I was leaving the farmer’s market when I ran into an old friend.  It had been years since I’d seen her and, clearly, much had changed.  She was married, had a son, and had just moved into a new house.

“We should go out for dinner and catch up,”she said.

“Great,”I said.  I loved the idea of reconnecting after all these years.

“You’ll love Travis,”she said, referring to her hubby.  “He’s a real foodie.”

“Let’s pick a date,”I said.  Then, glancing over, noticed how her three year old son was completely smitten with my french bulldog Lulu.  “Hey, your son seems to like Lulu.”

“Oh, he’s obsessed with dogs.”

“Do you have a dog?”

“Oh, no,”she replied.  “Travis hates dogs.”

Travis hates dogs?  She may as well have said “Travis steals from charities” or “Travis just got out of prison for killing someone he was trying to rob” or “Travis is an executive for Air Canada.”  Travis hates dogs?  Well why the hell would I even want to meet Travis? And why the hell would I want to go out with someone who married a guy like Travis?

Needless to say, I did not get her number.

It reminds me of a couple I knew.  My ex had gone to school with the wife.  The husband became our financial advisor.  They had a dog who they kept in the garage from 9 to 5 while they were at work.  One day, I learned they had put the dog down because he had been destructive – as, I imagine, anyone would be if they were kept locked up alone without any interaction for 8 HOURS A DAY!  “It wasn’t fair to him,”they explained as though killing him had been an act of great largesse on their part.  Needless to say, I pulled my accounts.  The husband was upset, lamenting the fact that he had already dispatched their annual corporate Christmas “Thank You” gifts.  In retrospect, my feelings toward him and his wife were about a bad as that bottle of white wine he sent.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  People who like dogs are generally goodhearted folks, while those who don’t are jerks at best and serial killers at worst.  In both of the aforementioned cases, I cut my losses before I could find out which.

October 15, 2016: Phasing The Dog Dislikers Out Of My Life!

All good on the dog front.  Lulu gets her “zipper” of stitches/staples out next weekend.  She looks like a chihuahua in a french bulldog costume.  Bubba, meanwhile, is the toast of the neighborhood whenever he goes out for a stroll in his goofy hat or Hawaiian shirt.  He’s the McGarrett of downtown Toronto!

40 thoughts on “October 15, 2016: Phasing the dog dislikers out of my life!

  1. Ugh I would’ve taken my accounts away real fast; that is NOT a nice person. I’m sure they could’ve found another home for it!!

    I admit I went thru a short period where I didn’t like dogs after being bitten by one, but I was a child and traumatized. I still have the scar on my lip from the bite.

    I guess Travis is a cat person.

    Do you have to take Lulu home, or do you have a vet there?

  2. Oh SNAP! (“In retrospect, my feelings toward him and his wife were about a bad as that bottle of white wine he sent.”)

    So what happens after the staples are removed for Lulu? Does she have to go to doggy PT like swimming?

    I do like Bubba in his Hawaiian shirt. After all McGarrett is the ladies’ man on Hawaii 5-0 (although I’m really upset that they refuse to keep him paired with Catherine who is his true equal). And he is a Navy SEAL ninja. Bubba is a ninja in his own right. He’s slaying hearts all over the world. 🙂

    I know your birthday is tomorrow the 16th, but I’m going to wish you an early happy birthday now. Tomorrow I don’t have ANY CLIENTS and it is Book Club night (haven’t seen my friends in more than 6 months) and the toll road is not going to be closed which makes the hour commute to the house it is taking place not a cringe-worthy, nail-biting experience for me. Now unless I wake up sick (did I jinx it?), I’m going. So didn’t want to miss the blog in case I do.

  3. He “hates dogs”?? He “hates dogs”????
    Um, no. Once I found that out, he’d be gone. Period.

    Wittle Wuwu will fill so much better when she gets her staples out. And Bubba is a doll.

  4. I hit Post Comment and then I saw it…

    Lulu will FEEL so much better.
    I should sit up straight will typing.

  5. OMGOSH!!!!

    What is wrong with me?!!!!

    (I’m Ponytail and I approve this message. It has been proof read.)

  6. Joe why does the internet say your birthday is October 6? Wikipedia says October 6. You better make them change that. They’ve got you older than you are. 😆

  7. While I don’t necessarily think that people who hate (which I consider different from being fearful) dogs are “evil”, it sure makes me ponder if they have some kind of moral failing or emotional issue. Other than hating dogs, of course, which is quite enough. 🙂

    Then again, I also love parrots and most people consider that kind of weird, so maybe I’m not a good one to talk. Typical response on learning of my feathered family: “Oh, well that’s… interesting.” Whatever!

    Good to hear Lulu sounds like she’s getting better. Has she lost weight and that’s why you say she looks like a chihuahua? She’ll be pack up to fighting weight in no time I’m sure. And I’m not surprised that Bubba is a totally cool dog about town!

    According to my calendar, tomorrow is a special day! I found this video just for you. Because you’re cool, Joe!!

  8. One of my requirements in a spouse was love of animals. Another was not smoking.

    I hope your ex accountant didn’t adopt anymore pets?

    I’ve heard horror stories from a friend that worked at an animal shelter for a short time. She told me one woman surrendered her cat because it’s fur clashed with the couch. I’d bet money she just wanted a different pet. 😡

    Glad to hear Lulu is better! No surprise that Bubba is a hit in that shirt!

  9. You sir, do not suffer fools lightly! Dog haters beware! I’m definitely a dog person and can tolerate a cat on occasion. After my Welsh Corgi died whatever allergy immunity I had disappeared. I’m now up to monthly allergy shots and a daily Zyrtec but it’s worth it to be around my fur babies. I’m the proud godmother of a 97 lb St. Bernard….and she’s the runt of the litter. Her name is Baylee and she’s 97 lbs of love!

    Akemi looks happy and Lulu looks spiffy sportin that red bandana. I just bet Bubba is the talk of the town! He needs some cool shades!

    Happy “early” Bday as I’m notorious for forgetting the actual day of the event. Hope you have a fun packed, hassle free, sushi eating, sake drinking, no script reviewing day!!

  10. I love that Bubba has a Hawaiian Shirt! I should bring one of mine next time so we can get a picture together! 😀

  11. Joe, I hope you’ll accept a doctor’s note; I’m allergic to animal dander. 😢

  12. Yes, I think it’s wise to be wary of anyone who doesn’t love cats or dogs.
    So pleased that Lulu is recovering well.

  13. I absolutely enjoyed reading this! I often feel the same way. I do not trust people that hate animals. Something must be wrong with them… My two cats agree :). What a hateful thing to do locking up your dog in the garage! I am sure Ceasar Millian would agree!

  14. 100% in agreement!
    Would like to add another observation here – those who share their lives with animals tend to be more laid back and healthier too!

    @ Tam Dixon I had a very similar experience whilst working at a posh vets in London. A woman brought in an adorable ginger kitten which she wanted destroyed because it clashed with her red carpets! The vet (an old school, James Herriot type) charged her big time, then rehomed the kitten to a very well deserving home – with a months supply of food, a new bed and fully vaccinated. (Well, it had been paid for! 😄)

  15. That reminds me: Hey beautiful blog family!

    Anyone who hasnt made a pledge to help with Scrappy’s ongoing care yet
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    Recap -For those of you still unaware of the situation:
    Scrappy is a very sweet, lovable, elderly pug
    who was placed on death row at an NYC shelter.
    In the eleventh hour Joe helped get Scrappy rescued
    and placed into a loving foster home with Judy Douglas at
    Green Mountain Pug Rescue in Vermont.
    Only one day after Judy took him in she noticed he wasnt well and took him to the vet.
    Turns out he has a myriad of very serious health issues and GMPR is really going to need all the sponsors
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    So please dont wait!
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    And More love and thanks to @PBMOM!
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  16. I’m a cat person. Always have been and always will be. I’m not a dog person. I don’t hate them but I’ll never own one. I’m quite happy being around well behaved dogs but am uncomfortable if a dog is jumping up at me. I’m sure it’s just an exposure thing and if I was around dogs all the time I’d probably love it.

    I don’t think that makes me a bad person but if I’ve just blotted my copybook then so be it.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Joe!

    T-Minus 4 days until the movers arrive to put the contents of our house into a container ready to be shipped to Australia.

    1. @LineNoise Australia? Wow! That’s quite a move. I’d like to visit there some day. I’d probably have to do it in 3 segments. Stopover in LA, stopover in Hawaii, then go there. My body can’t handle that much travel.

  17. Echoing what has already been said, I have always been leary/suspicious of anyone who states they don’t like or hates cats, dogs, pets or animals in general. As I type this on my tablet, one cat is laying on my thigh, the other is draped across my arm 😉 Their companionship and love is irreplaceable, immeasurable and much appreciated.

    So glad Lulu is healing well! Give her and Bubba a big hug from me.
    Basil & Stash wave dewclaws up – hurrah!

    Carol – 2cats

  18. TheOtherOne: I like that vet! He’d be a great guy to work for.

    Happy Birthday Mr. M,/b>! Hope you get to sleep late.

  19. Having been attacked by a friend’s Alsatian dog when I was 10 I really do not like dogs, I would never want to see one hurt or mistreated but I just don’t like them or trust them, I’m surprised to find this seems to mean to some people that I’m in league with the anti-Christ.

  20. I got bitten as a kid, so I’ve never been a fan of dogs, since.
    If a dog is quiet, silent, and sitting, I can usually be OK around them. But the second there’s a bark, something inside my head instantly lights up, and I just want to flee!!
    It’s not something I can control. I’ve tried, but there’s a pre programmed response that takes over!

    I do enjoy reading about your little Pugs. There’s no barking in the text!

  21. I don’t trust people who don’t like animals, but to hate dogs??? Is that even possible? I’ve got cats but would love to add a dog to our household. Money and scaredy cats prohibit it. 😕 Good for you for pulling your accounts from that evil man’s clutches. 👍

  22. Meant to say hooray for Lulu getting her zipper removed. Zipper. Does that mean her Chihuahua suit comes off? lol Bubba McGarrett was stylin’ in his Hawaiian shirt. ❤

  23. @Tam Dixon . Yeah, that vet was an amazing guy to work for… Mr Roberts of Wellington Road. I could tell you so many similar stories about him and his patients … and the practice was an amazing place too!
    A lot of celebrities/well known people brought their pets there but also people on low income came too. On one occasion I remember vividly (ex) King Constantine of Greece sitting in the waiting room with a couple from the local, but very rough council estate, chatting happily, and on equal terms, about each others pets. Don’t think to this day, the couple knew they were swopping anecdotes with the Queen’s cousin!
    Wonderful memories …. Mmmm.

  24. @Line Noise
    ⛅ Sorry to hear you’re leaving this green and rainy island so very shortly ☔
    Really hope all goes well for your return home… 😎

    I shall remember you, when we retain The Ashes …. Apologies, sorta couldn’t resist … 😉

  25. So now, trying to work out time zones here …. Is it now, today? Can I shout out …
    . HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 Joe!!!

    … Not yet? Oow…
    Have a great day anyways 😊

  26. First and foremost, hope you are having/had a fabulous birthday. With your 4-legged critters happy/on the mend, that seems like a great start. I’ve never met anyone who out and out said they hated dogs. I know folks who are afraid of dogs, prefer cats, or are ambivalent but never had one say “I hate dogs”. Maybe most folks know not to mention that in front of me 🙂 plus my gang is cute and lovable! Even people who start out afraid are normally playing ball with my hundred-pound German shepherd within a short period of time.

    Have a fun birthday weekend!

    PS Schnitzel (the adventure dackel you and Akemi met in Vancouver Fall 2015) also sends her regards.

  27. I love all animals. Everyone that I know knows this about me. All of my friends and associates are animal people. Anyone who says they don’t like animals get discarded immediately. I understand that being attacked by a dog in childhood creates a lifelong fear of dogs. If the fearful person says that they are afraid of dogs, but like other animals, then they are okay. Anyone who hates animals is a freak or a serial killer in my book.

    Glad LuLu is feeling better. Is she walking better? Happy Birthday. {{{HUGS}}} to you, Akemi and your fur kids. I hope you get some sleep. 🙂

  28. @Drea I made a contribution to Scrappy (I’ll have to re-evaluate my financial state each month to see how much I could contribute). HOWEVER, I kept waiting for a “receipt instructions” so I could put in “Scrappy” and it never allowed me. to do that. I sent them an email via the “Contact Us” to see if they could re-direct. Sorry I screwed up. I really didn’t see it.

  29. TheOtherOne: That’s a great story and thanks for sharing it!

    Mr. M.: Did you go have a fabulous b-day meal or are you still eating leftover sushi from the other night? Sometimes a nice day at home is just the ticket.

  30. Much love to Lulu.

    I love animals, although I prefer to cohabitate with cats rather than dogs. I’ve had a couple rescue dogs, but really do better with kitties. I want more, but my Tortie would start a war with any new feline, and my Harry would go into hiding so I must wait a few years.

  31. I think I would adore dogs to the zenith if I didn’t have children…I love dogs but kids rock.

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