October 25, 2016: Early Concept Work For Dark Matter Season 3!

A little concept work that came my way via the art department today.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Click on the pick for a closer look.    I like the build of the chair in A as well as the helm and atypical wheel base.  I’d prefer the seating to be a little hire, like B, but am not a fan of the throne-like seat backing.  I’m kind of partial to G as well.

October 25, 2016: Early Concept Work For Dark Matter Season 3!

Hey!  We’re starting to build!  Production Designer Ian Brock already has the floor plans for the big “entry way” in Episode 303, ideas for the tech room and garrison, and has almost close on that space ukulele.  No, really.

October 25, 2016: Early Concept Work For Dark Matter Season 3!

Hey, don’t throw those away!  We could still use them!  Elements of a crashed ship?  Destroyed lab wall?  Remnants of a giant aluminum robot?

October 25, 2016: Early Concept Work For Dark Matter Season 3!

Hey, check out the latest additions to my burgeoning sock collection – part of my belated birthday gift from Akemi.  The french bulldogs will be perfect for Friday’s location scout!

October 25, 2016: Early Concept Work For Dark Matter Season 3!

A sad update to conclude today’s entry.  Scrappy, the senior pug many of us supported and helped rescue from a high kill shelter in New York has crossed that rainbow bridge.  He had a host of health issues including pneumonia and untreated diabetes, and passed away yesterday.  Thanks to Waggin Train Rescue for pulling Scrappy from the shelter, ensuring his final days were not spent in lonely seclusion, and also to Green Mountain Pug Rescue that invested over $2000 for Scrappy’s care.


20 thoughts on “October 25, 2016: Early concept work for Dark Matter season 3!

  1. Aww RIP little Scrappy.

    Cool socks; every find out who sent you the present?

    Not sure how I feel about the chairs; I found myself looking to see which looked to be most comfortable for the actor who had to sit in them. I’m getting old, I think. I look for comfort first! D & I look uncomfortable. G looks like a wheelchair to me. F too. A, B, C, & H all look like scooters. So that leaves me with E! But that looks a bit wheelchairish too. IDK…I’m not going to vote on this one.

  2. I think E is a compromise between the ones you liked, so I’d choose that one. I don’t like the ones that look like the person is reclining as much as the sitting up straight ones.

  3. Farewell, Scrappy.

    Dr. Scott? I like elements of B,E,G. They all need a good cupholder. Maybe a robotic claw arm, and a friggin’ laser.

  4. Awww, so sorry to hear about Scrappy. It is good to know though, that he was well cared for in his final days.

    I prefer A as well. It kind of reminds me of the porto-command chair that was on the Destiny in SGU. Hopefully without quite the deleterious effects. Unless it has something to do with Alex Rook, in which case all bets are off, I suppose.

  5. I’m partial to D, if you’re gonna have a headset and seat like that, it might as well have a body posture that conveys that you are immersed in what you are doing.

  6. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear about Scrappy. :(. At least he had a chance to get help which is more than he had before. Great people in these rescues.

    This season is looking to be very interesting. Can’t wait to see what new surprises you have for us.

  7. Hi Joe
    Just a thought, whatever one you pick, make sure the wheels or treads are covered. It looks better that way and makes sure no space pet can get a paw mangled.


  8. So very sad about Scrappy. I am so grateful too to Green Mountain Pug Rescue and Waggin Train Rescue for rallying to help Scrappy. I know that every effort was made to help him. At least he was surrounded by someone/some people who loved him. It was so great of you to help Scrappy. I think that when dogs cross over, the same thing happens for them — all knowledge of the world is bestowed. He will know about even those who never met him who helped him in the ways they could.

    Sending you hugs.

    In addition to the chairs you like I also like C and E.

    Love the socks.

    Jeff and I celebrated 24 YEARS together yesterday on the 24th. Oh my! I just can’t believe it. Going for the silver now.

  9. Well arent we just the lushous tubfull of fun mysteries to decipher between the two of us in these last two entries.

    I’m still feeling pretty bummed since i received that lastest email update from Helen and Judy but I’ll put in my guess on the mystery object and vote on the concept. tomorrow.
    Thanks for updating everyone tonight, Joe. The news emotionally squashed me so not so sure i would have found the energy and strength to update everyone tonight.
    Carol @2cats Your guess is warm but not warm enough. Ive learned a thing or two or three about the art of mystery, misdirection and having to examine every detail and metaphor for clues, via paying close attention to how Joe does it. So it will be deliciously interesting to see if the student has finally surpassed the master.

  10. ooooh oooooooh who plays the ukulele?
    When is the sing-a-long?

    Awwww – bummed to hear that Scrappy departed.Thanks for the update…so sad. sigh

  11. I’m leaning toward E. Since your declined to note what the seat is to be used for I can only assume that it is one of the following; a thrown, a command chair, or a wheel chair, since you have shown a side profile, not a front.

    I follow the precept that form follows usage and utility. If as a thrown for our former 4 you have been following a Samurai concept and so a Japanese history and art montage, so a Chinese Feng Shui influence is less linkely.

  12. At first, I thought the concept drawings were of ‘Britannia’ – found on our UK 50p coins! On second viewing I’m afraid they look like dentist chairs!

    Is this one of those psychological tests?

  13. Farewell Scrappy.

    Love Ian’s design 👍

    I’m leaning towards wheelchair A. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw ‘wheelchair’ was thinking about transport for the ‘old guy’ from the episode in Season 1 with Alexander Rook!

  14. Sorry to read about Scrappy.
    Poor little thing had so many things going against him in the end but it turned out he had more friends than he possibly could have ever imagined. So many good, loving friends, who stepped up in what ever way they could, from all over the world!
    Not many dogs can boast that!
    Well done everyone …. You really made him have a better end to his little life.

  15. Scrappy will be missed, he was a wonderful spokespug for senior pups.

    I like the chairs where the occupants arm was visible like B and F, and I like that D and H recline back like they’re Space Jockeys riding Harleys.

  16. Concept art: My guess is that it is to be used as a central command chair on a ships bridge to control a ship telekinetically via a combination brain machine interfacing-VR decice. If the ship is the design and property of humans I’d keep it simple. Go with A and simply ask the art department to give it a simple raised square top backing. Albeit If the ship is alien in origin I’d go with one of the more exotic/fanciful concepts to convey that feel. Perhaps even doing a combo of two concepts.
    As far as that other mystery object goes it could be way too many things, so any guess would be for the most part random. Ever just the same the crumpled silver mass on the right vaguely resembles a giant fish or lizard head if you look at it closely enough. 😀

  17. I’m guessing that the concept art is for a “biological life sustaining mobile support system” for the creepy old man from S1 Ep 12. I like F & G but take the knee outcropping back a bit on F. My first thought seeing these was of Davros from Doctor Who.

    Love the socks, the teasers, and the pics! So sad to hear of Scrappy’s passing. It is comforting to know that in his final days he was receiving the medical care he needed and was surrounded by love.

    On a side note: had the Pork Katsu at Sekisui, it was good and I’d order it again but I seriously doubt that it remotely compares to what you’ve had. There was a sweet soy dipping sauce – no curry.

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