June 21, 2016: 10 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Check out our resident James Bond, actor Anthony Lemke, as he enjoys a rustic getaway from the formalities of the big city…

On the flip side of that laid-back coin – check out this interview I did with Tom Gardiner of ThreeIfBySpace in which I discuss road trip companions, casino partners and, oh yeah, Dark Matter’s second season.

Dark Matter Exclusive Interview

June 21, 2016: 10 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot.  You asked for ship to ship battles, did you not?

 Speaking of ships, here’s a little something from the Stargate archives:

June 21, 2016: 10 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

The Loki ship (designed by James Robbins).

Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a cast-signed script of the Dark Matter season 2 premiere episode which will include notes and insights on the episode from yours truly.  It’s easy and fun!  No, I lie.  It’s actually not easy at all.  It’s really, really hard.  But fun!

Enter to win – here’s how!

A mere ten days to our premiere: Friday July 1st at 10 pm on Syfy!

9 thoughts on “June 21, 2016: 10 days to the Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

  1. You’ve done it again. Staying up late to read your daily post and I have to say worth every sacrificed minute of non-sleep I get tonight. Stellar posting! Loved Anthony’s article. Will have to look at a map to see where Wellington is. Had me at quaint & costal. I applaud his work with HI. I used to be involved with a local O&P (orthotics & prosthetics) guy who participated twice a year in a clinic in Mexico to provide people with braces and/or prosthetic limbs. I’d volunteer a week to go help teach people how to use their new limbs or braces. Quite rewarding! People would travel for hundreds of miles, stand/sit in the hot sun for hours to see “el doctors”. I have never met or worked with a a more thankful group of people. Learned a lot.

    Nice Q&A with TIBS. I am in particular excited about the Three & Five centric episode. Awww, who am I kidding, I’m excited about everything from what I believe will be a spectacular “great escape” from H8 to getting the gang all back to the Raza new additions to an adventure in space with Tabor (David H) to exploring Four’s journey in reclaiming his birthright and all the other little reveals along he way e.g. Who is Titch? Who doesn’t like a good alternative reality?

    I know I should be binge watching DM but I’m stuck on SG-1 on Amazon Prime right now. Just finished Foothold. Revisiting some of my favorite episodes to include 2010, 1969, 2001, Wormhole X-treme, 48 hours, Redemption 1 & 2 to name a few.

    Happy Hump Day!!

  2. Thanks Drummer Girl!

    Drea: The Persians are hanging in there! Phoebe lets me clean out her eyes (it’s mainly the left one). I wish there some medication to put in her eye but Dr Jo hasn’t found one that didn’t seem to hurt her yet. So I’ll just keep the goop out. That’s probably more than you wanted to know. 😉
    No more tournaments for a while. My Sensei is in Ireland now for the Karate World Championship. One of our group won first place in Kumite (sparring) again, Tammy Griffus. Tammy G. is fun to watch. She moves like a cat and she never gets rattled. Tammy is the best female kumite fighter I’ve ever seen and one of the nicest people too. I’ll never be that good and that’s ok. I don’t think I could take her training schedule.

    Gforce</b.: Insomnia is the worst! I had a bout that lasted 3-4 years. I tried everything. Then I got a bout of illness once and my body just reset itself. I hope you get some relief soon too! I suggest you make some online Aussie friends to converse with through the morning hours during the meantime. 😉

    Loved the article on Anthony! He sounds like a cool guy, with a great family. I had no idea land mines were still a problem. Terrible…..

  3. I’m gonna call that Loki ship “The Flyin’ Double Guitar.” I hope there are some great food pics on the horizon; how’s that Japanese hot dog food truck? I’m craving hot dogs myself but I can’t find a decent slaw dog in this town.

  4. The Asgard ships were fantastically designed. They showed the Asgard as a powerful, enlightened, non aggressive race capable of dealing with pretty much any threat that faced the Milky Way.

    You could probably argue that after the Ancients, the Asgard(Before they all died..) were probably the most powerful race to ever inhabit the Milky Way prior to the Ori interference in the Milky Way.

    Though saying that, not much was really done with the Nox eh?

  5. Don’t be sorry about that coding, Tam Dixon! It made me feel important! 🙂

    Also, I hope it doesn’t last that long!

    That Loki ship always looked like a Ferengi Marauder to me.

    That was a great article about Anthony. He really does seem like a cool guy.

  6. Great articles, thanks for sharing. I love reaading about where Anthony lives.

    I have no idea what Netflix and Chill means. I thought it meant the same thing as the Editor. Do I want to know? Or should I remain in my little bubble and move on.

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