From the Art Department, another little something to look forward to.  Concept art for Dark Matter season 3 c/o Set Designer Russell Moore.

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?Foreboding metal door built into a stone wall.  It sports a familiar insignia.

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?

Ah, it’s a cell.  The big question is: Who does it hold?

Can’t wait to find out!

Today, we were at the animal clinic for Bubba’s third (of four) anti-cancer vaccines.

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For? October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For? October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?

Lulu was on hand to offer moral support, but ended up freaked out and trembling through most of the visit even though all she had to do was sit and wait.

October 27, 2016: Dark Matter Designs And Dogs!  What More Could You Ask For?

Freaked out!

21 thoughts on “October 27, 2016: Dark Matter designs and dogs! What more could you ask for?

  1. I imagine poor Lulu has a “white coat” phobia after the surgery she endured. My dog loved to travel, would jump in the car every chance she could get, but she instinctually knew when we were going to the vet and she would literally have to be carried in. She hated going to the vet as much as I hate going to the dentist. Hope the does got treats afterward.

    Who IS in that cell? Let the teasers begin!!!

  2. Nice design on that cell door. Whoever is in it is sitting in one of those chairs from the other day. Is it One?

    I wonder if Lulu would just as soon stay home than go to the vet under any circumstances.

  3. Is it my imagination or is there a problem with Lulu’s nose tip?
    Ditto what MaggieL said about Lulu’s possible white coat phobia.

    Bubba was just very content to be wrapped in Akemi’s arms…nice!

    A day early for Fridays FTL countdown – 32 weeks.

  4. Poor puppies! Bubba has the biggest most beautiful eyes, and Lulu is doing what I would do, eyeing her escape route.

    If you ever have the time to do another mailbag, I was wondering now that you’re fully engaged in writing Season 3, are there any big changes in the character and/or story arcs from your original outline? I think I remember you mentioned when you were writing Season 1 that you had the show plotted through Season 5.

    Only two more days until my vacation here in Vancouver is over. I’ve seen enough rain here in the last two weeks that would put a huge dent in the miserable drought we’re having in southern California. Even last week, friends were enduring 100 degree temps where I work. I’m so bummed I have to go back. And I’m going to miss the rain.

  5. Dogs and cats always think it’s about them. I have a cat who poops every time he goes to the vet. I feel so bad for him, but what can I do? He has to go…uh, to the vet. That’s my black cat named after your first Pug, Max.

  6. Poor Lulu.. she said she’s happy to stay home next time.
    I’m sort of sorry Akemi said bay leaf instead of baby. Not to put you at Defcon 5… but come on… how adorable would that baby be? And the outfits!

    Though it did bring up an old memory. Many years ago, my sister said she wanted another baby. My BIL agreed. I waited til she was out of the room and called him on it, because I KNEW he did not want another child (he had one previous marriage and raising her 2 kids). He said well no, but he wasn’t stupid. He said LONG before she could make a doctor appointment to get her tubes untied, much less have it done, she’d recall on her own why they didn’t want another and he wouldn’t be the bad guy.

  7. Aww poor Lulu! She must’ve been so scared, but so nice of her to support Bubba.

    Cool cell!!

  8. Love the cell. Ooooh, mysteries.

    Poor Lulu, so spooked. My big cat Harry hates going to the vet. If he hears the carrier being brought out, he hides. We have to trap him in a room, then swaddle him with a towel. He pees when we lift him up. He’s a big cat, that’s a lot of pee to clean up.

  9. Bubba all chill in his red bandana, that is one cute pup. Poor Lulu, she’s had such a hard time, she has the most expressive eyes ever. Hugs all around, is it cocoa season yet? I hope you guys get to relax this weekend and lay on some comfort food.

  10. Surgery would give anyone a fear of Drs! Poor little girl…. I used to pick up a little Yorkie from this elderly gentlemen and her bring to work with me (that was when I was a vet tech) for routine checks/grooming. That poor little Yorkie (Muffin) would shake until she got home to her daddy. The whole carrier would shake. She was only 3 1/2 pounds. I felt so bad for her but everything I tried (dark cage, toys or holding her) would only make her shaking worse. Some memories are burned into my brain.

    Can you see any difference in Bubba’s tumors? How about Lulu’s vomiting and leg issues, any change?

  11. @arcticgoddess – yep, cats pooping on the way to the Vet is not new to me either. It’s either a fear reaction, or vengeance upon me. My cats remain in their carrier with it until we arrive and then it’s a trip to the restroom to remove it. Fun times.

    Next Friday both cats will be traveling to their annual Vet checkups – with me – at the same time. Exam and shots – oh joy. I’m taking the day off from work because I too, will be traumatized. Between the howling chorus and pooping en route, the clawing of the vet techs and me running interference, I will be exhausted. My wallet will also be screaming, anticipating $400 with lab work. No, I don’t have pet insurance and due to their ages, I couldn’t get insurance if I tried.

    Bubba does look content in Akemi’s arms, such a sweetie. And I agree with paloosa that Lulu looks like she’s calculating her escape. Is she walking any better yet?

    Back to a slow Friday work day…

    P.S. Please don’t put Three in any cells, he will be busy accepting his People’s Choice Award, (voted several times for him).

  12. Aaw. I feel bad now. I forgot Bubba still had to undergo his chemo. Hope it all goes well for him.
    Think both he and Lulu look a tad nervous – get Akemi to rustle up one of her amazing pup menu’s so they totally forget their visit.
    When I took my previous doggy pal, Starsky, for his chemo sessions not only did the vet staff fuss and treat him to the nines, I always cooked him his fav turkey or chicken curry (yeah, he loved it, me nah!) when he got home. It got to the point where he would drag me to his treatments ….

    The Ishida cell … got absolutely no idea who’s be in there …. Yoda?

  13. Oops, that should have been dogs not does, unless you’ve adopted some deer lately. Don’t laugh, I have friends who feed the deer in their back wooded area every night. When I come home late at night, there is a trio of deer that sleep between my house and my neighbors. I don’t feed them, yet they keep coming back. I also have bunnies in the bushes, cats that sleep on my cars, a recent mouse in the house (now gone, I hope) and now I think I have a squirrel in the attic. I don’t remember putting out a Welcome mat!

  14. Mystery Q: who is in the cell?

    My guess: THREE,

    Ok Joe, here is Clue #2 About what your 10 year anniversary gift is from me:

    Its something I’ve been working on for over two years now,
    and used some of my most accomplished/ successfull
    member connections within the STEAM section of the NS101 community to help make it happen.
    (And dont forget the NS101community includes a wide array of very accomplished members & supporters,
    From PBS, Discovery and National Geographic, to journalists at the NY times, Forbes, Bloggers at HufffingtonPost to book authors, poets, editors, to well known actors, song writers & musicians).

    Goodluck trying to figure out which members and/or community supporters possibly helped out with the anniversary gift project! Mah-wah-ha-ha!

    Its something I’m fairly sure you’ve longed for -for a great many years,
    and among a few other wonderful things,
    will allow you to indirectly teach, inspire, and then again, directly help advance the careers of
    aspiring writers around the globe.

    Clue #1 can be found in comments section here:

    You need to examine every detail, phrasing and metaphor
    of the 1st clue to correctly decipher it.
    Part of the clue is made deliberately obvious to start you off on the right path.

  15. By the way: my comment to @ponytail “Dont ya just love it when the student surpasses the master” was a clue as well.

  16. I’ve been thinking about that cell… It would have to be someone who required heavy, super duper security. A new character perhaps?

    TheOtherOne: It got to the point where he would drag me to his treatments …. 🙂

  17. Impressive cell 👍
    Who does it hold? Whomever came through from the AU! lol
    Well, Ryo Ishida has the blink drive, so why not have a FTL-capable Marauder too? #power

  18. I, too have been thinking loooong and hard about who could be languishing, alone, in that cell…

    … a missing CEO perhaps?

    No? Didn’t really think so. Just hoping …. Sorry

  19. Poor pups. I bet Lulu had a bad reaction especially since she had major, major surgery. Just the smell of the place (the smell that all vet places smell like). But it’s really good that you took her. She needs to know that that place isn’t “always” related to something bad. Trying to condition her behavior that she is okay, nothing bad was going to happen to her, and that she would leave safe and sound.

    I think the symbol was similar to the pendant One had, but I think it is more like the ring Four had but not exactly like it. I’m hoping the cell holds One though. Miss his character. Whether it is Alt-Jace or Alt-One’sRealName (I forgot).

    @Drea Whoa. That sounds very interesting. Can’t wait to hear what it is.

    @MaggieL80 Patrick’s behavior analyst has deer at her house all the time. She feeds them. She helped one who had a baby. She loves showing me pictures and videos and I love seeing them. We used to have deer occasionally come through the neighborhood but their habitats are being destroyed, although there are some safe zones that will never be developed (we live close to a nature preserve. That is the same place a pack of coyotes came into our neighborhood. I can hear them howl sometimes in the night.

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