June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot.

New promo alert – this time from the gang at Canada’s Space Channel.  Includes several interesting new as-yet-unseen tidbits:

Dark Matter premieres July 1st on Space Channel and Syfy U.S.  Elsewhere…

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

P.S. – We’re on Canadian Netflix now!  You’ve got less than two weeks to catch up!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Or own it on Blu-ray or DVD via Funimation.  Need convincing?  Checkout their awesome season 1 trailer (that contains one tiny mistake.  Although Paul and I spent over a decade on Stargate, we were not the creators):

Meanwhile, as our premiere draws ever-closer, the Dark Matter fan art I’m seeing online grows increasingly more awesome…

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Via Maryanne!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Via Cheri:p!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Via DarkMatterOfOpinion!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Via PinkMoonNYC!

June 20, 2016: Dark Matter Sneak Peek!  Trailers!  Fan Art!

Via Storywisher!

21 thoughts on “June 20, 2016: Dark Matter sneak peek! Trailers! Fan art!

  1. When Arax was like, “No one has ever escaped this place” you would naturally have to ask if said place once held the Raza crew 😉

  2. This is DarkMatterOfOpinion here, and this made my night! 😀 😀 So I am going to tell a short story…

    I run a nonprofit. It’s a super high stress thing some days, doubly so on days like today. One of my board members, also a friend, died at the age of 32 this morning. I didn’t go to work at my day job today, and I’ve basically spent the day on damage control duty trying to put all my emotions in a little box in order to carry the orgnization through this.

    It’s been an impossibly long, hard day.

    After I spent hours trying to sort it out, I picked up my phone to check my usual haunts, and subsequently saw this. And it put an instant smile on my face, when I wasn’t sure I was going to get a whole lot of smiles today.

    That’s all more info than anyone needed, but I felt the need to frame the message: thanks for being so involved with the fans. Thanks for giving me something to smile about on the exact day that I needed a smile. 🙂

    I think I’m going to treat myself to more rewatching season 1 tonight after everything that’s gone down today. 😀

  3. Another great trailer! Getting so excited …! Can’t believe we’re nearly there….
    Fan-tastic artwork everyone and I know there’s loads more great stuff out there, cos I’ve seen it 😊

    Hey, Kelli. So sorry to hear your news. We’re with you, buddy.

  4. “The secrets of space are hiding in the dark.” Great tag! I’m particularly fond of the oldie “In space no one can here you scream.”

    Love the new bits in the trailer. Love the fan art. So many creative minds. And lovin’ the fact that it is now less than 2 wks for the premiere of S2!

    Kelli: So sorry to hear of your loss!

  5. Morning Everyone! 🙂
    @Keli Great Job on the Dark Matter Art!
    Many warm hugs to you today. <3
    So sorry to hear of your loss.
    You should come join us here on the blog more often.
    Our blog family is the best in the world
    and we are 'ALWAYS' here whenever you need
    a comforting hug,
    listening ear
    or just need to vent frustrations!

  6. Ah! Ya C that Joe! Dats watt I’m talkin ’bout!
    Sunday I got to lend someone a smile
    at a moment when they needed it most
    and Monday ‘You’ got to lend one to someone in need.

    So lets see here….

    Who wants to be the Tuesday’s
    lend a smile person?
    Together we keep the world spinning round!

    (ok… I know. So its not scientifically correct
    but I love the expression -just the same!
    Almost as much as I love all of you!)

    PS: Did you all catch what 5 did to 2 in that trailer?! DANG!!
    Am thinking either five did some serious crash course style
    body building while in prison or
    -> She’s
    got an android
    for a twin sis eh!

    XO Have A Great Day All! XO

  7. Condolences Kelli and {{{hugs}}}.

    We started reviewing DM1 to get ready. Love watching them on Netflix without those pesky commercials.

    Drea: Dr Jo got released from the hospital today!. She’s staying with her Texas friends until the dr’s release her (2-3weeks with luck). Still has a trach tube but she seems comfy.

  8. Another fab trailer and interesting screen shot.

    Loving all the fan art that’s out there. Such a buzz #TeamRaza
    I’ve got a couple that I’ve still to complete, hopefully I’ll finish them before the premiere 😊

  9. @Tam Am so glad they are not making her stay in the hospital during recovery. She’s definitely a true warrior princess – albeit I cant even begin to genuinely imagine the impossibly long hard road she has ahead of her to adjust to her new reality.
    Hows her persian kitty pal doing these days?
    And how are you doing? Any more tournaments coming up? And when are you planning to take that get away jaunt to Destin?

  10. That a great trailer, and that fan art looks amazing. Professional quality stuff.

    Back from Maine and overall it went pretty well, had a couple of nice hikes and did some fly fishing (caught & released 7 trout). Unfortunately, the insomnia is still with me and I felt like crap for almost the entire time. I got about 5 hours total of sleep over the 3 nights I was away. That’s counting the NONE that I got last night. And then I had to drive home today and of course felt (and feel) terrible. But not surprisingly, not sleepy.

  11. @Gforce How was the weekend get away? Were you able to sleep as well as you hoped?

    @Maggiemayday How are you doing? And hows the art show coming along?

  12. @ Kelli alias DarkMatterOfOpinion – So sorry about the loss of your co-worker and most importantly, friend. Too young… Prayers for all.

    @ Storywisher alias daydreamsofdragons – Love your distinctive style! Nice website. Very talented!

  13. Oh look, logging into my google account, that makes sense. Dur. It’s Kelli/DarkMatterOfOpinion again, aka “she of too many freaking names.” And bonus, there’s a picture. Score.

    First off, thanks for all the kind words. I’m pretty much convinced that Dark Matter fans are the best fans (which is probably why I’m always so aggressively engaging people on Tumblr, there’s a few of us who are this really crazy welcoming committee every time we find someone that’s discovered the show). Today’s better, although still full of herding greased bald cats while trying to juggle my day job.

    Drea: I *should* come in here more often! I’m lurking constantly, and watch all the chatter. Everyone here is super friendly! 😀

    I’m looking forward to Friday nights this summer; my Saturdays and Sundays are all day affairs of selling tickets, serving food, living in an RV, and wrangling volunteers, so knowing I can have my one hour of something that’s not all that madness is good. I don’t have cable, but I have accommodating friends. 🙂

    I like playing around with pictures while I’m sitting around bored (or when I’m avoiding housework, which I am very good at some days). Nothing fancy, but just my way to show my appreciation for characters. I stick them here:

    I’m the inadvertant spawner of the picture that looks like the Brady Bunch. Was not intentional. Although I’m tempted to make an intentional one, but I got stuck on who would be who on a couple!

    Tam: I hope Dr Jo continues to do ok, it sounds rough. Trach tubes suck. 🙁

    gforce: Ack!! Have you tried melatonin? I am a complete nightmare when I haven’t slept enough.

    I’m also on twitter, the_tabula_raza. 🙂

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