make an awesome emperor because he’s wise, humble, loyal, and a great listener who will do anything for those he is to protect.

TJ writes: “Hi Alex, first I like to say that I love your dedication for Dark Matter and how hard you are working for it. It´s always a pleasure watching you and the rest of the best crew in outta space in Dark Matter :-).  My questions for you are :-): Are you doing all your fighting scenes by yourself or do you have a stunt double?”

Alex: I do have an amazing stunt double but I do all of my own fight scenes (with a few exceptions because of contract reasons and such). I fight to do my own fight scenes because I want to make sure the audience doesn’t get distracted by spotting someone else or whatever. It’s also more fun for the directors I feel because then they’re not as limited with their shots.

“What weapon do you like to use Four next?”

Alex: Maybe ninja stars? Throwing knives? Something very assassin-like.

“What roles/characters do you like to play in the future?”

Alex: Something comedic would be great but I’ll take all the ass kicking roles too, haha.

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Two” Episode 102 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Templeton writes: “1. In a hypothetical throwdown between TWO and FOUR for the title of the most badass Raza crew member who would win?”

Alex: Four. Two is an awesome fighter and, granted, she regenerates quickly but turn on those dampening fields and level out the playing field and Four cannot be stopped by anyone (don’t tell Two or else she’ll kick my ass, LOL ;))

“2. On the other side of spectrum, can you imagine a scenario where those two end up making the beast with two backs?”

Alex: LOL, hey, you never know. They’d be quite the power couple.

“3. Why did FOUR erase everyone’s memories?”

Alex: I’m clearly late at responding to these questions… oh boy!

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!

Lily writes: “Questions for Alex – Q1) Your skills with the katana swords on Dark Matter are impressive. Was that your first time being exposed to the swords?”

Alex: T’was, t’was!

“Q2) How do you feel about Four’s backstory/journey so far?”

Alex: Loving every moment.

“Q3) What made you decide to go vegan if you don’t mind me asking?”

Alex: Just wanted to live healthier but now I’m being more conscious with the rest of my lifestyle.

Fecrabond writes: “I heard you sometimes get up at 4am to train. How many hours of sleep do you get a night, typically?”

Alex: I wake up at 3AM-3:30AM to train. How much sleep? Maybe 5? Sometimes?

“Does it take a long time to choreograph your scenes?”

Alex: Not at all! The odd time we’ll have a rehearsal a day or two before but our co-ordinator John Stead is amazing and so is the team we work with. To top it off, for some reason, I pick it all up so quickly so we oft find ourselves making something amazing happen on the day.

Alex: Also, I saw you went to a rescue shelter this past month, do you have pets of your own?”

Alex: I do! I now have a new French Bulldog named Bo. I have a chihuahua as well named Chico.

October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s Four – Answers Your Questions!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Seven” Episode 107 — Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Guest writes: “Four isn’t shy of killing needlessly and killing for a money job. I don’t cheer for that. Will there be ramifications for him?”

Alex: I don’t think he kills needlessly. There hasn’t really been a kill that wasn’t out of necessity. You’ll have to find a kill and get back to me to let me know… hmmm…

Dallas L. Marshall writes: “Q for Alex: Dogs, or cats, or both, or other?”

Alex: ALL!

Peggy writes: “Question for Alex: Is it easier or more difficult to act when there is less dialog for you?”

Alex: It’s never “easy” because as an actor you’re creating a life, a new personality out of black ink on a sheet of paper. Then in between all that black ink, you have to discover the secrets that are hidden there. So it’s never “easy” but it’s surely enjoyable.

Misinglinkr writes: “Question for Alex: what is your best source for protein? Is it soy based or something else? I am looking for an alternative to soy based protein product.”

Alex: According to my research, hemp protein is the most recognizable protein to the human digestive system. Remember, your body can’t effectively register and convert more than 20g of protein per sitting.

no1zoiepalmerfan writes: “Questions for Alex: Where were you when you found out you got the role and how surprised or shocked were you when you heard? How many call backs did you have to do? Have you always wanted to be an actor? By the way, you are doing a great job…can’t wait to see the final 2 episodes of the season. Have my fingers crossed for a season 2!”

Alex: I was at my part time job at LA Fitness as a front desk receptionist. I yelled and then I cried and then I went back to work. I had one call back. In the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to be an actor, yeah. Thank you so much… season two is going to be a blast!

gforce writes: “Not really a question for Alex, but a comment: Alex, I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you do on Dark Matter and you really bring the character to life. Also, thanks for your on-line presence (and patience) with fans on Twitter. FOURCLAN FOUREVER! “

Alex: Thank you… much love to you!


19 thoughts on “October 21, 2015: Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s FOUR – answers YOUR questions!

  1. Alex: A childhood martial artist? Some of those kids are awesome! I saw a Tae Kwon Do girl (maybe 14) last spring do a “spider kick” in competition. I’d never heard of a spider kick but it was incredible to see!
    I’m glad you stuck with it. I can usually tell which adults started as kids in my class. Their katas always look so sharp. Plus, they do katas the old way. Our sensei makes small changes every few years. That’s when muscle memory works against us. 😉
    I think you’ll enjoy “Wing Chun”. I’ve worked with a couple of impressive Shifu’s that trained in that style. I was told, that if you constantly work that wooden dummy, it can increase the density of your hands (they did wrist/finger strikes so fast-it was a blur).
    I’m sure you’ve met your share of people who trashed other styles but I find all martial art styles have something to offer. I’d like to get back into Tai chi and my hubby wants to try Hapkido.
    Thanks for answering all of our questions Alex!

  2. Love the Q&A, thanks Alex for answering all the questions, and they were great questions too. I was going to ask about Alex’s awesome hair but I thought I’d dreamed it.

  3. Ok, since I bugged Alex the other night on Twitter about his missing Q&A (like you told me to Joe), I’m going to run over there and thank him real quick, then I’ll be back to read every word! It looks like an awesome one!

  4. Thank you so much, Alex, for the great Q&A and for answering my question! 🙂


  5. Thanks for your contribution to the Q&A Alex. It’s very kind of you to indulge us crazy residents of Joe’s blog asylum. Hope to be asking you questions for many more seasons to come.

  6. Wow… incredible Q&A, but after the others seen how much he put into it, they will refuse. (just kidding but he set one high standard for all who follow!) What a gracious job of answering so many questions. 🙂

  7. @Alex Mallari Jr.

    Thanks for the Q&A Alex! I didn’t contribute a question, but I found everyone else’s questions to be fun and informative. I can’t wait to see what season two brings!

    @YAY!! Go Dark Matter!!!!/Drea + Team

    I finally got my Cozy MKIV airplane build pictures posted to Flickr. Some of the pictures will no doubt be confusing without some background information (which I haven’t added yet). For now, have a look through and let me know through Flickr comments if you have any questions.


    This type of fiberglass construction is called “moldless construction” and if not invented by Burt Rutan, he certainly perfected it. As for my own progress, I hope to get back to it in a couple of years after my son (my youngest child) goes off to college. I’ll probably be test flying it in my retirement!

  8. If I’d known about the taekwondo competition, I’d have had questions. I competed on a pretty high level myself. Retired in 2000. I didn’t know many Canadians, but I think someone I knew might have moved to Toronto to teach. Just a vague memory of a rumor there. I can’t remember who it was.

  9. Wow! Super Q&A from Alex! Thank you Alex for taking the time to answer all those great questions. I think ninja stars would be awesome. There’d be no stopping Four with those! He could tease Two or Three by putting one in their chairs. 😀

    @ Alex Mallari Jr – Why did you want to be the mole??

    Can’t wait for season 2!

  10. @JeffW Thanks! Very Kool! I look forward to checking out the finished project someday! 🙂 I remember reading something or rather by Richard Bach in the 70’s that spoke of freehand composite in the first ‘reported’ attempts to construct a home built heavier than air in the late 1800’s. But Ratan certainly ‘greatly’ expanded upon it and made moldless ‘sandwhich’ engineering a thousand times more popular via the book wrote a book about it. Growing up Bach was my favorite writer and aviation hero but when Ratan & Yeager got Voyager to successfullly fly around the world without having to stop for Refueling all bets were off! Then of course when he won the x prize for SpaceShip One I developed quite the school girl crush and would often catch myself snarkily dismissing Bach in thought. Richard who? uh… oh yeah… I remember that guy.

    Joe: Had the absolute sweetest flash from the past experience yesterday!!
    My first exposure to your work was in the 90’s when I was volunteering at a youth center with a group of young children. One of the teachers brought in a Wimzies House vid. The kids there loved it! (Though i did not realize until you became a writer on the SG series, that you had contributed to that project). Yesterday I was teaching a little one ( the grandchild of a friend) to ice skate. After the lesson, when I was putting her gloves and pads away in her backpack, I noticed a homemade video tape her mom gave her to share at her pre-school with the label marked Wimzies House. I pulled the tape out of the bag, showed her and asked You like Wimsies house? She replied in a delighted Wimzie voice impression, “Wimzies The Bestest BEST!” xo

  11. That was a wonderful Guest Q&A — thank you for your time and patience Alex! Very informative and interesting.
    Hey Joe — who’s next in the cast for a Q&A? We’ve heard from Three and Four, hm-m-m-?

    I recently saw Six guest starring on an “Bones” episode – Roger was awesome!

    I’m planning to buy the DM DVD, although I can watch on Netflix also. Need that Special content section!

    Thanks again Alex for a great Q&A!! Give hugs to Bo and Chico for us!

    2cats =^-^= =^-^=

  12. Hanging Out At Wimzies House:

    One of the (very few) advantages of living in northern Illinois is the proximity to Oshkosh and visiting the big AirVenture airshow. We took family vacations there for a good 15 years, and only college and kid commitments have toned it down in the last five years.

    Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to meet and talk with both Dick and Burt Rutan, John Roncz (who designed the various canard airfoils for the Long EZ, Cozy, and Voyager) and Mike Melville (among others). Dick and Mike were the most engaging, with both of them showing interest in the activities of Cozy builders like me. This was in addition to all the great aviation legends such as Bob Hoover, Scott Crossfield, and Chuck Yeager.

    Given Burt’s semi-retirement and Scaled Composite’s new focus after Burt sold it, I don’t see him as much as I used to at AirVenture, but he still comes for the occasional presentations and tech forums…it’s a hard habit to give up.

    On Voyager, Dick did tell me once during a Cozy builder’s cookout that one thing he never got used to during the round the world record breaking flight was the wing oscillation on the Voyager during certain flight loads…he said it would flap it’s wings like a giant bird and it worried him the whole flight. He sure was glad when he finally landed it!

  13. Alex,,,my youngest daughter is a vegan (and a veterinarian) who became vegetarian as an ethical concern,,,she had to learn the hard way that there are several micro nutrients we cannot obtain from veggie food,vit B12 and zinc being the most significant. Hope you already know about these??? Would hate to see you become ill out of consideration for our food critters…

  14. Thanks Alex, enjoyed reading your answers to every ones questions, learned a lot, You did a terrific job, thanks for taking the time. Looking forward to more badassery in S2, Go Fourclan!!

  15. Thank you Alex for taking the time out to answer all the questions. My life has been so nuts that I didn’t even have time to think of a question, but if we do it again, I’ll start a list as the thoughts come to me. I really do want to see more of your character next season, but the side of you that has the leadership skills you would have needed to become emperor.

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