May 31, 2016: The Dark Matter Season 2 Deluge!

And so it begins!  But beware!  Spoilers abound!

May 31, 2016: The Dark Matter Season 2 Deluge!

The Nerdist offers up 9 Things We Learned Trekking in Space with Killjoys and Dark Matter

May 31, 2016: The Dark Matter Season 2 Deluge!

The TVJunkies offers up their own insights from their set Dark Matter set visit: What We Learned About Season 2

May 31, 2016: The Dark Matter Season 2 Deluge!

Not be outdone, the gang at TVGoodness focuses on yours truly and the promises I apparently made – though, to be fair, I was super drunk during this interview and can’t be held responsible for what I said: Joseph Mallozzi Promises to Put the Dark in Dark Matter

May 31, 2016: The Dark Matter Season 2 Deluge!

Seat42F, meanwhile, has the Season 2 Scoop and Interviews with various cast members (Well, those who were shooting that day, anyway).

Meanwhile, cast members Roger Cross, Zoie Palmer, Melissa O’Neil, and Jodelle Ferland hit up MCM, London Comic Con where they partook in a few interviews…

You ready?!

14 thoughts on “May 31, 2016: The Dark Matter season 2 deluge!

  1. Only able to make it through hatlf the videos tonight. Can you say teasers with a capital “T”? Great to see everyone interacting & having fun. I think the fans in London could be a little louder though – I, for one, will be obnoxiously loud yet respectful at Dragon Con in September.

    I’ve been ready since Episode 13! It’s been a long, cold winter! Ready to turn up some heat Dark Matter style!

  2. On second thought….no…I am not totally ready.
    I have some reading to complete and a few other
    TV shows to catch up with.

    Please ask Syfy to push back the DM S2 premiere to
    maybe some time like October or November 2016.

    As always……thank you for asking.

  3. Whaa ?
    … Have I missed something? Ready for wot?

    . Da!!! ?
    Joe, really…

  4. Are you packed, are you back in Van> thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures of all the pretty people you work with!! I like the first picture, you can see the characters in it I think.(if that makes sense). Did pups get down to flying weight? Hope you are having a wonderful day there !!

  5. Ya know Joe, I’ve always counted myself genuinely super lucky and am extremely proud of the way I’ve defied aging, maintained my figure
    and have never once ‘really’ complained about being middle aged or the petty matter of the occasional grey hair here n there.

    Albeit …. Your young strapping Roger Anthony Lemke just posted this on his twitter stream and suddenly am feeling verrrry old!

    : “Box set! Loving it. #oldschool -> #ImissRentingDvds ”

    When did DVDs become old school?
    And when did the younger generation stop using DVD’s altogether?

    I’ve just barely become comfortable using a touch screen phone
    (and only with a stylus stick thingy),
    am still using a mouse instead of touch pad,
    only just begun using a lap top instead of a desk top
    a few years ago …
    and nobody has bothered to tell me
    I was apparently supposed to STOP using DVDs
    (’cause apparently they’re obsolete).


    On the upside.
    -> He was referring to #DarkMatter in that tweet. 😀

    Have a great day handsome!

  6. Drea: Our internet is spotty. So we still use DVDs/Blu-rays. Streaming is so much easier though. My son has his movies hooked up to his smart phone/computer server. He picks a movie on his phone and it starts playing on the TV. Times are a changing….
    I’m not sure how old you are, Drea but I grew up without internet, computers, smart phones/tablets. It was a dark time…. 🙁 We had three channels on the TV. I’m enjoying all this tech. I keep thinking of my late MIL. She would have loved a tablet. She embraced technology, even while she drove my hubby crazy trying to teach her. 😉 “Click the right button of the mouse, Mom. The RIGHT button, not the left”. He was always so patient with his mom, even if his eyes about rolled out of his skull.

    Do you think your mom would like an iPad Mr. M.? Has she gotten used to that TV you bought her?

    June will go by in a flash, I hope!

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