Seriously.  I feel as though I’ve returned to a shoddy facsimile of the Vancouver I knew and loved.  Okay, I suppose I can forgive the bad weather (despite being told how wonderfully warm it was while we were suffering the deep chill in Toronto), the road closures and construction (VERY reminiscent of Toronto), the expanded bike lanes (often as large as the actual car lanes), even the increasingly complicated green initiatives (green, blue, AND grey bins plus yellow bag – we’re one step away from purple boxes for human remains), but I have to draw the line at the restaurants.  When my old favorites start letting me down, that’s when I seriously have to reconsider my longterm plans.  In the two weeks in which I’ve been back, my return trips to fondly remembered eateries have yielded results ranging from unmemorable to just plain bad.

Yesterday, Akemi and I discussed the bewildering downgrade in quality and wondered whether it was a matter of the Toronto food scene being better.  We broke it down…

High End Dining =  Toronto has the clear edge here.  Vancouverites, for some reason, do not support high end.

Sushi = Vancouver sushi is far better in general, but Toronto boasts the best sushi restaurant by far in Yasu.

Pizza = Hands down Toronto.  Between Buca and Piano Piano, they’ve got it covered.

Italian = Again, Toronto.

Chinese = Call this one a tie.

Korean = Vancouver gets the nod here.  No Korean restaurant we visited in Toronto came close to Vancouver’s Sura.

Vietnamese = Tie.

Jewish deli = Toronto’s Schmaltz in a big, BIG way.

Tacos = I can’t believe I’d ever say this, but Toronto beats out Vancouver in this category.

Chocolate = It’s close, but Soma’s cocoa nib chocolate bar and award-winning orange blossom chocolates give it the edge.

Indian = Vancouver has Vij’s so Toronto is at a big disadvantage.

What’s a foodie to do?  Besides spend half the year in each city?

June 22, 2016: Vancouver, Wha- Happened?

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot.  Discuss.

June 22, 2016: Vancouver, Wha- Happened?

Yep, it’s true.  This Saturday at noon pacific time (3 pm eastern time, 6 pm in the UK, 2 am in Yangon!), I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on Reddit. Topics will range from Stargate to Dark MatterStudent Bodies to Caillou.  If you’re free, and have a questions – or are just interested in checking out the answers – meet me here:

A little something for the Stargate fans…

June 22, 2016: Vancouver, Wha- Happened?

24 thoughts on “June 22, 2016: Vancouver, wha- happened?

  1. Maybe it’s just off days for the places you’ve visited so far? Don’t make any quick judgements yet! Best thing about Vancouver? It’s still not Toronto! 🙂

    TWO looks like she means business.

  2. Hard to beleive that many restraunts would change chefs, owners, suppliers in the short time you were gone. I would definitely keep this in mind when making your “what’s next” plans. But you need to go on a food fact-finding mission before moving anywhere.

  3. I have to say it’s been a while since I stopped by your blog. I have to say less than 24 hours, I’ve watched season 1 of Dark Matter and loved it! Can’t wait for season 2 and have set the TiVo so I don’t miss any episodes. Thanks for another great show.

  4. You make me want to visit Toronto even more! I agree with gforce, maybe an off day. Give them another try. Try something new on the menu. I’m very much a foodie too. Some places to try in your travels if ever in these cities: Rendevous in Memphis. Dry rub ribs! Yummy. Also Tsunami’s in Memphis. Get the Sea Bass with black Thai rice and the special sauce. OMG! Also has great calamari and mussels. When we go we almost get everything on the menu just to try. Gotta like seafood though. Raw in Atlanta. Great sushi. Pappadeaux’s outside of ATL. Cajun, low country. I like.

    Digging the sneak peek pic. Looks like someone is not impressed. The countdown continues….

    Wishing you more food fulfilling days ahead.

  5. Sympathies on the Vancouver weather; I doubt it’s far removed from what we’ve got in Seattle lately. Where it can’t make up its freaking mind; if you don’t like the weather here, wait 10 minutes. 😛

    When I visited Toronto in October, I was a little shell shocked at all the amazing food options. I didn’t get one bad meal the whole time I was there (I could have just gone on a food rampage in Toronto, it was probably the best food town I’ve been to). I missed out on dim sum, though; Lai Wah Heen was at our hotel, but we were always in motion visiting people and didn’t get to make it. It’s been a few years since I was in Vancouver last, though. Now I want Indian food. Gah. I just ate, stomach, chill.

    Uh oh, someone caught Two on video up to… something. Gotta work on covering your tracks, Two. 😛

  6. Chocolate = It’s close, but Soma’s cocoa nib chocolate bar and award-winning orange blossom chocolates give it the edge #nomnom 👍

    Two, in a pretty cool office with Three looking at her through that mysterious green implant in his eye? Mmm……who’s at the other end of the gun? 🤔

  7. Did you go to La Taquería and it let you down???

    Does Vancouver even HAVE a decent Jewish deli? I was spoiled in L.A., and then moved to Vancouver to find no deli scene to speak of. I was crushed. I can’t even get a corned beef sandwich in this city, let alone a proper Reuben. And forget about matzoh ball soup, cheese blitzes, or latkes. 😠

  8. Oww, Das, you’re too hard on ol’ Joe. Altho’, truth be told, I have heard your taste buds do change as you get old(-er).

    From what you’ve said there Joe, I’m sold on Toronto. Have always fancied a visit to Canada – just couldn’t decide where! Now I know 😊

    Talking about decisions, I’ve got to put my mark on whether jolly ol’ Britain stays in the EU or leaves. I haven’t the foggiest idea which way to vote. I think we’re screwed if we stay AND screwed if we leave! Any ideas guys?

  9. PS Maggie L80
    I had no idea you had tsunamis in Memphis! 🌊 Unbelievable!!

  10. I for one would not have wanted to p o Two enough to have a gun pointed at me! She is on a planet, from the look outside the window. Is someone watching her on the display?
    Sorry about the food displeasure, I know how important it is to you, maybe some new places to try would be in order. Good luck.
    I was going to comment on Anthony’s, James Bond look yesterday, but was too awe struck, nice and hawt lookin’.

  11. When I moved to Colorado from the east coast in ’92
    the only thing I found myself missing was the “food”.

    *Bagels & lox with cream cheese
    at the local kosher deli in L.B.
    *Spiced potato kinishes.
    Nathans famous hot dogs.
    *Pizza in the west end of my hometown Long Beach
    at Vitos & San Remo.
    *Getting to go clamming at Gilgo beach
    or just sitting down to enjoy a dozen
    large fresh cherry stones on the half shell at lunch time
    at several cafe’s along the bay canals.
    (If you ever find yourself on Long Island
    and have the time – go check out the nautical mile in Freeport. )
    *Pete’s clam bar in Island Park
    located just shortly over the bridge from where I grew up
    was always fun and they never once failed
    to serve em up freshly shucked.
    *Tosca’s in Bronx NY on Tremont avenue
    for Toasted Almond Cake.
    It is undeniably to die for and highly addictive!
    Even just the memory of it now
    – makes me want to play hookie from work today
    and hop a flight to NY just to go get some!

    Damn! that’d be one seriously expensive slice of cake eh!?

    Albeit – I’ve never once regretted my move to the Rockies
    in the west
    or found myself bored
    with the majesty of its 14’000 ft mountains,
    Dream & fairytale worthy forests & canyons,
    Giant rainbow trout filled lakes,
    (I LOVE! Tennessee pass near Vail! & Pearl lake
    outside of Steam Boat Springs!)
    Lush fields of wildflowers,
    Long stretching frequent spring n summer rainbows,
    Awe inspiring views of the night sky,
    Sunday drives along the continental divide.
    Abundant wildlife, blue birds, white turtledoves
    and grandly wing-spanned hawks.
    And not even the natural born ‘foodie’ in me
    (with all its sometimes ferocious, diverse, cravings)
    Or a month of crappy weather,
    Or the occasional annoyance
    of a highway construction
    much too long in production
    could ever make me want to permanently
    move back to the east coast!

    There is still not a day
    whenever I’m stuck working in Florida, (such as right now)
    that I don’t think about and miss
    being back home
    lazily wandering about without a care
    in the forest!

  12. @TheOtherOne
    @I think we’re screwed if we stay AND screwed if we leave! Any ideas guys?

    When it comes to politics. Just vote what for what you believe in. There’s no right or wrong answer. I would also say not to let anyone influence your vote, it’s something that you yourself need to decide.

    Though saying that, I think it’s tragic that someone like Donald Trump has a good chance of being elected President. Talk about a toxic choice..

  13. Gforce: You’re important to all of us here no matter what the font is. 😉

    Maggie L80: Now you got me started on the best BBQ in Memphis. Everyone has their own opinions and get very adamant. Personally, my favorite is Leonard’s BBQ and it’s not located in a back alley like the Rendevous. Did you try The Commissary? That’s a good place too.

    When you did Transporter , you were singing a different tune about Toronto. 🙂

  14. TheOtherOne: I’m anxious to see about the EU vote too. I wonder what impact the Greek bail out had on the UK’s decisions?

  15. Wise words @Randomness. Thank you. I have voted but still not convinced it was the right way! 😶

    Don’t worry @Tam Dixon. I think it’s more – “Oi, you people over there, don’t tell us lot over here what we can and can’t do!” – type thing!

    I guess we’ll find out tomorrow! 😌

  16. Oh no! All the talk of Deli food has provoked a serious craving for a hot pastrami on rye with mustard!
    With a nice crunchy garlic pickle on the side!
    Albeit , Alas and Oy vey!-oy vey!-oy vey!
    There’s no NY style deli or food truck
    anywhere within 20 miles of here.
    -> O’ Woes me!!!!

    @Gary Hugs n ditto to Tam’s sentiment.
    We love you.
    You will ‘always’ -” always”!
    be important to us! <3

    By the way: I was only partially kidding
    about that natural solution.

    How'd it go at the doctors today?
    Come away with anything helpful??

  17. @Maggiemayday Yay!
    So glad to hear
    your recovery is coming along!
    You are truly a fast determined healer eh!
    Here comes Maggie!!!

    XO <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 XO

  18. @Tam & Drea: Awww, thanks. You guys are the best.

    @Joe: Perhaps, you’ve just had too much rich food lately. I recommend a strict diet of tapioca and melba toast for the next week. Then, go back to those same restaurants and try again! 🙂

    I was telling someone about the Peaceful Restaurant just the other day and how awesome it was. Did you go back there yet? Peaceful Beef Rolls FTW!!

  19. Ugh, why did I come back to read comments? I finished dinner about 30 mins ago, have eaten dessert, and now thanks to you all I am hungry again! LOL

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