Today, my world changed.

We had just finished dinner and I was loading the dishwasher when Akemi said: “I wish I had baby.”.

I froze, stunned.  The admission had come out of the blue and, to be honest, struck me as shockingly contrary to her general attitude these past seven years. But then again, she’d never been a dog person when she first came to Canada from Japan and now she positively dotes on Bubba.  So, I suppose, I could see it.  Sort of.  Still.  A baby.  My brain scrambled for a response, finally settling on a lame: “Why?”.

“Because I didn’t have any for the curry.”

“Wait.  Did you say bay leaf?”


And, my world changed back.

Taking it back down to Defcon 5.

October, 26, 2016: I Go To Defcon 1!  Dark Matter Season 3 Casting!

My baby in her Anna Suit outfit.  Tough to top this little lady.

So, today, we sat in on auditions for three of season 3’s bigger guest roles: Solara Shockley, Teku Fonsei, and Adrian Maro.  Our casting director, the lovely Lisa Parasyn, did a wonderful job bringing in some terrific talent.  It was tough, but we’ve narrowed down our choices and tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll have our picks!

36 thoughts on “October, 26, 2016: I go to Defcon 1! Dark Matter season 3 casting!

  1. Fabulous! So looking forward to Dark Matter S3! And by the way, your baby is lovely! So sweet on that link suit!

  2. I too froze, stunned, stopped reading. This blog entry had come out of the blue and, to be honest, struck me as shockingly contrary to your general attitude these past ten years? “Babies are messy”. “Babies can be weird looking”. “Babies cry too much”. But then again, you could do surprising things. So, I suppose, I could see it. Me a grandmother commenter? Aunt Ponytail? Still. A baby? After all these years of denial? My brain scrambled for a response, finally I read on. A “bay leaf”? How cruel to lead me on. Why? Oh. Writers prose… Damn.

    Would you settle for a puppy?

  3. 0_0!

    Bet she could have knocked you over with a feather. 😀 In that brief moment, did you see yourself with your own child? What did you see when you mentally blinked? You skipped that part. 😉

    Joe, you know you two would make terrific parents. You really bond with those you’re close to. There would be more of you and more of Akemi in this world, a great thing. And if anybody has proven their ability to keep a commitment, it’s a guy who’s blogged daily for 10 Years, even halfway ’round the world. A guy who go to any length for the girl and dogs he loves.

    Yep. Protest all you want. You’d make a good Dad. A human dad, not just a Dog Father or Blog Father. And Akemi would be a superb mother. And yes I know, but your (grandmother?) lived to be 112.

    Love to you both,


  4. My heart dropped and raced at the same time.

    Well you know…that’s the way it happens. You start loving on dogs and the next logical step is a human version. With her dressing up the dogs, I was wondering if that was the way she was channeling that womanly maternal instinct.

    I would have loved to have seen your face and looked at your electrocardiogram at that moment.

    Bay leaf….. The best Akemism EVER.

    Awwwww……….Lulu looks so adorable. She has that “Can I have some more please?” look.

  5. I’m just sitting here wondering how my shoe fell off. And you’re dropping baby bombs.

  6. Life unexpected. and today @ponytail wins the prize for making me laugh out loud.
    Gosh, dont ya just love it when the student surpasses the master.
    By the way Joe, I took a second look at that crumpled silver mass on the right and noticed it has whiskers. So I’m changing my guess to the object ultimately proving to be a R.O.U S

  7. What I want to know is did you ever tell Akemi what you’d thought she’d said. You made me LOL, then @ponytail made me laugh again.

    So does “bigger guest roles” really mean “gonna be dead by the end of the season”? Love the characters names. How do you come up with them? Solara Shockley is my favorite. Say that fast 5 times!

    Lulu is adorable!

  8. @Maggie I was wondering the same thing! And if you did tell her, what was her reaction?

    I was thinking she wanted a puppy, not a bay leaf. Thanks for the chuckle!

    P.S. Good luck with the casting, can’t wait to meet the new folks!

    1. @thogar and @BoltandBait You should hear me laughing here. I’m laughing so hard I’m coughing.

      @Scifikriss Saving Hope finished? For good? I’m in the US. ION channel picked up the show and I’m finally getting to see season 2 and above (after NBC cancelled it after season 1).

  9. OH MY GOD that pic is one of the cutest things ever. I laughed out loud and promptly showed Tim & Timmy who basically said our little girl just cannot compete. 😉

  10. Again, you and Akemi have brought sunshine and joy into an otherwise dark and yuckky day.

    p.s. bay leaves are much easier to care for than babies, but I think you already know that.

  11. Lololol!! My world has changed, too. “I wish I had a baby” certainly wasn’t what I expected to read as I lie here in bed in an odorous motel room at 2 a.m., with sweet slumber eluding me as my husband diligently saws logs at my side. WIDE awake now, thankyouverymuch. 😛


  12. ROTFLMAO I wish I had a dollar for every time I seen a man’s face when his g/f has said that!! And rem,ember, I was in the military, so lots of dollars there 😀

  13. That woke me up with a start! Wow! 😂
    (Would’ve be interesting to know what name you would have given him/her?!

    Little Lulu is looking very fine. Have you noticed any improvements since her op?
    Gosh, that photo is so sweet!!!

    Good luck with your final picks today. Can’t wait to see who is who …. what they are and are they friend or foe …

  14. @theOtherOne Obviously Joe would give the child a name fit for a super-villain and dress it accordingly. People do tend to project their dreams onto their children after all.

  15. The comments are priceless! Great pic of “baby Joey.”

    In the usual blog irony, I went shopping with my mom today at Penzey’s, the world of spices store. She bought a BIG zip-lock bag of

    Bay Leaves 😀

  16. Kids pretty much will themselves into existence and arrive at the exact time and place they are supposed to be.

    I’m still traumatized from the bratty kids I babysat in my teens and twenties, but I did notice that the bratty kids grew up to be troubled adults while the easygoing happy babies grew up to be the most amazing people.

  17. I once had a similar experience with my then girlfriend. Except we were in a more, intimate setting. I believe I was 18. It really ruined the moment.

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