October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

The Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club is back in session!

October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

Line Producer Norman Denver and Executive in Charge of Production Robbie David – all chummy and smiles.  For now.

October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

Script Coordinator Alison Hepburn got me a bottle of hot sauce from Barbados!

October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

Fantasy Football Consultant/Exec Producer’s Assistant Elliot Sokolsky stays hydrated and caffeinated.

October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

The Locations meeting!  Next week, we check out old warehouses and a place that manufactures anchors.  Ah, show business.  Living the dream!

October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

I assume this won’t be the last time we see Robbie adopt this look of sheer terror.

October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences On Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

Norman: A) Ordering a pizza, B) Playing Angry Birds, C) Has forgotten his passcode

Well, we’re back at it.  Today, we kicked prep off with the customary “Raising of the Red Flags” as we prepare for yet another challenging year of making the most of our budget.  Fortunately, we have a plan that involves – but isn’t limited to – shipboard mayhem, intrigue at the Ishida court, nefarious labs, time jumping, some pre-mindwipe flashbacks, and a few colorful guest stars.

Had a great lunch with Executive Producer Jay Firestone over which we discussed arcs big and small, character moments, production efficiencies, and directors.

Locations! Locations!  Locations meeting at 3:00 p.m. was well-attended.  We discussed the general game plan, the attack on those first three episodes (Looks like we may block shoot Episodes 1 and 4 first, shoot 2 in the three-spot, then come back from the holidays and shoot 3 in the four spot), Art Department builds, and recurring characters (Hello Commanders Truffault and Nieman in addition to…others).

Tonight, it’s dinner with actress Melissa O’Neil (Dark Matter’s TWO) and then back at it, juggling seven scripts simultaneously.  Whew.  I’ll be glad when production starts so I can finally relax.

19 thoughts on “October 13, 2016: Early Prep Commences on Dark Matter’s 3rd Season!

  1. Yay! It’s REALLY starting .. prep meetings, working lunches (and the Whisky/ey Club!). It’s all so exciting, innit?!
    Already trying to work out what will happen, to whom and why… Conspiracies, time travel (!) flashbacks … Eeee …. it’s all really rather wonderful!

    Say Hi to Boss Lady 😊

  2. Sounds like you are off to a good start! Happy to read there were no frustrating people bothering you today. 😀

  3. {{ nefarious labs }} Oooo, I have a friend that has a lab that is as nefarious as they come. He can steal anything from anyone at any time…and right out from under their noses.

    What? Wrong labs you say?? Well, never mind. Nothing to see here. Just move along. ;-/

  4. Norman = B He’s playing Angry Birds. You think he’s working. You just think he is searching out menus. Wrong! 🙂

    There you go again. Blurring papers, pictures, posters, computer screens. It’s too small. We can’t see it. Trust me I’ve tried. 🙂

  5. Huge fan!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

    Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!

    —- Melissa O’Neil’s biggest fan

  6. Looks like you had a productive day. Meetings, whiskey, hot sauce, lunch and more meetings. Maybe tomorrow you can work in a nap.

    Let the teasers begin…

  7. All Hands On Deck! ‘Angels’ Needed for Scrappy ASAP!

    Hi Guys.

    As most of you know, Joe helped pull a very lovable and adorable elderly pug named Scrappy off death row recently.

    A couple of us have put in sponsor pledges for his foster care and his foster mom Judy has very graciously been keeping me updated.

    All seemed well on Oct 12 when President of the Green Mtn Pug Rescue, Helen, sent me a new photo of Scrappy..

    A couple hours later Scrappy;s GMPR foster mom Judy sent a new update saying he wasn’t doing so well and immediately took him to the vet.

    Bad news: He;s got Pancreatitis, Type two diabetes and is showing signs of Pneumonia. This is on top of his other health issues of failing eyesight, obesity and not having ever been neutered.
    The vet has stabilized him for now.

    Judy has now unfortunately been saddled with huge medical bills and ongoing medication needs for him and doesnt have anywhere near enough money to cover it.

    Please, Whether you can give a little or a lot, A one time donation or a monthly sponsorship, no matter.

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    Thanks! <3

    Joe hope tomorrow goes ok and does not require too terribly much Saki consumption to survive it.
    Please keep us updated about Lulu's recovery ok?

    Hugs n much love always to all XO

    ~pleasant dreams

  8. Thank you for looping us in. It’s very exciting . . . now what’s happening with One? Ya I’d like you to time travel back and save him from himself. Season 2 was great but it would have been even better with him in it! You’re on notice Mallozzi! 🤓

  9. Corkin news, please more Android involved scripts, Zoie’s role is mesmerizing. The wait for season 3 will be worth it. Best wishes.

  10. Been busy at work recently, but I still try and carve out a few minutes to read the blog every other day or so. Finally have time to comment today and just had a couple quick things that have me slightly worried….

    Are you living in the same condo/apartment as before? I hope not since all we ever heard were complaints.

    Where’s Paul? I haven’t heard you mention him in all these early season 3 proceedings. Is everything ok, or is he just taking a step back for a bit until things really get rolling?

    Cautiously optimistic,
    -Mike A.

  11. Apologies to Judy’s husband. It was way past my bed time when I posted the update on Scrappy. His Name is Phil Douglas – not “Doug”.

    Also if anyone is having difficulties navigating the GMPR site

    go to their home page: http:www.gmpr.org

    you will find the secure donations link on their home page.

    Thanks all! (((You Guys Rock!!!))) <3

    @Joe Hope you are having a good productive day today, without too many headaches to contend with. Hugs n much love to Sweet Lulu today and to You Akemi and of course the always lovable Bubba. XO

  12. Sounds like it was a productive day. I always love this part of the journey–where all the magic is created and all the bugs get worked out. I hope you had a great dinner with Melissa.

    @Drea Definitely will make a contribution for Scrappy. It’s on my to-do list for this weekend.

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