October 14, 2016: Apparently, I Function Best On 3 Hours Of Sleep!

Last night, Akemi and I had dinner with Melissa O’Neil and Vanessa Piazza.  We went for sushi and I over-ordered.  Even more than usual because I mistakenly assumed I was only ordering single pieces of sushi.  Halfway through our meal, when Akemi asked the waitress what else was coming, the waitress replied: “Tuna, eel, and more.”  Uh, yeah.  Thanks for clarifying.  The same waitress seemed utterly perplexed later on when Melissa ordered the cantaloupe sorbet, bouncing a look of utter incomprehension between Melissa and the dessert menu.  Cantaloupe sorbet?  No one’s ever ordered the cantaloupe sorbet!!!

October 14, 2016: Apparently, I Function Best On 3 Hours Of Sleep!

Too much sushi, a bowl of matcha ice cream, and a couple of carafes of sake later, I headed home for a good night’s sleep.  Because our frenchie, Lulu, is still recuperating from spinal surgery, we’ve taken to sequestering her in a little pen downstairs to ensure she doesn’t exert herself by climbing stairs, jumping off the bed or practicing her tae kwon do unsupervised.  I’ll turn off all the lights and work at my laptop until late, then hop into her playpen and pet her until she drifts off (roughly 1100 pets) before slipping quietly upstairs.

October 14, 2016: Apparently, I Function Best On 3 Hours Of Sleep!
Nest cam view of one demonic frenchie

I fell asleep at about 1 a.m.  I was awakened an hour later by the sound of Lulu coming up the stairs.  Somehow, the little Houdini had managed to slip out.  I picked her up to bring her downstairs and, upon our arrival, realized she wasn’t feeling well.  She had messed her blanket, two dog beds, and the floor.  So I cleaned her, then the floor, then rinsed down the dog beds and blanket in the bathtub before popping them in for a double wash, then took a nice hot shower.  I rejoined her downstairs and repeated the bedtime process, patting her until she eventually drifted off.  By the time I got back to sleep, it was a little after 5 a.m.

Surprisingly, I got shit done today despite the lack of sleep.  Finished a pass on one script.  Tossed around some ideas with Jay.  Sat in on an Art Department budget meeting (so far, so good!).

October 14, 2016: Apparently, I Function Best On 3 Hours Of Sleep!

And reconnected with some of the old gang.  Pictured above: Props Master Victoria Klein presents Akemi with a frenchie-themed tote bag.  What a sweetheart.

Hmmmm.  Apparently the new Star Trek series is in town shooting for, oh, ever, which has cost us some crew and construction personnel.  Anyone out there have any experience building corporate guard garrisons or diabolical research laboratories?  Lemme know!

October 14, 2016: Apparently, I Function Best On 3 Hours Of Sleep!

Status: Worried?

24 thoughts on “October 14, 2016: Apparently, I function best on 3 hours of sleep!

  1. Ooh I’d love to be an extra; wish I could hoo a plane and hang out where you both are filming. 😜

    Hope Lulu gets a better night sleep tonight. And you too!

  2. I built an underground lair once. OK, it was a 4 foot deep hole that I covered with my mum’s best bedsheets and then a layer of dirt on top of that but I still called it a lair. My mum called it wanton destruction of a perfectly good sheet . . . not to mention the big hole I’d dug in her vegetable patch! I got into a lot of trouble for that one!

    I hope Lulu is feeling better! The things we do for our loved ones!

  3. I know enough to measure twice, cut once, BUT I’m also a supporter of labor unions. 😉

  4. Aww, poor Lulu. I hope she’s feeling better today. And you are, as usual, an awesome pet parent for the way you take care of her.

    Melissa seems like such a sweetie. She did a Periscope what seems like way back when sometime after the season finale. She just seems so friendly and genuine.

    I notice your ST shirt is red. Uh-oh.

  5. Poor Lulu! I hope tonight is better.

    That sounds like a lot of Sushi! Did you take the leftovers home?

  6. @Joe: Sorry to hear about last night. Sounds like it was rough for both of you.

    Solution for Lulu And “YOU” so you can get some sleep during her recovery!

    Go buy a doggy gate pronto! to put across the upstairs entrance and put a mattress on the floor upstairs so she can sleep next to you. ( or at least in her doggy bed next to ya – if you are worried about the poor girl losing control of body functions at night).

    Because it is a rental apartment you are in – you are likely not permitted to securely screw a gate to the wall but if you put some large heavy objects she could not possibly move in front of the gate to hold it place … that should do the trick nicely.

    If she continues to have problems with incontinence get her some doggy diapers to wear at night.

    ( Even if you are not worried about recurrence – it’s a good idea to do an online order of some anyway to keep on hand for those just in case emergencies). If ya need assistance picking out the right type Hilda @Pbmom would be your best bet to ask.


  7. Those are two very nice looking women, and we know one of them has a very sexy voice as we see it on display in Dark Matter.

  8. Too much sushi…NEVER! Cantaloupe sorbet…I’ll take a pass. Sake…yes please. Love all the pics! I’d be worried too if I as wearing a red shirt. Sadly I possess no mad skills when it comes to carpentry or design. Can you repurpose existing sets? Was everything taken down last season?

    I share @gforce’s sentiments. I hope Lulu is feeling better. Poor baby. Hope you get some sleep.

  9. Yes Joe, as gforce said, uh-oh. We all know in the Star Trek world, a red shirt means one thing: a short life expectancy. And we don’t wish that for YOU!

    Poor Lulu, sweet girl. She knew to seek you when she was ill, even if it meant struggling up stairs. I hope she didn’t compromise her healing back?
    How’s Bubba adjusting to TO?

    So, the construction crew is being monopolized by the Star Trek production? Is there a shortage of folks with set construction skills in TO? Hope you can locate help.


  10. Poor wittle Wuwu! The wittle sugar muffin don’t feel good. I would get a second large crate to keep upstairs so she can be with you at night and near you as you sleep. My dog sleeps in a crate at night in my room. She runs like Rin Tin Tin into bed at night – for a treat.

    I once ordered too much oriental food. The lady taking my order didn’t understand Texan and I certainly couldn’t keep up with her heavy accent. My mistake was I changed my order. I ordered my dinner, then ordered my mom’s dinner, then said, “I’ll just take that too”, meaning change mine to be like hers. She thought I said “I’ll take two” (of hers). So I got 3 dinners. We both ate oriental food all week and it was delicious!!

  11. Well, I can see by the insignia on your red shirt that you are part of the Operations division (helm/engineering). Where the redshirt does have a connotation for a high death rate, it is the security branch of the Operations division that earned that distinction. So, I think, your safe (for now).

  12. They call it a soldier’s night’s sleep. Apparently, it’s known in the military that a soldier’s performance is just as good on 4 hours of sleep as 8 hours of sleep (adjusted for Joe hours). That only holds for one night, though. Performance degrades after that. Which is why I’m not worried any more than a usual day that I’m driving three families worth of scouts across the state on 5 hours of sleep instead of my usual 10 hours (adjusted for DP hours).

  13. Huh, 10 hours of sleep isn’t my norm anymore. That was when I was constantly shifting positions to even out joint pain. I get by on way less now.

  14. Hope Ms. Lulu is feeling better today. tlc is always good, hugs to the babies.
    I want to wish you Happy Birthday today, as I will be away again, and spotty wifi. So please have a merry happy day, and celebrate!! 😀

  15. Joe: Hope you and the family are having a better day . 🙂

    Just a quick note before I go get ready for my belated birthday, get smashed and rock out, celebration night with me bud Kevin from Kennedy Space Center.

    I checked and most costo, walmart and home depot stores carry child safety gates in store for Lulu so you do not have to wait for an online order.

    if you’re not comfortable with sleeping with mattress on floor upstairs – Just put Lulu in a doggy diaper, and wire wrap the gate to handrail to hold it in place at the base of the stairs so as to allow your poor sweet girl to sleep downstairs without worry of incontinence recurrence or trying to climb the steps.

    Sending daily dose of hugs and always much love your way. XO <3 XO

    Hope the whole family is able to get much needed uninterrupted sleep tonight.

    PS: (no worries, eh – My date has dutifully promised to keep me from "drunk typing" to anyone tonight! ) 😀

  16. Sorry to hear Lulu (and you!) had a rough night. Do hope things have settled down for her. Poor sweetie. Give her a gentle hug from me n 🐾.
    Funny how we know exactly what they need and find comfort from (1100 pets for Lulu) – Jedi mind tricks methinks!

  17. Hi Joe
    I got me a rotisserie chicken and potato wedges from Metro for supper. What decadent delight are you having tonight?


  18. Dogs are amazing little escape artists. You think you’ve got them all secure and BAM! You walk in (or in this case she walked in on you) and blew that idea out of the water. Sorry she is having incontinence issues. I would imagine with spine surgery that is an inevitable side effect.

    I love the tote. I want a Boomer one now.

    Glad you got a lot done despite the lack of sleep. I find that sometimes those are my most productive days too. And then I crash really, really hard the next day.

    As far as dog gates, this works better and is much cheaper:


    You don’t have to screw anything in. Works great. You put the word “doggy” on it and they jack up the price. Some of my clients swear by baby diapers instead of doggy diapers. For smaller dogs, the preemie diapers work well. And then they get those waterproof covers that people use for cloth diapers to prevent them from leaking or getting chewed off.

    Do you like the Nest cam? I heard good things about it. I thought about getting one so I can see what Boomer does after I leave. Not that he is getting into anything, but just a curiosity thing. And I thought it might be good to have for business in case I’m worried about a particular pet.

  19. Glad Lulu is on the mend. I am confused why you lost staff to the Star Trek folks. Tell them to get their own people!

  20. My stomach literally did a backflip at the line “Star Trek is filming”….eek! Maybe if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. I’d love to see what a Joe Mallozzi ep of Trek would be like. See now you’ve told me DM, Killjoys and Trek are all in one place. Poor Lulu and Joe, hope you both get some rest.

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